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  1. You would think after months and months of those lobbies that they would evolve and become something actually fun. As it is, they really only serve the 'troll Jason' crowd. Which is unfortunately the majority of what's left of the playerbase on PC and part of what drove away others long ago. I would say they basically make teaming impossible since the player count is too high to effectively take over the game and force people to rage quit from that purpose. Other than that, they have no real purpose. A battle royal mode that goes nowhere. That said, these types that hold the PC lobbies hostage get no points from me, but neither does the fake police crowd that only play the game to report players or get long time content creators and streamers banned. Those types get no points from me either and they exist just as much as the crowd that somehow finds a thrill in taking over a thin population at best. As it is, I uninstalled the game probably for the last time a few months ago. I've got my fill finally I think. Summer of 2017 was the golden times for the game. Once May 2018 hit, it was basically mostly downhill from there. No new game modes, no revamping of the meta, so the game drives in circles around Part 3 spam, Nessa spam, Packacrap Small spam and the occasional joy ride to nowhere on Pinehurst/Jarvis where Jason can close his eyes and get 7/7 or 8/8 unless you get a lucky RNG for boat parts and he's distracted long enough.
  2. Tough to believe him outright. This is the same guy who claimed he could bring down Hollywood's underground pedo ring and he basically chickened out. Either way, it means nothing for this game.
  3. They removed the buff in the modded versions and he became a pinata again...people stopped playing those versions lmao, on top of the shady modders of course. Not that anyone is really playing on PC nowadays anyways due to the lobby situation. I will say something better or more detailed was needed, but since they didn't want to play around with the code too much, they instead went with a big bandaid fix that probably wasn't too intrusive to the code. All it did was change the bitching and moaning from one crowd (pro Jason) to another (pro Counselor).
  4. So this comes straight from Wes recently about content that was planned but eventually dropped due to the lawsuit. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sro3ei In there, he talks about the Slumber Pack and Paranoia. Both of which we've heard of and even seen at one time or another through leaks or hacks, etc. The one not mentioned to this point was the 'Prom' pack. Where the Counselors would've gotten dresses and tuxedos and a Crystal Lake Themed Prom map complete with props and a dance floor, etc. Any thoughts? From what I've seen, the response to this revelation is mostly positive, but I think I'd be one of the ones with the unpopular opinion that the 'Prom' idea was yet another idea that was not at all aligned with the license. For example, before launch and all throughout Alpha and Beta, they treated the IP like a serious property. However post launch, it could be argued that things like dance emotes, the Halloween pack were all things that strayed far away from the IP to make the game less serious and more of a lazy fan fic than anything else. I mean, did they forget the game they were involved with was F13? What does Halloween and Prom have to do with that? What would've happened if the license were Halloween instead? Dress the babysitters in naughty Xmas clothing and dress Myers in a bunny costume? Hate to say it, but I'm ok with Prom Night not making it into the final game. I'd be super pissed if the game were still in that fluidal state it was in the majority of its content lifecycle if the game itself was still a buggy mess. Sure, their best effort was the content, but if the game continued to be a mess. The kind of content that was being dropped would've been targeted eventually.
  5. I'd say it was more toxic in old rage because old rage was basically useless for Jason, even if it was more balanced for all the counselors, while unfortunately making meta counselors even better. In new rage, a timeout win is more legit, but also pretty impossible as a non meta unless the Jason is just dirt poor as it pushes the already lopsided meta even further towards meta in late game.
  6. Seeing a lot of whine on reddit about Jason being buffed heavily with this last patch directly or indirectly. If its true that counselors can no longer trade blows with Jason, then great. I'm sorry, but I always felt it was INCREDIBLY STUPID that these scrawny ass counselors can just basically stand there, tank his hits with very little consequence, meanwhile he either takes mask damage or is stunned. It was already silly enough watching counselors having thick skin/medic to basically reverse any damage a slash or two would do from Jason, AFTER winning the trade of hits. The consequences of trading blows in any fighting scenario ALWAYS benefitted counselor and its just something that should never have been there. The big hulking killer slashes a counselor and they take it like nothing, but they hit him with any weapon and its basically much more critical. Make no mistake, that all ties back to the kill Jason/troll Jason/bully Jason crowd and that's just a percentage of what went wrong along the way for the game. Killing Jason should require more effort than what it does and counselors being able to constantly win 1v1 in the trading hits category is something that should go. Guess I'll have to see when the PC version of the game is actually playable again.
  7. Welp...with the final patch coming. Some rambling thoughts... Some of these sound like solid fixes. Never been a fan of sliding and the delays in combat stance, especially for Jason. I've always felt combat stance was a bit useless for counselor in this game from start to finish, but combat stance for Jason can mean the difference being demasked or not and/or stunned or not in a crucial moment. So having Jason be slow in this area was always a problem. Point blank, I wish blocking overall was never tied to combat stance as it was just too clunky overall, but that's all old hat at this point IMO. In terms of the giant weapons. I remember they were a big thing right around launch and alittle after and only recently have they returned. I haven't encountered them too much, but they do offer gameplay advantages so I can appreciate removing them. So overall...these sound like decent enough ideas to fix up going into the final patch. Now the two elephants in the room... I realize the modded lobby situation has been addressed already. I'd only add its definitely something that needs to be addressed to state the obvious. I mean it feels like it borders on a faulty product, being forced to play a gamemode that the devs never intended, with the 5 Jasons vs 20 Tommys and whatnot. I would think Steam could get involved and take the game off the store in some sort of legal manner because you can't play the game as intended. I know for me, I'm not going to play this game again on PC unless this issue is resolved in some fashion that doesn't require me as the customer to jump through hoops to play a game. Offline bots from time to time if anything, but that's it. Now the other thing. I'm not gonna pick a side in terms of the toxicity surrounding recent events between Gun, the Reslashed modding team and other people in the community. What I will say is if Gun's next game is a multiplayer title with a licensed movie franchise or something else, I would suggest being open and considerate of a modding community if its applicable without legal problems. Modding communities are a big thing in modern gaming and under many circumstances, help keep game's alive FAR LONGER than they would've if they were forced to run its vanilla version for years and years. Left 4 Dead 2 for example is a great example of such a community where the community workshop on steam and the sourcemod/metamod forks have helped keep that game alive over 10 years with a consistent 5k-15k playerbase. Granted, in that case, Left 4 Dead is a FPS, not a asymmetrical horror game. That said, the point still stands. Modding communities can help your next title more than hurt it if you can utilize them. That said, to close with some positivity. The Xmas Beta of 2016 and all the excitement around the game from that time period up until around the one year anniversary when the game got shanked by the lawsuit were exciting times to be a fan of this game. Through all its ups and downs through that year and a half, it was good times. We finally got a F13 game with a multiplayer aspect that was mostly solid, but could've been more in depth obviously IMO. Hopefully another one comes out before all the players who played this one end up being fertilizer.
  8. I will miss the enthusiasm and popularity these forums had back in 2016/2017/early 2018. Good times.
  9. 1. This is gonna get locked. 2. This is gonna get locked. 3. This is gonna get locked. 4. This is gonna get locked.
  10. I'd play it if they get it released. The regular build of the game is a wasteland right now in need of that last patch. I'd say this build has more leverage and with more youtubers beta testing it. The more players flock towards it, the more it makes anyone looking to shut it down look like the bad guys, rules or not. The last thing the game needs is even more bad press. They've already shown a small teaser for Pinehurst Small. They plan on adding Jarvis Small, a New York map and a surprise map. I don't like small maps though, but one of the devs have already said they won't be cutting out the boat like the other small maps did, at least on one of the small maps. As of now, you can't kill Jason on Grendel, but I think that's a good design choice because supposedly they think the counselors will be super OP on Grendel. Time will tell I guess. Also because adding that new gun kill on Jason doesn't seem doable I think. Sure it may not be 'official' but on paper, if left alone, it could be a completely new lifeline for the game IMO. It already has a lot of excitement and potential behind it. I know im excited if it actually gets left alone and allowed to run its course.
  11. Pretty slippery slope. I guess they'll have to ban Slash N Cast too and anyone else whose helped keep the game relevant over the years with twitch/youtube. I'm definitely against any mods that give a competitive edge in an online setting, but I'm also against people whose sole purpose is to stop people from playing the game over petty stuff. To me, that's no better than the hackers currently holding PC lobbies hostage on the regular build and we definitely have an unhealthy amount of both types in this game.
  12. He'd rather play offline bots on a modded build by himself over playing with the nonsense that is the regular build right now. I have no issues with that. He's not hurting or cheating anybody out of a win by playing with bots. I mean the choices are limited atm. People having to switch to consoles after playing PC for years doesn't seem fair. Until the modded lobby issue is addressed in some further capacity. I'd expect the playerbase to seek alternatives.
  13. Yea definitely doesn't sound like a long term solution. Something more is needed from the powers that be.
  14. At first when they managed to infiltrate and shut down the dedicated servers awhile back. I figured it was general bitterness about how everything went down with Gun and the lawsuit and how things turned out and that was merely petty payback. Even despite all the gripes we've had with Gun over the years, the lawsuit was a separate entity that was always a ticking time bomb for the entire franchise, independent of whatever Gun/Illfonic did or did not do with the game. I know for me, I felt like I was always able to separate the lawsuit and the criticism for Gun/Illfonic and that wasn't always the case for the entire combined playerbase as a whole. All that said... Now I just think its pure trolling on part of these hackers who never really had any stake in the game and what happened per say and instead just like to stroke themselves over the thought of being able to derail a game and bring it to its knees and that's basically it now. Nothing more. They spend all their time playing with the code to bring the game to its lowest point and they don't care one single bit about derailing it for those that might actually still want to play it, regardless of whatever state its in.
  15. It would be one thing if these hacked lobbies were actually fun and unique. I don't view 2-4 Jasons against 20 infinite Tommy's as anything fun or unique or the trainers that randomly spawn shotguns constantly, boats on land, etc. Along with the extra lag and instability these lobbies offer on top of the normal nonsense seen in regular ones. All this situation ends up being is troll lobbies. I think im just gonna have to put the game down and hope they figure out a way to mitigate or eliminate this nonsense all together within the final patch or hopefully sooner. Obviously it was said before that the situation wasn't going to be addressed due to funding and the game being 4 years old, but the situation now is something that absolutely should be addressed. It simply bad PR no matter what year the game's life is in or funding. Just pretend the lawsuit wasn't a thing and this game still had planned content and DLC coming as we speak in 2021. It would be a PR nightmare and it would require a timely fix. Opening up the game and being forced to play something that wasn't the game's intended mode by people who aren't the devs is criminal basically and its simply not viable enough to ask people to leverage the private match feature when the PC playerbase is as diminished as it is these days. Just gotta hope I guess.
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