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  1. I agree with these. Maybe in January.
  2. Part IV Shift

    I'd say traps are pretty useless with any Jason against any counselor with epic thick skin, medic, etc. You can make all his traps irrelevant. Unless you luck out against lobbies with counselors who don't yet have and/or spam the same perks.
  3. "Mean Girl" Trope.

  4. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Having the permanent boat escape on the Jarvis map is great. Lets it stand out. I'd be disappointed if they removed it and made it 50/50 again with the two cars. Worst still, it doesn't exist on those hot garbage small maps. Why even bother implementing it into the game if its only 50/50? I'd love it if only two escapes were chosen at random in every match, but that would qualify as a HUGE buff to Jason, so that's never gonna happen. Imagine a game with no time limit escape, no 4 seater escape, no 2 seater escape and the only thing the counselors had to work with was the cops and the boat? Or a game with only the time limit and a 2 seater? For balance purposes, the time limit or cop escape would always have to be there as the everybody escapes option. Oh man.
  5. Welcome to online gaming. Part of why I auto mute every lobby im in, regardless if im Jason or counselor. Don't want to hear a talking Jason and I don't want to hear noise...which is everything else.
  6. I can see why they want to force quick play as the game as it was 'meant to be played' while private match is the more customizable avenue. Its because the minute they decide to add more customization to quick play... 1. You start to divide the playerbase even further 2. You'll see a lot of the inept only play whatever mode is easiest for counselor, versus whatever makes Jason more difficult aka a more hardcore mode would be avoided by certain types of players I remember in Left 4 dead 2, they introduced realism, which introduced the removal of survivor glows so survivors couldn't see each other except by sight when pinned, they made the regular zombies tougher, the witch tougher. Guess what happened? The playerbase stayed away from realism and realism versus and they died. They stuck to regular campaign and regular versus, because glows, easier zombies, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I want Jason fixed, I want the game to be harder for counselor, etc. Yet once you start introducing more customization, especially any that favors Jason. Good luck filling quick play lobbies. Especially with all the nerfs/bugs to Jason now that make him a push over. Examples - Oh repair part icons are off?...eh...I'll just leave until I find a lobby that has it on - Oh Jason's proximity music is off?....eh...I'll just leave until I find a lobby where its on - Oh this lobby has all the options on so the game is 'the way it was meant to be played'?...I'll stick to this lobby The purist element will absolutely prevent quick play customization from being a successful thing for the game. I've seen it before. Better to fix the the problems with Jason first, then go from there before you start introducing all kinds of options to quick play that will surely make lobby matchmaking even more difficult and with the playerbase the way it is. We really can't afford to be dividing it even further.
  7. I dunno if im gonna laugh or cringe when an AI counselor stuns me and then proceeds to dance because the devs programmed them too... Hopefully not...though it would be painfully accurate to some of the playerbase.
  8. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame You can see more Jasons in the new Jason room. Counselors chilling in the new cabin. Better than nothing...
  9. A Speculation

    What I think happens... 1. Retro Unlocked in the new 150 level cap 2. Bloody reskins in new level cap 3. Roy as part of Paranoia/His own stats in the regular game mode/separate Jason 4. Jason X with Uber as a alternate skin, people will want them separate, but I feel like Uber only works if you make him nearly impossible to stun and that wouldn't fit the current lopsided counselor balance of the game. Course by the time he rolls around, MAYBE things will have changed by then. 5. Any fan fiction/Never Hike Alone/Todd McFarlane/Savini type Jason way down the line Hopefully Pamela gets in there somewhere in her own game mode or whatnot. If Gun wants more buzz in terms of maps. They might want to start making more maps out of order.
  10. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I disagree with this bit. With multiple counselors running thick skin, medic, etc. Having to tank a trap in front of a door is really no big deal when the most traps he can have is 7 and that's only with Part 2. Being able to bypass the traps just like up against a cabin before is a bit of breakage. Aside from that, about the data they talk about. I feel like if they look at the data as they say they do. They would see that Jason is being killed more than 1 in 75 chances in random lobbies. I feel like THAT has to be concrete data, even if the Jason player disconnects before the kill happens? If the ratio is higher as I suspect it is. That should raise alarms. They have acknowledged Jason requires more work, but part of that work is fixing what's wrong with him to begin with and that should come before content, some of that looks like it was addressed provided it works, like environmental kills, glitches prevent you from doing anything until someone hits you, etc. But still...waiting until January for windows, grabs, melee, etc is not what most ordered.
  11. 2 New Jasons?

    Its gonna look silly if Uber Jason can be stunned by a wooden baseball bat so easily. He should be very hard to attack. He's a fucking CYBORG? + Defense + Stun Resistance + Hit Points - Sense - Stalk - Morph
  12. True, but what im saying is the player gets picked, realizes it, then disconnects, then back to the lobby they go.
  13. It appears they fixed the glitch where Jason can't melee or perform a grab kill unless he's been hit so he can melee or grab kill again. Same for the environmental kill not working, allowing the counselor to break free of the grab eventually Besides the trap door car fix, that would be some positives towards fixing Jason in the long term, but the broken melee, broken windows still weren't announced plus the weaker grabs, etc weren't fixed or its not going to happen for the rest of the calendar year. It will be interesting to see how the 'never Jason/always counselor option' works out now. I suspect with lobbies of all 8 players with counselor only options, your going to see a lot of games go back to lobby until their in lobbies with players with neutral preference or Jason only preference. Its going to be interesting to see if it turns things into an even bigger hot mess. Course, the cure all for that is fixing Jason completely, which in turn, would make more players want to play as him.
  14. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Also have this from that other thread.
  15. Anyway, I like the map idea. Makes water speed as a strength a lot more useful. Calling it Chad's house might be the easiest way to get around the reboot copyright. I'd still prefer Pinehurst, a combined variation of Part 6/7 and/or Lazurus/New York/Grendel first. NES map later on down the line.