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    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Its ok people. Counselors still own Jason if they have any competency. Stop worrying about the illusion of balance in a 7 vs 1 game where the killer should clearly be easier to play.
  2. tyrant666

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So they've had this many months and they still managed to not fix the game breaking spectator bug? Makes me wonder if random Jason/Counselor were even fixed. Haven't bothered to play the update yet.
  3. Its still ridiculous no matter how you slice it. The biggest excuse before was... 1. Balancing content with fixes as used when the lawsuit came about. So now with content allegedly out the window. In theory, all focus should be on the game and servers, yet the rate of everything is still dog slow. It wouldn't even surprise me if most of the team was cut loose post launch and this entire thing is being worked on by two or even one amateur coder, and one art/sound person who was there.
  4. This has come to me a lot as I came back to playing the game recently, but even before when I was heavily playing the game over the 2017 Summer/Fall. It just seems like these two escape methods are more or less ignored in favor of the following in interchangable order. 1. Cops/Kill Jason/4 Seater 2. Kill Jason/Cops/4 Seater 3. See Above 4. Time Limit Win I can't count how many times I've seen escape parts around the 2 seater, only for players to hijack them and put them over by the 4 seater, even if the 4 seater is all the way across the map. I can't count how many times I've seen the boat untouched time and time again, regardless if it was on the original 3 maps or the much larger, permanent boat escapes on Pinehurst and Jarvis. A lot of that I feel is because the propeller is SO HARD to find visually. Its always in weird spots on all the maps and with speed looting for knives/spray a thing and others concerned with other things, the propeller is easy to miss, not to mention I think a lot of the newer players don't know about item location on maps being a thing when they are dropped. The other issue with the boat escape is its the only method of play where counselors can't freely gang stun Jason when he tips the boat. Jason owns the water, the counselors don't and I think that ego trip for those types of players keeps them from giving a shit about the boat escape, knowing they can't stun Jason to oblivion to escape like with a car. Or could it be because you simply can only have two counselors in each escape? There is more incentive in the other methods. 4 people can escape with the 4 seater, everybody can escape with the cops or time limit win and only a couple of counselors have to die in order for Tommy and a sweater girl to beat Jason to death. I remember a long time back I proposed a way to make the 2 seater more interesting via a gameplay mechanic and that was allowing the counselors to do a QTE to remove all the luggage from the backseats of the car that would effectively turn it into a 4 seater. However it would require at least two counselors to do the QTE, which would balance it out I feel as well as Jason would hear things being tossed around if the counselors failed the checks, which would alert him to the car. Bottom line, once done the car could now effectively hold 4 players. I felt this would help make the 2 seater more attractive if it could be modified to hold 4 counselors via QTE. So what becomes of all this? Are the two seater/boat escapes just gameplay failures that didn't keep casual play in mind or were they fine features, but victims of a casual playerbase that became too entitled to bother using them more in comparison to the kill/troll Jason, cops, 4 seater and time limit win?
  5. tyrant666

    Halloween: the game really happening?

    Trying to make the game fun for everybody is the reason why it will fail, among any long standing bugs that never get fixed. The primary focus of the game should be being able to enjoy playing as Micheal Myers. If don't have that, you have nothing. Its part of the reason F13 failed, once people learned to exploit Jason's mechanic's as counselor (and kill him easily) and the devs did nothing to curve it, it became a joyless experience to play as Jason. Also there is no reason to play as non meta counselors, because its the only way Jason has a chance. That being if the lobby has mix of meta/non meta counselors. Otherwise, its a long, boring 20 minute troll/bore/stun fest for Jason against an army of Vanessas, Chads, etc. The non meta counselors are only there for a challenge, but that's why they call it meta for a reason. People want the easy wins and easy methods to troll, so why play lesser versions of such things? Much like in Dead By Daylight, its not fun to be the killer. All the fun is designed around the side with the numbers in these games, because that side has more, so to keep them around, the killer has to be exploitable and in turn, its not fun to be them. The skill curve should be against the side with the numbers, not for them. And yeah...Nightmare has way more potential as a game, if you combine the real world, dream world, etc. You could have the dream Freddy, New Nightmare Freddy, etc. And the license would'n't be held hostage via lawsuit. 1. Nancy (the original) 2. Kincaid (Dream Warriors) 3. Nancy's father John (the original) 4. Kristin (Dream Warriors) 5. Alice (Dream Master) 6. Joey (Dream Warriors) 7. The wizard kid (Dream Warriors) 8. Amanda (Freddy's Dead) 9. Yvonne (Dream Child) 10. Mark (Dream Child)
  6. Must be my less frequent posts. You have nearly double the amount! 😁 Either way, its over. You could probably go to Vegas and bet the house on the next update (tied to the edition) being the last one. I won't just in case they troll the playerbase with one more update after, but still. Its almost safe I feel.
  7. I gotta laugh at the idea that people want to see what they were allegedly going to release. There really isn't a lot of proof that this game was going to survive this year, lawsuit or not. Look at all the misfires that happened all last year that never ended up happening. Paranoia, NES standalone Jason, Uber/Grendel, culling kill packs in favor of emotes, the 400 emotes, clothing packs that made sense (Spring break made sense, but no camp outfits and instead lingerie next and Halloween previously). The playerbase was always dipping because of the state of the game, regardless of the content that came with it. The writing is on the wall. The game has maybe one more update around when the last bit of money can made from those that might actually buy the super duper collectors edition. When that thing drops, the updates comes out and its over one way or another. I'll be absolutely, positively shocked if this game recieves any kind of updates in November, December or next year. Even if the lawsuit settled, these guys have washed their hands clean so even Uber/Grendel/anything ain't happening and from what recent rumblings going out there, even outside companies have passed on the idea of defibbing the game.
  8. I think its definitely a troll tactic. Just another way to ruin others enjoyment by making them wait until the final 15 seconds. Even better when someone leaves and the timer restarts, until someone unreadys/readys to reset it. In terms of the customization. I do all that offline. I think it was a mistake for them to allow the players to do that in lobby. It should be stuff their forced to outside of lobbies. Course, the trade off is lobbies could be even smaller, but the way I see it. If you hit quick play, you should be READY to play.
  9. Like Top Dollar said... Time to move along...
  10. This is old I think. I remember someone else posting a screenshot of this and I remember seeing the dev build menu before they quickly updated it. - LAN on main menu Under singleplayer/offline - Sandbox - Lazurus Experience etc
  11. The personalities in singleplayer challenges weren't meant to be canon. Just scenarios from the films really.
  12. tyrant666

    The future of the game

    It would be a mistake to avoid multiplayer. As much as the game could have a great singleplayer. Multiplayer and playing as Jason was the entire reason this game sold as well as it did initially. Even though Summer Camp would've happened either way. Cunningham wasn't going to give away the rights for another NES type singleplayer affair. Multiplayer is where the money is or multiplayer combined with singleplayer. The game had some great ideas, but the single greatest flaw is its not fun to play as the title character and counselor play can become boring too. He can't play as a stalker because of the timer and because Stalk itself comes too late in the game. I doubt the devs will ever offer a changeable Jason loadout. They had plenty of time to do that last year before any kind of lawsuit deadline was anywhere close or could be used as the go to excuse not to do it. In retrospect though, you could see why they decided to add the timer. It was the ultimate get out of jail free card they added to make up for the bad coding and glitches that would allow counselors to get in god spots or speed hack around the map. The timer was the mercy rule, as in it eventually would end even if someone was ruining for everything or multiple people were. The game can't add new modes, it can't add new maps, new Jasons, Counselors, it can't add new gameplay mechanics, etc. The game will forever remain a repetitive slog of the occasional newer players getting steam rolled by decent/good Jason players, meanwhile Jason being hunted and bullied by even two decent counselors. That's it. Oh and the bugs/hacks.
  13. He's fine. But anyone can look bad if you play against counselors that can routinely exploit weaknesses. I'd argue traps are a pretty pointless venture no matter which Jason you have. You go against 7 counselors with the right perks and even decent skill. All traps mean nothing other than alarms for Jason. Nobody is going to use a pocket knife on them when they are the only chance for salvation without a mob to help them. Allowing all Jasons to rearm and reposition their traps once each would do wonders and tanking would actually have more consequences. Part 2 with 14 uses, neutral with 10 each and the others 6. - Shift does suck. I would much rather have that weakness tied to cooldown rather than speed, but they see fit to make it a real potent weakness. Minus shift wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to burn morph/stalk with it for it to be anything decent. If you wanna catch faster counselors, your only hope is morph/stalk/shift with the morph in front then the rest after and whatever you decide for up close.
  14. Its easy to see the final end game here. The final patch (whether it works or not) and a small portion of dedicated servers for consoles (maybe) will be released with the super duper awesome collectors edition of a future-less game, to go along with the typical 130 percent xp/cp/tape drops and a 'higher' chance of legendary perk rolls for a week or so. When that happens...its all she wrote. I have no doubts that we are already at the point that only one person is working on this game from Illfonic. Everybody else has been freed up to pursue other work.
  15. Does it really matter? People still speed hack as Vanessa in this game and those types of hacks are clearly never going to be cleaned up, on PC that is. Why play as Jason or Counselor when someone can just hack around the map? Makes you wonder how silly things would've gotten if this game had PC/Console cross platform support? Its become 'Troll The Playerbase: The Game' To answer the question. They'll probably release it when they release the super duper collectors edition.
  16. Outside of the obvious, desperate bugfixes the game needs. I feel like there are ways to spice up the existing game via just changing things around. Small Maps - Change the two seater to a boat spawn. I realize the small maps don't have much water, but I'd trade out the 2 seater for a permanent boat on those maps or at least let it alternate, keep the 4 seater though - Change the Cop Escape from 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Its the meta escape, especially on small maps. It can be 5 if someone wants to call them with the perk - Jason receives his abilities quicker on small maps for balance purposes, one of the more obvious changes that should've happened when they introduced them last year - More knives on Packanack and Crystal small - Change one of the phone spawns on Packanack small to one of the bottom cabins. That area needs more play, just like the big version. Keep the phone at the iconic location though Jarvis - Move one of the phone spawns from the bottom of the map to either the Vacation House or the Jarvis House. Those two areas need more play desperately. I know a phone can spawn above those two houses, but one of them should spawn on one of those houses. Its now the only map in the game that doesn't have a phone spawn at an iconic location. If that happens, take the phone spawn above the two houses and put that one on either island on the sides. - More even item distribution in the cabins. Pinehurst - Move one of the car spawns from the top/top right of the map to just outside Pinehurst or Ethel's house and/or the Southeast Corner - More even item distribution in the cabins Packanack - Change one of the phone spawns to the bottom set of cabins. That area needs more play down there as its only contested when the boat spawns down there, but keep the phone spawn at the iconic house too Big Maps Overall To make looking for objective items less frustrating and cutting down on trolls holding all the items and/or items just vanishing. I'd say we double the supply of every item except the fuse. So every big map can now spawn with 4 gascans, 4 batteries, 2 propellers and 4 sets of keys. Overall balance - Allow Jason to know which generator is tied to the Jarvis Radio and the Jarvis Radio location via markers on the map just like the item markers for counselors when they drop them...I feel like this doesn't qualify as content, but should've been there from the start. This will allow Jason to potentially play for the Jason killing parties on mapstart, with the tradeoff being people who want to escape will have less to deal with. - If Jason swings and hits a counselor, they can no longer swing through his swings when hit. Since I doubt an animation could be used to show this as it should've been from the start, I'd probably say a two second cooldown for the counselor being hit is enough of a change to get used to. So if you keep trying to swing as counselor, you'll fuck yourself when hit. - The 'tinker' perk is it? Actually does what it says for counselor. Instead of making the wheel go faster, it makes that counselor have more intelligence so less checks IF its a good version. So now you take a useless perk and make it much more useful and much more viable to trade out for the same old perks people use. If you are a Vanessa troll, you probably won't use it, but if you are a team player, you might be willing to trade out medic, thick skin, swift or sucker for it. - Jason and Counselor can now block outside combat stance. For counselor they lose weapons quickly if Jason blocks and if Counselors block successfully, Jason has a two second cooldown between his next swing. - If Jason grabs a counselor in a mob and the grabbed counselor had a pocket knife, that takes precedent over being freed by melee. I felt like this was the case under the old grab, but the new one has a window where a counselor can be saved without their knife being used from what I've seen. - Highly unlikely, but I've seen it plenty. Counselors trying to hit Jason through windows. Simple, give Jason the car grab animation and allow him to grab counselors that like to be close to windows and pull them in or out windows - All Jasons should be much harder to demask and maybe Part 9 is scaled to demask at what the rate is now - Medic should only give out 2 sprays the first time, not more than once - Controversial one I know....either Stealth needs a major buff or Jason can no longer toggle sense, given the Sense stat way more importance as a strength, neutral and weakness and give sense avoidance perks way more use. - Either Jason can now toggle Stalk or choose the order of this loadout powers, for instance 1. Morph 2. Stalk 3. Shift 4. Sense etc etc Though I still feel like a lot of Jasons are dependent on Sense to Shift/Grab, so it would be interesting to see how many would actually put Stalk higher on the list. At least if you did, you could use stalk early game when counselors aren't settled in yet. As it is, Jason can't play that kind of stalk game in the late game. Anyway, I know its not perfect, but I think some of these ideas could spice up the game that don't have much to do with content.
  17. The best defense for them has probably become stay silent. Its easier than getting caught in backtracking or negativity. They are running out of people defending them across all outlets. Very few people I venture care about a 'collectors edition' of a game with no future and riddled with bugs. Its probably the hook they'll use for dedicated servers though. As if word of mouth doesn't exist and people will just randomly decide to give the game a chance then. So if they come at all. I bet its September. By then, whose gonna be left?
  18. I'd love to see A Nightmare on Elmstreet game. Long as its done by a well known publisher/developer. Like the NES F13 game, the NES Nightmare game wasn't horrible. Hey...at least they worked! 10 Characters 1. Nancy 2. Alice 3. Kincaid 4. John (Nancy's father) 5. Will 6. Kristen 7. Maggie 8. Jesse 9. Yvonne 10. Joey Always room for DLC characters. Freddy would only have two variants since his appearance doesn't change much makeup wise over the series. It would either be Nightmare Freddy or New Nightmare Freddy. If they wanted to have 3, then I guess you could add in remake Freddy. Nightmare Freddy would be stronger in the dream world. New Nightmare Freddy stronger in the real world. Remake Freddy would be kinda the weakest of the 3.
  19. tyrant666

    How would you have designed the game?

    Not in favor of maps being smaller. I like the idea that the maps were supposed to be even larger according to Illfonic. The lake for instance, doesn't have enough scope, in the big maps or the small maps. Its an iconic part of the franchise, which also means it shouldn't be made a non factor. Killing Jason either needs to be removed or made more difficult. The entire skill level needs to scale in favor of Jason, not counselor. They definitely went the Dead By Daylight route instead with the side with the majority having it easier because its supposed to 'balanced'. In other words, Jason should have it easier, which means the newer counselor players aren't going to like the game and the seasoned counselor players will try to exploit what they can of his weaknesses, but there shouldn't be many and most often, it shouldn't work in their favor. Problem in this game is Jason is hampered by both bugs and bad mechanics which can be exploited by decent counselor players. He's too easy to kill, he's inferior in melee and grab is only useful if counselors are spread out enough to execute kills and longer kills are only useful if only a few remain and are spread out. If they are holding hands like they are on small maps at all times,. even meta grab kills can be made a pointless exercise combined with pocket knives and auto freebies with melee. I have other ideas and believed in special abilities, but eh. Doesn't matter at this point.
  20. tyrant666

    How would you have designed the game?

    Hindsight is easy... However Longstanding bugs, content only coming in the form of emotes, Jasons, maps, counselors costumes (Halloween, less so spring break) that have nothing to do with the franchise where crystal lake outfits would've been more sensible, cancelled content due to a lawsuit and generally the only innovation of the game being item markers for counselor, the push mechanic for counselor after team killing was removed and basically nothing for Jason except game breaking problems that hinder him. Point being. Hindsight wouldn't be so easy if the game actually worked and it didn't feel like even without the lawsuit that the only form of content they felt would be worthy of pumping out in the future is emotes, non franchise related costume packs (pajama pack was next) and kill packs. That's assuming the game wasn't going to die this year no matter if the lawsuit was in the way or not.
  21. tyrant666

    How would you have designed the game?

    Mostly good ideas. Too bad most of them are better than the broken mess we have now. It is what it is. I've thrown around ideas too. Too lazy to list them or even copy/paste them again.
  22. In other words. When they offered up the beta and then launch. What if you only could pick one of each counselor? Would the community have gotten used to it? Would they have revolted and gotten it changed before launch? Or would it have gotten changed sometime after launch? Keep in mind, this isn't me saying it should be changed. I'm just saying what if things started out like this? Knowing what we know now and how much the meta was a complete afterthought. Lobbies probably would've went something like this in order (im not including the DLC counselors, because that's farther down the road) 1. Vanessa - Casuals/Trolls would want the most troll counselor, so she would be picked immediately 2. Chad - See Vanessa 3. AJ - Because no matter how much people find stealth useless, a lot of the playerbase loves her 4. Tiffany - See AJ 5. Bugsy - Basically a lesser Vanessa, especially because you are trading off wearing the sweater for demasking basically 6. Deb - People love her too, and she can repair 7. Eric - He can repair, so its an obvious skill set Least played 8. Adam - You could probably swap him with Eric if you wanted, but he's kinda a lesser version of Bugsy 9. Jenny - Poor girl, only those who run 'no fear' builds of Jenny would want to play her 10. Kenny - I like him, but by god I see nobody playing him unless they are brand new or get him randomly I almost think if the devs had courage though. Sticking with it may have been better for the game in the long run. Especially if the devs actually put any thought into the meta.
  23. This is actually a good idea. Totally spices the game up. Jason is supposed to be a force...all game. Not during specific time frames.
  24. True, but its not like its uncommon. When you play Left 4 Dead, not everybody gets to be Zoey. Others have to play as Francis, Louis and Bill or join a new lobby until they find one where they can be Zoey. Granted, that's a coop shooter and there are no skill set differences between the 4 characters.
  25. They revealed the maps were supposed to be even bigger in Alpha and they shrunk them down even from what they were on release. I do feel the lake is too small even on the regular maps. I wish they had kept the ultra size of the maps so the lake could have more scope.