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  1. True, but its not like its uncommon. When you play Left 4 Dead, not everybody gets to be Zoey. Others have to play as Francis, Louis and Bill or join a new lobby until they find one where they can be Zoey. Granted, that's a coop shooter and there are no skill set differences between the 4 characters.
  2. In other words. When they offered up the beta and then launch. What if you only could pick one of each counselor? Would the community have gotten used to it? Would they have revolted and gotten it changed before launch? Or would it have gotten changed sometime after launch? Keep in mind, this isn't me saying it should be changed. I'm just saying what if things started out like this? Knowing what we know now and how much the meta was a complete afterthought. Lobbies probably would've went something like this in order (im not including the DLC counselors, because that's farther down the road) 1. Vanessa - Casuals/Trolls would want the most troll counselor, so she would be picked immediately 2. Chad - See Vanessa 3. AJ - Because no matter how much people find stealth useless, a lot of the playerbase loves her 4. Tiffany - See AJ 5. Bugsy - Basically a lesser Vanessa, especially because you are trading off wearing the sweater for demasking basically 6. Deb - People love her too, and she can repair 7. Eric - He can repair, so its an obvious skill set Least played 8. Adam - You could probably swap him with Eric if you wanted, but he's kinda a lesser version of Bugsy 9. Jenny - Poor girl, only those who run 'no fear' builds of Jenny would want to play her 10. Kenny - I like him, but by god I see nobody playing him unless they are brand new or get him randomly I almost think if the devs had courage though. Sticking with it may have been better for the game in the long run. Especially if the devs actually put any thought into the meta.
  3. They revealed the maps were supposed to be even bigger in Alpha and they shrunk them down even from what they were on release. I do feel the lake is too small even on the regular maps. I wish they had kept the ultra size of the maps so the lake could have more scope.
  4. Welp like I said. They aren't all perfect. Just throwing ideas around.
  5. Its teamers like this that make me want to keep my preference to Jason. Less because he's enjoyable and more because its one of the only ways to keep those assholes on the same team. Sure, they might troll other counselors by holding onto the parts, but they can't sabotage both sides now.
  6. If you look around, they merely changed some of the locations. For instance, they took the one out of the Higgins bathroom and it put on the bookshelves heading up the stairs. I've seen others planted at docks, etc. They've merely changed up the fixed spawn locations.
  7. Pretty much everything that's been mentioned already. Its hard to be optimistic though. It really is. Just take into account the most game breaking bugs, making the game unplayable and realize they've been there for a few weeks now. The time its taken for those poor console players to even get dedicated servers that many (myself included, despite being a PC player) won't believe until they see it. Either Illfonic only has one person actually working on this game now to save cost (plus lawsuit news) or they are absolutely not very good at their jobs. We barely hear anything from them, except when they post a patch log and then maybe Courier will say one thing on that thread and that's it. Gertz is long gone it seems too and since he's not the Illfonic rep around here anymore, it is what it is I guess.
  8. Regarding Uber/Grendel. The timeline of everything is pretty strange and it makes them look bad in retrospect in terms of mismanaging the whole content pipeline. Uber was revealed in December, looking complete as a model. Yet Roy/Pinehurst came BEFORE them. What was the holdup? Why were they skipped? It couldn't have possibly been Uber himself. It seems the Grendel map could've been the hold up. It almost seems like Roy/Pinehurst was probably done because of Paranoia being shelved (and the lawsuit knowledge), so instead of releasing Roy/Pinehurst down the road, they instead pushed them ahead of everything to make up for Paranoia. In the process, Uber/Grendel got put on the back burner. That's part of it, the other part is it seems to me that Illfonic didn't (and doesn't) have as many people working on this game as we'd like to think. Which in turn, makes the wheels turn VERY SLOW and when you combine that with the 1 step forward/2 steps back bugfixes. It fucked everything up.
  9. No chance. The game is still very much in a broken state. No sense in giving more money to a broken game with seemingly no future content.
  10. I usually use the slash to setup the knife throw. Its either. 1. Shift/Slash/Knife/Slash 2. Shift/Slash/Knife/Grab I think people still expect shift grab on the regular and I see it a lot of the time, so I don't waste time with it, especially with the new grab. Though I have had some players adapt and realize Shift/Slashing is a thing and they will instead try to melee where they think the shift will come from. Like I said recently in the ideas to spice up the game without content. I've never felt it made sense that Jason can be stunned by everything under the sun, but counselors can tank his slashes and keep swinging. A simple cooldown when hit forcing counselors to you know...try to get away instead of trying to fight would make sense. You get slashed by the killer, your first reaction would be to get the fuck away from him, not continue to left click. A simple cooldown of 1 second would do wonders and how many times does Jason have to deal with crowd control? Whether its for objectives, trolls or people trying to kill him. He's usually surrounded, so a cooldown of one second isn't going to be the end of the world, but if you try to solo him or double him, its going to be much more difficult since he could in theory kill you for not backing off with the cooldown. These days, people/trolls shit talk all the time if Jason wipes them when they troll or try to kill him and if they don't, they just ragequit if he starts killing their posse early game because they know it ain't happening with that Jason. Its almost like you have two metas. 1. The rare one from beta/launch days, where counselors try to escape or complete objectives and try to stay away from Jason. 2. The bully/troll/kill Jason meta, where taking advantage of Jason's weak mechanics is the only way to play and if he succeeds, rage quit or talk shit. Pappus and others like him were in fact right when he said the meta would quickly shift to trying to bully Jason, but I guess the devs held onto that 1 in 75 stat about how many times he would actually die in their so called playtests. I've seen lesser Jasons or noobs killed so many times by only a couple of people now that the number has to be way higher than that. The game became a game that catered to Dead By Daylight types. Cater to the side with the numbers, because its important that they have the good time so they might stay.
  11. Its in one of the singleplayer challenges.
  12. They don't want to release them for free is my guess and they can't release them for profit. Same reason they won't release the pajama clothing pack. Can't make 3 dollars off what looks like kill packs for Part 3 and Part 6. Can't make 3 dollars off Bugsy looking like Johnny Depp from Nightmare 1 and all the females in sleep wear.
  13. - Spectator Bug effectively ending a match seconds in when everyone but Jason and one counselor don't load in - Random Character when you pick a Counselor/Jason Those two things carry my attention right now more than anything else and they should've been fixed sooner. (along with speedhackers/interaction locks) I'd recently made a thread about ways the game could be spiced up that don't involve content. Provided the game ever gets fixed, things can be changed up for variety sake. Now if that can't even be done because it falls under that technicality then...
  14. Outside of the obvious, desperate bugfixes the game needs. I feel like there are ways to spice up the existing game via just changing things around. Small Maps - Change the two seater to a boat spawn. I realize the small maps don't have much water, but I'd trade out the 2 seater for a permanent boat on those maps or at least let it alternate, keep the 4 seater though - Change the Cop Escape from 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Its the meta escape, especially on small maps. It can be 5 if someone wants to call them with the perk - Jason receives his abilities quicker on small maps for balance purposes, one of the more obvious changes that should've happened when they introduced them last year - More knives on Packanack and Crystal small - Change one of the phone spawns on Packanack small to one of the bottom cabins. That area needs more play, just like the big version. Keep the phone at the iconic location though Jarvis - Move one of the phone spawns from the bottom of the map to either the Vacation House or the Jarvis House. Those two areas need more play desperately. I know a phone can spawn above those two houses, but one of them should spawn on one of those houses. Its now the only map in the game that doesn't have a phone spawn at an iconic location. If that happens, take the phone spawn above the two houses and put that one on either island on the sides. - More even item distribution in the cabins. Pinehurst - Move one of the car spawns from the top/top right of the map to just outside Pinehurst or Ethel's house and/or the Southeast Corner - More even item distribution in the cabins Packanack - Change one of the phone spawns to the bottom set of cabins. That area needs more play down there as its only contested when the boat spawns down there, but keep the phone spawn at the iconic house too Big Maps Overall To make looking for objective items less frustrating and cutting down on trolls holding all the items and/or items just vanishing. I'd say we double the supply of every item except the fuse. So every big map can now spawn with 4 gascans, 4 batteries, 2 propellers and 4 sets of keys. Overall balance - Allow Jason to know which generator is tied to the Jarvis Radio and the Jarvis Radio location via markers on the map just like the item markers for counselors when they drop them...I feel like this doesn't qualify as content, but should've been there from the start. This will allow Jason to potentially play for the Jason killing parties on mapstart, with the tradeoff being people who want to escape will have less to deal with. - If Jason swings and hits a counselor, they can no longer swing through his swings when hit. Since I doubt an animation could be used to show this as it should've been from the start, I'd probably say a two second cooldown for the counselor being hit is enough of a change to get used to. So if you keep trying to swing as counselor, you'll fuck yourself when hit. - The 'tinker' perk is it? Actually does what it says for counselor. Instead of making the wheel go faster, it makes that counselor have more intelligence so less checks IF its a good version. So now you take a useless perk and make it much more useful and much more viable to trade out for the same old perks people use. If you are a Vanessa troll, you probably won't use it, but if you are a team player, you might be willing to trade out medic, thick skin, swift or sucker for it. - Jason and Counselor can now block outside combat stance. For counselor they lose weapons quickly if Jason blocks and if Counselors block successfully, Jason has a two second cooldown between his next swing. - If Jason grabs a counselor in a mob and the grabbed counselor had a pocket knife, that takes precedent over being freed by melee. I felt like this was the case under the old grab, but the new one has a window where a counselor can be saved without their knife being used from what I've seen. - Highly unlikely, but I've seen it plenty. Counselors trying to hit Jason through windows. Simple, give Jason the car grab animation and allow him to grab counselors that like to be close to windows and pull them in or out windows - All Jasons should be much harder to demask and maybe Part 9 is scaled to demask at what the rate is now - Medic should only give out 2 sprays the first time, not more than once - Controversial one I know....either Stealth needs a major buff or Jason can no longer toggle sense, given the Sense stat way more importance as a strength, neutral and weakness and give sense avoidance perks way more use. - Either Jason can now toggle Stalk or choose the order of this loadout powers, for instance 1. Morph 2. Stalk 3. Shift 4. Sense etc etc Though I still feel like a lot of Jasons are dependent on Sense to Shift/Grab, so it would be interesting to see how many would actually put Stalk higher on the list. At least if you did, you could use stalk early game when counselors aren't settled in yet. As it is, Jason can't play that kind of stalk game in the late game. Anyway, I know its not perfect, but I think some of these ideas could spice up the game that don't have much to do with content.