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  1. I haven't played the game in a few weeks. This is probably one of the negatives of having double xp be extended. With more people playing, it gives hackers more incentive to fuck around. With only 300-500 players, far less incentive compared to 3,000 with people game's to ruin. Sad and pathetic really.
  2. Well they boasted about how 'hard' it was to kill Jason well before launch. Something like 1 in 75 tries. That should tell anybody all they need to know. They played the game in a super relaxed setting during 'playtesting', probably trying to mirror the movies. Which is probably why they put so much emphasis on the hiding mechanic too before beta, when beta already revealed how useless it was with the current mechanics. I'll give credit where credit is due though. They got the look, the atmosphere, the score right with the game in terms of mirroring the films. Unfortunately like most developers, they never bothered to think outside the box to see how players might exploit and chew up their game.
  3. Its things like this that made me want to create my own server in Left 4 Dead 2 with the source engine via sourcemod. Sure, once some people realize they landed on a modded server, they try to troll before they get inevitably banned or they'll do it to get banned immediately. However the point is with zero tolerance for trolling, I control the game, not the players. That's the problem with vanilla servers in any game setting. The lawlessness nature of the servers allow trolls to take over games. Make no mistake, if this game had a modded server scene, the same kind of thing would happen and with the much lower playerbase, games would be even harder to find. That said, obviously you have madmins out there (admins who use their own servers to troll), but by and large, trolls like to play on vanilla servers because they know they can control the game with little effort and no fear of a ban hammer. With the amount of team killing, teaming, glitchers and abusers that run around this game. If I ran my own unreal engine server, the ban hammer would be swinging left and right. In a way, its probably a good thing this game doesn't have a modded server scene, because the already low playerbase would be fractured even more. However you'd have to wonder if people would've been better behaved if they knew admins could make them lobby hop more instead of trolling more and behavior might've been better as a result. That, or more players would become madmins. One or the other.
  4. Christmas Beta 2016 8/10 Despite the server issues, the game was brand new, out of the box. It was heavily streamed, the excitement was there, Jason was a force who couldn't be killed, etc. The only downsides being the cop call was super easy without the fuse and the unfortunate meta began to form in the final days of beta. Part 3 spam versus Vanessa spam. Launch May 2017 7/10 The connection issues, the bugs, the backer code issues were there to start launch. However this was balanced out with the masses getting their hands on the game at launch. With more Jasons, more Counselors, new gameplay elements like knives, traps, the fuse, the kill mechanic, the boat, etc. The game was probably at its height from May 2017 till over the summer. Halloween 2017 5/10 By now, the content was starting to come in, with the emotes, clothing packs, Part 4, Jarvis, etc. But by this point, many of the core bugs still remained, Jason was already starting to get the nerfs with the force shield windows, meat shielding and godframes removal after stun, etc. Much of the complaining about Jason being too strong at launch ended up with heavy direct and indirect nerfs for Jason over the summer of 2017. Christmas 2017 4/10 By now, the content started to slow, but the hype surrounding the content was still at its peak with the Virtual Cabin 2.0, the Uber/Grendel reveal, etc. However the results were becoming more diminishing. Paranoia would be cancelled, the counselors would receive a huge buff over this era with the Jason force grab nerf, the camp crystal lake arsenal with shotguns, med sprays and pocket knives seemingly around every campsite and corner. Jason was nearly unplayable during this era and many stopped playing the game during this time frame as well or didn't want to play as him at all. Early/Mid 2018 5/10 Jason would receive a slight buff during this period. They changed his grab animation, gave him some more knives and a 'speed' increase. Combine that with Roy/Pinehurst and the promise of seemingly more content coming like Uber/Grendel, singleplayer challenges and the game seemed like it could be gaining speed. However this period was marked by the engine upgrade creating more bugs instead of adding anything of note performance wise to the game. All the while the lawsuit killed the future content. Late 2018/Pretty much all 2019 3/10 With the content pool drying up due to the lawsuit, the playerbase was at its most toxic to that point. People just walked away and never came back due to dissatisfaction with the direction of the game, the bugs, even longer periods in between patches, etc. The rage update was received with mixed reviews at best being kind and marked another turning point for the game. Current/2020 2/10 The community at this point is probably at the most toxic its ever been. However some bugs were fixed after months of waiting and a pleasant surprise was added with a plethora of custom game conditions to the private match mode. However with content still dead, the news little and the teamers/trolls/tryhards filling up what's left of the game. Its hard to argue another era of the game being the worst outside of maybe Christmas 2017 where even though the content pool was still around, the gameplay itself was heavily one sided. Agree? Disagree? How would you rate the game by the specific eras? For me, Christmas Beta 2016 was best.
  5. While I definitely think modding communities have a place and an actual unbothered modding community would defib interest in F13 kinda like how it saved Left 4 Dead 2 and has kept it alive 10 years after release with the workshop. Posts like this are reasons why I avoid EU servers each and every time I land on one. Trolls exist everywhere around the world in the game, so do cheaters. However from my experiences, I've come across most of the cheaters using gameplay exploits on EU servers compared to US servers.
  6. Its like any other game that calls into question what the term 'skill' means. Some believe being able to do things others can't do on the routine is 'skill' and not 'cheating' regardless of circumstance, while some have exceptions. Others believe if something can be done by a majority of players, then it lacks skill, etc. You see it all across gaming. Perfect example being like bunnyhopping in source engine games. In this game, the exploits and glitches are so easy to see that its up to the player if they want to combat it or move along. I've killed sliders before, some I haven't. I've killed glitch campers before, others I haven't. I've survived infinite shift Jasons and not. I've survived teamers and not. People look to abuse games, regardless if the game is alive or dead. Its just up to the player if they want to put up with it. This game probably has a handful of patches left. Lots of these things have been there since launch. It is what it is.
  7. With the way the stats are now. It would be a pointless venture. Everybody would make high end speed/stamina/luck counselors with a dash of repair to reflect the uselessness of the other stats.
  8. You got it wrong. I suppose I could've worded it differently to look less like a personal, sarcastic/snarky attack. I know you can only tell us what you know. Just that when you look at the history of communication. Whether its you or Shifty before you or Ben before that, etc down the line. Things only get talked about or addressed when someone puts pressure on to answer it. Whether it was dedicated servers on consoles after launch, the Savini code thing much later, etc. I think people would be less likely to be snarky about things if the answer just came sooner. When Randy stopped streaming the game with the playerbase, nobody really got an explanation as to why until a great deal after. When you guys consistently put out episodes talking about this game, Layers of Fear 2 and then the streaming of other games on Thursday and it suddenly stops...people wanna know why. The last patch was a step in the right direction for the most part. You answered the question I asked here and that's fine.
  9. I usually play random due to the stupid random counselor bug, but with perks breaking in that setting. I've decided to stick to picking again. I went with LaChappa. With so many people playing this game to waste Jason's time, troll him or kill him for 20 minutes, which leads to lobbies full of Vanessa/Tiff/Chad against the unbalanced Jasons like Part 3, Roy and Part 8. I figured I'd go with an escape character, which also means if im Tommy. I'm not gonna stroke myself to help someone kill Jason. I'll just try to escape myself or with others. Don't like it, find a lobby with the other 200 players left playing on Steam. Everybody has a different playstyle. Not everyone wants to escape and not everyone wants to troll or kill Jason or waste 20 minutes doing nothing. I'm definitely more of the type that believe the game was so much better and chaotic during the beta run when the game was focused on escapes and avoiding Jason because he couldn't be killed in beta. Once people realized how to exploit his combat weaknesses combined with some of the OP perks, he became less of the object/entity in the way of survival and more of the object people want to be around because they know he's on eggshells once Tommy is in, the sweater is on someone and his mask is off 5 minutes into the game. Its the easiest method to contain Jason. Even if you don't kill him right away, he's now on the defense the rest of the match. He can't do much of anything without being killed. Whenever I did play random and end up with one of those meta counselors. It just wasn't fun. Loot a couple cabins, get a knife and 4 sprays and you can basically just troll the rest of the match and even repair against lesser Jasons. Its the easiest win method and Gun never really did anything to curve it or expand the game beyond its paper thin gameplay on all sides. I actually don't mind getting Shelly. I feel like he's good enough to be a demasker and repair with skill check manipulation. The only counselor I don't really enjoy is Kenny. I feel like with having even steven stats, he should be able to handle most conditions for a male counselor in this game, but he comes off lesser. Maybe its because they didn't give him a standout obvious strength and instead a level output. Not sure.
  10. Remember when these were a thing? Kinda like how when Randy was still employed and played/streamed with the playerbase in the first year or so of the game's existence...then it just stops happening without any explanation and total silence? Remember when this was supposed to be a weekly thing with two episodes. One for talking about 'news' on Tuesday and the other for playing games on Thursday? What do you think happened here? 1. Wes got tired of the content questions invading the streams...so he peaced out of the community interaction all together and the forums by extension 2. Matt had no real information to give about the game anymore that wasn't just some form of stock answers in terms of what Black Tower is actually working on 3. They ran out of games to play on Thursday 4. Wes went on a permanent vacation 5. Other This just randomly stopped without any real explanation.
  11. Think about it. Its a legit question. On the surface, this might look like just another 'oh look, a shot at the devs' thread, but im talking logistics here and im not looking to bash. I'm looking at it from a cost perspective weighed against what the playerbase would want. I think there is some revisionist history out there amongst what's left of the playerbase that this game would be completely fine if the lawsuit wasn't in the way. Especially on places like reddit. That the playerbase would somehow be larger with the occasional content bump every once and awhile. Yet the playerbase was dipping long before the content shutoff was ever a thing. Between the Illfonic patches that broke more than fixed, the emotes, etc. Not to mention the fact that casual players simply move on to the next game and that happens with most games. The backers gradually turning on the game over 2017 into 2018, etc. For instance, why hype things as if they're coming 'soon', as in within the calendar year if they aren't legitimately close to ready? Why not hype them when you actually have a solid release plan? Examples (not everything, just some) - NES/Retro Jason was supposed to be his own thing with music both sides could hear and that was hyped very early on and it never ended up happening http://f13game.com/news/retro-jason-skin-dlc/ - Paranoia...Hyped up as a new game mode 'coming soon' in late October 2017 as if its something that's clearly going to happen, then...cancelled because it wasn't fun - Uber/Grendel as we all know from the leaks and heresay around here...wasn't finished... Now lets just take stock for a minute and pretend the lawsuit wasn't in the way. The pressure on them to continue to work on this game would be more pressing than it is now. Not only would people be expecting them to continue to patch the game. People would be expecting other things to keep the game fresh. For instance, lets take their word that Uber/Grendel wasn't finished despite being hyped at the end of 2017. Take into account the content front died in May 2018. They probably would've pushed off Uber/Grendel for a Halloween/Christmas 2018 release. So the playerbase would've likely waited an entire year AFTER the reveal in late 2017 for Uber/Grendel to be released. Somewhere in there, they may have released the 'Pajama' pack to hold over the playerbase over Summer 2018, especially if there is any truth to futuristic clothing for Grendel itself. So now lets move onto Paranoia. Just because it was cancelled doesn't mean the playerbase would've let them off the hook. The playerbase would've still expected them to get back to the drawing board to make a game mode that felt different from the main mode. Whether that mode would've evolved into a different counselor kill concept or perhaps a Pamela mode is up for debate. Bottom line, people would've expected a new mode even with Paranoia cancelled. Then you have the Retro rework. A bit before the content shutoff, Wes simply stated he didn't want to reveal anything about it. However lets just say the lawsuit wasn't in the way. The fact that this unique Jason was delayed for some unknown reason in 2017 and both Part 4/Jarvis and Roy/Pinehurst overlapped him is just something that's known. People would've still asked them about this Jason and the pressure would be there for them to go back to this idea and bring it back. Now what am I getting at with all this? I've only mentioned 3 things from the game's past that the playerbase would've constantly pressured them on. We know the playerbase would've asked for more than this. They would've wanted an NES map, more counselors, more heroes, more canon maps, more modes, new map items, new weapons, new gameplay mechanics, etc. All things that could be done with the lawsuit not in the way. However the playerbase was dipping on all fronts long before that news broke in 2018. My point being and as Pappus pointed out in his 'death of the game' video. The return of investment to keep the game going wouldn't be justifiable. In other words, the content was going to stop regardless and it likely would've stopped probably by the end of 2018, if not early 2019. They would've pushed out Grendel/Uber, the Pajama Pack probably and maybe if the playerbase continued to beg...they may have reworked Retro. Then we'd all be back right we are now in 2020. With a dying game (not dead because people still play obviously) and nothing new in terms of gameplay mechanics, maps, items, etc and there would be no lawsuit to give off the 'what if' element. There wouldn't be enough money coming in from what's left of the playerbase and sales to keep going on with new things for the game. Hence, the game would likely not be thriving today even if the lawsuit was gone. Agreed or disagree? Maybe you believe otherwise. Other than the unexpected private match toggler we got in the recent update. I have trouble believing Illfonic would be still injecting new things into this game in 2020 with no legal issues in the way and that's even assuming we got some of the things I mentioned above.
  12. Its hard to role play the game when you think about all the ideas they talked about before gameplay was a glint in the eyes of the players that never came to fruition. I remember those early videos going on about how the counselors would spawn in doing different things at match start. I remember Jason spawning from the lake instead of the repetitive cutscene of him randomly being back at his shack after startling everybody. A lot of things that just never made sense, etc. I know im probably being unreasonable looking for logic in a game about a supernatural killer, but the game had the opportunity to be more dynamic than what it ended up being and given what it made money wise due to backers and post buys/launch...it should've been. I feel like they tried to make up for this with singleplayer challenges, but when you can't bring that kind of role playing experience to the multiplayer game. It kinda disqualifies it for me and it makes the multiplayer aspect of this game feel too basic and vanilla and very top heavy in terms of meta...which it ended up being.
  13. I can't remember the scenario, but I noticed when I kill Bugsy, he gets the girl sound files when he dies. It might be one kill or another, but I've seen it happen.
  14. Hindsight being what it is. Even though nobody knew what kind of stats he would have. The ONLY reason why people still beg for him now is because he has solid stats. He was available to purchase for a long time. For instance, lets just say they actually stuck with Tom's original concept of a Jason between Parts 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 I believe or a younger Jason but gave him this pallet of strengths and weaknesses instead. + Can Run + Sense + Stalk - Shift - Defense - Traps The outcry for his release for public use wouldn't be nearly as loud as it was when the game was still overly popular in 2017. Knowing what we know now with the paper thin gameplay. He wouldn't be as clamored over because he wouldn't be considered easy mode/OP like Part 3, Roy, Part 8 and Savini as he is now.
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