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  1. Like I get it. Some people are excited that they might make another game like F13 again...but better. However it could just as easily be Danielle Harris or Jamie Lee Curtis stunning Michael Myers over and over with a baseball bat in Halloween/Lingerie costumes while dancing all over him in Halloween: The Game. Or... Heather Langenkamp or Patricia Arquette stunning Freddy over and over with a baseball bat in Halloween/Lingerie costumes while dancing all over him in A Nightmare On Elmstreet: The Game. In which case, the game is just another mess that some still love and some don't. I know its easy to shift the blame at Illfonic/Black Tower for the rawness of the game due to their coding, but the above things come directly from the publishers. To be fair. Slash N Cast have called them out in the past sometimes, but they've also pumped them up too. I just feel like this game needs to be in a much better state than its in before any sort of hype train begins for a new F13 type game. Unless they hire a company that just codes so damn well that it makes up for the silly shit they add in the game along the way. For those who wonder what I'm talking about.
  2. Community is pretty light. Reasons why 1. Content is dead 2. They can only do one thing at a time in terms of fixes 3. The game still breaks 4. Every balance change requires nearly a full year before being revisited 5. They're more pro active in blocking videos showing unreleased content than moving the needle of the game in a timely fashion 6. They remove double xp too soon, giving newer players basically zero incentive to stick around. The ones that want to stick around anyway The game now is largely what the game will be 6 months from now, a year from now. I just think I'll find myself playing less and less. I've already taken big breaks at interval. The definition of insanity tends to be doing the same thing over and over, expecting a difference. That's what the game is nowadays. Basically here's what to expect come December for xmas Spoiler Alert... Double XP for 3 days...
  3. I've been giving this some thought. This isn't about him being strong or weak or buff or nerf, etc. This is solely about design. I remember when beta first came out, there was a lot of debate about both Morph and Shift. Many claimed they were things Jason didn't or wouldn't do, despite direct evidence in many of the films of him being in one place, then another, especially in the later undead films like Part 8 for instance. Yet if you removed Shift, Jason probably wouldn't kill anybody, not anybody fast anyway. He most certainly would not be able to contest objectives if Morph wasn't an option. So these were liberties that had to be taken to make him a realistic threat for players that just wanted to run around or for him to be able to protect objectives. Stalk is another one highly debated. Some say its super, duper powerful. Some believe its a joke due to counselors screaming out when Jason is near and not even seen. Perhaps this was a casualty of trying to be too much like the films with the constant chase music. Maybe what they should've done is give Jason his chase music once he hit rage or in the final minutes of the match, all the while before that he would be in a state of permanent silent stalk. No music cues and the only time counselors would cry out is he cut the power or they actually saw him. Given the way the game is now. If people are looking for timeout wins. Stalk mostly becomes a luck weapon. Most counselors will cabin hop and only venture outside or from a comfort spot if they're sure they won't be shift grabbed. Jason more or less has to trick the counselors with Stalk. Yet the time out win is another whole situation itself not related to Jason's mechanics, so I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. Some say Jason should've been able to pick up weapons and use them. I suppose they tried to mimic this film behavior with the context kills, however its not completely in spirit of the films when Jason would use anything from his bare hands to freaking toy horns to killing multiple people at once (Part 2, Part 6, Part 9) in a close radius. I suppose the base weapons were designed that way because they wanted to have a combat system in place. That's another whole ordeal I don't want to get into. Another one of the highly debated parts of the game was Jason in terms of not being able to go through windows, grab through windows or close and lock doors. All things that never happened in the game. Wes himself said he didn't believe closing and locking doors is something Jason would do, despite direct evidence of him doing so in the films. This could've led to some interesting scenarios. For instance, if they kept the door to Jason's shrine room in tact. Jason could've gone in there and locked the door behind him each and every time someone went for his sweater. Or if someone was trying to loop him in a cabin or big building, he could simply the lock the door behind him, say in an upstairs bedroom similar to how counselors can close doors in his face. The whole window situation would've led to some pretty tense moments. I suppose they left it the way it is because they wanted a safety net for counselors, even with the broken glass. You get near a window as counselor and manage to get in before you get shift grabbed/slashed or a knife in the back. You'll feel safe for a few seconds and gather some stamina back. So I suppose this was a necessary evil in terms of balance. However it doesn't change the fact that it was something done time and again in the films. Imagine all those trolls and do nothings that hop through a window or stand near a window looking to stun or damage Jason through a window suddenly get grabbed out of the window similar to the car grab and then killed? That would've been aces and it would've been neat to do with stalk. It also would've been a near guaranteed kill unless they had a pocket knife since Jason would have time to kill someone before a counselor could get outside. Basically if you died as a result of being pulled out of a window, it would be your fault. In terms of Jason being able to go through the windows. I feel like a simple balance for that would've been him going through the window kinda slow like he did in Part 3, not like in Part 7 where he just jumps right in. Again, stalk and coming through a window would've been great. I think Sense as a mechanic is neat, but its too simplistic and it really removes the trial and error aspect of play. Perhaps if it were a non toggle. It would be more balanced for both sides and when counselor were either not moving or outside, Jason would hear audible footsteps at interval off in the distance instead of seeing sound pings and the closer he got, the better the chance of finding them. Then you have the differences between the human Jasons and undead Jasons. This is where the game really should've tried to make the two types more distinguishable outside of a poor shift for a couple of them and a slight jog for all of them. They really just kinda left this aspect completely vanilla. Perhaps in fear of being bogged down in the film canon...I have no idea. For instance, the human Jasons all didn't run the same speed. Part 4 in the game is nowhere as fast as the film counterpart. I suppose giving them different run speeds would've created more metas and constant confusion. I remember when Part 4 was close to release. There were a lot of questions about whether he would be faster than 2 and 3 and he ended up being the same. For example on the other side of that, Part 6 was probably far and away the fastest undead Jason in terms of speed walking. Yet all the undeads walk the same speed. However then you look at Part 7 as he was originally and you could almost see why the gave him the bad shift, to sort of match how slow he was moving in the film...but then they changed it because as the game was and is currently designed and Jason himself...it didn't make for fun Part 7 gameplay. And then again, you probably could've made some core base changes between the human and undead counterparts, as well as individualize them to make them feel unique and different. I feel like all the human Jasons should be stunnable and for longer periods, but quicker overall with slight variance in speed. They would go through windows slowly, but lock and close doors quickly. I also feel like I'd trade out the shift mechanic for a sprint mechanic, which would've reflected the speed variance between the human Jasons. I feel like as a counter balance, Morph would probably have to be a base of 40 seconds like it is for Part 6, maybe even 60 seconds making it a crucial usage. However then that would open up a whole can of worms with stopping the car with no shift for human Jasons. The only thing that really makes sense is allowing him to jump onto the car and attacking the driver, something similar to what Part 6 does in the RV. Those would be some of the base changes to human/running Jasons. I feel like all the undead Jasons should be much harder to stun and have even quicker cooldowns on stun, but obviously slower overall with slight variances in fast walk speed with Part 6 being the fastest. They would go through windows like Part 7 and Part 4 did however, much quicker and close doors and lock them even faster than the human counterparts. I feel like Morph for all of them should be a base of 20 seconds like Part 2, maybe even 10 seconds. These Jasons would all have the same shift speed (the normal one), obviously no sprint mechanic and they would stop the car the way they do currently. I feel like melee combat for all of them would be like it is for weapon strength Jasons, maybe even stronger to compensate for no running. Ok, this is long enough and getting ranty. My general point being the mechanics and design could've been more complex than what it ended up being. Some might like the simplistic nature of the design though. Maybe they wanted to make it as simple as possible or they had bigger plans but decided to rush production to meet a launch. Who knows.
  4. Pretty game breaking bug this is too, especially if the only pair of keys or fuse is in there.
  5. Eh...I think its just time to throw in the white towel sadly. 1. Content is dead 2. They can only do one thing at a time in terms of fixes 3. The game still breaks 4. Every balance change requires nearly a full year before being revisited 5. They're more pro active in blocking videos showing unreleased content than moving the needle of the game in a timely fashion 6. They remove double xp too soon, giving newer players basically zero incentive to stick around. The ones that want to stick around anyway The game now is largely what the game will be 6 months from now, a year from now. I just think I'll find myself playing less and less. I've already taken big breaks at interval. The definition of insanity tends to be doing the same thing over and over, expecting a difference. That's what the game is nowadays. Basically here's what to expect come December for xmas Spoiler Alert... Double XP for 3 days...
  6. I kinda wish they kept the extra large versions they had planned. They shrunk down the large maps from what they are now even. It would've gotten silly though in the menu. Higgins Crystal Packanack Jarvis Pinehurst Higgins Small Crystal Small Pack Small Higgins Extra Large Crystal Extra Large Pack Extra Large
  7. Sort on topic, but not really. I find it hilarious how much they denounce the snow just because its a 'summer camp'. Why not try to do something the films haven't yet done? They had an opportunity to do so. They did not. People have wanted a Crystal Lake set during the winter for years. This idea that asking for a winter/snow setting is some new thing is quite frankly embarrassing. Its been out there for years. They have plenty of winter things to do. Ice skating, snowmobiling, hunting, building fires, skiing etc. I get that its not the norm. The opportunity was there however. Course, they would have to force in some skimpy xmas outfits first.
  8. Gotta go with Higgins. Loved it since Beta. If I could only play one map. It would be that one. After that, its the big versions of Crystal and Packanack. Pinehurst and Jarvis are fine atmosphere wise, but favor Jason of all skill levels by a long shot. They aren't that fun to play as counselor unless you happen to sneak out on the permanent boat escape. The small maps favor counselor by a lot unless they are being played by a bunch of do nothings, then a good or decent Jason will clean house.
  9. One of the most accurate. I remember the big debate around here about Part 6's mask not being up to par back in the day. That got ugly. I'd say most of the models are film accurate, some not 100 percent, but very good.
  10. If Jason had the tools he had at launch. This probably wouldn't be as glaring as it is now. I'd say a fair trade is something like this that should keep mains on both sides happy. For Counselor. Allow Jason to be stunned in rage with any weapon again, but the weapons break instantly regardless. This should help the slower/repair based counselors have more of a chance of surviving the night. Yes it does help the faster/more meta counselors, but with the trade being the weapon breaking instantly. I think that's a fair trade. Before rage, the weapons will have their normal durability plus whatever based on perks and said counselor stats. Bottom line, don't want him to get to rage? DON'T LOOK TO HIT HIM FOR NO REASON other than stamina regeneration. If you get him to rage and you start losing your weapons quickly. That's your fault. For Jason. Bring back godframes. This allowed him seconds of invincibilty after a stun, which prevented him from being possibly chainstunned or damage stunned without any real protection. Removing this made no sense. Back then, people made the claim that it was a lazy band aid for Jason and made him too strong. Well times have changed and it should return. The other tool you give him back is meat shielding. This allowed him to plausibly grab a counselor in a 2 vs 1 scenario, quickly spin them around to have his back in front of them and they COULD NOT FREE the counselor if Jason had his back towards them. This was a great protection in crowds, making grabs not COMPLETELY USELESS in crowds. Once this was removed, it basically made grabs in any scenario where Jason was not 1 vs 1 a total joke because its now instant freedom for every melee hit, thus forcing him to become a slasher in all crowd situations, which in turn opens him up to being demasked and killed quicker, REGARDLESS OF COMBAT STANCE. You could give him his old combat quick blocking back as a token buff, but I'd much rather have the other two as they help massively in the crowd game. I feel like if you did the above things, that would be a decent trade balance. I feel like we need video/visual evidence from back then to show what he was like around launch because outside of the OG launch players, people seem to have no idea what these mechanics are or were.
  11. All this does is basically confirm what's already known IMO. We'll get one solid fix every 6 months or so, then have to worry if something else breaks. Everything else up to and including changing the meta, overhauling the game in any meaningful way on Counselor or Jason side is all pipe dream stuff. Point being largely the game we have now is the game its going to be 6 months from now, a year from now, give or take dedicated servers. This after the game made a killing between backers and launch sales. You can throw all the lawsuit nonsense out the window. Here's what actually changed in the core game since launch for those who remember that far back. 1. Removed Jason's godframes after a stun, which helped protect him from being chain stunned or damaged. 2. Removed Jason's meat shielding when grabbing counselors, so he could keep them from freeing the counselor. 3. Added a force shield around windows that prevent Jason from interacting with them when a counselor is using them, also added a prompt because players complained Jason couldn't break windows without combat stance. 4. Added a fuse after beta feedback showed how easy it was to call the cops...arguably can be today if the lobby is loaded up on the right perks that make traps pointless. 5. Added a map marker for gas, the keys and battery because it was too difficult to find the items for counselor. Yet counselors that I've seen don't even bother marking the items by picking them up and instead ignore them or miss them. At this point, you might as well go the extra step and just mark them the minute a counselor enters a cabin. 6. Gave Jason a 'speed' increase and two extra knives after the Crystal Lake armory update combined with the nerfing ofJason's grab range made Jason a bitch that nobody wanted to play as for a good while. 7. Changed Jason's grab animation to 'look better'. 8. Made Jason unstunnable in rage except for shotguns and demasking. 9. Made firecrackers and flare guns stun Jason post launch after beta complaints about not having enough ways to fight Jason. Moved the flare gun from an inventory item to an item you can hold. 10. Made single entrance cabins or rooms have unlockable doors to prevent counselors from locking items in rooms, then leaving them via a window. 11. Removed team killing because trolls began taking over games. So that's about it unless im missing some? Roughly ten things that really changed throughout the games life cycle. Some of those are merely quality of life changes after months of complaints. Sure content at the time may have taken up some resources from making changes to the core game. However when you factor in the content was merely clothing packs, 2 new maps, 2 new Jasons, 4 new counselors, a cancelled gamemode after being hyped, a cancelled new Jason/map after being hyped, technically 2 cancelled Jasons with the retro rework that never happened. It really does feel like mismanagement killed the game more than anything else. Point being after this long rambling rant. The game you have now is the game its likely always going to be forever. So for all of us that look forward to something that's going to change the narrative of the game or spice it up in any meaningful way. We're holding onto a dead dream. A lot of people around here (more so twitter and other platforms) will probably blind buy a Halloween licensed game by Gun and company if they decide to go down this road again with another major horror franchise in the hopes and 'promise' that it will be like Friday the 13th, but better. I know I'll be waiting for sure. It would take a massive uptake in quality and turnaround with this game for me to consider another title even similar to this one from these publishers. Not a personal attack, just the rambling of one of the many disgruntled types who are still around whereas many others left.
  12. If a Jason is tunneling me. I absolutely try to lead them to others in the hope he changes targets barring he's teaming. Because unless the other people actually decide to get objectives done. You're forced to play a 20 minute loopathon where getting things done is limited.
  13. Its fine the way it is now. The skill check for a pocket knife is bad idea. Also allowing counselors to basically pocket them forever and ever to use when they want would be a huge nerf to Jason. So that's a bad idea too. If anything, I'd be in favor of changing the way the grab works now in favor of making THAT a skill check, but it would be based on composure and strength, instead of repair. Thus adding more relevance to those skill sets. I feel like doing it that way would make the whole grab situation more balanced in a one on one scenario. Since you know, they basically probably will never change how grip strength works for Jason and Counselor. Formula is simple High Strength = Faster Skill Check High Composure = Less Checks Overall Low Strength = Slower Skill Check Low Composure = More Checks Overall So for a character like Bugsy. His skill wheel would most fast, but he would have as many skill checks as he usually does with repair. A character like Jenny would have less checks overall but the wheel would move slower. Characters like Adam would have a healthy balance of both, etc.
  14. 1. Raise mask HP 2. Let him pick it up 3. Bring back godframes
  15. There is also the overhead shift you can use by cancelling out of a throwing knife and immediately shifting. Its also slower.
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