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  1. I for one am super stoked for this update. This will make Jason terrifying again, and is the perfect ingredients to the Jason we know and love. Much praise to Gun Media and Black Tower for this!
  2. Lol.. I can relate. I never really have trouble ravaging people as Jason so to speak. Skill and experience is what makes a big difference if we want to be brutally honest. There is also a key thing to keep in mind that there are also a lot of good counselors to boot.. particularly those that hunt Jason down for the kill. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Would it be worth giving Grinder a possible 15% to to 30% for percentage boosts for CP/XP? Might be a really cool perk for someone who is grinding. Maybe even a 1.0x to 5.0x possible max as either another option, or an additional perk plus for a legendary.
  4. You missed the concept of differentiating new content vs adjusting existing content metrics for the purposes of balance/tweak/maintenance. (Yes, there is a massive difference.)
  5. I can actually see why that could use a nerf.. 3 med sprays could also potentially tank all of Jason's traps too.
  6. Okay.. I really like this! I'm kind of half and half on whether additional perks to a perk should be on all or just legendary. Granted maybe slightly higher secondary perk percentages would make them more valuable.
  7. Sadly the only way this can move forward is if all parties to the rights in whole and in part come to a final legal written agreement on said rights, and how each part of said rights are used.
  8. That's not how it works.. that has to be an agreement between Victor Miller and Horror Inc... on paper.
  9. How so? Horror Inc are the rights holders. Simply put.. whether anyone likes it or not.. it's up to them. claim what you want.. the reality is Gun Media has to wait until the rights holder gives final say.
  10. @ShiftySamurai Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to this next patch!
  11. I have noticed a good number of posts about more detailed bugs in which some If I remember correctly from previous Unreal Engine patch notes on the actual engine itself were due to the engine by design. I think it is safe to say that a good portion of the bugs not listed in the patch notes as a result of being resolved automatically by going to a newer version of Unreal Engine would explain why there isn't an explicit break down of every bug that may have been experienced in-game such as rubber-banding for example.
  12. I’m extremely excited for the new engine upgrade and how it will change the current aspects in the game. The additional updates/patches/additions are a huge plus.
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