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  1. tyrant666

    Status screen

    If they really wanted to buff Jason in a meaningful way. Remove his marker from the minimap at all times. No more shift tracking and stalk might become only slightly more useful.
  2. Look on the bright side. If it were 5 Vanessas against Jason. The Jason would probably quit after realizing he'd probably be killed or just trolled for 20 minutes. 😀 Either way. Your point does stand, the toxic community is the gasoline added to the already lit fire by Gun/Illfonic. Party match was supposed to be a tool to be make it easier for friends to play with each other. Unfortunately its also a tool for trolls to do the same.
  3. I suppose its the cliche train wreck syndrome where you should look away, but you can't help but watch. I'm around a lot less than usual and did once enjoy the game. I used to cling to hope that this game would be stabilized and working at the very least, lawsuit stuff aside even when people were clamoring for the existing mode to have additions to it, when the only addition they added was the body blocker mechanic and the item UI locator for counselor. Yet there have been things that have gone on for over a year now that lead the evidence to one conclusion...not happening. The 3 things you need to make any game work. 1. First...it should actually be stable and work with very little in the way of crashing 2. Next...it should be mostly bug free. Sure some bugs will always pop up from time to time, but gamebreaking bugs should be thoroughly fixed and fixed quickly...not over 6-8 months with no results in sight or results ending up being the playerbase left with even more bugs. 3. Third...in any PVP affair, the balance argument always has its merits, yet here where its 7vs1, the skill should be placed in the hands of the Counselor. Meaning Jason should be easier to use for anyone, since you know...he's the killer, the one experienced in you know...killing off people constantly. However its clear the devs either went for the 'balanced' approach like this were 7vs7 instead of 7vs1 or just went straight Counselor should be easier. Meaning Jason should be more skillful to not only kill the counselors, but freaking save himself from being killed by armies of counselors looking to kill him, stun him into oblivion. I realize playing Counselor can be a joyless experience if the Jason player is actually good or Jason tunnels you. However against even a decent pair of counselors. Jason has very little chance. Against 7 decent counselors, he has no chance and is not fun to play regardless of a top tier Jason or a weaker, challenging one. Shouldn't be that way and they've never really addressed it other than a phantom 'speed' increase for Jason, a couple more knives and a new grab that's made his grab much more vulnerable to be stunned. I mean composure doesn't even matter as a a weaker stat, so why play as any counselor not named Chad, Vanessa, etc when you can simply out move the killer at close or far range with no real downside? Especially when a pop from a weapon refills stamina? Tripping doesn't even matter as a real offset. Now if they fell to the ground...now we're talking but nah...too op for Jason if they could fall to the ground occasionally. Rather than... - Adding invincible frames for Jason after stun - Decreasing his stun time per time he's stunned - Making him much harder to stun when demasked as a buff, instead of just the recharge on ability/door wipe that leads to stuns - Making his melee have... 1. Longer range 2. Wider hit cone 3. Knock counselors back or do SOMETHING to them so they can't just swing through his swings...like it does now Nope none of the above stuff happened over the course of a year. I mean salute to those who still enjoy this experience a year after. To me its not. The only way I'd come back is if the general consensus is the game has improved, stabilized, etc. Yet from what we've gotten from the powers that be. This game is more or less hampered by both the lawsuit (can't add a rock or a tree, but a boat sound is legit) and by Illfonic's inability to fix the game without making more issues pop up. I mean no offense to you obviously. I have no personal issue with the devs. I've just decided im done until proven otherwise and I have a feeling unless im just in the mood for nostalgia sake. I won't be reinstalling.
  4. So glad I uninstalled. I feel bad for those who still have hope.
  5. It doesn't really matter to be honest. Game is dead, content is dead, Illfonic have proven too incompetent and incapable of fixing their game. Gun has moved onto other projects and they probably only have one coder from Illfonic working on anything with the game to save budget costs. Randy stopped streaming the game months and months ago with the fans. They have no intention of much further interaction with whats left of a pretty dead community, forum and game. Lots of the forum players turned on the game, lots were banned because reasons, lots of them left on their own, etc. Its sad to look back at all the activity this place used to have both this time last year, before launch, during beta, etc and what it is now. They will launch a couple dedicated servers for consoles to go along with the super duper collectors edition that barely anyone will buy and then call it quits. Next time we hear from them will be yet another pointless, useless 130 Percent XP/CP/Tape Drop event around Xmas...if that. Truth is painful, but its often needed to be said. I finally uninstalled about a week ago. Just isn't for me anymore. I had fun with beta and the early months after launch, but with no more content, gamemodes, anything of substance combined with ineptitude. This game has no future and died literally one year after release, giving ammo to the conspirators out there (like Pappus) who believe they intentionally sabotaged the game after they made a profit in order to get out from under having to support it further. The game will be remembered as wasted potential and probably nothing more. This might be hyperbole but the NES game might end up being looked upon as the better title years down the line. For the simple reason being...it worked regardless of no multiplayer. No constant crashes, bugs, etc.
  6. tyrant666

    The future of the game

    Honestly... I'm like done with the game...I still haven't bothered playing online with the new update. Its just...I fire up the game and the feeling of wasted potential comes over me that makes me want to close it out immediately and play something else. Its the same old shit bag of glitches, overpowered Vanessas, stunathon Jason nonsense, etc. Knowing content is dead and updates soon to be next to nothing and half functioning at that. Its just..a chore. I just want to uninstall to save disk space...I can't figure out why I haven't yet.
  7. tyrant666

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Its ok people. Counselors still own Jason if they have any competency. Stop worrying about the illusion of balance in a 7 vs 1 game where the killer should clearly be easier to play.
  8. tyrant666

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    So they've had this many months and they still managed to not fix the game breaking spectator bug? Makes me wonder if random Jason/Counselor were even fixed. Haven't bothered to play the update yet.
  9. Its still ridiculous no matter how you slice it. The biggest excuse before was... 1. Balancing content with fixes as used when the lawsuit came about. So now with content allegedly out the window. In theory, all focus should be on the game and servers, yet the rate of everything is still dog slow. It wouldn't even surprise me if most of the team was cut loose post launch and this entire thing is being worked on by two or even one amateur coder, and one art/sound person who was there.
  10. tyrant666

    Halloween: the game really happening?

    Trying to make the game fun for everybody is the reason why it will fail, among any long standing bugs that never get fixed. The primary focus of the game should be being able to enjoy playing as Micheal Myers. If don't have that, you have nothing. Its part of the reason F13 failed, once people learned to exploit Jason's mechanic's as counselor (and kill him easily) and the devs did nothing to curve it, it became a joyless experience to play as Jason. Also there is no reason to play as non meta counselors, because its the only way Jason has a chance. That being if the lobby has mix of meta/non meta counselors. Otherwise, its a long, boring 20 minute troll/bore/stun fest for Jason against an army of Vanessas, Chads, etc. The non meta counselors are only there for a challenge, but that's why they call it meta for a reason. People want the easy wins and easy methods to troll, so why play lesser versions of such things? Much like in Dead By Daylight, its not fun to be the killer. All the fun is designed around the side with the numbers in these games, because that side has more, so to keep them around, the killer has to be exploitable and in turn, its not fun to be them. The skill curve should be against the side with the numbers, not for them. And yeah...Nightmare has way more potential as a game, if you combine the real world, dream world, etc. You could have the dream Freddy, New Nightmare Freddy, etc. And the license would'n't be held hostage via lawsuit. 1. Nancy (the original) 2. Kincaid (Dream Warriors) 3. Nancy's father John (the original) 4. Kristin (Dream Warriors) 5. Alice (Dream Master) 6. Joey (Dream Warriors) 7. The wizard kid (Dream Warriors) 8. Amanda (Freddy's Dead) 9. Yvonne (Dream Child) 10. Mark (Dream Child)
  11. Must be my less frequent posts. You have nearly double the amount! 😁 Either way, its over. You could probably go to Vegas and bet the house on the next update (tied to the edition) being the last one. I won't just in case they troll the playerbase with one more update after, but still. Its almost safe I feel.
  12. I gotta laugh at the idea that people want to see what they were allegedly going to release. There really isn't a lot of proof that this game was going to survive this year, lawsuit or not. Look at all the misfires that happened all last year that never ended up happening. Paranoia, NES standalone Jason, Uber/Grendel, culling kill packs in favor of emotes, the 400 emotes, clothing packs that made sense (Spring break made sense, but no camp outfits and instead lingerie next and Halloween previously). The playerbase was always dipping because of the state of the game, regardless of the content that came with it. The writing is on the wall. The game has maybe one more update around when the last bit of money can made from those that might actually buy the super duper collectors edition. When that thing drops, the updates comes out and its over one way or another. I'll be absolutely, positively shocked if this game recieves any kind of updates in November, December or next year. Even if the lawsuit settled, these guys have washed their hands clean so even Uber/Grendel/anything ain't happening and from what recent rumblings going out there, even outside companies have passed on the idea of defibbing the game.
  13. I think its definitely a troll tactic. Just another way to ruin others enjoyment by making them wait until the final 15 seconds. Even better when someone leaves and the timer restarts, until someone unreadys/readys to reset it. In terms of the customization. I do all that offline. I think it was a mistake for them to allow the players to do that in lobby. It should be stuff their forced to outside of lobbies. Course, the trade off is lobbies could be even smaller, but the way I see it. If you hit quick play, you should be READY to play.