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  1. The phone used to be the meta way to escape but its been a long time since that was the case. Now you're lucky to ever get the fuse in the box and most of the time it has 2 traps stacked on it. Also you do know land lines (like the one in the game) don't use electricity right? you don't use power for those phones thats why you can use one in real life even if the powers out.
  2. The game has made such huge improvements over the years but the issue with the cops still bugs me and I think it needs addressing. When you call the cops and the counselor speaks to them screaming and crying and telling them where they are and the situation etc. Just to have Jason cut the line or kill the counselor 0.5 seconds before the call ends. My issue with this is that if you have gone through that much of the conversation with the police they should still send someone out at that point. Maybe just add a penalty like the police don't take it as seriously so it takes another minute or two then normal to arrive? But yeah i've just ran into so many scenarios where people try to rush the phone and Jason just keeps killing them one by one as they are 3/4ths through the phone call. You would think by that point the police would think something is up. I dunno I just think something involving the phone has to change in some way.
  3. I am absolutely thrilled with this update! You guys really do listen despite so many of the fans whining saying no ones paying attention.
  4. I think the idea about Jason not being able to grab you until your injured or unable to grab you in combat stance until injured is a really great idea.
  5. Fair enough. Just any type of delay would be nice.
  6. Thats exactly what its been doing. Jason's who learned they can do this just started putting 2 traps on top of eachother at each key location. So if a counselor decided to take one for the team and step in the trap instead of just getting injured from full health they are instantly killed.
  7. As it stands right now the traps need looking into because you can stack 2-3 traps in a single leaf pile so when you escape one trap it auto puts you into the 2nd one and kills you. I think we really need traps to be unstackable so you can't just put them all in one spot which auto kills someone after they step in one. Also just on a realism note how would you stack 3 bear traps on top of each other anyway?
  8. I already posted a topic on this issue actually Jpops. But in response to what you said I agree on all stuff you posted here but my topic talks about the issue for counselors playing it safe and still being instant grabbed. I want Jason to be overpowered and love it but it seems more of a game mechanic issue then Jason being Jason. Because as it stands right now Jason can just charge into a group of armed counselors in a cabin and grab one and perform his kill animation in less then a second before all the counselors 2 feet away can even swing once or fire at him to knock the person out of his grasp. I use this example because its a common tactic used since they know theres no consequence to it because they can perform the grab kill before anyone can attack if they spam the key/button.
  9. Oh man I get hes supposed to be a juggernaut and im not saying we should fight him but don't you think its more of a gameplay mechanic issue instead of Jason being Jason that he can pick you up and 0.5 seconds later perform a uninterruptible kill animation even though theres people firing a shotgun, flare, and swinging a bat at him all at the same time the person was grabbed? Im totally fine with once the animation begins that it cant be stopped but the animation shouldn't be able to begin instantly in less then a second after he grabs you unless its a environmental kill.
  10. Diabo 3 didn't work for like a week after launch and tons of MMO's so do your research. You need to stop wanting everything instantly and let the devs do their job. The servers are overloaded and they are working on it.
  11. Thank you! Yeah I completely agree that the main reason should be to allow another counsellor to hit Jason with a weapon. Its not to give us enough time to break free at all and besides they can't do it forever since weapons have durability even for the strongest and luckiest characters. Also yeah unless your doing the secret route to kill Jason 99% of the time your just trying to buy yourself a few seconds and constantly hitting Jason isnt going to make him useless or anything. I just hope this gets enough attention because even working as a team means nothing if Jason can just charge into a group of armed counselors and grab one not fearing if hes gonna get hit because he can just instantly start his kill animation.
  12. How will that prevent instant grab killers who don't care about XP though? Especially during end game when they have everything unlocked level wise.
  13. As it stands right now Jason's grab kills give the player no incentive to use environmental kills due to its short activation time. It can be triggered almost instantly after grabbing even before a counselor who is next to Jason and constantly swinging their weapon can even react before his killing animation begins. I think it would greatly balance the kill if it just added a short 3-5 second timer to it before it was allowed to be used in order to prevent the instant grab death.
  14. Thank you so much for the work you do. Please don't endanger your health and lives for us, we expected bugs on the first few days its only natural and people shouldn't be attacking you like they are. Keep up the great work guys!
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