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  1. I rented this game and played for about an hour...seemed like "the Thing" was multiplying and attacking me every 28 seconds!!!!
  2. I may order a digital download for pc as well just because of this download. This looks like a great add on!!
  3. I don't know Crazy Ralph, maybe we can start a new gaming franchise that takes the place of Halo or GTA?? I like to think positive:)
  4. I gotta say I r really like this upside down idea With the Andy Kill...sounds awesome!!
  5. This funny!! My mom used to wake me up to let me know "monster movies" were on and then make popcorn or cinnamon toast....lol how random!!
  6. Welcome Jonathan! Waiting to play this game is going to be the worst part!!!!
  7. Hi Trenton! Glad you could join! I believe the first f13 movie I saw was part 3 as well. I remember waking up and walking into the living room while my mom and aunts and uncles were huddled around the TV. The scene I saw was when Kris was telling her story of her encounter with Jason and he was chasing her without the mask....scared the hell outta me...must have been 6/7at the time!!
  8. I remember seeing the first one and I was scarred and scared lol.
  9. Jaws, Halloween 3 (just kidding) 1+2, f13 pt.1,2,6,7...remake I liked the updated feel. This is really hard I guess it depends on my mood...sometimes Hellraiser series or Phantasm movies....Nightmare on Elm street 3 is my favorite of that series and I think it's because the crazy scenes of tongue beds, marionettes, wizards and punk chicks... just depends but def. First 7 are faves I could watch over and over.
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