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    Long walks on the blood soaked beaches, Gaming, lots of other stuff.
  1. Is there a exact time? Like 5:00PM 6:30PM ETC, I wanna know when to be at home and not be sleeping/busy for the time it comes out. Thanks.
  2. Ah okay, I guess I am just worried for nothing then XD Thanks for responding so quickly!
  3. Just curious, should it send me a confirmation email or something like that? Just bought it and wanna know how I know I can confirm that it was bought successfully.
  4. Hello all, I am a thirteen year old male with a love of horror games, never actually watched any of the F13 films but have been planning on watching quite a lot of them in a row in a single night. My interests are: Gaming, Reading, Basketball and football, and airsoft. Anyways hopefully I will meet a lot of awesome people on these forums!
  5. Does 13 count you as a young blood? Hehehe, I am going to get a lot of hate because of my age aren't I?
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