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  1. Pretty slippery slope. I guess they'll have to ban Slash N Cast too and anyone else whose helped keep the game relevant over the years with twitch/youtube. I'm definitely against any mods that give a competitive edge in an online setting, but I'm also against people whose sole purpose is to stop people from playing the game over petty stuff. To me, that's no better than the hackers currently holding PC lobbies hostage on the regular build and we definitely have an unhealthy amount of both types in this game.
  2. He'd rather play offline bots on a modded build by himself over playing with the nonsense that is the regular build right now. I have no issues with that. He's not hurting or cheating anybody out of a win by playing with bots. I mean the choices are limited atm. People having to switch to consoles after playing PC for years doesn't seem fair. Until the modded lobby issue is addressed in some further capacity. I'd expect the playerbase to seek alternatives.
  3. Yea definitely doesn't sound like a long term solution. Something more is needed from the powers that be.
  4. At first when they managed to infiltrate and shut down the dedicated servers awhile back. I figured it was general bitterness about how everything went down with Gun and the lawsuit and how things turned out and that was merely petty payback. Even despite all the gripes we've had with Gun over the years, the lawsuit was a separate entity that was always a ticking time bomb for the entire franchise, independent of whatever Gun/Illfonic did or did not do with the game. I know for me, I felt like I was always able to separate the lawsuit and the criticism for Gun/Illfonic and that wasn't always the case for the entire combined playerbase as a whole. All that said... Now I just think its pure trolling on part of these hackers who never really had any stake in the game and what happened per say and instead just like to stroke themselves over the thought of being able to derail a game and bring it to its knees and that's basically it now. Nothing more. They spend all their time playing with the code to bring the game to its lowest point and they don't care one single bit about derailing it for those that might actually still want to play it, regardless of whatever state its in.
  5. It would be one thing if these hacked lobbies were actually fun and unique. I don't view 2-4 Jasons against 20 infinite Tommy's as anything fun or unique or the trainers that randomly spawn shotguns constantly, boats on land, etc. Along with the extra lag and instability these lobbies offer on top of the normal nonsense seen in regular ones. All this situation ends up being is troll lobbies. I think im just gonna have to put the game down and hope they figure out a way to mitigate or eliminate this nonsense all together within the final patch or hopefully sooner. Obviously it was said before that the situation wasn't going to be addressed due to funding and the game being 4 years old, but the situation now is something that absolutely should be addressed. It simply bad PR no matter what year the game's life is in or funding. Just pretend the lawsuit wasn't a thing and this game still had planned content and DLC coming as we speak in 2021. It would be a PR nightmare and it would require a timely fix. Opening up the game and being forced to play something that wasn't the game's intended mode by people who aren't the devs is criminal basically and its simply not viable enough to ask people to leverage the private match feature when the PC playerbase is as diminished as it is these days. Just gotta hope I guess.
  6. Welp I can also confirm what everybody else has mentioned so far. Basically no escape now from these servers as they've figured out a way to keep redirecting people right back in.
  7. Well it was only a matter of time I suppose before the hackers caught onto how the playerbase was trying to avoid these servers. I haven't encountered this yet, but if this is true, then it seems RIP PC version. @mattshotcha Any further info?
  8. Another great little location for the random pocket knife and shotgun is the northern most dock on Jarvis on the West part of the map where the boat can spawn sometimes on the main land. Overall, I know the feeling. Nothing more frustrating than running across someone that seemingly has more knives than they should. Makes you want to just slash them to pieces due to PK paranoia. Sometimes its just bad luck. - They found them all - Nobody else found any - You killed most of the rest of the characters with slashing or whatnot, hence the knives didn't get used so someone else gobbled them all up. I know this is one of the reasons I don't like slashing Tommy to death if I can help it. If im threatened with the Jason kill, then obviously its a no brainer, but the trade off is someone else picks up the knife if you don't grab Tommy so he loses his and that leaves another knife in play.
  9. On PC, the end is definitely near if not already there. Around 500 players except for when they give away the game for pennies on Steam in which then the game will see a spike close to 1k on the weekend mostly. I would say make the game free to play on PC, but that will create even more havoc. 1. Veterans come and go 2. New players basically get fed to the sharks and I can't imagine many of them stick around long given the state of the game. Even with these modded lobbies basically allowing them to go from 1 to 150 in the span of two games if they want to stay in those lobbies. 3. Toxics (veteran and new) still rage quit/alt f4 when they don't get what they want 4. The shit modded lobbies or the hosts who seemingly all host wireless on an island in the middle of the ocean somewhere, making for high ping mud fests and already clunky game mechanics even worse 5. Hackers who use cheats...I honestly don't give a shit about cosmetics since they aren't game winning mechanics ...but the cheats for Counselor/Jason and the console trainers are just eh 6. Loop back to point 3 makes the situation worse as these types didn't care before, so they don't care now when normal games take forever to fill because the modded lobbies suck in most of the players, then the modded lobbies take forever to get the match actually started (as people constantly join and leave once they realize its those shit lobbies), only so people who might actually want to play a normal game, can then quickly leave and hit quick play in hopes of joining a normal lobby or hosting their own normal lobby Add it all up and PC is definitely near the end. People can talk about playing with friends or the private match feature but the playerbase is pretty low on PC and the problem with friends in this game is as always, a good chunk of them still play the teaming game or the preference game, which is basically teaming lite. Can't speak for console, but they enjoy the luxury of no modded lobbies so im sure that's a bonus.
  10. Eh, Combat Stance was a clunky mess from start to finish. Never really fine tuned, stupid lock on feature, etc. Not sure what the intent ever was to begin with other than to water down the game into a glorified button mash simulator where actual fighting games (ones meant to be fighting games too) past and present, did it much better. My guess is Illfonic were either too lazy or too cute in their control design. Rather than just have block and perhaps a heavy attack as standalone buttons, along with perhaps a target indicator for crowds. They decided to introduce an entirely new, bloated scheme with the combat stance to justify making block its own thing. Its almost as if despite the heavy pre launch bravado of Jason only being killed a rarity in playtesting that they knew the playerbase would mostly devolve the game into Mario Kart races to kill Jason, with everything else becoming second fiddle. That said, combat stance was valuable early in the game's life before they started fucking around with the windows/invisible shields, etc. Other than that, I've never felt it was polished or something that was a good design choice to begin with.
  11. Well the hacked lobby situation wouldn't be so bad if the playerbase didn't constantly continue its tried and true tradition of being toxic little bitches. You would think with the modded lobby situation, people would try to behave in normal lobbies, but nope. People still rage quit/alt f4 the minute things don't go their way. - Can't troll Jason? They leave - Jason doesn't have an easy wipe? He leaves - Can't kill Jason? See above - Toxic Nessa that alt F4s the minute they get grabbed without 2 or 3 knives? They leave - Teamers don't get their way? They leave - Teamers get their way? Others leave, though this one is legit So this stuff that has been there since launch day still hasn't improved and so when you add in these modded lobbies. Its completely puzzling why these types above continue the lobby circle jerk, knowing they'll end up in modded lobbies with this type of nonsense, meanwhile starving people who just want to play a normal game. I suppose its unfortunately just another form of trolling. These toxic trolls don't care about leaving. To them, its a new form of depriving people from playing the game. So in the end, they get what they want. It is what it is though. Console players still have to deal with these types, but at least the modded lobbies aren't there to add to the nonsense.
  12. I have zero respect for Part 3 mains, especially Part 3 mains who need the Xbox controller for the extra goodies, then bitch and moan about how its too easy to wipe lobbies. I don't care how good you are with the easiest, unbalanced Jason in the game. Perhaps challenge yourself and run a Jason with a more balanced design or one with actual weaknesses. Same for Nessa mains who just try to troll Jason for 20 minutes or go for the kill then rage out if it doesn't go their way. If anything, the 2016 beta should've showed the devs a preview of what was to come for the game and they should've added more depth and complexity to the game on both sides accordingly. In the end, all we got though was surface changes that never really changed anything and kept the meta of the game in tact from start to finish.
  13. Fair enough. @mattshotcha I really only have two questions then. 1. What becomes of JasonKillsBugs after this forum becomes archived and the final patch pushes out? Does it still function or does the playerbase just have to police itself? 2. Any consideration with this final patch of adding the private custom match options for the lobby host in public matches? Afterall, this is basically part of what these hackers are doing to public games anyway and with private matches being very hard to setup due to any number of reasons. I would say on some level, it makes sense to add these custom match options for the host of non modded lobbies and the other players can see what options are changed by simply clicking the settings wheel. It might even be a decent foil for the modded lobbies in the long run and will finally provide new makeshift game options to the public games.
  14. Pretty much these. I don't have a personal vendetta against Matt or Shifty or Ben. All the people that have been here over the years that have been punching bags for the community. Negative yes, personal no. That said, we all expect answers and the fact that it seems like the only answer that can be given is a random post on a super, wild west forum like reddit about how the patch has turned into a bigger patch as the only info to be given is disappointing. The only info Black Tower Studios can relay back to the community lead is that the patch is going to be bigger? Not enough.
  15. The only relevant information regarding this game recently was Matt coming to reddit recently to say the hotfix has turned into a larger patch, without any further details and that's it. What you should expect? - Some legit fixes What will probably happen? - Some more bugs and some attempt to put a stop to the 30 player lobbies that will either work, not work or create more issues
  16. Eh, doesn't really matter. I could see the same thing happening here that happened to F13, with perhaps some slight differences. Step by step 1. Big kickstarter 2. Game comes out in 2023 3. Robot Android from Halloween 3 as kickstarter exclusive with all the best powers...hence he's called pay to win...course, this is discovered post launch 4. Kickstarter clothing pack 5. Christmas 2022 Beta featuring Halloween 1 Myers, Halloween 2 Myers and Rob Zombie's H1 Myers as playable as well as 4 or 5 babysitters 6. Game gets delayed until a summer release 7. Game starts off with a sluggish launch but does well to pay homage to the Halloween franchise 8. Casuals and trolls start complaining about Myers being too strong, hence he's intentionally and unintentionally nerfed all throughout 2023, making the playerbase leave in droves 9. Many bugs and glitches never get patched out over the fall of 2023 10. Casuals and trolls start complaining about the size of the maps, hence they release Haddonfield Small, Hospital Small and Silver Shamrock Small over the fall as 'DLC' 11. Halloween 4 Myers and an aged up Jamie Lloyd as DLC combined with a Halloween 4 themed map for Xmas 2023 12. Laurie is the hero character, but hackers datamine the game to discover that Loomis will be a new hero character in a future DLC map planned for 2024 13. Halloween 2018 Myers and a Halloween 2018 map for DLC come out in spring 2024 along with a Laurie 2018 skin alternate for the hero character 14. Playerbase in 2024 starts to dwindle very low due to lack of bugfixing and playtesting, Gun decides to pull the plug on the game citing cost, but without saying the real reason which we all know...the playerbase leaving Poof, Halloween the game dies around a year after its release, no different than F13.
  17. I'd still stand by what I said earlier. All the starts and stops indicate they knew they were backed into a corner and just made it up as they went along. Making them look like they were trying to squeeze as much money out of it as they could before Miller/Cunningham derailed it. - The small maps, NES Jason and clothing pack as an 'apology' for radio silence and the messy launch. The small maps ended up taking over the game, encouraging more troll behavior arguably and just didn't really add anything to game. Much like how Pinehurst and Jarvis were too Jason heavy, leaving the best maps being the original 3 launch maps IMO. - Hype up a standalone NES Jason with his own stats and music early in the game's life, never materializes - Hype up Uber Jason and Grendel over 2017 holidays, only to skip him and go with Roy/Pinehurst...this should be the real red flag in hindsight. They obviously realized they'd never be able to finish the new assets for Grendel in time before the lawsuit derailed the game, so they went with reused assets and another camp setting to cut back on the need for developing new map assets. - Hype up Paranoia, then cancel it because it 'wasn't fun'. Hindsight being what it is, they might as well have just added those custom match settings from private lobbies to public lobbies for the host when they knew they would eventually be shutting down dedicated servers. At the very least, this would've offered more game mode types than simply giving up on a game mode AFTER hyping it on social media. Those are just the biggies that we've all pointed to at one point or another. Obviously, there were other misfires, but those stand out at least in terms of the content pool.
  18. On one hand, I can appreciate the effort Ryback gave back in 2017 when he put together that guide for the game. Adding more input than Gun and Illfonic ever bothered to do. I'd also give him credit for leaving the game behind basically within its first year. Seeing the writing on the wall with Gun and Illfonic never being able to realize the full potential of the game. That said, I'd also take credit away from him. For all the complexity of the guide to establish the meta. The reality is the meta was basically already established at the tail end of the 2016 beta, long before the guide. A bunch of Vanessa spam versus a bunch of Part 3 spam. Hell Pappus even said the same thing.
  19. The one positive I'll say about these servers is teamers basically have no power. With so many players and everybody constantly returning as Jarvis unless they decide to escape. Teamers are basically powerless on these servers. Even with the team killing enabled, people come back indefinitely. That said. The server definitely has no rhythm or reason other than to time waste I guess? Zero attempts are made to make it something fun or intense. Counselors can hold an infinite amount of items, every Jason other than the cutscene intro is Savini. When you already have Savini, its boring. Would be more cool if the extra Jasons were all Uber or all the Jasons. I definitely don't expect these servers to be patched out. It took constant shots at Matt on reddit for him to even acknowledge what's going on with the hot fix, which has now turned into a bigger patch apparently. It shouldn't have to come to that to get an answer.
  20. There are like 4-5 topics about it on here. Some on steam, some on reddit as well. It is what it is.
  21. Yeah its all pretty bad at this point. Combine that with the teamers, trolls and russian servers with 30 players on Packacrap Small who hack people's accounts client side and its all one pretty big mess on PC anyway. As usual, all we get from the powers that be is the tried and traditional... 1. Go to Jason Kills Bugs Or 2. Total silence Why anyone would blind buy their next title regardless if its Halloween, TCM or anything else is just crazy talk at this point. The lawsuit isn't valid here either because these were things well documented over the course of the game's existence from the start. Nothing to do with content.
  22. I used to, but stopped unless I feel like wasting one as Part 2. Time could be better spent morphing to the correct generator for Tommy.
  23. The general unstable nature of p2p lobbies and laggy hosts that make the game unplayable.
  24. Two things. 1. We all know they won't be around because holidays. 2. Its a new year coming, they have a new game to hype and get people excited with that see nothing wrong here or look the other way and if the track record is any indication...these issues we see here with hackers seemingly able to alter the game at will is something we will see again in the next game.
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