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  1. I actually hate the other players in that instance. Because while i encourage jason to kill me and do whatever, the rest of the team SHOULD be fixing stuff but it RARELY happens. 90% of the time i die, go to cam and see people fuck off into the forest and play with branches. The other 10% they do a mixture of finding a gas can clearly meant for the boat (for instance) and carry it all the way to the 4 seater only to see jason and run off into the woods and die in a random house. It's infuriating.
  2. but deadly pumpin rain, which i responded to, makes perfect sense?
  3. 6-7 hours a day, vastly more when i have time off. I work and study so i have my due dilligence, but after that i don't do much other than play games.
  4. firecrackers and med spray would be fine. Pocket knife is not. I do think that some places should get refreshed once tommy spawns though. I feel it's important to highlight that i'm not saying ALL spots, but some within a certain radius (if possible)
  5. "Talk Friday the 13th: The Game with the community about gameplay! " You're right, it's too vague.
  6. "too overpowered" Half the team can get away at once. Half. From one car. The only saving grace for jason is that people are simply too stupid to cooperate properly, and if they did there's nothing stopping jason from being chain stunned from here to tomorrow while they fix the car. Granted, there is a segment of time where they have to actually GATHER the things needed, but they're rarely far apart, and in the weird case that they are, it's because some moron picked up the gas can meant for it and dragged it halfway across the map to the smaller car/boat.
  7. @Kodiak or @JPops Hopefully you agree that this thread has long since run its course due to how it...."evolved"
  8. Dedicated servers removes the host. It makes the game hinge on a separate server, not a person playing. There won't be any more hosts in that manner.
  9. the teamkiller can fuck off, but so can kotaku. For all it's blabla about having an agenda, of all things to cover they decide to give a teamkiller a platform to speak on. Complete and utter morons.
  10. Anyone have the discord invite thing? i recently ragequit very hard and things...happened. (didn't say anythin' so it's not ban related) Anyways i have a need for people to play with. anyone got the link?
  11. This. Also it doesn't help that when you finally get to play as jason you'll also have people just outright quitting before you can kill 'em. Fucking weak.
  12. It's probably fun if you're there and experience it, and i have seen it a few time for some laughs with friends. However that is not the case here. I'm sorry to say that the bug isn't exclusive by any means, it's low effort, and what are you doing to produce that low quality audio? It's like you just pointed a camera at the screen and recorded. The HUD isn't even removed, in a game where you can spesifically remove the HUD. Glad you found it fun, but for me personally...it's one among a million others like it.
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