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  1. tyrant666

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    The level is whatever to me at this point. Indifferent. I'm more concerned with the feature not saving kills tied to specific weapons if you change them. It will get old fast to have to configure each weapon, each and every time you switch them. I realize its only a matter of clicks, but I'd hope they save the kills each time you switch.
  2. So far we've gotten a release date and another XP/CP event. Do you expect anything today? - More content News - Patch Notes ? I don't think were gonna get the patch notes until just before the update goes live and its because they know at least half the playerbase could care less about the content and only care about balance (they admitted awhile back (though who knows now) this wasn't a balance patch too) changes, fixes, etc. So I think the patch notes will be kept quiet until launch, so the potential (and expected by the jaded folk like me and others) disappointment will be minimized and they can maximize the hype until the last possible second. So if anything drops, I expect its going to be content related. They might just do nothing for today though obviously.
  3. As long as it doesn't take away from the 80s vibe. Not interested in a bunch of 2000 something teens running around 80s campsites. The swim pack thematically made sense, but the Halloween pack was just lazy and something that would've made more sense in a Halloween/Myers game. As it is, its only going to make sense on Grendel and I have my doubts they'll go through the effort to give them new clothing to match a futuristic spaceship. Its obvious brand new clothing takes a lot of time and judging by the fact that the hair on Chad and Adam doesn't animate, I would say animating new hairstyles is not something like they doing much because its takes a lot of time/effort or just lazy. I don't see Jenny sporting a ponytail anytime soon for example, or AJ sporting a ponytail or Vanessa wearing her hair down.
  4. My biggest worry is that you have to constantly reconfigure your kills every time you change your weapon...BECAUSE it doesn't save the loadout. That will get old FAST. It may be only 4 clicks, but still...I hope each weapon saves the kills each time its switched.
  5. Well if they are as 'hell bent' on getting dedicated servers pushed anytime before the calendar year ends for console players. They'll continue to do so, but I expect it'll be bundled with other things.
  6. Singleplayer No dice on multiplayer unless the improvement is significant, otherwise early 2019 wait for Uber/Grendel, potential NES/Part 8 map, etc.
  7. That's also part of the risk/reward for quick play. People talk about how they enjoy quick play more because of the chaos compared to friends/organized private matches. Well on PC, you gotta deal with the bullshit hackers too on top of trolls/teamers, so the trade off is even bigger. I suppose the answer is to try to play with some people you know (parties) mixed with quick play types. Easier said than done, but so many people have left the game behind on PC especially that it really is a bit of a cesspool. Randy should play more. The devs overall should play the game more with the community. I'm not saying multiple times a week, but pick a day every week and show some enthusiasm.
  8. It could help save the game in the long run, which means it won't happen.
  9. Its sort of a pick your poison isn't it? PC - Less Players - Hackers of all kinds, including Uber + Dedicated Servers Consoles + No Hackers + More Players - No Dedicated Servers Really unfortunate. Anyway, happy to see the update is finally coming. I haven't touched quick play in months and im here for singleplayer challenges, for however long they entertain me until we get Uber/Grendel/New Map in early 2019.
  10. I'm in the minority in terms of liking Jarvis. Its design is basically directly from the film in terms of mountainous terrain and I love that its risk/reward, mostly risk when going through those areas. I think the fact that certain stats mean absolutely nothing for counselor hurt counselor more than the design of the map. I like how spread out everything is as opposed to the hand holding that goes on with the small maps. They might as well spawn all 7 counselors inside the Packanack Lodge, Higgins house and the bathroom lodge or archery range of Crystal Lake because that's what it is anyway. The small maps were less about finding ways to create 'faster' matches to me and more about finding a way to make it easier for counselor. At the time it was looked upon as a huge Jason buff, but given the state of affairs, its absolutely a counselors paradise, all 3 of them. I do agree with the phone box idea though.
  11. I would be open to this idea if ONLY this were the ONLY way you could see Jason on the mini map. It would be only way you know where is outside of visual sight.
  12. Honestly...their only hope is to continue to maintain this game no matter the playerbase, all the while showing they've improved the game. Keypoint being shown improvement. It would be career suicide for them to say...abandon this game...launch a sequel with 'improvements' the community originally wanted in this game, only in the sequel. The track record isn't there for one and it would bomb this time regardless of F13 being in the title though. The only reason why for instance Valve got away with launching Left 4 Dead 2 a year after Left 4 Dead 1 was because people actually liked Left 4 Dead 1 for the most part, so all they had to do was apply a new paint job, some new weapons, some new enemies and bam...it still has a 20k playerbase on a good weekend 10 years later. Sure there are Left 4 Dead 1 loyalists who still play and defend the original game and rightfully so, but the majority of the playerbase migrated over to Left 4 Dead 2. That won't work here.
  13. Early 2019. Maybe their gonna shove the 'new' NES Jason in the update to go along with the new counselor. And pigs fly too!
  14. I like the idea, as long as the weapons aren't breakable in melee combat. Otherwise Jason is just going to be at the mercy of counselors with a seemingly endless supply of melee weapons. Unless of course the counselors could only use a melee weapon once or twice and that's it.