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  1. One of the things that the devs loved to brag about before launch and beta was the windows doing incremental damage to counselors if they went through them after they were broken to curve 'looping'. Of course in hindsight with the perks, this has become mostly a point of irrelevancy with med, thick skin, etc. With two door cabins, its always been a tricky one for me. Most often, it could be argued to be easier to just bust down both doors because its less in the way as Jason. However since busted doors don't do ANY DAMAGE to counselors, all it does is give counselors more time to run from cabin to cabin and avoid broken windows. However if they have closed both sets of doors and/or locked them. If you only destroy one set of doors, you can potentially trap them inside unless they have a window close by. The problem is if they escape via the window, now you have to bust down the door, go around, burn a morph or a shift, etc. Its more time consuming. Over time, some people adopted the strategy to just leave doors wide open so they can't be used as traps against them and because they can close the door in Jason's face with ample time. Not everybody does this, as its mostly just people looking to hunt, troll or fuck around with Jason. Likewise there are Jason players who have also adopted the strategy of NOT destroying windows, forcing counselors to open them the slow way as a risk or just dive through them. What this amounts to is I wonder if busted doors should've dealt damage to counselors over time the same way windows do? This would've made the long winded, loopathon style gameplay become more risk/reward over time, especially for trolololol faster counselors whose sole purpose is the hunt or troll. If every cabin is destroyed, doors and windows alike. Every time you run inside a cabin, you take some kind of incremental damage. Say the leftover wood from the doorframes cuts the counselors over time, just like the shards of glass from the windows. I kinda wonder in hindsight if broken doors should've dealt the same kind of damage as broken windows? The perks still would've made this irrelevant probably, but I feel like it would've made cabins much more risk/reward if every avenue of escape could deal damage if they were broken?
  2. If they were ever able to have a 'hardcore' meta mode. Basic Changes - No Jason Music - No Sense For Jason - No world maps for counselor, only minimap Course, they would need 'new' servers for such things.
  3. tyrant666

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    If anything, this just confirms money matters more than legacy really. I'd rather know my franchise is in good hands than worry about money I'm never gonna need really. I doubt this guy has many hardships unless he's a gambling/drug addict.
  4. Hindsight being what it is. You guys should've stuck it out with Summer Camp. You may have made money off launch and the name itself, but with the name being in such limbo going in. You make yourselves easy targets even if the lawsuit literally has nothing to do with you. Especially with the quality of the game always being in limbo. That part is on you guys, you can't blame the lawsuit for that one. I doubt Illfonic would've been able to deliver a fully functioning Grendel out of the gate, given it probably was going to have completely new mechanics like Jason's death or defeat, the escapes, etc. Who knows if the new team would've either. If you are one of those people who still hold out hope. If anything, perhaps you'll get your precious Uber Jason and a couple kill/clothing packs next year is my best guess, if ever.
  5. I've always felt having - Shift have the same cooldown as Morph made sense and that's it. NOT the speed decrease. You notice with - Morph it doesn't slow down both the recharge timer AND the time it takes to get to the intended place? Imagine if - Morph took 5-10 seconds to get to the location? Nobody would play Part 6 ever. - Shift should only have the recharge cooldown.
  6. Once people realized gang assaults were so effective on Jason with his counter ability very weak if not at all, it was the end of it. Especially with the devs ignoring the meta for over a year and change and even acknowledging that they never put much thought into it, even recently. Its especially silly when Jason is in rage. Instead his only perks for rage are faster cooldowns, a door busting mechanic that leaves him open to stun unless the counselor misses and that's it, meanwhile the trade off is he can be killed if the mask is off and these days, its often.
  7. Wait till they realize how it easy it is to bully Jason by only playing as the speedy counselors and how easy it is to kill him. Makes me laugh when Wes mentioned how they should've thought about the meta game more in his recent tweet. If only...
  8. tyrant666

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    We all wanted something positive. Instead the statement was more finger pointing than anything. Oh well.
  9. tyrant666


    It will either be more regurgitated no content talk with different words or Uber/Grendel/Pajama Pack for Xmas/Next Year.
  10. This is arguably an example of the more puzzling moves made. Dedicated servers were recently added for consoles, then they make the game free for a month, thus taxing however many (working) servers there are with a huge surge of playerbase, leading to frustrating people with never ending wait times. Its almost like a repeat of launch over a year ago.
  11. tyrant666

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Well they are releasing a kill pack for Part 4 on PS4. I assume the one they made before im guessing. I guess that's that.
  12. tyrant666

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    A fancy rephrase is definitely in order I feel. Unfortunately the evidence is overwhelming to suggest this. Emotes were the big sign since its one of the 'content' routes that basically has a huge divide within the community about why they were introduced at all, especially the dance ones. People were mostly in agreement about adding more Jasons, Maps, Counselors and Gamemodes, also fixing the game. Emotes is a great divide in the community.
  13. tyrant666

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I hear ya. I totally agree btw lol just wanted to make sure it was you!
  14. tyrant666

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Well they would have other excuses now anyway even with the lawsuit potentially going away sooner than expected. The playerbase totals can't be very high. Why go back into producing content for a game with no playerbase? Which in large part of course, was their fault for not being able to fix their game most often or add any variety to it. Always one step forward, multiple steps back. I mean hell, they can't even add skips for cutscenes in singleplayer challenges. How hard can that be? The defib of content would only result in minimal returns. Emotes wouldn't cut it, especially with at least half the community hating them. Uber and Grendel alone wouldn't cut it. The community would want long term commitment.
  15. Content aside. Reasons why Sean should actually just settle for the betterment of the future of the franchise and his own legacy... 1. He's no spring chicken 2. He's financially secure as is his family 3. Going to the grave, wouldn't you want to be known as a guy who helped secure the future of the franchise for your family's financial future (think the Akkad family with Halloween) after you're gone as opposed to being known as the guy who died, leaving the franchise in limbo? There is more to gain long term from settling than not.
  16. Of the combined players left from the 3 platforms. There will be a lot of disappointed people come Monday when you all hear what we've already heard.
  17. On the surface, you could look at this as some ploy to change public perception if they ever decide to do another project with name recognition down the road. They can turn around and say they added singleplayer, dedicated servers and even though content is done, they brought in a new company to try to fix the game the best they can. Yet they've already worked on the game, so I feel like that idea doesn't hold much power to sway public opinion for those that care. A large majority have made up their minds already.
  18. Problem is in my experience is the casual playerbase will ALWAYS go for what's easiest to play. So if its easier for counselor, it will be the preferred method of play.
  19. Problem is these guys have supposedly helped with the maps. While the maps turned out fine in terms of look, it remains to be seen if they could actually fix the game.
  20. tyrant666

    Status screen

    If they really wanted to buff Jason in a meaningful way. Remove his marker from the minimap at all times. No more shift tracking and stalk might become only slightly more useful.
  21. Look on the bright side. If it were 5 Vanessas against Jason. The Jason would probably quit after realizing he'd probably be killed or just trolled for 20 minutes. 😀 Either way. Your point does stand, the toxic community is the gasoline added to the already lit fire by Gun/Illfonic. Party match was supposed to be a tool to be make it easier for friends to play with each other. Unfortunately its also a tool for trolls to do the same.
  22. I suppose its the cliche train wreck syndrome where you should look away, but you can't help but watch. I'm around a lot less than usual and did once enjoy the game. I used to cling to hope that this game would be stabilized and working at the very least, lawsuit stuff aside even when people were clamoring for the existing mode to have additions to it, when the only addition they added was the body blocker mechanic and the item UI locator for counselor. Yet there have been things that have gone on for over a year now that lead the evidence to one conclusion...not happening. The 3 things you need to make any game work. 1. First...it should actually be stable and work with very little in the way of crashing 2. Next...it should be mostly bug free. Sure some bugs will always pop up from time to time, but gamebreaking bugs should be thoroughly fixed and fixed quickly...not over 6-8 months with no results in sight or results ending up being the playerbase left with even more bugs. 3. Third...in any PVP affair, the balance argument always has its merits, yet here where its 7vs1, the skill should be placed in the hands of the Counselor. Meaning Jason should be easier to use for anyone, since you know...he's the killer, the one experienced in you know...killing off people constantly. However its clear the devs either went for the 'balanced' approach like this were 7vs7 instead of 7vs1 or just went straight Counselor should be easier. Meaning Jason should be more skillful to not only kill the counselors, but freaking save himself from being killed by armies of counselors looking to kill him, stun him into oblivion. I realize playing Counselor can be a joyless experience if the Jason player is actually good or Jason tunnels you. However against even a decent pair of counselors. Jason has very little chance. Against 7 decent counselors, he has no chance and is not fun to play regardless of a top tier Jason or a weaker, challenging one. Shouldn't be that way and they've never really addressed it other than a phantom 'speed' increase for Jason, a couple more knives and a new grab that's made his grab much more vulnerable to be stunned. I mean composure doesn't even matter as a a weaker stat, so why play as any counselor not named Chad, Vanessa, etc when you can simply out move the killer at close or far range with no real downside? Especially when a pop from a weapon refills stamina? Tripping doesn't even matter as a real offset. Now if they fell to the ground...now we're talking but nah...too op for Jason if they could fall to the ground occasionally. Rather than... - Adding invincible frames for Jason after stun - Decreasing his stun time per time he's stunned - Making him much harder to stun when demasked as a buff, instead of just the recharge on ability/door wipe that leads to stuns - Making his melee have... 1. Longer range 2. Wider hit cone 3. Knock counselors back or do SOMETHING to them so they can't just swing through his swings...like it does now Nope none of the above stuff happened over the course of a year. I mean salute to those who still enjoy this experience a year after. To me its not. The only way I'd come back is if the general consensus is the game has improved, stabilized, etc. Yet from what we've gotten from the powers that be. This game is more or less hampered by both the lawsuit (can't add a rock or a tree, but a boat sound is legit) and by Illfonic's inability to fix the game without making more issues pop up. I mean no offense to you obviously. I have no personal issue with the devs. I've just decided im done until proven otherwise and I have a feeling unless im just in the mood for nostalgia sake. I won't be reinstalling.
  23. So glad I uninstalled. I feel bad for those who still have hope.