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  1. Lol. Yeah. We wanted to keep the film moving forward, and that struggle could have been the end of it certainly. Our intent was to depict a more human Jason from part 2-4 rather than the superhuman type known in the later films. Though, we love Kane too, and you might notice some nods there too. C.
  2. Like any fan film using the likeness, character, music, etc, there would certainly be issue. There is really no getting away with it. Our reference to it being non-profit was simply to convey our intent with the project. The short is the just the product of some fans getting together one day at the end of the summer, having some fun playing in the sandbox belonging to others. The property holders could easily remove it or monetize the video with ads if the desired. We would have to abide their wishes. Anything we did within that short-film is ultimately jumping from the springboard of the original source materials. This short film exists as long as the property holders permit it.
  3. Glad you guys enjoyed it! The feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. C.
  4. Hi guys: This is a F13th short film some friends and I made for Halloween as a tribute to the earlier films. Hope you guys enjoy it. https://youtu.be/J-mhBJieyWg Cheers, Colin C.
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