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  1. What confuses me is why don't they just release it on PC and then release it on console once the certification goes through? That way we don't have to wait ages and it wouldnt be the first time a company released something for only one console or PC and then shortly after released it to something else. Not to mention that once the certification even goes through we will have to wait until the physical copies ship out and then get to the stores which takes even more time. Good news though a direct quote from Ronny Hobbs during the panel stated "Early 2017 is the first 4 months of the year" so they are aware and we will see it within a month it seems!
  2. PAX is almost here and still no release date... guess were not getting one prior then
  3. So you are paying for PS monthly sub so you can watch Netflix which also requires a 2nd monthly sub? Doesn't that seem ridiculous to you? If you really wanted Netflix you could avoid the PS sub fee and just watch it on your computer. The list of shows/movies is better on the computer anyway.
  4. Yeah almost no one asked any questions that werent already made obvious on the forums. Us forum dwellers should have been asking the questions haha
  5. I think it would be awesome if we could actually reach the ranger station in one of the levels if its nearby the camp! =3
  6. If thats seriously something in the game I would LOVE to do that haha
  7. Damn shame to hear you didnt enjoy yourself, I couldnt get enough of the beta myself. Surprised you still lurk around on the forums then if thats the case. o.o
  8. Nah it aint doctored many friends on my list were playing it as well. I was so jealous >w<
  9. Oh god please let this mean its coming out within the next week or two! >w<
  10. Oh looks like it got resolved on its own. For some reason it took the email like 2 hours to show up. I dunno how to delete post so sorry for any confusion. ^^;
  11. My friend bought the DLC for me and put my email in and only he received a confirmation email. Am I supposed to receive a confirmation email as well? Because it did charge him but were worried that it won't send me the code. Will I still receive the codes when they are released or was there some kind of error?
  12. There has never been kids at the camp during the movies. The movies always take place before they open for buisness
  13. Really!? HAHAHA that is fucking priceless! XD
  14. So while browsing the internet I somehow came across this video of a film ive never heard of. Its called "Maniac" and apparently the guy getting his head blown off in this scene is none other then Tom Savini! This surprised me and since hes a big thing in the Friday the 13th universe I thought I should link this. (WARNING GORE OBVIOUSLY)
  15. That would be intense as hell if I saw Jason running at me and swing at me only to find out he wasent there. XD
  16. Yeah her asshole husband literally held her there to in order for her to die so he could hide behind her. It made me so angry
  17. Don't forget the "Luck" stat though. If the Jock is super strong and can knock Jason down he can only do it as long as his weapon doesnt break. If the Jock has low Luck his weapon will break after 2-3 swings so you cant do loops like that.
  18. Horror movies have always defied physics and how hard it is to actually decapitate someone. Thats the fun cheesiness of it~
  19. I think the car keys are fine how they are. Also the keys hidden around camp are obviously for the cars parked at the camp so thats not really "universal" it makes sense that they are there.
  20. I agree completely! But do you think you could attach a preview picture of what the outfits at least for the counselors look like? I understand the Jason one needing to be a surprise but the counselor outfits don't really need to be.
  21. I WANT to buy them but I don't want to if they won't show me what the outfits look like. I might buy it then not like a single outfit and regret my purchase. Will they ever reveal what they look like before release?
  22. I honestly would like to see what the counselor costumes or the Jason would look like before we buy them. Because if we don't know what they look like and buy them we could be unhappy with our purchase if we end up not liking them.
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