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  1. I probably come across more objective based/troll based lobbies than I have killing lobbies. I've rarely needed to trap the shack and I usually don't if I play a 3 trap Jason. I usually play them more because I feel like im forced to change it up once and awhile, especially with Part 4's awful shift. If I play as a 5 trap or Part 2, I usually trap the shack. I find most people whether they are by themselves or with someone will just tank the trap to save the pocket knife with all the med/thick skin/hypos out there. The pocket knife is more valuable in that area. I suppose the best one came recently when a Tommy and Tiff were chilling inside my shack. I was Part 9, I guess they expected me to just walk through the door since Tommy had the shotty pointed at the entrance of the head room. Tiffany was waiting in the back of the room. I stalk/shift/knife/slashed Tommy in mere seconds as he missed the shotgun blast and bam he was dead. He must've been running a non thick skin/hypo/med loadout because he went down in seconds, then I took care of a Tiffany with surprise surprise...two pocket knives and probably two sprays thanks to said perk loadout. I suppose I lucked out because the Tommy was clearly running something else, but I took care of them with ease which felt good.
  2. Steam charts will show you how many people play on steam. The numbers are pretty bad. The only way this game would hit near 20k on again on PC is if the lawsuit settled and the devs actually tried to give out good PR with one final DLC for Uber, Grendel and the unreleased clothing pack and even then, im not even sure it would crack 20k on steam or anything close to the first month of launch. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 In terms of the next patch. - New Victoria ass - Glitch fixes that have a 50/50 chance of actually fixing said problems since its merely workaround fixes...though removing crouch from counselor side would fix a great deal of them since crouch is mostly pointless, though removing crouch would remove a few legal spots of hiding...oh well..gotta take the bad with the good - Maybe a nerf to the rage buff to satisfy late game dancing trolls rather than buffing Jason in any other aspect or buffing non meta counselor stats. That's all until May or June, probably May since it will be the anniversary of launch. No mention of the supposed perk rework that was talked about awhile back or anything else. One thing at a time after all.
  3. Was on a Euro server the other night and as a US player, its a bitch with the lag and whatnot. Was still able to resist the kill and basically just slash them all to death and get the grab kills on the solos after the fact.
  4. Like I said when I linked that video. Its one of the glitches they didn't need to fix, but somehow took priority and it got quickly fixed compared to other actual gamebreaking glitches.
  5. I know strangely for me. I haven't used him in a while because he's...too slow? I know...he's got average morph, positive shift but I feel like Part 7 and 8 are both faster with the water speed, average shift and morph. I know most don't value it but I do. Even though up close, he's got the two best strengths in theory with weapon strength and destruction and with so many battle happy/troll players, he's ideal in that area.
  6. Kinda wonder about this. From my perspective. I've seen a lot less Savini Jason's lately. Which reason do you think it is? 1. Players are tired of using him 2. A lot of the backers/purchasers left the game behind 3. People still shame players who use him with the label 'pay to win' 4. Other Jasons are better
  7. Not a bad idea. Alternative solutions... 1. Sweater girl can't use the sweater unless she and Tommy are the only ones left alive 2. Jason can pickup his mask if knocked off, if he does...it becomes much harder to knock it off...call it 50/75 percent more difficult. Machetes or quick demaskers will break after one swing if he puts his mask back on. Think of it as kill protection. You don't pay attention to his mask and he gets it back...good luck.
  8. I remember back when hopes were still high on the content, before the dark times, before the lawsuit was ever known to be a thing. A poster put together a couple nice fan made maps of what the NES map could've looked like if it were ever made as DLC. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16508-could-there-be-a-friday-the-13th-nes-map/?tab=comments#comment-160060 Put Grendel aside. It may have had different gameplay as some thought it would. Or perhaps it would've been a hologram of some kind despite the leaks of the map. In what ways could they have made Forrest Green and the Shepherd residence different gameplay wise? Would you have liked to have Part 6 and Part 7 have their own maps? Perhaps you would've wanted them both together? For me...the design is simple. 1. Part 6 and 7 would be combined because I feel like the locations are less overall split than combined 2. The iconic houses would be the Party house from Part 7 (reskinned from Part 4 since its the same thing basically), the Shepherd house, the tool shed from Part 7 , the RV lot from Part 6, the extended dock from Part 6 and the Boris Careloff gas station from Part 6 off one of the roads 3. There would be no boats and no cars, instead two new innovations.. 3A. The RV from Part 6 3B. Can hold all 7 counselors, but it has its own catches 3C. Slower than the car, even Part 4 and Part 2 could catch it with their shifts 3D. The driver is chosen at RNG when counselors enter 3E. All counselors enter the same way and if Jason stops the RV, they all get forced out automatically 3G. The RV requires a gascan, a battery, the keys as well as a fuse similar to the one used for the phone...only bigger 3H. If Jason stops the RV, either the battery or the fuse becomes dislodged, forcing the counselors to both repair the part again and start the RV again 4. The design of the map would be similar to Higgins with a big body of water, perhaps going out towards the Southwest instead of the Southeast 5. While there are no boats, the other new vehicle escapes are canoes 5A. Canoes don't require a propeller or a gascan, but they do require paddles, which can be found near or around cabins near the water 5B. Canoes don't make any noise, unlike the boat...at all 5C. However Jason would be able to trap the docks on Forrest Green/Tina Residence as a tradeoff for the canoes needing very little to operate 5D. Canoes would be slower than the boat, but counselors would actually be able to use defensive items like shotguns or flare guns on the canoe 6. There would still be a fuse/phone spawn 6A. One at the Shepherd residence 6B. One at the Party House 6C. One at the abandoned tool shed from Part 7 6D. One at the RV lot from Part 6 6E. One at the gas station from Part 6 7. Jason's shack would have four RNG spawns instead of two Things like this I feel like would've helped make a Part 6/7 map pretty different from all the other wooded maps. I would've loved to see how potential caves from the NES map would've turned out. How would you have made a Part 6 or 7 map different?
  9. I believe so, back when he was datamining the game. Never really cared for him, he more or less gave up on the game before it even released. I think he just posted that kind of content to irritate those who wanted things kept secret more than because he was interested in doing it.
  10. Just found the thread that had the video. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13441-video-showing-jason-ai-is-possible/ Looks like they forced him to remove it.
  11. I do agree with the minor things. - Grab - Grabbing Knives (so slow) - Opening doors...fuck he should be able to close them or barricade them...he closed them in the films when need be...I think they just wanted counselor to be able to close it in his face as a means to buy time I don't think giving him more speed up close is a good idea. All its going to do is keep people gravitating towards meta/troll counselors and we already have enough of that in the existing game. It would be better if they buff stealth/composure to make them more viable for those counselors and heavily penalize low composure/high fear to make those counselors faster short term, but more vulnerable long term, especially up close. Chopping down a door should be faster. Its partially the reason people gravitate towards combat stance and single handed weapons since they shave seconds off breaking down a door and they don't leave you vulnerable to stun after the last swing.
  12. Awhile back, someone posted a proof of concept bot Jason that just chased you around to try to slash you. Probably back in 2017 if I remember. I can't find the videos anymore. Not sure if they were deleted or Gun put the hammer down on them or im not searching hard enough. They were on youtube though. Its definitely possible, but you know not enough money or time despite the killing they made with the game.
  13. Agreed. The lawsuit news has definitely killed a lot of the enthusiasm and interest in the game. People were expecting the full IP experience and instead didn't get it. Perhaps whats worse. People know the pattern of news around here and that's what bothers people additionally. Step by step 1. News about news 2. Some sort of small change 3. Let it sit for six months regardless of the state of the game and this was before the lawsuit was even on the radar of the playerbase
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