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  1. So I was looking around the forums and I don't think I ever posted an introduction and I don't want to be breaking the rules so yeah..... Hi I am a smallish youtuber (10k subs) and yeah... Thats about all there is to me I play games all the time and hate the outdoors.
  2. Actually the main reason people ask if servers are based anywhere is so they can find out if they are gonna lag to hell or not.
  3. lets just pretend jason crushed their wind pipe before throwing them through the window.
  4. that was a response to this tweet "Stupid question, but will the release day reflect regions? As in 26th in Australia or 27th for us?" so my guess is it just means like noon in a couple countries the next day or some crap like that.
  5. Nitz, I loved watching you and ghost and the gang play through the Beta.  Will any of you be playing on PS4 or just through steam?  Would lave to have a match with you guys, you always seemed like you were having such a good time!  Can't wait for the 26th!  If your ever on PS4 toss me an invite. 

  6. any jason that can actually run. Considering without it there was almost no chance to catch survivors if they knew what they were doing.
  7. I can't call out of work if I do that means I can't play the game (considering my job is a youtuber)
  8. who is lmfao and Tom Savini? Also Pewdiepie is known all over... also captainsparklez and ssundee are well known names with captainsparklez even getting recognition from disney a lot. You also have Smosh, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye.... There are tons of names I can give you that is a household name. Want more evidence? Lets take twitter into example which your "household names" are on Tom Savini's 38.9k Followers. Captainsparklez 3.05m Followers. Ssundee 1.73m Followers Markiplier 5.82m Followers Jacksepticeye 2.75m Followers Yeah... totally not famous.
  9. lol "i do not consider people that post videos on youtube famous" yeah those guys who have 10 million subscribers clearly aren't famous at all.
  10. No pocket knives were an auto activation. Every other item was a button press though.
  11. in the beta it seemed like the building lit up even if there was no fear involved. But there are perks that allow you to evade the sense ability with about a 50% chance of working as in you could be standing right in front of him but it won't light up. The way fear works is I believe the more fear you have the farther away jason can sense you.
  12. combat mode in my opinion was never useful if jason just waited for you to swing he could easily grab you out of it. The only time attacking jason was useful was if he grabbed a friend of yours next to you and even then just swinging right away at him was the best bet since every second matters.
  13. It all depends on the situation we had a player in a round we were in that was using a soundboard to give away everyones position so one of our players took the gun and shot him. Then there was the issue in the beta of people standing in front of the car not moving because they wanted in even though it was a full car. Also someone can just stand in front of the phone making it so no one can call the cops. Team killing can prevent things like this.
  14. The problem is most jason's camped the phone. Unless they make a change to where jason cannot break the phone after it has been repaired its too easy to make sure no one calls jason.
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