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  1. They have a lot riding on taking months to fix things, because if they don't fix said things. Its gonna just drive the negative narrative even more. As it is, it already seems like some of what's left in the community have already lowered their standards to the point where they will accept them fixing environmental kills and ONLY that inside 3 months time. So if they literally do nothing else AND fail at that? Won't be pretty considering that's not the only pressing thing out there.
  2. Last night I had one of those hot shit 150 glitchy Vanessas grab the sweater. She was using a glitch spot the map before, so I basically tunneled her until she landed in some idiots counselor trap placed by a window. My knife would've killed her, so she decided to use the sweater to save herself to prevent the kill. The ego on those Vanessas I tell ya. At the end of the match, I had to play goalie between her trying to get out via the car and Tommy trying to call the cops. I eventually got that bitch, and even though Tommy called the cops. That didn't matter because the timer was up anyway, so I went 5/7. More proof that the timer being in counselors favor was bad design. Other than the band aid/lazy rage update. Its always been on counselor side. Back in the old days, you would just exploit the door rage mechanic by stunning him as soon as he walked through the door. It was basically a bad idea to use a supposed power up because counselors still had the edge and that was basically the ONLY real power up that came with rage besides the cooldowns. While I don't approve of the rage update now in terms of continuing to push the already lopsided meta in favor of speed/stamina/luck. I definitely remember the way the game used to be in the later stages with everyone hiding behind a door with a high stun weapon, waiting for him to rage the door for a free stun or watch Jasons use combat stance to prevent themselves from getting free stunned by counselor. What can I say. The game needs more changes, but with the game 'long in the tooth'. Doubt its gonna happen.
  3. I've become a escape mostly player. Even if I get Tommy. I tend not to give a shit about the kill unless escaping by other means has become too difficult. Don't care what others plans are. I only go for the kill if its my last hope of survival. Its just not fun to gang up and kill weaker, inexperienced, new Jasons. There is absolutely no thrill in it whatsoever. Its just lazy at this point and at most, the only thing the devs will do to make it more difficult is raising the mask HP and even then, im not even convinced that's gonna happen for him.
  4. The biggest catch this game could've had after Uber/Pre Uber was Pamela. However its rather obvious that was never going to happen, even if the lawsuit wasn't a thing and this game had a thriving playerbase. Bringing in Pamela would've forced them to retool the kill mechanic, introduce completely new ways to play Pamela and make it so she couldn't be killed so easily like Jason can be now. Given their track record with bugs and issues?...It would've been a huge mess. Just wouldn't happen. Maybe a sequel down the line by someone else if the rights got settled. It would've been used as a sell for a sequel game, but I have no doubts they would've never had her in this game beyond her role now.
  5. Encountered my first wheelchair Bugsy last night. Good for a chuckle.
  6. Can you blame most of the backers for exiting stage left though? Between the misfires, being banned for voicing criticism, the controversies, etc. This narrative that Wes and the team hung onto back then about this game being the 'little engine that could' and how they 'never anticipated the success' the game ended up having financially feels like some of the biggest lies in gaming history. They saw the preorders, the backer numbers, the launch sales, hell the hype itself, etc. Its all lies to cover up for the failures along the way. Friday the 13th hadn't had a proper game since the NES game and even that was mostly criticized and only really had a cult following over the years. Turns out that's probably the fate of this game after all the misfires and death roughly a year into launch too. This game was supposed to surpass that game beyond simply being a cult following. Point being. You could've slapped these names on this game instead and it still would've sold like hotcakes...you keep the generic counselors in place with slight changes like calling them babysitters or whatever, add in the likes of Jamie Lloyd, Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis from Halloween or Nancy, Kristen, Alice, Kincaid from Nightmare, etc and it would've sold. Texas Chainsaw would've been harder, but still. - Nightmare on Elmstreet: The Game - Halloween: The Game - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game The game would've sold regardless of what major 80s horror IP you put behind it. And what did we get? - 2 new maps - 2 new Jasons - 4 new counselors - 3 troll maps (Small) instead of Grendel/NY/Any other entry - Zero new game modes -- Zero effort to change the meta of the game beyond small tweaks that amounted to very little. Most of the people who were around in 2017 believe every attempt to patch the game made it less and less playable minus a couple decent ones. It didn't seem like player retention was a priority. Don't confuse criticism with toxicity. The criticisms of the game are more than just a few angry gamers being 'toxic'. Many just stopped caring and moved on, which is worse.
  7. Hide in the water for 20 minutes or alt F4 like both sides like to do. 😁 I don't know. I will say I've seen more 150 level Jasons not using their traps on gamestart that I've seen. Instead using them as they go. With so many lobbies running worse repair counselors (Vanessa/Tiff/Bugs/Chad) who need to manipulate skill checks to repair quietly combined with so many lobbies having half or more go for the Jason kill. The traps sometimes don't serve early game use because nobody is going for objectives. Also taken into account the do nothings. You put them down later when counselors have used up their 6-8 sprays thanks to medic and they're less likely to tank the trap. Its risky though. A couple players with good repair that still care about objectives actually play in said lobby and off they go.
  8. I'll start. For Counselor. The easiest design flaw is being able to manipulate skill checks. This made good repair pointless as bad repair gives off slower skill checks with the right wheel due to manipulation. They should remove the ability to do this by simply making the audible noises for the gas, battery, fuse, propeller every time a counselor tries to switch out for a better skill check. Hindsight being what it is, if they really wanted to differentiate gameplay instead of being inclusive to every single counselor. They should've just prevented counselors below 5 from repairing whatsoever. However that would've went against their whole 'any counselor can do anything' even though its already not true because males aren't involved in the kill process, except to demask and only Tommy. For Jason. The Sense toggle is the easiest one. This made late, even mid game hiding a mute point against any Jason, which basically eliminated the value of late game composure/stealth gameplay as counselor. I know the counter argument all along has been people would just hide all game if they knew Jason couldn't toggle sense. However this would've added more value to a positive Sense stat if it were reworked, also the negative and neutral stat as actual strengths and weaknesses. As it is, some of the strengths/weaknesses only amount to cooldowns, while others offer far bigger change throughout, creating tiers and inconsistency in those stats as is.
  9. Most likely one of the russian hackers will make his/her counselor nude skins made for public instead of self promoting with discord. Beyond that. I'm not even sure a double xp is coming.
  10. Its ova. There will never be a day where you could play as a slower counselor and still feel like you could survive being tunneled early game or late or the day where you could play as a Jason with perceived bad strengths and still beat some wanker Tiff/Vanessa who can outjog any running/non running Jason. One of the easiest fixes they could've made was keeping the jog speed base universally the same with all counselors, but keep the run speed different depending on the stat line. Regardless if the counselor is a fatass like Eric or a skinny minny like Tiff or an athlete like Bugs/Vanessa. Everybody runs out of gas eventually. Which means using jog to keep a distance from Jason should've been a losing scenario for every counselor without some talent. The right stun, a combat dodge, etc. Likewise when you have a game where all the slower/repair/composure based characters can be described as nothing more than support characters. Its a design problem. Changing Sense would've helped those problems for those types of characters. Also making composure have even more importance to fear would be another. Removing the Jason kill or changing how it works would've kept that from being such a favorable winning mechanic. Its all old hat though. This game will be going peer to peer eventually. Be prepared for the glory days of the host holding the game hostage as Counselor Or Jason. Especially with lobbies half loaded with teamers. The teamers start dying, the game abruptly ends.
  11. All you gotta do is search for them on youtube. Just search for the users, all 3 are on youtube. Yep. Both of these videos being posted around here will get you in trouble. Which is why I won't do it. No different than posting unreleased content videos.
  12. All you have to do is watch Aldermach/BewareofBears fair documentary about the downfall of the game for context as to what happened. Though I do wonder if they made it now would they have left the ending with such blind optimism as they did originally? My guess is probably not. Alternatively. You can watch Pappus death of the game documentary which is even more critical of the devs and Gun than Aldermatch/Beware's video was, complete with lies, scam and theories. And he does make a valid point about the DLC. Even if the lawsuit wasn't in the way, the playerbase was ALREADY DYING long before the lawsuit was even a thing. The harsh truth is the doors would've likely closed one way or another because the cost stays high and with diminishing playerbase returns. We probably would've gotten Uber/Grendel/Pajama/new packs for DLC counselors and then good bye.
  13. Haven't experienced this one yet. I haven't played much lately though, so I suppose that helps me from experiencing this beauty. If the team is still around. Maybe early 2021 we can expect a fix. First we'll get the update about the update late 2020 first.
  14. I only suicide if everyone else dies literally 5 minutes into the match. Doesn't matter if its Packcrap Small or Pinehurst or wherever. Or if teaming is obvious. Since hiding/stealth becomes obsolete once rage hits. You're left with a window of 5 minutes to run out the clock. If its the final minutes and everyone dies around then, I'll go for the timeout victory. If everyone is already dead minutes into the match. Its not really fun to try for a 15 minute timeout win. Against a good Jason it ain't happening and against a bad one, its just boring if you like playing for objectives since you won't complete them with him all over you constantly.
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