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  1. So apparently awhile back, there were leaked audio lines for Kay Em for Grendel. So Kay Em was going to be in the game. Whether she would be an alternate hero to Tommy is anyone's guess. I'm not gonna link the audio lines because they'll probably just delete the thread as they have in the past when people post the actual unreleased content. Anyway, what do you think this was leading to? 1. Kay Em being the hero ONLY on Grendel 2. Tommy being just another guy on Grendel 3. The devs finally instituting a new 50/50 hero split for all maps, forcing more lobbies to run a more balanced set of counselors in case Kay Em were the hero instead 4. Kay Em would've only been a new counselor, not a new hero 5. Jason would have to deal with 9 bodies on Grendel instead of 8 6. Kay Em would only be available on Grendel, Tommy on other maps For those casuals who have no idea who im talking about...this is Kay Em
  2. A simple new/or old way to balance two of Jason's arguably should/would be most important mechanics. Some of these have been discussed before, but I wanted to combine them. Each Jason gets to reuse/pick up his traps one time each. Meaning you can pick up and reset all 3 traps or you can reset the same trap 3 times. However...there is a cost. The cost is based on the trap category of each Jason and whether or not a Jason has throwing knives as a strength. Naturally the cost for negative trap Jasons won't be as a high as a balance. Negative Traps = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 1 knife Neutral Traps = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 3 knives Part 2 Jason = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 5 knives Roy or Part 6 = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 5 knives However...to further expand on the formula. You can now use knives to convert traps into more knives if you decide to do so. The cost is obviously traps for more knives. Like above, negative trap Jasons benefit most from this since they have the most to lose with converting traps. Negative Traps = Convert 1 trap into 5 knives, which would allow you convert all 3 traps to 15 knives if you wish...but the cost is high..the number can change depending on balance Neutral Traps = Convert 1 trap into 2 knives, which would you allow you to convert 5 traps into 10 knives if you wish Part 2 Jason = Convert 1 trap into 1 knife, giving you 7 knives if you decide to convert all 7. Roy Or Part 6 = Convert 1 trap into 1 knife, giving you 5 knives if you decide to convert all 5 traps. I feel like such a way to interwine the traps and knives with each other would give Jason a great buff that requires more item management, but also allows him to decide if he wants to mix up his items to have more long range capability, which would allow him to punish counselors without being punished up close with more knives. Or he could decide to work on tanking the tankers who tank his traps by repairing them or moving them one more time each. @mattshotcha Its a no brainer. Any thoughts? Too much of a buff? Brilliant?
  3. Doubt it gets changed. All the updates post launch minus the rage update were geared towards counselors/more casual play. Even the rage update itself might've been too strong as it only lopsides the meta even more. So now if you are alone, the cops aren't called, etc. The only hope is hording 6 sprays, looping windows and loot dead bodies along the way. Makes for a very predictable, boring game. Forget about stealth, until that gets a buff, its a wishful mechanic. Even so, lets pretend they consider it. How long does it take them to make a change or two? Six months or longer so it can 'marinate'. Don't forget that.
  4. I felt like the stream was the same old hot air we've been told so many times before and that's because matt only knows what little they tell him. Its crazy how 2 years in, the communication between us, the middle man and them is still so bad.
  5. Honestly don't expect anything more than an update about the update today. We know them all too well at this point.
  6. Honestly don't expect anything more than an update about the update today. We know them all too well at this point.
  7. Mind you, this isn't a petition to get the trap weakness removed. Just general curiosity. For me, I think the negative shift in its current state hurts more than less traps/Jason alarms. Logic being. 1. You won't catch the car against a driver that knows what to do unless they are fucking around, you definitely won't catch them as Part 2 or Part 4 with the slow, quick shift either. 2. It might arguably have some upside in a crowd because of its slow speed it will allow for more control, but that's about it. It won't help you in a long chase. I think playing Part 2 or Part 4 is only doable if its the small maps since you have to cover less ground. Sure, you do have one extra permanent car to keep track of whereas a boat you can just ignore until you need to pursue. Also only if you're dealing with a lobby mixed of killers or do nothings. Otherwise, both get handcuffed. I've long argued the Jason alarms/traps lost their usefulness a long time ago. Once players realized however powerful some perks could be that created the meta. You can literally have two counselors tank every single trap and still be good to go with a spare set of sprays, even sparing using a pocket knife on a trap. The only thing that really changes is if you play a negative trap Jason, you have to be more aggressive or more creative in playstyle. With the timer already against you from the start, you can't sit on your hands for long. JMO. Which hurts more? Do they both hurt equally? I think the negative Shift in current state hurts more. Luckily only two Jasons have it now, but if it were made only a cooldown hit like negative Morph with the normal speed, it wouldn't be nearly as bad. I think until they buff traps/alarms, regardless if you have 7 alarms or 3, they still don't hurt nearly as much as the other I think.
  8. I just think its a combination of things. 1. People not getting Jason, so they rage 2. The random character/Jason bug, which absolutely makes people rage 3. People want to do whatever it is they do for enjoyment and if you hinder it, don't expect them to stick around Examples 3A. If they can't troll or beat on Jason, regardless if they are level 30 or 150, they will quit 3B. If they can't kill Jason, see above 3C. If they can't glitch, they quit 3D. If they can't escape, they quit 3E. If Jason doesn't run through the lobby, he quits 3F. If Jason has a chance of being killed, he quits 3G. If the map is random, but doesn't land on a small map, some might quit etc etc etc down the line. Just man child syndrome really. Don't get what they want, pout and quit.
  9. They still would've needed to find a way to make not wanting to be around Jason a thing. That in itself, is a huge issue and why the speed meta would still be on casuals go to list, even if the speed and stamina were decreased overall. Composure should play more of a factor. There is absolutely no reason why Vanessa should be able to survive up close against Jason with terrible composure versus Jenny with excellent composure. Doesn't make any sense. It shouldn't be a guarantee obviously, but it should be more of a given. Tripping and falling for low composure would've done wonders. Being faster would only be something that helps you get away better, not constantly taunt and bully without any sort of drawback. Otherwise you'll continue to get scenarios like this brilliant piece of art posted on twitter awhile back that basically sums up the game in a nutshell. Part 9 getting manhandled by a mob squad.
  10. The community reps take such a beating around here that they mysteriously vanish over the history of the forum. Ben left, Shifty soon after, Jpops left too I think, obviously the Illfonic guys after they severed ties with them. Randy apparently no longer works for them. Lot of names come and gone.
  11. Agreed 100 percent. They should've kept the much larger maps they had in mind too, on top of what they were in launch. Small maps should've never been a consideration. These are the sort of things they can't hide the 'budget' as reasons they weren't seen from the get go.
  12. What's been said already are the most useful perks. In many ways, they swing the balance of power towards counselor IF the counselor is decent. If not, Jason can overcome those perks. In a perfect world, if you took away the rage buff (except for maybe immunity when blowing down doors, that needs to stay), but also took away perks. I feel like that's the balance I would've liked to see. Playing games with Jason would be dangerous because sprays wouldn't be a huge thing you could stockpile. Jumping out windows, tanking slashes and traps would ALL be much more difficult without perk benefits for counselor. Perhaps instead replaced with special abilities I've talked about forever and ever. That said, they needed to offer more out of the box perks that would break up the current meta. Start With A Pocket Knife Does what it says, it would always be a legendary perk you barely ever roll. However it would always come with a stiff negative like negating Medic, Thick Skin or perhaps preventing said perk character from wearing the sweater. Backpack Does what it says, it does two things. It allows counselors to carry flareguns in their inventory as it was originally in beta, so now you could carry an extra defensive weapon as well as carry multiple flare guns if you wish. It also allows counselors to carry an additional item, so they can carry four items. However like the above perk, it could come with stiff penalties. Say 40-50 percent hits on both stamina and speed that can't be negated by marathon or restful. Also perhaps something like physically carrying a shotgun always draining stamina even when a counselor is standing still. It would have to be stiff. Double Take Said perk allows the person wearing the sweater two chances at a stun for the Jason kill. The negative of this is said counselor can't use sprays or pocketknives. I feel like this one is easy. So the life you have is the life you get, no pocket knife or spray to save you. You can still use defensive items, but that's it. Blanket The definitive stealth perk. It prevents Jason from seeing non moving counselors whatsoever. So if they are in a hiding place or standing still. No matter the fear level, they won't show red when he uses sense UNLESS they move. This condition sticks for the whole match. The negative here is as always, either huge hits to stamina or speed or the inability to use other perks in conjunction. etc etc etc Just basic ideas that could've broken up what it is now.
  13. It would've. Pappus said it best in his conspiracy video. Why not add more, then patch/work on it later...they would've been seen as 'heroes'. The only thing I'd disagree with there is the term 'heroes'. The tide was already beginning to turn against the devs pretty much right after launch, some of the diehards who were following the game well before beta were starting to turn on them before that as you can see in old threads around back then. They would've been looked upon better though if they were able to dish out more content, then work on it later.
  14. Search up old beta gameplay on youtube. The door behavior was more involved.
  15. I love being able to actually Morph into the water as a water speed Jason on the actual launch maps and use an actual strength to its purpose. Really good for Crystal Lake, Higgins, Pinehurst and Jarvis in particular. Less so Packanack with the objectives away from the shoreline mostly and the water cut in half by the map. Something you can't actually reliably do on the small maps.
  16. What amounts to speed hacking in its own way basically. Someone else could probably explain it a lot better or show a video (I wasn't recording the match), but basically the counselor starts warping on screen fast, making them pretty much almost impossible to catch without a lucky shift/grab. Its easy to see when its being done though.
  17. I would think next to roof glitches and interaction locks that preventing people from lag switching might be a top priority. Just watched a tiff literally play the lag switch game with a Jason all game long for 20 minutes, bragging about it being so easy and having 3 alt accounts to do it. I would post the Steam ID but If I remember that's forbidden around here. At what point does this actually become HIGH PRIORITY like the others in the previous patch? @mattshotcha
  18. What was the reason you think they decided to add in shrunk down versions of the existing launch maps? The alleged reasons we were given at the time that I remember. - Playerbase complaining about match times being too long (even though with all the dicking off now on these maps...did this actually change anything?) - Playerbase complained it was too hard to find items (remember this was pre item discovery on maps update when players dropped items and they would appear on the map) - It was a 'we are sorry' for their horrible launch issues along with the free skin pack and the NES Jason (which never got reworked with music both sides can hear despite being said to be in early/mid 2017) so because they couldn't give us new maps, they just took out the boat, changed up a couple car spawns, removed most of the water and called it a day...thus negating water play entirely. I feel like these maps have been nothing but cancer for the game. They are pretty much a guarantee on overseas servers and if you wanna play anything else, they just hop from lobby to lobby until you do with the other 300 players, sometimes its just as bad on US servers. Even though you can pretty much glitch and ruin the games on other maps. I feel like these maps are just a breeding ground for this sort of thing and they represent everything that is wrong is with the game, on top of catering to the casual part of the playerbase that complained the game was too difficult back in mid 2017. They never bothered to think about rebalancing the maps based on size, item density, Jason being shackled early and mid game, also late with the shack spawns much easier and closer. I feel like the time would've been better spent on adding more variety and polish to the launch and DLC maps. - More Phone Spawns - More Cabin RNG - More Car locations - The possibility of two boats and a car and other new combinations, etc - More Jarvis Radio spawns - More Jason shack spawns - Hell even the assets for Grendel with hindsight what it is...another false hype So what do you think? Why were these maps added? For the reasons I mentioned? Others?
  19. Shame the DLC counselors never got actual 2nd or 3rd outfits. I could do without the Halloween costumes. Why they thought those made sense over actual camp counselor outfits never made sense to me. I guess along with the silly troll emotes, it was just their horrible attempt to appeal to more casual crowds that left the game anyway. The swim wear was fine, it made sense in canon. Vicky could've gotten a swimsuit similar to Jenny, except with single solid colors and perhaps some sunglasses like Melissa had in Part 7. Shelly I would've given him the scuba gear outfit he wore to scare Vera in Part 3. Mitch I would've given him cut off jeans as shorts and maybe a tank top to complete the outfit or a new t-shirt. Fox is hard because I doubt a biker chick would wear a provocative swimsuit or anything like Deb or AJ have. Probably some cutoff jeans and a tank top and perhaps you fill it out with some tatoos she might've had. But things that made sense like that never came to fruition. Oh well.
  20. Its a legal tactic. He still has to attack since the timer is not on his side, even in rage mode. Dodge his knives, wait for a shift grab, then run out. Though if he's smart, he'll shift into the shrine and wait for the counselor to commit to a direction then go for a grab. Or he would shift into the wall and wait for a commit. Staying inside is a bad idea regardless.
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