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  1. Hindsight being what it is. Virtual Cabin 2.0 should've been a huge red flag. While the idea of it is ok. A nice little tribute to the franchise. Bottom line. If people wanted trivia, they could simply look it up on a wiki or a website. All those resources spend towards the cabin because 'console players didn't get a cabin' before beta could've been used elsewhere Like... 1. Fixes 2. Actually taking the time to use that team to push out the thing promised in the end of the puzzle...you know...Uber/Grendel. So in effect, the cabin served as hype for yet again...something that would never come. Much in the same way Paranoia was hyped as something...that would never come. Part 3 has been the same Jason since the beta build to be featured on the main menu, when again...the others were supposed to be there. On and on, so on and so forth.
  2. Dead after one year. Unreal. I hate to say it, because the dude who shall not be named is a douchbag. That said, just because someone is a douchbag, doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about. That video now has even more validity to it than it did before. I'd love to hear what @Laphin has to be say about this. He was one of the biggest mascots of this game to start, but even he started to change as the incompetance began to grow over the last year. Without him and the others in the youtube community. This game really had no chance from the start. To think of all those guys that donated 10k or whatever it was to get their likeness in the game. Kenny, Bugsy, etc only for the game to be dead after a year. I wonder if they even play anymore. Bringing in Thom Matthews, Kane Hodder, Larry Zerner all seems like a big waste now. It will go down as wasted potential. Unless by some miracle they stablize the game before they ditch it. I hate to say it but the reality is Friday the 13th NES ended up being the more complete game for what it was. I suppose if this game stayed Slasher Camp Vo1...and there wasn't 30-50 million dollars to sit on. This game might still have a future because you couldn't just abandon it so easily and there would be no lawsuit get out of jail free card.
  3. Welp... Just like I thought. An update about the update without an actual update. Mind you I don't blame shifty. He's just the messenger. We'll be sitting here on Xmas Eve 2018 still hearing about how 'close' dedicated servers are and likely adding another version of rubberbanding as an ornament to the Xmas tree for the holidays. Meanwhile Sean and Victor will still be stalemating in court with no settlement and that will leave us with a half working, content less game the rest of the year and the rest of its lifespan.
  4. tyrant666

    Mega-Patch Update?

    For a game that's literally in shambles, suffering intense scrutiny from across some of what's left of the community. A lawsuit that's allegedly made it impossible to pump new content into the game, even the obviously finished Uber Jason that's probably a click away from being unlocked, yet they can release a Part 2 kill pack quietly...I guess because cash incentive, when they could've easily unlocked Uber in the same quiet stroke and at least give the dying community the complete set of Jasons, not including the non canon NES Jason. There has been an absolute, staggering amount of silence. At this point, you have to say its routine. And you know what's coming next...an 'update' about the next update that might not actually come anytime soon...not an actual update or anything.
  5. Eh...one inaccuracy. They bailed on Paranoia because it 'wasn't fun' and of course now...won't happen regardless.
  6. tyrant666

    The Perk System

    My bad. Its a copy/paste of an old post before they added the legendary perks.
  7. tyrant666

    The Perk System

    Not bad. I propose removing the perk system and bringing back special abilities. I find the perk system to be trash overall, especially the RNG element to it. You can blow 50,000 CP and still not get the version of the perk of the one 7 useful perks you actually want. But the devs obviously value the system, hence the upcoming update. So what im about to type is dead air basically. I've campaigned for Special Abilities to return recently from being scrapped in Beta. Even though their would be challenges in balance obviously. I suppose you could make Special Abilities for the Jasons if you really wanted to. How it would work. With the special abilities for the counselors. I proposed the counselors could use their abilities once for a total of 2 minutes, with a 2 minute cooldown on certain stats following the use of their abilities. I felt this made sense because with 7 counselors, being able to use an ability more than once could be OP, so they would be situational. For Jason, being he is by himself. He could use his ability only 3 times, but each time he uses the ability, he suffers a 30 second RNG cooldown on either Morph, Shift, Stalk or Sense for the first use of his special ability. For the second use, he will suffer a 60 second cooldown on such powers. For the 3rd and final use, he will suffer a 90 second cooldown on a random power. Jason Special Abilities Part 2 - Live Bait Like in the film. Part 2 Jason will come equipped with 3 rope traps on top of his own Trap strength. Essentially giving him 10 traps total. However the 3 rope traps would work differently from the bear traps. They won't do any damage per say. However if a counselor steps in a rope trap, they will be hung upside down indefinitely and can only be freed by another counselor. If after 2 minutes nobody saves the counselor in question, they will pass out from the blood rushing towards their brain and then die as a result. Jason has the option to kill the counselor hung upside down immediately or leave them alive in hope that a counselor tries to save them. When one of the counselors falls into this trap. Both Jason AND the counselor knows they fell into it. The trap will be marked on the map for Jason, but the counselors will hear a different high pitch scream allowing the counselors to know someone stepped in a rope trap. Part 3 - Marksman Like in the film. Part 3 Jason will come equipped with a speargun which he can use 3 times before he loses it. He can instant kill with the gun, but only if its a direct headshot. The body blows are no joke either. If Jason strikes one of the counselors with a blow from the spear gun. They may still be able to run away or even limp away, but they MUST heal because the strike from the speargun causes them to bleed out and die otherwise. Part 4 - Darkness Like in the film when Jason destroyed the phone and power supply in the final act. Part 4 Jason will be allowed up to 3 times to destroy one power generator that in effect will disable all the power generators on the map. The phone would still be tied to its own power/box, but now he can effectively generate fear much faster than any other Jason, on top of disabling the Jarvis radio immediately. The catch balance is that the counselors would only need to fix one generator to fix them all IF Jason decided to use his ability. Roy - Strapped Similar to Part 2 in a sense that he's going use brand new traps. The difference is he's gonna strap counselors to trees similar to how he killed the one guy in Part 5 with the strap against the tree. Roy will come with 3 strap traps that he can use to tie a counselor against a tree. Again like Part 2, these traps would not damage the counselor and Roy can decide to perform the same kill on the counselor that he did in the film, by tightening the straps if he chooses to do so. The major difference between this and Part 2 is Roy would need to grab a counselor first and then press R instead of executing a kill. Roy would then strap a counselor up against a tree in which he will know where that counselor is immediately and the counselors would again hear the same kind of high pitch scream once the counselor is strapped up. Part 6 - Camouflage Like in the film when Jason sprung from the tree to triple decapitate the 3 paintballers. Here with this ability, Jason will be able to hide up in the trees 3 times. He would be in a state of permanent stalk when doing this, HOWEVER the trade off is if he jumps down, he loses the stalk ability immediately, so its best to use it wisely because if you jump down when nobody is around. You just wasted 1 of the 3 times you can use it. Counselors can't expose you in this state either, but he can't do it anything with it obviously unless counselors are around to surprise with. Part 7 - Gardening You already know what this is going to be. Part 7 Jason will come equipped with the weed eater in which he can use to instant kill up to 3 counselors if they are close enough. He can't use it out of shift and when its being used, it ALWAYS makes noise so the counselors on the map know he's using it, but its range is even farther than that of the spear/trident. He can't just leave it idling either, because the gas acts as a timer and if Jason doesn't use the weapon before the gas expires, he loses the weapon. So he has to use it wisely, but its range AND ability to cut up multiple counselors make it deadly. Part 8 - Teleport Like in the film. Part 8 Jason was all over the place constantly it seemed. Well this ability is basically just that. Up to 3 times, he's going to be able to use Morph WITHOUT a cooldown for a total of 60 seconds each time. Simple and straight forward, ripped directly out of the film. Part 9 - Grunt Like in the film and one of the rare times in any of the films. Part 9 Jason was known for the random grunting like Part 3 and Part 4. Here, Part 9 Jason's grunts are going to be fear amplifiers. Up to 3 times a match, Part 9 Jason can make a loud, haunting grunt noise that scares the shit out of the counselors AND if close enough, actually causes the counselors to fall to the ground, leaving them completely open to melee or grab. Each grunt induces a maximum level of fear for counselors until they go near fireplaces. As noted earlier, if Part 9 Jason is in visual sight of a counselor when activating this ability, their stamina will be cut by 50 percent no matter how much they have left and obviously as mentioned earlier, if close enough they call actually fall to the ground. Savini - Burned After coming out of hell after Part 9. Savini Jason is obviously hot as hell. This ability is simple enough. Up to 3 times a match when activated. When activated, for up to 60 seconds. Savini Jason's melee strikes will cause severe burning on the counselors, causing them to bleed out IF they don't heal. NES Jason - Throwables Assuming he's ever added separate. Like in the NES game during the side scrolling section of the game. NES Jason would actually throw his weapons at the counselors. For up to 30 second intervals each use. The NES Jason would be allowed to constantly throw his melee weapon at the counselors. He wouldn't be able to instant kill them, but each time he hits them, the damage would be same amount as a throwing knife. He couldn't spam throw them either as there would be a 1 or 2 second cooldown between throws. And that's all. Counselor Special Abilities Vanessa - Adrenaline Rush A one time use in the match. For approximately 2 minutes, Vanessa would have unlimited stamina. Allowing her to run wherever she wanted, as fast as she wanted without any cooldown whatsoever. Could be useful at any point in the match, especially the final 2 minutes if you are alone. However like in real life, adrenaline doesn't last forever, so you have to be mindful of when you use it. The reason is because her speed and stamina would be cut in half for the next 2 minutes following its usage. Her speed would drop from a 10 to a 5 for the next 2 minutes and her stamina would drop from a 9 to a 4 for the next 2 minutes. Jenny - Hero Like Vanessa, this would be a one shot deal. If Jenny has an axe or a machete in her possession. She will have a window where she is allowed to kill Jason in one hit with one of those weapons, no need for a sweater, no need for Tommy, no need for a demasking. The only requirement is that you MUST stun Jason with something first, whatever it may be in order to attempt to kill him. Like Vanessa's ability, there is a downside. If Jenny misses the kill, her composure and her luck will be cut in half for the next 2 minutes. Her composure will drop from a 10 to a 5 and her luck will drop from a 9 to a 4, leaving her very vulnerable to death if she can't escape. Kenny - Handyman Like the others, they ALL are one time uses. Being the head counselor of the camp. He knows the ins and outs of the campsite. Knowing this, he knows the location of a HIDDEN PHONE on the campsite. Only Kenny knows where this phone is and only Kenny can use it. Jason doesn't know where this phone is either and...AND...no power box/fuse is required, its already a working phone. The only thing that Kenny has to do is call the cops. The only way Jason can stop him is killing him where he is before he can make the call or destroy the phone power, which sets itself on fire, rendering it unusable. Now...that said, just because the phone box/fuse are in place already on this hidden phone for Kenny, doesn't mean its a done deal. If Kenny fails to make the call or Jason destroys the phone power. ALL of Kenny's stats go from 5 to 1 for the next 2 minutes, leaving him VERY vulnerable to death by Jason. AJ - Blended Just like the others, a one shot deal. She makes the most of her stealth ability. For 2 minutes, AJ is completely and utterly untraceable by Jason. He can't use sense to find her, he can't see her sound blips, he can't see her in any cabins that would normally light up. She is completely invisible to Jason except by sight OR by going into the water. This would be incredibly useful if you were alone or in the final two minutes. The only downside to this ability is if Jason finds you by visual sight. Her Stealth would be cut in half, from 10 to 5 and her composure from a 7 to a 3. Leaving her very vulnerable to death for 2 minutes. Tiffany - Skinny Dip Like the others, a one shot deal. Similar to AJ in that she's going to use stealth as a one shot deal to help her survive, only for her its the water. If you are in trouble as Tiffany. Maybe your the last one alive or one of the last few and you need to hide. For her, she's going to take off ALL HER CLOTHES and jump into the lake, which allows her to be invisible to Jason except by sight for 2 minutes. No sense, no sound blips, etc. The only way Jason will know where Tiffany is ends up being by actually going into the water and seeing her player model swimming or...OR finding her pile of clothes somewhere on the map. Her pile of clothes will not always be at the shoreline either, in fact almost always never. They could be anywhere on the map and IF Jason finds your pile of clothes, the lake IMMEDIATELY lights up RED, indicating to Jason your in the water. In either event, whether he spots you visually or finds your clothes. Your stealth drops from a 10 to a 5 and your stamina drops from a 9 to a 4. Also, you become fully clothed once you leave the lake, whether Jason finds you or the timer expires on the match or the timer expires on your ability. So you won't be seeing Tiffany run around butt naked if she leaves the water. When the ability is activated, the player playing her will see a cutscene of Tiffany taking her clothes off and going into the water, but her private parts will be black censored for laughs. Deb - Resourceful Like others, a one shot deal. Her intelligence is her greatest asset, but in electronics. She will be allowed the one time deal of repairing the phone box, WITHOUT THE FUSE. She hacks the phone to her liking, allowing her to call the cops without the fuse step. The downside is as usual, if Jason discovers this and destroys her repair in particular, her intelligence will drop from a 10 to a 5 for 2 minutes, making it harder for her to repair anything and her stealth will also drop from a 10 to a 5 for 2 minutes. Eric - Nerdout Similar to Kenny, but instead of finding a special phone to call the cops. Eric finds a special walkie, which he can use to radio the cops without any worry of phone boxers or whatnot. Jason again would never know where this walkie is, only Eric would know. However once Eric finds the walkie, unlike Kenny with the phone. The radio call on the walkie beams off the PA system at Crystal Lake, leaving Jason to know where he is on the map and what's he's doing. If Jason grabs Eric while he's calling the cops on the walkie talkie, the walkie will fall to the ground, rendering it useless or if Jason kills him at all in any way, same deal. The special walkie is for Eric and Eric only. He CAN NOT MOVE when making the exchange with the walkie. If he fails, his stealth drops from an 8 to a 4 and his repair drops from a 10 to a 5 for the next 2 minutes. Chad - Coward Like the assholish coward he is, his ability would be a one time use. When this ability is activated, Chad's inventory is filled with the random necessary items to escape the map on his own. At random, he could have the fuse in his inventory. At random, he could have the propellor and the gascan in his item inventory, completely invisible and UNKNOWN to the other counselors and Jason himself. None of the other players would be able to use the parts, even if Chad is killed, they die with him. Even the car, he could have the battery, the gas and the keys all inside his item inventory. These are NOT the parts and items on the map, only exclusive to that Chad player. His existing items would be removed if he decided to use this feature, which means you should use it wisely. If Jason catches Chad and grabs him or slashes him at any point during the match when this ability is active, Chad loses ALL the parts or items for that particular escape, and his speed is reduced from a 9 to 1 and his luck is reduced from 10 to 1, for the next 2 minutes. Leaving Chad totally and utterly helpless to the fate of his cowardism. Adam - Hotwire Again, a one shot deal. Where Eric and Deb have more intelligence in electronics. Adam is a master grease monkey. If a car has gas and the battery inside already. He no longer needs the keys to start the car. He can hotwire whatever car he gets into and it starts instantly, no need for long ignition times. Useful for when those pesky keys can't be found or being held by trolls. If Jason smashes the car, Adam's composure drops from an 8 to a 4 and his strength drops from an 8 to a 4 for 2 minutes. Bugsy - Fighter Similar to how Julius tried to fight Jason in Part 8. When Bugsy activates this feature, he will be allowed fight Jason with his fists. Any blow he lands on Jason staggers him back, but ONLY one punch can stun him. This feature would be useful in allowing yourself to get away to buy time or help others escape. IF Bugsy fails to stun Jason to the ground with one of his fists, Bugsy's strength will drop from a 10 to a 5 for 2 minutes and his speed from 8 to 4. The ONLY way Jason can avoid being stunned is by combat blocking one of Bugsy's punches and he CAN NOT swing back while trying to block him. Bugsy will be allowed to deal all of his punches to Jason that stagger him back, but if he doesn't deliver the stun, he loses out severely for 2 minutes, leaving him open to death. Tommy - Watery Finish He's the hero already, but even he has his own special ability. When activated, Tommy will be morphed into a canoe in the lake, where he calls Jason to distract him and get him to follow him into the lake. The Jason player will be morphed to the shoreline as well. The Jason player can choose to fight Tommy in the lake, one vs one and risk being chained to the bottom of the lake, resulting a new death scenario for Jason OR continue to chase the existing counselors. For both Jason and Tommy, there is incentive here. If Jason enters the lake fight, all the other players can't help Tommy in the lake. Tommy has to do it alone or die, leaving Jason invincible to death for the rest of the match. If Tommy chains Jason to the bottom of the lake, the counselors win. If Jason ignores Tommy at the shoreline, ALL of Tommy's stats are reduced from 10 to 5 for 5 minutes instead of 2. On one hand, it may look like an easy choice for Jason. Ignore Tommy and his stats are reduced dramatically for the next 5 minutes, but killing Tommy would make things easier for him and the other counselors can't help him this time. Now you might say, what's to stop Jason from ignoring Tommy, reducing his stats and then just killing him? Well the trade off is Tommy is the ultimate hero, so the trade off is he secretly repaired one of the objectives. Whether its the 2 seater, 4 seater, boat or cops. While Tommy was busy distracting Jason at the shoreline, all the player has to do is find the objective on the map and go to it and leave or call the cops. Which objective is ready to go will be marked on the map by Tommy for the other counselors, allowing them the chance to escape while he sacrifices himself potentially for the others, and Jason will not know which objective is fixed unless he gets there in time to stop them. 
  8. I say let us know. Might as well add salt to the already open wound.
  9. tyrant666

    The End

    We didn't agree all the time. But its always unfortunate to see longer term members move along. It happens though and I can't say I blame ya given the state of things.
  10. Going to trial feels like it makes absolutely no sense for either party. More money being lost than gained it would seem. We are talking about a dispute over a nearly 40 year old film. Both sides need to agree to come up with percentages and move things forward for the good of the entire franchise. If it really comes down to money, everybody needs to come up with figures and move along.
  11. Simple Broken game aside (That still needs to somehow be fixed above all else) What if the Devs announced the following changes would be made to ALL Jasons eventually. All Jasons Will Now Always Have... - Neutral Shift - Neutral Morph - Neutral Stalk - Neutral Traps - Neutral Sense As a minimum and the ones that already have it as a positive stat will be kept in tact. Meaning no more Jasons will have these as negative, game crippling stats. At least neutral in every category. Which Jasons would you see yourself playing more as if those changes were made and these were the new stats or something similar? Part 2 + Can Run + Traps + Morph - Defense - Stun Resistance - Destruction (More hits to break down doors) Part 3 + Can Run + Grip Strength + Weapon Strength - Stun Resistance - Water Speed - Weapon Speed (Slower Melee Swings) Part 4 + Can Run + Destruction + Shift - Grip Strength - Less Hit Points - Defense Roy + Can Run + Throwing Knives + Stalk - Stun Resistance - Grip Strength - Defense Part 6 + Throwing Knives + Sense + Shift - Can't Run - Weapon Speed - Defense Part 7 + Sense + Weapon Strength + Water Speed - Can't Run - Stun Resistance - Defense Part 8 + Stalk + Water Speed + Destruction - Can't Run - Weapon Speed - Grip Strength Part 9 + Shift + Stun Resistance + Stalk - Can't Run - Less Hit Points - Weapon Speed Savini remains the same.
  12. Victor Miller is old. Paramount should've thrown a ton of money at this guy a long time ago and that probably would've cured all. He'd be on a beach somewhere, sipping a martini and hanging around some 20 something supermodel after his cash and this would not be a huge issue in regards to anything about the future of the franchise. Money can buy a lot of things and this guy would most certainly go away for the right payday.
  13. Afraid not. If this were a fully functional, mostly bug free game with the same amount of content? Absolutely...the lawsuit is bad for all involved. But...combine the lawsuit with the status of the game? Absolutely not. Even if now by some miracle, they could say fix this game and get it working on an optimal level by the end of the year...then so what...the lawsuit prevents them from breathing further into the game. So its a no win situation.
  14. This will go down as one of the biggest crashes and burns in video game history. Granted, nothing you can do about the lawsuit, but the rest? I'm trying to think of anything in recent times that even compares really.
  15. tyrant666

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    A plus update.
  16. Once upon a time randy used to play with the community earlier in the year/late last year. I still remember watching the stream when he said 'Counselors have just gotten better, Jason hasn't gotten weaker' and when a Chad was literally running around Jason up close while he was trying to hit him in and out of combat stance with melee, he kept saying 'he should've grabbed him'.
  17. tyrant666

    This game needs more maps

    To answer... 1. Yes, the game needs more maps...and of different variety... 2. However 'fixes' should be top priority... 3. Even so, small maps seem to dominate the lobbies and I expect that will continue until some sort of restriction is put in so you can't pick the previously played map until you play a new map. That might cause people to rotate between the small maps only. In which case, the next thing to do is prevent people from playing the small maps in succession by playing a 'big' map if the previous map was a small map. More of more, I've seen less 'random map' lobbies or lobbies that pick a big map versus spamming Packanack Small. They made a huge mistake with the small maps, it was a total panic move. They are hand holding, garbage maps and they've done nothing to address their imbalance, just they like they've done nothing to address some of the issues of Jarvis/Pinehurst. The difference is I enjoy those more because they feel authentic and less of a lazy tack on.
  18. To me, I feel like its as easy as the devs need to stop being cowards and decide what the game is going to be. 1. A game where Jason gets the shit beaten out of him and killed often, with all the pressure on him and none on the counselors Or 2. A game where Jason wipes most of the lobby and only a handful escape...with all the pressure on the counselors and very little on Jason The dancing in between is NOT a good idea. I remember before launch the devs were gloating about how it was so hard to kill Jason...something like 1 in 75 matches. I bet its way higher than that now and I've seen it enough myself to see its nowhere near that now and they would lie about it too I bet in order to create a false narrative. I saw Jason hunting parties routinely whether I was Jason or Counselor. It only takes two. Objectively speaking... Jason Pros + Shift + Shift Grab Jason Cons - Can be killed - Can be stunned on the regular - Can't actually be a camper/stalker because the time limit favors counselors, they know this so sit in cabins and do nothing, thus Stalk becomes an irrelevant power for Jason - Jason has to be the aggressor, because the timer is against him...whether he traps and rushes in or rushes in, then traps...its his only methods - Woefully inferior in melee combat Counselor Pros + Medic + Thick Skin + Swift Attacker + Hypochondriac + Cars + Boat + Police + Melee + Can Kill Jason + Can stun Jason + Don't suffer effects when Jason actually lands a melee, they can just keep swinging + Can tank Jasons traps, no matter which kind of Jason + Time Limit Counselor Cons - Teamers - Rubber banding - Med Spray glitch right now - Counselors hoarding items Its so obvious which side the curb is for.
  19. I do agree with friendly fire coming back. It would help Jason in mobs. HOWEVER The key is you would no longer be able to kill someone...instead only causing them to limp and the limp is a powerful enough incentive in itself.
  20. Well... No offense against you obviously. With multiple threads pretty much saying the game is as broken as ever (now with audio, visual and gameplay bugs) with bugs and Jason being woefully powerless against even two counselors with the right tools. I'm sure the devs won't do anything that requires effort and instead... - 2 more knives - A base 'speed increase' to all Jasons that's pretty much unnoticeable except for the slowest counselors probably - A slight speed up of the grab, which was noted as one of their ideas in the 'big meeting' post update I'm sure they think if they speed up the grab itself, that will be the fix all, cure all
  21. tyrant666

    Decaying playerbase

    I'd say they could keep it 2k if they fix all the bugs, polished mechanics, introduced worthwhile new mechanics and keep pushing content from the films while introducing a new mode perhaps. There will always be a swing in that depending whose more OP. Jason or Counselor. Some believe Jason should be OP and for the counselors to have to work to escape or kill him...and/or troll him. Others believe it should be balanced/favor counselor and it should require skill for Jason to get kills and counselors should have it easier despite it being 7 against 1 because counselors don't work together in quick play as the reasoning. While somewhat true, 7 counselors of skill and/or using the correct counselors means Jason is null and void. Hell even 2 can butcher him, kill him, troll him, etc. I think the devs should pick a direction and stick with it, rather than cater to both sides. Their gonna lose more players either way. The game is called F13, Jason is the star character. I think it speaks for itself which direction the game should take, provided they ever fix their game. I guess it comes down to what people think the standard should be. 4/8, 8/8, etc. I think 4/8 against a skilled lobby and 8/8 when not. If Jason is being constantly killed, trolled, getting 0/8, 1/8, 2/8 then the game isn't what its cracked up to be because Jason never had a body count of 0 or 1 or 2 in any of the films. But given the track record. Its always multiple steps back for every step forward. Its hard not to be pessimistic and that goes for BOTH sides of play.
  22. You forgot to add 7. 7. Packanack Small and the rest of the small maps hold the counselors hands, maybe even more than Jarvis/Pinehurst help Jason. 1. Counselors spawn so close 2. Always know where each other are basically 3. No boat, so bam water play gone Solutions 1. Remove counselors from each other world maps and mini maps, force walkies, discord, twitch, steam communication 2. Add a boat to each small map, one fixed location to replace the yellow car. There is just enough room for a boat on each one, but the chase would be very short, but still...much more risk. Oh and 8. 8. I'm sure the devs would lie about it, but I gotta say from what I was seeing. Killing Jason with no hunting groups is as much common as killing him with hunting parties. Needs to be tougher, needs to be more risk/reward. Not enough risk for counselors to do anything but other than troll/get close to Jason and go for it anyway, even with it being a one shot deal.