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  1. as an xbox player to others: congratulations, i hate you all
  2. Mark confirmed btw
  3. no one ever did throw kitchen knives, the only ''shooting'' to add is making the fire extinguishers useable to blind him and whack him in the head with the side effect of blinding counselors 5 seconds if hit and jason 2 if hit.
  4. which is Awesome! they totally listened
  5. well with the stoner coming in to the game now the second most popular got a spot so i REALLY hope melissa gets in
  6. New counselors!

    We're not in need of a new hero since tommy wasnt grown up in p-1 to p-3 why would it effect him on p-4? they hinted the character ends on ''y'' which could be shelly
  7. they are free, u already have them after updating
  8. Counselor Clothing Update

    the one and only reason its not happening now is budget, its a possibility in the future as they already do things they did not think they would. giving every one a 1 character slot for a self-made would not be impossible at all in the future.
  9. would be nice with color / style variation within limits like blonde/ginger tiffany, Black / Chocolate for deb. but you can count on it i would guess, they wanna please with the content
  10. ''this isnt real but a guy can dream right?'' its not real.
  11. it could not be real no matter what based on 1 simple thing : ALL counselors are the same height, only Tommy who is not a counselor but a hero stray from this. so if the person knew about the game in to detail the 4 ''counselors'' would be standing equally tall
  12. how to defeat jason will not be made public to us before we figure it out on our own, its most likely different for every jason
  13. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Xbox One, Add Aksana Dia if you need extra people to play with, i currently know 0 people to play on my system and i will probably never play jason as i have been excited to be a counselor for so long
  14. P-e-r-k Ideas

    you, i like you. keep it up