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  1. Right off the bat, this game looks beautiful. It's a labor of love and I can tell the developers have put blood, sweat and tears into it. That said, some creative criticism: I disagree with Jason's 2, 3 and 6 having the ability to teleport. For 2 and 3 Jason could run, he was still alive. If he could teleport in part 2 he wouldn't have had to cross the road to his cabin in front of the townie cop who puts on a long chase involving Jason stepping in a puddle. Parts 2-4 were focused on the element of surprise: the victims didn't see it coming because they're having sex. Whatshisname from part 3 screws his girl on a hammock and does a handwalk down the hallway, the last thing he ever expected was a pissed off goalie holding a machete to be there... Part 6 he was an overweight power walker. It's really parts 7 on where he gained this supernatural ability and it became less about the element of surprised and more about being trapped. The victims in parts 7 on entered a territory and all of sudden this supernatural entity keeps reappearing. For parts 2-3 I'd say ability to run, for parts 6 on I'd recommend ability to teleport. It would require different strategies, both for the player as Jason and the players escaping him. Also I'm gonna say it here: Jason's a show off! Parts 3 onward he kills a victim and walks away defiantly without a care in the world, kee kee kee hah hah hah playing in the background. But then the other protagonists always find the victims: falling out of trees (part 3), nailed to trees (part 7). I mean does Jason know the camera's playing so then kills a victim and then thusts his body in an opposite direction and on cue, knowing the scene is going to pan to the local teenage house party, turns back and strings the victim up into a tree or gets a hammer and nails the corpse to a tree? It's one of those "thinking too much" things but if I had to think up an idea. Maybe it's Pamela who does clean up crew? Maybe Jason walks away and Pamela comes along and tries to hide them. In which she's goddamn awful it since the corpses always fall or appear whenever a victim is trying to get away. As it relates to the game, maybe the dead campers can reappear to the other campers falling out of trees or some random stuff, doesn't really need to be explained. Again, great game! Storto buono.
  2. Regardless of what people think about the "story" of Until Dawn (which I admit was mediocre), the basic format and gaming style equate to an interactive movie. And I guarantee you, if such a Friday installment were to be created in the future by the gentlemen/team working on the current game, the story, arch and flow would surpass the last few Friday films, not to mention the upcoming installment (which I'll preemptively call sh*t). It would be a true sequel/installment by the fans, for the fans. I realize we need to get this first project completed. But once it is and it's the hit I expect it to be, it'll be just the beginning and I think the "Until Dawn" gaming style route is the way they should go. There'll never go another good Friday movie. Forget about it. That era of film making is gone. The major movie companies bring us nothing but rehashed formulas and sh*tty remakes. The break through horror films of the last decade- Saw, Paranormal Activity, It Follows began as Indie Projects. I support independent films despite having to go through 9 sh*t attempts to find a great film. They are still better than the remakes and stale formulas that come out of Hollywood. We didn't need a new Nightmare where Freddy is re-imagined as a pedophile rather than a child murderer or Michael Myer's childhood transformed into a white trash background anymore than we need to learn about who Jason's dad was. Even The Hills Have Eyes remake, which I admit to enjoying, still offered nothing new. Just a dusted off and updated version with CGI and it only served to show Wes Craven could make an even worse Hills 2 than his first Hills 2. Actually the entire concept for the Hills 2 remake Wes had planned back in the 1990's as Hills 3 but it never got off the ground. If he wondered if such a film would have been a success, he got his answer 3 decades later.
  3. Throughout the series he was infamous for throwing bodies through the window as well as retrieving heads (once even from a NY alley dumpster) and placing them in cars. Such actions, if they were to occur in the game could serve to raise the counselors fear levels.
  4. I actually didn't mind Part 8. While not the best in the series the ones that succeeded it were far worse. I think "the let down" was the title implying they'd see more of Jason in NYC. Had they titled it "Jason Takes The Lazarus" and had NY as a surprise it would have faired better. This film - to me - sits next to Jason X. It's a fantasy film. The Lazarus wouldn't fit in Crystal Lake any more than it'd have a research facility.
  5. The only two enduring things - for me - from FVS were two lines: Teen who survived Jason's cornfield massacre: "Dude, that goalie was pissed about something." Freddy getting Jason's attention before throwing spikes at him: "Hey, asshole!" (For some reason, I found that to be hilarious.)
  6. I thought the Halloween remakes were awful for the same reasons. All Zombie did was 1) Turn Haddonfield into a white trash town. (He does this with every film and I fail to understand why. It has no appeal to me). 2) Spend an extra 20 minutes on Michael's childhood. 3) Sought to explore what made Michael the way he is. (Who really cares? It was a better series when he was "The Shape" or "The Boogeyman,") instead... 4) Part 1's basis is him trying to find his sister "because he loves her." 5) Sam Loomis' moral backbone character is transformed into an arrogant @sshole. I would have respected the effort more had he just started anew. Nixed the mask and created a separate brand new story. Dawn Of The Dead '04 was really one of the best remakes because it really wasn't a remake at all. Remakes like Friday, Nightmare, Hills, Poltergeist have limited lifespan because you can't replicate original success when all you have is a dusted off remake with CGI. They are slightly better versions than the Psycho remake but stand on the same level of mediocrity.
  7. I think I read/heard they added the utility belt to hide the actors belly. Despite being dead for nearly a decade Jason appeared well fed.
  8. Well according to this article it's another origin story where we get to dive into other members of the Vorhees family. http://www.inquisitr.com/3171973/new-friday-the-13th-movie-will-introduce-long-lost-members-of-jason-voorhees-family/ And according to this article it isn't an origin but instead set in an alternate reality with Jason, Pamela and perhaps his dad Elias. http://www.blastr.com/2016-6-17/friday-13th-producer-explains-why-new-movie-wont-be-origin-story I'm not optimistic about either direction to be honest. I guess I need to recalibrate myself to the fact that there'll never be another Part 6 or 7 style story arch. I just simply don't care why he keeps coming back to life, I don't care about other members of his family. But I appear to be in the minority.
  9. Current avatar aside, I'm the new guy here so if this topic should be posted somewhere else or if I'm doing something inappropriate don't feel hesitant to let me know publicly or in pm. My main reason for this thread/idea came from watching the 6 hour "behind the scenes" documentary which had 120+ interviews from actors/writers/directors from all the films. The later half dealing with parts 7 the remake is very depressing for a die-hard fan of the series: the mismanagement, the disregard, the incompetence bestowed on this series ranging from but not limited to: 1) Kane Hodder's "let go." 2) JGTH given directorial control to a 23 year old former PA. 3) Jason being afraid of water 4) The "new directions" since Part 8 were complete and utter sh(t. Quite frankly, I don't think we'll ever get another good installment from Hollywood. This next film coming out I expect to be more of the same. IF... there were to ever be a decent sequel/installment/story I would trust the creators of this game to helm it. You already got Hodder, Manfredini, Savini involved. No dealing with embarrassed movie studios, @sshole producers or incompetent directors looking to make a name for themselves beyond FT13. Kane Hodder could bash the sh*t out of a woman in a sleeping bag against a tree all day long without concern of any MPAA rating. Such a movie-game along the lines of Until Dawn would put anything Hollywood tried to release to shame. (For anyone who isn't aware of "Until Dawn" I implore you to view the trailer or game review to get a sense of what I'm talking about). It would require a script, characters, story flow. It would change depending on the actions one makes: going left or right, picking up objects, etc. To be honest, I think "Until Dawn" is a revolutionary breakthrough game that is probably the next-gen of the horror genre. More like it will be made in the future. And if THIS game is a success, such a next installment would be the logical next step.
  10. If this game becomes a massive success, as I expect it to, will there be any plans for a future game? I know this is premature but hear me out... This game has inspired me to re-visit all the Friday films as well as the documentaries about the series. I'm not alone in my unhappiness with how the series was treated by paramount being embarrassed by it and the producers simply seeing profits. If this next Friday film that comes out in a year is a step above that awful remake I will be very surprised. Given that this is such a labor of love from everyone involved, if there were to be a follow up I'd like to see a movie-style sequel similar to the game Until Dawn, which I thought was spectacular. A story-based linear game that has a solid plot, characters, cut scenes and gameplay where decisions affect the course of the game. It could stand to be one hell of an installment in a series that continues to be neglected by the studios. I know this is getting wayyyyyy ahead of ourselves as this masterpiece is still being developed. I'm just throwing it out there.
  11. My introduction was part 3, mainly due to my older sister. Couldn't have been no more than 6 or 7 at the time she introduced it to me. It was recorded off the good ole VCR from cable tv with commercials. Later on she showed me part 2. It wasn't scary to me and in fact I was rooting for him even that early. I remember feeling bad for the victims though, especially the bearded hippy who seemed undeserving.
  12. Ethel Hubbard: (to the chicken) - I'm gonna chop you into itty, bitty little pieces, my friend. Just like they done to that piggo over at that fu*king crazy farm. Eeeeyah! [Decapitates the chicken] Junior: Eeeeyah! - (imitates Ethel using spoon) ...Ha-ha-ha-ha. Ethel Hubbard: You big dildo. Eat your fu*king slop! Ain't I make the best goddamned stew in the whole wide world? Junior: Best goddamned stew in the whole wide world, Mama. +1. Ethel had the best lines.
  13. To me, it's no different than him going to Manhattan. It's a comedic fantasy but to agree with you, one that should have been left in the realms of "what if" discussions between children debating it on the playground. But compare that to JGTH, Jason X seems like a masterpiece.
  14. Part 5 is far superior to JGTH and the remake. And quite arguably Part 8 and Jason X.
  15. I can almost get into Part 8 and Jason X because they act as a "what if" fantasy of taking Jason out of the CL environment and introducing him to a new 'map.' Through both films he stays in character and acts like the zombie-terminator with some comedic instances: Seeing a hockey mask billboard in NYC or killing aliens and women during the space simulations. Turd Whoppers: Jason Goes To Hell: Fk you. Enough said. Friday Remake : I'd like to capture the writer and director and lock them in my basement so they can't make any more films. Effete: Friday 5... When I was a child seeing this movie, I exhausted all my energy trying to convince my sister (also a fan of the series (much more so than myself) and also six years older) that the killer wasn't Jason. For some reason she didn't get it or understand. She believed that Jason/Roy fell, impaled the main counselor and got up and walked away. I then explained the main counselor was already shown dead with nails in his head against the tree. 10 years later she finally admitted her folly... The case for Part 5: It could be comparable to Part 1's Pamela character. As Part 7's intro stated: there's a death curse. So perhaps 'evil' inhibits someone under the right circumstances (loss of a child) to go on a killing rampage. It might explain the superhuman strength Roy exhibited as well as his ability to withstand a tractor and a stab to the leg. The 'evil' then influenced Jarvis at the end... Or you just think it sucked and they were all crazy, that works too. Again, we fans think more about this than the creators did. But we should all consider ourselves lucky that they didn't carry on further installments with zombie Joey. The film could have ended with a couple on a boat about to eat a snickers and then a deceased Joey comes out of the water and grabs the bar. So 5 haters considers yourselves lucky. And one redeeming thing from part cinco: the song "His Eyes:" Friday 1: Started it all, but (blasphemy) I was never impressed with the film and found The Burning and Madman to be superior films. But I didn't grow up that film or the second, they were released before I was born. Fantasy: Jason X Friday 8 Decent Installments: Part's 2 and 4... enjoyable but not very memorable to me. The final Chapter's unmasking scene at the end was terrifically done and part 2's unmasking was atmospheric. I have no complaints other than that they aren't my favorite sequels. Terrific Additions: Part 6 and 7... Sticks to the formula: resurrected early, goes around killing, put back 'in the lake' at the end. I would have to say that these were my favorites aside from 3 (and yes, I may be bias). I enjoyed the zombie Jason look and feel part 7 was the best look out of the entire series. But one thing it's shown is that Parts 6, 7 and 8 is that Jason likes to leave calling cards. He'll kill someone in a detached manner and seemingly walk away from the scene with the heavy labored breathing completely unfazed. Apparently he later takes the corpses and sticks them in trees so they call fall down later or takes decapitated heads and places them in cars. Unless its Pamela's zombie who does clean-up. Part 6: great song: Finalist: Part 3... has to be my favorite. Perhaps it was because it's the first film I was ever introduced to but I get there are plot holes. For Parts 2 and 3 to make sense: Jason had to have donned a green dress shirt with khakis and chased Higgins around until she blacked out. Then changed to coveralls, grew his hair out and went all in for part 2, then after being stabbed in part 2, bulked up at the gym and changed back into his dress clothes and got a close hair crop and shave. Also, Jason made disco great again:
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