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  1. oh yeah I hit 113 ages ago now, this is gonna be fun in a few hours
  2. since you're ''making'' your own horror movie you can pick your own jason, but did anyone catch if we can change weapon in that mode?
  3. I am far from OK with this but I do see how you ''cant'' fight it, Its why I stick to lobbies with people I know who would never allow someone to stay if they ever did it. last night it happened and all the 7 others including jason shamed him and cursed him out before throwing him out: Get people to play with who share your opinion about stuff like this
  4. Would be pretty cool to add a Tamara based cokewhore psycho, ''Junkie'' archtype
  5. Would also be cool if we could do custom colors bought with CP and patterns and so on for squadgoals, Pretty much only Jenny and Kenny can do that right now
  6. Aksana

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    FINALLY they refer to him by name! now make him playable!
  7. I wont get on until friday, I am so sad Im missing victoria's debut date, SHE WILL NEVER FORGIVE ME!
  8. I honestly think they should make a ''twin'' for Tiffany like Tiffany is Terri(tomboy)+Tina(Flirty girl), they should easily make one mixing Terri Moore(non flirty twin) and another female from the movies like Samantha in part 4 or possibly Marcie from part?
  9. I always wished hey would allow counselors sharing bodies at least to be able to, But I agree, I always wanted Vanessa in a normal outfit, I got the clothing DLC so I have her black one which isnt a tracksuit, however it would be fun to put AJ in Tiffanys top and Jennys pants and so on if thats how you mean?
  10. they said she cry for her dad and stuff so hopefully a bratty voice?
  11. I mean the negation would have to be extreme, like losing half the carspeed or something
  12. they dont have the manpower to do much if you dont go to jasonkillsbugs.com and show video evidence
  13. I could picture Melissa if making it to adulthood making charity events for ''Less fortunate'' girls like Tamara xD
  14. Obviously Muffin wont be in the game, before release I had an idea every counselor could have a 1 time special to use and Tiffanys could be to call muffin who would arrive from ''nowhere'' and drop off an Item like a spray and then run off, and if jason is within close enough to see Muffin she will disappear/take off and not be possible to hurt. I mean more like people wanted a stoner but they already had one made, people wanted Melissa from long before release and got Victoria.. I simply mean they could get us some good Counselors like Victoria is a better Jenny and I get its HARD to make new counselors without repeating the stats a bit but I cant care less if they even duplicated almost like Jenny/Victoria. I hope you are right however and that we see new counselors and maps and jasons and HOPEFULLY paranoia