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  1. Even if your little fantasy conspiracy theory is true, who gives a crap? I bought Savini Jason and I couldn't POSSIBLY care less if they were to sell it again, even if they gave it out free, I couldn't care less. I'd actually encourage them to do so. I don't need some big special badge of honor. I want the game to be as complete and enjoyable as it can be for everyone who plays it, and I want them to make money and continue to work on the game.
  2. I think you'll find that it's a perfectly cromulent word.
  3. The most I'd be willing to concede is that grab kills could maybe be interruptible even once the animation starts, as long as Jason hasn't actually killed them yet, but only if you land a stun, and it should probably auto-break your weapon.
  4. Jason isn't supposed to be someone you can go toe to toe with. That's the reason they're making him harder. If he gets near you, you should, in most cases, die.
  5. I rarely have those problems, but they're always working on fixing stuff like that. Software development isn't a zero sum game. They work on many things at once that have no relation or impact on each other.
  6. Taking the fun away? You mean making it so they have a chance to lose?
  7. Can we have AJ's booty embiggened in her swimsuit now? This is the important change the game needs, obviously.
  8. Myers has been in Call of Duty and Dead by Daylight, which are totally separate studios. This likely means that neither studio had continual rights to the character, but just one shot licensing deals. Jason was also in Mortal Kombat XL before F13 came out. There was an unlicensed game made by Pig Farmer Games that was pretty decent, but it got taken down for copyright issues. They renamed it to Babysitter Bloodbath and removed the Halloween images and music from the game and put it back up, though.
  9. I just think it's unfair to those of us who were hoping to stream the game when it comes out, since the biggest spike of viewers is already going to be over by then.
  10. That's from the Discord channel. On topic: I hope they decide to let us walk through fences, no prompts given, in rage mode.
  11. Haven't seen a thread dedicated to the mask color so I figured I'd just post it here since there's 4 pages about the mask at this point.
  12. I used to take calls from reservists who needed to set up doctors appointments for MMR, HIV draws, PHA/MHA, CAE, etc. I always thought it was hilarious to get some E2 who was sitting there with their UA yelling at them what to do.
  13. They did the same process for every mask.
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