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  1. The last time I tried to play online, the lobby kept having nothing but lobby jumpers. So a lobby never filled to actually have a game. People would join and leave, join and leave, etc. I usually play offline bots once a week, but that's it. So basically I fire up the game to play offline bots once a week. I've accepted the fact that the pattern is going to continue to be something like this. 1. Hear nothing for weeks 2. Get a changelog that has hidden changes not actually in the changelog on day of update 3. Update 4. Cya in 2 months or more Rinse and repeat.
  2. Just so it wouldn't be an automatic escape. So the counselors couldn't fuck around. If Jason kills them, no freebie escape.
  3. I would be ok with it if the trade off were the counselors no longer being able to escape with them.
  4. Expectations... 1. Hear nothing for weeks 2. Get a vague changelog that has hidden changes not actually in the changeleog the week of the update 3. Update 4. Cya in two months or more
  5. The game need things of this beta.

    The beta was smoother. But it had its own issues. 1. Cops too easy...hell look at the first video...explains it all. By the final day of beta...it was the go to method of escape...arguably still is with the one extra step now...then again, fucking around on Jason could also be the preferred method of enjoyment now. 2. Vanessa spam in the final days of beta. She gets spammed from time to time now, but in beta with Jasons original grab, etc Vanessa was hot sauce. 3. The tension and gameplay seen in these videos is what anyone who played the beta would've experienced when they played it. HOWEVER once people got to know the ins and outs of gameplay...it became old hat...so even if you restored some of these beta vibes...the gameplay is still VERY ROUTINE and worst still...a nerfed Jason. 4. Part 7 Jason was promoted almost as much as Part 3 Jason in beta/pre beta...yet I suppose 'playtesting' never revealed how inept he would become, even in comparison to Part 3 and Part 2, who didn't yet have traps.
  6. I have no problem with positivity and I think a little positivity should be allowed from time to time. For example. The twitter account shining light on fan made creations and cosplays... The problem?... The game has a plethora of problems and Jason isn't even the most liked aspect of the game anymore. And what are they posting about? Cosplays and fan creations across social media. Again...I do think its ok to be positive, but the slant towards that kind of stuff over anything else tells me all I need to know. Content and fan pandering are what this game is all about right now. But to answer the question. The Good Mostly faithful recreation of the film locations, models, tropes, etc. The Bad Catering to the side that definitely didn't win out most in the films...the counselors The Ugly For every step forward...they take several steps back and at this point...it could be argued ONLY steps back
  7. Well...people do grind for achievements. The difference is content isn't locked to it. Left 4 Dead 2 also has a workshop in which content creators can create their own maps, clothes, etc that people can add for free. Valve more or less stopped adding their own DLC content to Left 4 Dead 2 YEARS AGO. The game has survived because of its fun factor and cheap sales, but the non standard modes basically died out because they aren't 'the game as it was meant to be played'. Which is what would happen to this game if the Devs tried to add more modes, in particular modes that favor Jason in any way. Its almost a lock to happen. Same thing in Left 4 Dead 2. Anything that's slanted towards infected or not considered balanced for survivor is avoided at all costs. People buy constant alt accounts so they can bypass the block system and continue to friendly fire people and grief in other means in the standard modes. So believe it or not...F13 isn't the only game in gaming history that has trolls and griefers. There are modded server/community server communities in that game too, but again anything that doesn't favor survivor is frowned upon. People do one of two things when they join a modded server, grief and then leave or just leave.
  8. Well...there are two trains of thought. 1. Reason/Incentive to play...which means unlockables...the trade off being frustration in having to unlock things. 2. Give away everything to start...which means no need for play to unlock...the trade off is being bored with lack of reason to play I made a thread about this a long time back. Only with the added bit about paying for DLC versus non paid DLC. 1. If its paid = A cash grab that should've been free 2. If its non paid = Lazy and rushed and it would've been better to be paid for, because somehow more effort would be put into it
  9. Most of the counselors probably unlock too early. Giving how much people were spamming Vanessa in the final day or two of Beta. I would've put her up into the 70s or 80s to be honest on launch. Bugsy somewhere in the 40s, etc. The stamina/speed worshippers would've went to Chad and Tiffany next most likely, then maybe Adam but at least all of the same kind of characters wouldn't be available in levels 1-30.
  10. As long as the timer works against Jason. Its a bag of eh. I know that's not a popular opinion, but as long as its viable, its the dick around method and it works...especially now with the lopsided balance. Really needs to be some sort of middle ground solution. Taking away XP from the time limit win would hurt newer players but trolls/people looking to fuck around for 20 minutes won't give two shits about that kind of penalty. Something in the final 5 minutes or 2 minutes should probably change. 1. Jason can't be stunned by anything 2. Cooldowns even quicker 3. Can morph inside any cabin by clicking the cabin or house. The icon changes to let the player know they'll be morphing inside cabins 4. Jason has unlimited knives as long as you have one in your inventory 5. All melee hits auto limp survivors 6. Pocket knives require QTE in the final minutes and Jason can't be stunned, only the counselor can free himself
  11. Like I said in the other thread. On top of balancing/buffing Jason. They need to make killing him harder and more random and more gender diverse. Too easy as it is now.
  12. The whole thing they were preaching before launch about how Jason could only really be killed 1 in 75 games. I'd love to know what the actual ratio is now because the process is too easy to achieve, minus the occasional bug. Its a number they likely have, its likely alarming and they should be thinking of ways to make it more difficult than 3 machete strikes, a sweater, a counselor sacrifice, a Tommy and a wam bam thank you mam. 1. Getting off the mask should be much harder. 2. Perhaps his death could be randomized, he can't be killed on land, only in the Lake...like Part 6 3. On land, instead of it always being a sweater so players spam the female characters...we instead use a pair of scissors that could be present in any one of the cabin bathrooms or main house bathrooms. When a MALE counselor grabs these scissors, they cut their hair like Tommy does in Part 4 to look like young Jason. BAM...now Male counselors serve an actual purpose and female counselors can't always be used to facilitate the kill with Tommy. When the pair of scissors is present...the sweater is NOT in the shack or on the map.
  13. Honestly, im surprised more members aren't or haven't been banned. I feel like compared to other communities or sites with forums. The moderation here is pretty lax given all the quick and ready ugliness that happens and personal attacks at one another. I've seen members banned for less in other places. Anyway, to the topic at hand. If they think all they have to do is 'fix' or 'regulate' the camp sites better, then they missed the point (and have for a long time) entirely.
  14. Nerf The Car

    What a mess.
  15. All negative shift Jasons merely need it to be the regular speed, but with the negative Part 6 morph cooldown. Problem solved in the Shift debate.