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  1. Perhaps if Jason could effectively body block again, I'd consider not having one of the two spam kills in my inventory. As it is, if you are dealing with more than one counselor, it can be very difficult to even perform the spam kills if they time the melee right. This is why slashing has become so prevalent. Grabs have become much more difficult and only really useful 1v1. If anything, Jason should be allowed to grab counselors through windows via the car grab animation, automatically breaking it. Windows are still too get out of jail free, especially with the usual meta perks.
  2. I view them as time wasters. As Jason, I ignore them and go for those actually trying for objectives. If they all go for that then so be it.
  3. tyrant666

    Why Won't She Die?????

    Saw this in offline bots.
  4. I've seen some play with more darkness to better replicate the films and others go for the competitive advantage and play with full brightness. Which do you use?
  5. While it would've been cool to access the upstairs of the Higgins Barn/Part 5 barn. The looping and exploiting would've been gamebreaking if not addressed properly. The Higgins basement being blocked off is kinda stupid though and I can't see a reason why it was considering Jarvis and Vacation house both have basements. All in all, I hear a lot about time and budget in this interview and while most of that is true, you can't help but feel like going in they knew this project had the prospects of the lawsuit always hanging over it (and that's the big question nobody will get the answer to I bet) and so from a long term sense, they should've traded the millions of dollars they made for potentially a more polished product with no looming lawsuit (Summer Camp). Course, every company wants to make money, but this game died way faster than it should've. Sure in theory, people still play it but it doesn't exactly have a thriving playerbase with the state of the game and other variables. It sees surges when double xp comes about and it would see a surge if made free to play, but that's it.
  6. tyrant666

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I wouldn't touch a Halloween game with Gunmedia as the publisher unless the developers had a proven track record and could work around their misgivings. Even then, what big time developer would do this? They could probably lure everyone in with Danielle Harris voicing Jamie Lloyd and giving her likiness, Nick Castle doing mocap for the original Myers, the big guy who played Myers in the Remakes, etc and maybe bringing in Dr. Loomis voiced by the guy from the remake or a Donald Pleasance sound alike. I doubt Jamie Lee Curtis would lend her likiness and voice but if she did, that could lure in fans even more. Then they bring in a backer kit and they got everybody hooked. They'll have a Clown Myers as the backer exclusive. That or the hobo Myers from Rob's Halloween 2. I won't be buying right away this time.
  7. The other night I entered a lobby on PC and half the lobby was shit talking each other about known cheaters inside that actual lobby. You know its bad when the playerbase is very low and you run into the same people AND they know who the cheaters are from seeing the same people over and over. And they ain't banned yet.
  8. If they buff traps at all. The -traps would be more tolerable. I still think he's a lot better now and almost prefer him to Part 8. -Defense does make sense, but im fine with him as is.
  9. tyrant666

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Sounds like traps need a buff or thick skin/medic need a nerf. Which should it be? 1. Jason can pick them up and put them down at will at no cost 2. Jason can reset each trap one time each, effectively giving each trap two uses before they break all together 3. Jason can pick them up and put them down at the cost of a knife (though knives would need to be buffed with a refill meter of sorts over time) Will traps be buffed? @mattshotcha To answer the question, if I have more traps. I like to use another trap at one of the phone house windows if applicable. I don't bother trapping the two sweater unless I have 5 traps or more or its Pinehurst/Jarvis.
  10. I'm sure we've all gone through all the outfits and colors. From recolors of the original outfits, to the spring break costumes to the Halloween costumes. I've gone back to using the original outfits with the original color schemes. I still see a lot of the original outfits, but with different colors or the occasional spring break costume and some Halloween costumes, mostly troll Vanessas in superwoman oufits. Just curious what people use these days. I've gone with the original launch/color outfits.
  11. tyrant666

    Current state of the game❓

    True, but the game has evolved greatly and for instance, the small maps the counselors can have pretty much everything before Jason even has all his powers. EDIT: For context, im not asking for -Morph to be changed. Just saying that with Morph itself, the only change for all 3 states is cooldown. It should really be just the same for Shift itself. Keep the same speed for neutral and negative, but longer cooldown.
  12. tyrant666

    Current state of the game❓

    Order of powers. So instead of Morph, Sense, Shift, Stalk Someone could go with... Morph, Stalk, Shift, Sense Or Morph, Shift, Sense, Stalk Or something to consider for those garbage small maps Stalk, Shift, Sense, Morph or Shift, Stalk, Sense, Morph Other small quality of life ideas. If you wanna keep some Jasons with - Shift. That's fine, but lets be consistent with weaknesses. - Morph only gives off a longer cooldown, it doesn't slow down the actual Morph itself. -Shift should keep the same travel speed as Normal shift so Part 2 and Part 4 could actually viably catch decent car drivers, but it should still have the longer cooldown and less overall time travel attached to it. @mattshotcha
  13. tyrant666

    Current state of the game❓

    I'd be shocked if Jason got something as seemingly as simple yet as obvious as swapping his ability loadout on game start. At this point, that would be something substantial but something that should've happened long ago.
  14. Some tips. 1. Sense perks are mostly useless because Jason can toggle sense, so inevitably he'll find you. Until they change how fear/composure/stealth/sense works, its not that viable. 2. Pyro - In beta, the flaregun spotted Jason on the map but didn't stun him, then came launch and they made it a weapon that could also stun Jason. To be honest, I haven't really bothered to look to see if it still works consistently as a spot weapon for the map. 3. I think the perks stack on Tommy still, though he has 10/10 stats anyway. Though if I recall, they changed that with medic, so if someone with medic died, the next person who picked them up couldn't get two sprays unless they have medic too, so that might apply to everything. In short. The only really useful perks to have are... 1. Thick skin - Can take more melee damage from Jason, can tank traps, sometimes more than once if you have a high luck counselor 2. Medic - Get two spray uses, so you can have 6 all together, making it difficult to slash you to death 3. Hypochondriac -Start with a first aid spray 4. Sucker Punch - Can stun Jason more with different weapons 5. Swift Attacker - Can swing faster and can swing through Jason's melee pretty much every time 6. Nerves of Steel - Useful mostly for No Fear Jenny builds 7. Prepardness - See the Jenny build, but can be useful for others 8. Marathon - Increases total stamina, can help make slower counselors more useful at epic/legendary 9. Restful - Allows you to regain stamina faster, again useful for low stamina counselors The rest are situational or mostly useless due to game design preventing them from being better.
  15. Damn this thread feels ancient.