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  1. IF miller wins and gun wont work with him or if they cant and we lose all future DLC, why not open up for mods ? people would make us new counselors and killers within weeks and there could be guidelines such as ''not using f13 names or content'' which I get is messed up in a F13 game but I think mods would save thing maybe? People could put together maps, improvements, counselors, killers and so on
  2. why arent gun media just talking to Miller himself and making a deal of some kind to keep working? IF miller win which would to me be absolute BS but I mean I'm not there seeing if he does or not so I don't know and if he do win then ''good for him'' I guess, but can't Gun just talk to Victor Miller and set up some kind of deal? I get he wants the credits and all this but if hes greedy then that means hes willing to do business?
  3. her bottom looks a LOT like Brendas pants and the top is inforgivable, she should have had melissas clothes
  4. Going to what THEY said themselves is that the budgets not big enough for a create-a-character system, it would be awesome if they went for this however and got it going where you had to pay with the CP for expensive hair color, clothes, colors, patterna, stats and more(with a limit to how high you can go) but they have not talked about this and I doubt its even on the planning board
  5. It would be pretty awesome with some oversized buff jason looking Native american who adds scalps to a belt or something by every kill
  6. I MIGHT Be wrong but im pretty sure I heard him tell Deborah at least 2 stories of how that happened to him so he might be faking it
  7. just stop complaining, they are not lowering it and it should have been at 150 either way
  8. I think people overthink it, ''theres already Tiffany'' but Tiffany is based on Tina from p4 and terri p2 (muffin and twin likeness + flirty like Tina) The other twin Terri was not up for flirting when it came down to it and just wanted to go home and got mad her sister stayed behind. They COULD add a twin counselor based on the non-flirty twin and use a 2nd counselor from another movie who is different from her twin sister and tomboy terri, its a stretch of course because you would have to edit tiffany a bit and add a new girl looking almost like her BUT thats actually a good idea since this means if their stats are different Jason dont know if shes able to fix the car or not, someone kind of like Terry(the other twin) is hard to think of if not Vera Sanchez?
  9. I am in a lobby of 8 people with 3 spots rotating but in the 5 remaining we got 3 people with jason as a set preference and 1 of these is jason every 2nd game. he goes out, changes his preference and hes jason again and again: Is this just us or did they mess up on it?
  10. would be kind of cool if they could make 20 more or so in a year and add other things to unlock like finish every objective and unlock a counselor or finish all objectives + all skulls and get Uber Jason or whatever
  11. Mitch and Shelly were being made pre-release, I can get screenshots if needed but the game promised 13 counselors on release and some have been scrapped/fused to 1 out of 2 etc. so there is no excuse shelly and mitch do not have it, but I think Fox should be understandable not to have it - yet, Victoria is based on Tiffanys body with loose fit clothes to hide it for now, maybe they will make more clothes for Victoria and the others and I truely hope she gets in the updates, but from the looks of things the lingerie one comes without anything for her, mitch, shelly or fox
  12. this is in the 80s, if thats a camp the pan could be from the 70s before everything was built to break at once and it makes perfect sense those kitchen things smack hard as hell
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