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  1. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    They'll no doubt give Uber + Morph, but a -Shift and Uber will be the new Part 7. + Morph + Stun Resistance + Defense - Shift - Water Speed - Can't Run
  2. Content wise, it'll probably be pretty heavy by May 2019 1. Uber Jason/Grendel 2. Part 6 map 3. Part 7 map 4. Part 8 maps 5. Jason X as a skin alternate to Uber or his own Jason 6. NES Jason/NES map probably 7. Pamela replacing Paranoia or finally added as a new killer 8. Maybe a Savini map or new custom map idea 9. More counselors 10. Maybe more heroes The problem is the core and if the core doesn't get more polish, then I doubt the playerbase goes up. The playerbase has been going down regardless of whether Jason is OP or Counselor is OP and both have had their time as completely OP at different points over the last year. There will always be people who still feel Jason is too OP and people who still feel counselor has too many advantages/ways to fuck around that it makes Jason not fun. There will always be a tug of war between people who are fans of Friday the 13th: The Films against those who just want to have a good time and they don't necessarily have a loyalty to the films. I think singleplayer/new modes could be the saving grace of the game. Its just a question of how long it takes to get them there. Even despite all the new changes/additions coming up. I'm still mostly looking forward to singeplayer. Tackling the trolls/teamers to me is the biggest hurdle they have to overcome besides performance/bugs/servers for consoles.
  3. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    While this is a neat idea. People who are level 150 and are trolls/teamers could probably give a crap whatsoever. They'll just continue to do this, only with hopefully like minded players. Or they just buy new accounts, which has always been the go to method of getting around a matchmaking system. Pathetic yes, but its what happens.
  4. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    Welp. I love the changes. The only disappointing thing is with such changes like these. It should be evident that Grip Strength itself needs a damage modifier to be worthwhile. This basically proves it was a worthless strength for Part 7 and its worthless for Part 3 as well, just as much its really not much of a weakness either when its a weakness. Grip Strength should carry the same kind of damage modifier as Weapon Strength in concept. For the purposes of this quick rework. These changes work just fine though. Lets look at the undeads now. Part 6 + Throwing Knives + Sense + Shift - Morph - Can't Run - Defense Part 7 + Water Speed + Weapon Strength + Sense - Stun Resistance - Can't Run - Traps Part 8 + Water Speed + Destruction + Stalk - Can' Run - Sense - Grip Strength Part 9 + Shift + Stun Resistance + Stalk - Can't Run - Less Hit Points - Traps Savini + Shift + Weapon Strength + Destruction - Can't Run - Water Speed - Grip Strength My overall rankings now in terms of fun factor 1. Part 7 - He should be a lot more fun now, especially with Weapon Strength allowing for slightly better efforts in mobs 2. Part 8 - He will still be great 3. Part 6 - He's fun and the - Morph never really bothers me 4. Part 9 - Bit too easy to kill, but his strengths are fine 5. Savini - I realize he's technically the best undead Jason, but I find him a slog, that may change once weapon swap is in
  5. So there have been complaints that playing as counselor is too much of an empty drawer simulator, because half the time, you find nothing in the drawers, especially after the item reduction update. They put more items near campfires like shotguns, pocket knives and spray. The question is what do you do about it? Some might believe the item spawning rate right now is fine and I generally do, especially the pocket knives. Going back to near 10 pocket knives a game would be going backwards. Spawning more first aid would be going backwards, having a crazy amount of shotties would be going backwards. But I also think spawning more items outside anywhere could have an undesired effect. Part of the reason why I think the playerbase would eventually turn on it is because the cabins create a small false sense of security that allows counselors time to look for items inside drawers. If you suddenly started spawning supplies in odd locations like boat docks, outhouses or outside the walls of cabins or near roads for example. People would be complaining that its too hard to find items outside AND they would be more vulnerable to Jason outdoors, especially slower counselors. As it is now, most campfires get looted quick because players know items can spawn there now, valuable items at that. Yet if you started spawning MORE items outside in different locations. It could only add to the problem of now feeling like looking for items indoors is a pointless exercise. So.... 1. Do you spawn more items overall? 2. Spawn them in more different locations? 3. Take the existing items and spread them out more around the maps? I think part of the problem is some items spawn more frequently than others. The last time the walkie talkie was a big deal was in Beta really. I doubt many people use the walkie perk and I bet many (like me) don't even bother picking one up in a drawer anymore, especially if your someone who mutes the whole lobby like me. So the walkie becomes an item that spawns too much. Maps also become an item that spawns too much in the drawer. At this point in the game's life cycle. Other than when new maps come out. I would think not many people have the need for the map perk or they already know where the map kiosk is and they grab one there. Why not turn more of those maps and walkies into firecrackers or flareguns? Allow flareguns to spawn inside drawers to change it up. Likewise with the propeller. Part of the reason why the boat escape is so hated is because its so damn hard to find a propeller since it spawns on objects not typically known. I wouldn't want to make it too easy, but I think the propeller should have a chance to spawn inside drawers like the keys do and also randomly spawn maybe on a boat dock that's NOT the dock with the boat on it. Like on Crystal Lake, obviously there isn't a second dock, so it would typically spawn inside the boathouse with the dock way up top. At the same time, allowing more items to spawn outside could help Jason quite a bit since he'd have more targets outdoors. For instance, you sprinkle some of those bathroom first aids in odd locations and now people have to look more for that kind of valuable item. So what do you think? Is this much to do about nothing or should something change? Maybe your fine with the items as they are now, but you just want more to do as counselor. Who knows?
  6. This is based on them announcing stuff the past couple Thursdays. If they want to keep any sort of mild hype between now and whenever they actually update the game. They will continue to provide updates every week until they come up to release. What we know is coming. 1. Singleplayer challenges 2. Key binding 3. Weapon Swap 4. Jason selection 5. Perk update 6. Engine Upgrade 7. Roy green jumpsuit What we know isn't coming. 1. New Jason 2. New Map 3. New Counselor 4. Dedicated servers What we can speculate might be coming, but not confirmed. 1. New Part 7, but possibly the patch after 2. New clothing options for existing counselors, but not confirmed 3. 'Fixes' mostly due to the engine update
  7. Online challenges

    It might work. I do think if things don't improve or turn around more over the summer that the need for some sort of singleplayer counselor mode is going to be a MUST. People have the option to play as Jason any time they want right now in offline bots and soon to be singleplayer challenges. Eventually that's probably going to be something people want for counselor as well. They don't even have to make a fully capable AI Jason. Just do what you did with the Virtual Cabin. You are in first person (or 3rd optionally) and if you do the wrong thing or go to the wrong place. Jason will pop out and kill you. Easy cheesy.
  8. Nitpick about Jason models

    I have no issues with the models. In terms of size. Jason was mostly a big guy in ALL the movies minus Part 2. To me, its more canon that he's made one similar size then make multiple sizes for each Jason. Though just like one poster who was arguing for having BOTH the canon eye damage for Part 9 Jason and the film eye damage. I suppose if they really wanted to, they could keep the big Part 2 Jason and just have an alternate smaller version of Part 2 as a skin if they really wanted to. I still think its an non issue to me, but I wouldn't be opposed to alternates, but im not in favor of outright changing the looks from what they are with no option to go back. Like what they are doing with Roy, keeping the blue jumpsuit while adding the canon green jumpsuit.
  9. I'm actually hoping for some areas just like what the demo showed. I would be bored if the challenges were literally copy/pasted on the same already played maps only.
  10. April 13th

    Well we are coming up on the one year anniversary of launch. April and May better be big months for them. 1. Engine update 2. Singleplayer challenges 3. Dedicated Servers 4. The perk garbage 5. Weapon Swap 6. Part 7 overhaul 7. Grendel/Jason X 8. NES Jason/NES Crystal Lake 9. New Counselor/New Hero 10. Part 6 Map 11. Part 7 Map 12. Part 8 Maps 13. Part 9 Map 14. NOT Paranoia...PAMELA
  11. Bottom line. I think of Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2. Valve's response to team killers and griefers in that game was... "Play with friends" And that game has a kick feature, but initially it DID NOT have a cooldown. So griefers/trolls could come in and spam vote and because players get annoyed by a pop up vote menu. They always voted YES just to get rid of the menu and guess what?...player kicked who didn't deserve it. Not only was there no cooldown. Additionally if a player was kicked, they could immediately rejoin the game. To add to that frustration, they added vote to restart campaign and vote to return to lobby options. Again, just more tools for trolls to use. They finally added BOTH cooldowns to voting so you couldn't vote constantly in seconds AND vote bans so if someone was voted out, they had to wait 15 minutes before being allowed to rejoin the same again. So as you can see. It was a big mess, especially with more tools in the hands of those kinds of players. I think its the opposite in Friday the 13th. I think the main problem with Friday the 13th is its supposed to played as everybody for themselves. When you get trolls, griefers or teamers/even lite teamers. It completely ruins the game. Like I said recently. I find myself setting my preference to Jason less because I enjoy playing Jason and more because I know if im selected as Jason. All the teamers, trolls and griefers can ONLY be on the same side and while they try to still ruin the enjoyment for randoms by holding or locking items inside unlockable rooms. At least I know as Jason, it forces all those players on that side only. I play offline bots most often these days despite providing zero challenge. I'll play further for singleplayer challenges, the hope that they change Paranoia to PAMELA and the hope that they continue to add more things from the films and hopefully tighten up the standard game. Right now the standard game is blah.
  12. Track record being what it is. Waiting longer wouldn't necessarily mean better quality. They've struggled with minor updates in quick succession and major updates that take longer.
  13. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B8BeD https://twitter.com/Art_Bully/status/974694890406789120 @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier Will the tail ever be added?
  14. Imagine if Part 6 had to wait 5-10 seconds after using Morph between the time he uses it and the time he arrives on top of the longer overall cooldown between uses? Nobody would play Part 6 regardless of a +Shift. I'd say -Shift should come with the Morph cooldown on overall usage, but retain the speed of the normal Shift. That would just force Jason to use Shift a lot more timely because of the much longer overall cooldown between uses. Say 40 seconds or whatever -Morph is.
  15. Well its good to hear its still on the table and happening. Now its just a question of what some means? 1. Trading out -Shift or -Traps 2. Keeping him as is, but giving him an exclusive weapon...and im sure everybody here would know what that is...and its obviously an instant kill kind of weapon to be that exclusive But some implies more than one change. So perhaps both -Traps and -Shift are going away? So I wonder what the new ideas would be? Unless they randomly went with 4 strengths/weaknesses like @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow did.
  16. Jason Selection Update

    Should probably release a new road map in April. Otherwise old information confuses things.
  17. Jason Selection Update

    So exciting
  18. There are some out there who feel its ok for an undead Jason to have a negative Shift, other than challenge because they find it 'unique'. By that logic, a running Jason should've been allowed to have a +Shift. It made the most sense for Part 4. + Shift + Destruction + Can Run - Traps - Less Hit Points - Defense
  19. Lets not forget they said NES Jason would become his own Jason months ago. And even though Randy backed that up a couple times on stream after that. You basically just have to think these things have been put on the back burner for other things. I can understand NES Jason because he's not a canon Jason technically. But literally how hard is it to change Part 7 stats? It has to be nothing more than a quick line of code. 1. + Water Speed + Morph + Grip Strength - Traps - Can't Run - Stun Resistance 2. + Water Speed + Shift + Morph - Traps - Can't Run - Stun Resistance 3. + Water Speed + Sense + Grip Strength - Traps - Can't Run - Stun Resistance 4. + Water Speed + Sense + Grip Strength - Shift - Can't Run - Stun Resistance Literally ANY of these would be better than -Shift AND -Traps Write those scenarios down, put them in a fucking hat...shake the hat all over...and pick one...there will be duplicates obviously and the stat scenario that gets the highest picks ends up being the new J7 stats and if you end in a tie...flip a fucking coin.
  20. Mid match Rain change!

    I think rain would be more easy on the eyes if say you started the match and it started to rain at the 10 minute mark. As it is. Its VERY SILLY to see every single intro have the counselors chilling out in the rain. The liklihood that they would create new intros with counselors inside cabins or houses is unlikely so I think rain would make more sense if it came halfway through the match and finished it. I'm also not opposed to cosmetic snow versions of the maps.
  21. Yep, I forgot to add -Cant Run as a weakness. + Water Speed + Morph + Grip Strength - Traps - Can't Run - Stun Resistance
  22. + Water Speed + Morph + Shift - Traps - Defense - Stun Resistance Makes him the fastest undead in every avenue, but objective control is sapped due to lack of traps and he's easily stunned up close. But who am I kidding. We've all made literally SO MANY SUGGESTIONS and im willing to bet they think the 2 knives, tiny (if really noticeable) speed increase and grab change were all the end all, be all fixes for ALL the Jasons.
  23. They would have to allow team killing again and if you had a game of like 4 teamers with one of them Jason...