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  1. I think Tommy's stats are fine how he is. Mostly every Tommy I ever saw in the beta died just like any of the other counselors so his stats must not have helped to much in the long run.
  2. Yeah but the game will be out by then! <3 But who knows maybe something special will happen then as well.
  3. This was absolutely beautiful! <3 I have been body blocked by trolling counselors so many times so im happy we can do this. Are they also gonna change how ramming Jason works? They really need to make it where if you hit him at a fast enough speed he will fall onto his back and stun him (still wrecking the car) at least giving you enough time to get out of the car before he grabs the driver like he does now.
  4. Yeah but what game about a killer coming out on Friday the 13th won't do something special on Friday the 13th the date XD
  5. Sorry I couldnt think of a more original title! But yeah I haven't seen anything big or exciting about the game today and I thought there must be SOMETHING. Since this will be the only Friday the 13th before the game comes out has anyone seen any special news or new leaks about the game yet?
  6. The big issue is if people don't tag their topic even if you search for it you cant find it unless you go through each old topic yourself. But yeah id love a mode like this!
  7. I already made a topic with this exact idea actually. ^^; http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/2225-adjustable-server-modes/
  8. This ^ dear god this... Thats how I feel about playing it right now. I just want to come back to Friday XD
  9. I know right!? This is exactly how I feel haha. I don't really feel like playing any of my other games right now after that beta. XD
  10. I do agree I think that Composure or Stealth should make you quieter in hiding spots. Also yes I have ran into the issue of screaming when Jason isnt even in the same room or line of sight of me and it instantly puts me on his radar. It would be nice if we could stay quiet until we have directly seen him so we don't just immediately become visible to him.
  11. Can anyone tell me the name of the female band that plays when you turn the radio on? Everyone always talks about Crazy Lixx but the female band never seems to get talked about. Thats the one I really care about! XD
  12. Maybe some versions of Jason will have no music as their ability? That would be pretty cool! I enjoy the music but maybe adding like 2 Jason forms that don't start music til they are already chasing you or something would be pretty cool! :3
  13. Really? o.o I can almost never get away if im a counselor when im grabbed by Jason regardless of my choice. Id say without a pocket knife I have gotten out of grabs myself like 2/10 of the time.
  14. The stamina drain needs a slight nerf about every other counselor is wheezing and immobile after about 5 seconds of running.
  15. Woah I got sent like 10 keys o.o is that normal? I hope it is because I already gave them away to friends who activated them lmao
  16. I know im being impatient but im so anxious right now that the keys havent appeared in my email yet D:
  17. YES YES ill download it as soon as it hits! just got to get my key in my email X3
  18. Well it does say right on the backerkit page that the full release is "Early 2017". So yeah it was expected to be a few months at least. But we do sort of have a window of time for when it will be complete! It says Single Player will be in "Summer 2017" which means the game will be out before then! If they stick to the patterns they have done already when it comes to dates. They said we could play the beta before "Winter 2016" well Winter doesn't start until the 21st so they kept their promise! ^^
  19. Well welcome! You picked a amazing time to join have you pre ordered the game yet? If you did then on the 20th (tomorrow) you will be able to play the PC beta for 4 days! ^^
  20. What is the difference between the Morph and Shift power Jason has? I know both involve teleportation but I don't know the difference.
  21. I would like a toggle option for the survivors and names but I do like the icons for locked doors being there.
  22. The full game will have PEER-TO-PEER options so you will be fine then. Its pretty normal for a beta not to have P2P.
  23. I think it should be up to the server host. Like I think there should be adjustable server settings depending on who is hosting and they can change options like that. I made a thread about this idea if anyone wants to check it out but it basically talks about server host being able to toggle features of the game on or off to change up the rounds. Like having players not appear on the map, not showing where the cars are, maybe even not having a map in general. Stuff like that would be awesome because each server host could do it different! If you like having players on the map go pick one of those servers or host your own. If you don't want them on the map look for one that has it disabled. ^^
  24. Thank you Ben! Knowing you even read my comments makes me happy! ^^ This is why you guys rock!
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