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  1. Eh...the age old debate about the difference between what is considered cheating and what is considered skill. Seen time and again throughout many games. Its like the Jason kill scenario debate. Like half the crowd believing Jason should be buffed in some way against the kill mechanic, whilst the other half just calls them scrubs because they don't block in mobs and that's why they die. Around here, you definitely see more of a lean towards the Jason side of things. On places like Reddit, I feel like its more counselor heavy. At least they made the right choice by allowing more customization to private matches and perhaps more to come in that area. Quick match will just be the same bag of trick or treat its been for a long time.
  2. More ideas for custom match options. - Permanent Stalk for Jason On/Off Or alternatively - Turn Off Jason's chase music On/Off The custom matches really opens the door for brand new, unique games. Hell, you can easily bring back the glory days of the Christmas Beta. No sweater, no kill, etc but still having Tommy around to help.
  3. Another option to add to the custom match settings would be to allow the option to remove the timer or extend the timer for 10-20 mins up to 40 mins. That way, it can be toggled to be removed as an advantage for counselor completely or at the very least, made harder. Also having two boat spawns as a chance would be neat.
  4. Play quick match if you want the game 'as it was meant to be played'. This type of update was long overdue and it was a welcomed one. This is the same thing that happened when Valve introduced 'realism and realism vs' in L4D2 due to the complaints about the game being too easy as survivor. So they created a mode where... - Survivors no longer had glows to see each other all the time...which meant without communication...the survivors could be overwhelmed easily - Made zombies basically head shot kills or many rounds to the chest - Removed hero closets, so unless you had a defib, dead players stayed dead instead of being rescued by closets And what happened? The playerbase avoided it because it was 'too hard' and 'not what was meant to be played'. To this day, those modes collect dust. To this day, that game basically fractured into 3 communities. 1. The casual community that plays the vanilla game and hates mods 2. The competitive community which attempts to balance the game between the survivors and infected by having to remove many elements from survivor play to do so 3. The modding community, which is usually hated by community 1 and is only liked by community 2 if there is some resemblance of balance to their liking
  5. Couple ideas to expand on the custom match settings down the line. As someone else mentioned. An option to toggle the item locator on the map for counselor would be neat. I think you could come up with a 'Random Match' concept. Which would be no different from quick match in terms of how it pools the playerbase together. However what it does is it randomizes the settings seen in private match. So each time you could have a pretty unique match. I think that would be a pretty neat middle area for those who want to try the new settings but don't have enough friends to try them. At least that way, they could play them, even if completely randomized. Obviously it would probably require its own system to work, but its something worth looking into I feel. So you would have... Quick Match Private Match Random Match - Randomizes the private match features for a quick match setting @mattshotcha
  6. Gonna assume x2 knives and x2 traps. I haven't gotten into a private match yet to test. Someone else could probably confirm.
  7. It was added with this update. I'd call it an unofficial DLC really. I gave them credit where credit is due. It basically amounts to changing values, so I assume its not considered brand new stuff.
  8. Obviously nothing is set in stone, but if you were to set something up. What would you do? For me Jason Ability Rate - Normal Starting Items - X2 Rage At Start - Off Stun Proof - Off Throwing Knives Damage - Normal Break Free From Grab - On Attack Damage - X2 Always Visible On Map - Off Sense Loss On Rage - On Counselors Hud - On Perks - On Tommy - On Tommy Ignores Rage - On Max Fear - Off Friendly Fire - On Health - X2 Extra Fear - Off Camp Maps - Off Sprays - On Lights - Off Sweater - On Vehicles - Half Vehicles Repaired - Off Match Timer - Normal Police On Scene - Off Weapon Rarity - Half Shotgun - On Pocketknives - On I feel like that's a really good happy medium, making Jason more powerful while changing up the stale nature of the game, while allowing counselors to defend themselves at their own risk. It would especially accomplish making Stealth, Composure and Hiding valuable in the late game with Sense loss in rage. Course, things are always subject to change and I'd probably change things up for variety sake. What would be yours?
  9. Oh you took it wrong. I'm given credit where is due this time. Given my less than positive attitude, I could see where it looks like im taking shots at the team again. In this case, it was a compliment to add that kind of detailed customization into the game. Definitely a welcomed addition. 😁
  10. Well those private match settings are a step in the right direction and at least go above and beyond the expected. You could say that kinda thing counts as unofficial DLC. They would make quick match unplayable though. Whatever way the lobby leader leans (Counselor or Jason) would create troll matches most likely
  11. I have the same perk loadout on every single counselor except 2. - Thick skin - Medic - Swift Basically one of the universal loadouts. It works well for all of them. Its dependent on the Jason really. If they get suckered into tunneling faster counselors, then you can succeed with any counselor. If Jason tunnels the slower/repair counselors, its a time limit thing really since they can only defend themselves with a shottie or demasking in the final stages of the game. Solo dolo with those counselors only works if the Jason skill level is fairly new, since they don't have the speed advantage. For Jenny, its the fear build. For AJ, I swap out Swift with 25 percent sneaky. It may seem like a waste perk, but on her, I feel its pretty useful for getting in and out windows much quicker and occasionally spamming hiding spots. I usually roll random counselor because of the silly bug that occurs often anyway that changes them after match start and because I don't enjoy playing this game for easy wins/meta nonsense. Its no secret the meta of the game is lazy and proved how little the devs really hammered out the game in the end. When half or more of the Jason strengths/weaknesses are useless/not well thought out and the same for counselor...that's the end result.
  12. Think about it. I remember back when the game was still in Beta/early launch days. There were so many complaints about shift and shift/grab. Laphin was one of the biggest complainers about this mechanic. Being a twitch/youtube streamer that Gun gave early access too. He wanted the game to more about hiding and stalking, like the films and I definitely agree with him in that aspect. Pappus was another complainer about this mechanic, but he also objectively pointed out how much Jason is reliant on this, because without it, he's a 'harmless jogger' and that's fairly accurate and it hasn't changed one bit since Beta. Think about it. You have several games where counselors... 1. Do nothing 2. Hide inside cabins... 2A. Looking to wait out/camp Jason for a timeout win, Jason has to come to them...not the other way around 2B. Or just looking to hide 3. Is Jason REALLY going to stop a car with a morph system that mostly spawns him off the side of roads, behind hills, behind fences, etc. 4. Would permanent Stalk really make that much of a difference? Part of the reason why Stalk is so useless in the current game is because... 4A. It comes too late in the game 4B. Counselors wait out in cabins, more or less neutralizing its use 4C. The static always clues counselors in 4D. Counselors scream, giving Jason away immediately, even if he's not seen Permanent stalk would only be useful out in the open, but I can see players just constantly hiding inside cabins to avoid it, knowing the timer is on their side...not Jason So when you add these sort of things up. Taking Shift away from Jason with the way the game turned out would turn him into a complete joke, instead of the occasional harmful jogger he is now. Thoughts?
  13. If another game ever gets made. I think there is a good chance they (whomever the devs are) will drop the asymmetrical approach and just go with a traditional approach of a campaign for counselor and a campaign for Jason (similar to the challenges now). Its clear with these kinds of asymmetrical affairs that there will always be a clash between the types of people who prefer a healthy 'balance' between the solo side and the side the players play more of and the side of those who believe the solo side should be far and away stronger, regardless of a casual or competitive mindset. You see it with this game, you saw it with Evolve, you see it in Dead By Daylight, you'll see it in Resident Evil Project Resistance, etc. So it wouldn't surprise me if that aspect is dropped in another game down the line.
  14. I remember when they screwed up the duration of regular shift with Roy in one of the patches. Either the code for this game is that much of a garbled mess to the point where they avoid making changes that should be easy on the surface (like a duration limit or switch) to change or the job being done is that bad. Either case is no good. Bottom line, Jason shouldn't be able to toggle Sense. It was bad design to begin with. Makes Sense as a strength or weakness irrelevant as is the case with most of Jason's stats outside of traps and shift. It eliminates half the stats being useful for counselor. One simple mechanic completely makes the game less dynamic in every way.
  15. If the leaked fanny pack idea from the reddit post had any validity to it. I wouldn't mind it with the proper balance of only allowing 2 or 3 to spawn per match. Allowing you to have one extra item perhaps with the trade of losing a speed/stamina point each. In terms of Jason. Easily being able to pickup weapons. From the data mined leaks. They were going to have skins for the machete and axe on Grendel. The sledgehammer was a given as well. I would have liked to be able to pick up a weed eater that randomly spawned on the map. It would've been the ultimate group attack weapon and a great equalizer for Jason in crowds or killsquads since its range would be superior to other weapons and the weapon would be instant kill for counselors.The catch being once its started, it runs until the fuel is gone and like with the rage mask, another indicator would be given that Jason has that weapon.
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