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  1. The turbulent history of this game. Not necessarily in chronological order. Not gonna post documentary videos from Aldermach/Beware or Pappus since that would just result in a deletion of the post. 1. Beta delay 2. Release delay 3. Backlash for giving out keys to streamers before release, which led to spoiling how Jason was killed 4. Singleplayer not released or even ready at launch, but used to justify a price increase 5. Various people having to jump through hoops to get their backer rewards 6. Savini being accidentally released 7. Savini code scandal 8. The silence (resembles our current predicament) after launch 9. The banning scandal tied to Dilly Dingus 10. Paranoia started, then stopped 11. Uber Jason/Grendel started, stopped and replaced by Roy/Pinehurst instead 12. Removal of friendly fire, which was controversial, whether for or against 13. Jason nerfs through intentional and unintentional means 14. Savini workshop vanished and never heard from again 15. The Savini Jason redesign, originally meant to be a Jason between Parts 2 and 3 or 1-2 according to Tom Savini if I remember or somewhere in there, instead he was designed to be more post Part 9 and theoretically based off someone from Illfonic appearance wise 16. Glitches and bugs throughout the game's lifecycle...some cured, some still around since launch 17. Engine upgrade which basically crushed the game and didn't do much in the way of making it smoother in terms of wide opinion 18. NES Jason to be reworked and made his own with different music, instead it never happened 19. The Rage change, whether for or against 20. The item locator on the map change, whether for or against 21. The dedicated servers dead (our current epidemic) As you can see, the history of this game since its birth has not been without major controversies and I'm sure I've missed some
  2. This situation reminds me of the dark days after launch. Pretty comparable.
  3. People associate him with the decline of the franchise, no matter how irrational it may be. These types are usually purists who only really like 1-4 or 1-5 and dismiss the rest. Some of them throw Hodder in as the problem as I said above, others don't. I'd say he was involved with two of the most despised entries in the series for me. JGTH and JX. To this day, I've only ever been able to watch Jason X once. That said, I recognize the simple truth that Hodder didn't write any of the films he was involved with, nor directed them. He was merely the guy behind the mask. I thought Part's 7 and 8 were fine as they offered enough variety while not straining too far from the formula. I feel like once New Line got their hands on the franchise, they went too far in the silly direction. I don't blame Hodder for that, I blame New Line for that. It took reassociation with Paramount for the series to even get back to a reasonable track and while the remake was a bit boring and forgettable. I did like that I felt like Jason had been brought back down to earth, literally and figuratively.
  4. Sounds like the hackers are trying to hold the servers hostage over being banned for cheating. This would be a golden opportunity for the devs to look like heroes by releasing the unfinished version of Uber Jason as a parting gift to the playerbase as well as the Pajama pack with no charge. This way here, the devs look like heroes while the hackers who have peddled the unreleased content since 2018, would in turn look like jackasses preventing people from playing with new official content. I know know...but still. Golden opportunity for a PR win here.
  5. Clones was one of the worst design choices along with the paper thin gameplay. Clones are especially made worse when the game is paper thin, it only further drove home the lazy meta of the game. They had all those years in development going back to Summer Camp, gobbled up all that backer money and the end result was...a game of whackamole Jason. Lawsuit or not, it really feels like they took da cash and ran. The best features of the game ended up being cosmetic and a few well constructed alpha trailers that hid most of the core gameplay.
  6. Well... Jason has been killed by the devs and the playerbase already so many times before. Its only natural that now the next step is being killed by the servers and the hackers that still populate the game. All this tells me is once the devs pull the plug on the dedicated servers, the castle is gonna fall down completely. Going back to P2P will be the end. The remaining playerbase won't be mature enough to keep it going.
  7. Given the cracked gameplay made by those Russian hackers of Paranoia. If it was anything close to what I've seen. People would've just avoided the game mode as it would've been another teamers Paradise. Every game would be... 1. Nessa/token speed character rushes/loots for the Roy outfit loaded in one of the drawers 2. They change to Roy at the right time, cue players getting annoyed and raqequitting because it won't be scary or surprising...just annoying to entitled gamers when they are surprise killed...probably why the devs felt it wasn't fun...as in for casuals and trolls 3. Insert teamers 4. Welcome to dead game mode and everyone sticking with the original game mode 5. Give or take team killing being allowed once the counselor activates the Roy costume, if it were allowed, people would be complaining for Gun to turn it off
  8. Well if Jason wants to trade blows with counselors, its his mask in any scenario not 1v1, especially given his combat disadvantages. On the other hand, it his only option in any scenario NOT 1v1 since grabs can be broken in one hit and hence become useless even with quick kill grabs. This is just one of the many examples of the paper thin gameplay in retrospect. Why was Grip Strength so lame? Why didn't it have any kind of damage modifier or perk to allow Jason to take more hits to release grabs rather than the lame meter effect that has ZERO consequence to gameplay other than context kills? Why wasn't it given any kind of substantial weakness beyond again..a quicker meter? Just one of the many areas where the game came out so vanilla. Same idea with strength as a counselor stat. Lower strength counselors should've required more hits to free counselors as well as lower damage outputs. Things that might've made for a more dynamic game, rather than what it ended up being. Now you NEED lobbies with a more balanced load, since most of the women would be horrible at freeing others from Jason's grasp, so now his grab in a room full of Vanessas/Tiffs would be more powerful, especially if things like Grip Strength were altered as a I said above. However, its clear the game was never meant to be anything more than a Mario Party type game only with a F13 facelift at times, but most often comes off like Street Fighter. Even if this game had money coming in from kill packs and silly counselor outfits. Its clear the core of the game would always be straight forward.
  9. The main problem is the slow counselors have pretty much nothing they can do to defend themselves once Jason tunnels them, especially against running Jasons. Its over, especially once he's in rage, because stuns outside of a demask or shotty are obsolete. People will say they should get gud and escape but that's kinda silly considering good Jasons will get rid of the good repair characters first, before they go after the faster/time wasting/demasking ones. Also the faster counselors more often than not lure Jason straight towards them, even if they aren't teaming with him, so they can become fodder so Tiff or Chad or Vanessa or Bugs can survive a little bit longer. A really good player will manage with a slow counselor if they face off against walking Jasons, even with good shift. But against the plethora of Roys or Part 3 that just ride up their asses with knives and slashes, the slow counselors are dead, even against decent Part 2/4 really. So of course people will continue to play the meta counselors because it gives them the best chance to win, especially in the kill scenario. That said, obviously you could nerf the meta counselors in one way by removing the wheel check. That in itself will make it nearly impossible for them to repair against a decent Jason. Simply make the repair always make noise if the counselor tries to wheel check. All that said, how the devs never saw this speed/stamina narrative playing out in testing I have no idea. More should've been done to make the strengths and weaknesses matter beyond 3 of them.
  10. Eh, trolls and griefers will ALWAYS find a way. No matter the game type. I remember when the team took team killing out over the Summer of 2017. People acted like it was going to be the big cure all for the game. What did trolls/griefers do? Started body blocking people in rooms until they ragequit. What did the devs do? Added a push mechanic. So then people just decided to do other things which would be hard pressed to remove from the game. 1. Hold the keys/fuse - What are the devs gonna do about it? Strip the keys/fuse away from counselors after a period of time? Good luck with that. 2. Run over people with cars - What are the devs gonna do about it? Remove the car kill? Ok so now the griefers/trolls decide to stand in front of the exits or spots to prevent counselors from driving out unless they decide to make it so cars could clip through counselors. 3. Team with Jason and since now counselors can't be friendly fired, teamers can exist indefinitely for the duration of the game - What are the devs gonna do? Ban friends from games except for private match? So now they gotta remove the joint lobby feature that's been problematic over the game's lifecycle. 4. Leave before they are killed so Jason doesn't get the XP - They could actually solve this one by just giving credit the moment a player is grabbed but decides to alt F4 out, but then people will be whining about making things too easy for Jason or if said Jason is cheating, etc. 5. Glitch spots on the map, making the game last the full 20 minutes, THIS is pretty much the only reason why the timer makes sense and hindsight being what it is. It almost feels like this was less of a way to give counselors a late game winning mechanic but more about knowing their game is full of buggy, glitchy spots and rather than take the time to fix them before launch, just add a timer to end the game eventually to shortcut this. Then talk about RANKED matchmaking. What would Jason or Counselor trolls do to avoid difficult games that might impede their enjoyment of dominating and/or ruining the game for others? Just create alt accounts so they get constantly matched against other low level legit players so they can avoid challenging games or anything to impede their style of game. Add to that. They can't constantly ban these people, because its hard to ban players when you don't have that many playing anymore to begin with. I remember Wes reponded to some trolls on twitter talking about how dead the game is by simply saying his dedicated server bill said otherwise. Well not really, because you typically pay a flat fee for a dedicated server unless you have overage costs. Unless this game has like 30 dedicated servers total combined on all the platforms always full constantly, I highly doubt they're paying a ton in overage costs unless the playerbase is being carried on console platforms, because the PC platform is absolutely lukewarm.
  11. Jason takes more punishment missing than the counselors ever have or will. Especially if more than one counselor is around him. Long as that happens, you could make it so he takes 10 + hits to demask, people who want the mask will just surround him and hit without real consequence. Game still remains a game it was never intended to be. Street Fighter: Crystal Lake Edition
  12. The community would never accept it now, but hindsight being what it is. Allowing counselor clones was absolutely the wrong call and it should've been forced from the start to have singular lobbies. Sure, people might say well get rid of the clones and you're guaranteed to see this in lobby. 1. Nessa 2. Tiff 3. Bugs 4. Chad The four fastest counselors will be in each and every lobby. 5. Fox - Her value as a demasker and sweater probably puts her in a top spot, plus her versatility elsewhere 6. Adam - See Fox, only without the sweater bonus 7. Its a pickem for whatever counselor you prefer based on cosmetics I guess. Some might say a No Fear Jenny is likely, but eh...people care more about speed and stamina and she has neither even with that build. So its a really a pick em based on what you like based on I guess cosmetics, because when you can viably repair with every counselor due to wheel cancels, you basically devalue good repair as a valuable stat, so the only stats that matter are speed, stamina and luck. Simply removing wheel cancel would fix that stat worth, but that's not happening either. Hindsight being what it is, the stats needed more fine tuning and actual sizeable changes in value and what they do, but the game is 3 years old and such an overhaul is unlikely.
  13. Ehh, im happy to see the new team seems to be heading in the right direction, but unfortunately I still don't think it will ever be what it was in beta/launch when it was new and fresh. People just know the game too much now and the freshness is gone. Throwing Pajamas on the counselors or inviting a new kill scenario for Jason on a spaceship would've done nothing to change that either.
  14. I don't have a lot of hope really. The game was super fun back in the day. Now its just the same old shit over and over and I know this without having played for a few months now, but I know this from previous breaks. - Pack Small Spam- The Small maps are just cancer and feed the whole solo dolo aspect of this game far too much, the launch maps are the only well balanced ones. I would've rather they actually finished an actual NES standalone Jason than push out those lazy small maps as an excuse for content. They promoted the game with teamwork before launch, then went counter to that post launch with maps that hold the counselors hands, making teamwork irrelevant and when they do work together on the small maps, its gg Jason especially in the kill scenario. At least the launch maps and the heavily favored Jason maps like Pinehurst/Jarvis actually reward more teamwork, even if those two DLC maps make Jason play far too easy. - Nessa/Part 3/Roy Spam - The clones, especially on counselor side really killed immersion and balance, doesn't help that so many stats are useless for counselor. Even though Resident Evil Resistance is a dead ass game, I give them kudos in design by preventing clones on survivor side AND making the timer work in the Mastermind's favor as opposed to the survivors/counselors like it is in F13. Just backwards in retrospect. On the other side, Roy and Part 3 have zero weaknesses, making for stale ass games against the same Jasons over and over. Doesn't help that certain stats have no value as Jason as a positive or negative. - 10 perks that are useful, a handful that tip the balance of power too much in counselor favor - Lazy rage update that did nothing but put more emphasis on killing him, even though Rage desperately needed something from what it was at launch when counselors realized they could just stun him when he blew a door down, making the whole thing REALLY silly after a while - The private match options are great, but lets face it, with a low playerbase, who the hell is gonna play a private match and risk their Jason or Counselor getting nerfed into the ground? Likewise, adding such toggle options to quick match would only further divide an already low playerbase as everyone lobby hops until they get the options they want - The reddit crowd acts like the game is fine or mostly favor counselor side and I feel like a bit after launch, they've catered to that crowd more often than not unfortunately Its really just take it or leave it at this point it seems. For me, Uber Jason/Grendel/Pajamas would change nothing of what I've mentioned above either. Those are core things that had NOTHING to do with future content of the game.
  15. Whether its true or not I have no idea. What is more to the truth is that when it comes to talking about the game, whether its the past or what the future once was. They've absolutely gone radio silent. Other than the patch update every once and awhile, they've stayed clear of actually talking about the inner workings of the game, past or present. Wes in particular. My guess is they don't want to stir the hornets nest or have something they've said be used against them as has happened plenty in the past. They are just content to let people play the game and keep the actual talk about the game as minimal as possible outside of game breaking exploits and bugs. Just one example is that thread Wes made about perks a bit after the lawsuit news came out. An example of talking about the inner workings of the game...then...dead silence.
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