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  1. Both. But i prefer first regular Jason X with a new grounded map (a winter crystal lake or future crystal lake) and then, Uber Jason with grendel spaceship map.
  2. Sorry, but all of you are being really stupid. We can't judge how parents teach his sons. And, if you have a problem with kids talking in an online game MUTE THEM! There is an option, to mute people. don't be an asshole.
  3. Checking the reddit of Friday the 13th, I came across this xD is pure gold: P.S: We need an update for Lachappa to run like naruto!
  4. i dunno, I had not noticed that xD had read Eric Jr. all this time, now I have the curiosity: why J. R.?
  5. The only difference between the mechanics of Jason and Roy should be: Changing the mental voice (Roy does not listen to Pamela, could be the voice of his son or himself longing for revenge) The Shack (could be an ambulance next to a corpse somewhere in the map) The final scene (with Roy returning to his ambulance and lamenting the death of his son) The sweater (no idea how to change it, but the sweater should not appear if Roy is chosen) and how to kill him (Tommy Jarvis may still be involved). But definitely, he must be a selectable killer since the beginning of the game, no two murderers simultaneously. PS: Anyway, I think over time (months or next year) the mechanics of several Jason should change, giving us the possibility that not all die the same way and with other intros. For example: Jason part 2, 3 and 4 can continue spawning in the shack with the mother's head. Jason Part 6 Should Leave The Cemetery Jason part 7 and 8 should get off the chains and leave the lake
  6. didn't know I once saw a video of how he painted the pop of Jason with the colors of NES. I assumed that the mini was also custom, my mistake ñ.ñ thanks for the correction
  7. Both are fan-custom, Funko never made those officially. Neca is the one company who sell out a nes Jason.
  8. What hre said. Roy deserves be a main killer, not a random spawn guy. Also, un The movie he looks like Jason all The movie, in every skill
  9. I prefer Roy be a Jason skin. +Destruction +Can Run +Stalk -Defense -Shift -Stun Resistance
  10. It is urgently needed: New maps and different categories (film-based or custom): Open Maps: -James House (Part IV) -Shepard House (? (Part VII) -Voorhees House (Part IX) -Camp Green Forest (Part VI) Abandoned Camp (leafless trees, already destroyed cabins) -Camp Crystal Lake (Freddy Vs Jason, scene of Jason trapped in hell) -Modern Camp Crystal Lake (Inspired by the remake, with tunnels) Semi-Open Maps (The main stage is closed and Jason can morph freely through the corridors of these places, and there are also spaces to go outside) Suburban New York + Sewers (Part VIII): Pinehurst Youth Development Center (Part V) Closed Maps: S. S. Lazarus (Part VIII) Military Base (Jason X) Grendel Starship (Jason X) Morgue (Part IV) New characteristics (Random in public games, editable in private games) Climate (Day, Night Clear, Fog, Rain, Rain + Thunderstorm) Objects (Amount, spawn places) Play time (20 minutes for public matches) Vehicles (Standard in public games / privately editable, seats, number of vehicles (0 to 2)) Cabins (Types of windows, doors, colors of cabins) More or less a summary of what they have said here and in other post:...
  11. Jason Part VII need the sling blade. Also, they had to erase Shift from his weaknesses.
  12. *Jason Part IV *Jason X *Uber Jason *Roy Burns They only have the right of those, but they can create new custom jasons Remake Jason (Sackhead and Hockey Mask) and FvJ Jason aren't included in the rights :/
  13. Jason X! Nd i dont like the idea Of Jason X evolving to Uber Jason. Both can be two different skins
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