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  1. I can't imagine many people will be clamoring over a PS5 port when they know the score already. - No new content - Same old problems - Same old lukewarm gameplay
  2. Probably just time to disable the crouch feature...problem solved. Would probably be easier than asking the one coder over at Black Tower to fix a glitch spot every six months. - No point in using it when Jason has sense/sense spam/rage sense...hiding outside or in is not useful whatsoever - No more tea baggin...the oldest form of trolling in the game - Perks tied to crouch that I remember aren't really relevant anyway Basically crouch's only real useful use is exploiting the game. Only makes sense to remove a game feature. Other features were removed, time to remove this one.
  3. Well that stat definitely felt irrelevant from the beginning. None of the Jason's with this as a weakness suffer one bit whatsoever. Part 9 gets absolutely nothing out of having it as a strength. Bottom line, many of the stats could'v been been made more elaborate and detailed but what are you gonna do. Grip Strength is another one that definitely could've been more elaborate from the start. 3 years later and a lawsuit put that to bed. Though I've always been skeptical of the state of the game even if the lawsuit wasn't a thing right now as we sit here in 2020. The industry standard may be quick deaths for many games on average, but I can assure that not every game dies within such a time span. By dying meaning scope of support and changes, not so much x amount of playerbase still playing. Yes this game had the unfortunate lawsuit nonsense, but outside of that, its not always the same.
  4. Probably the greatest myth is one that can't be proven but can most certainly be speculated and that is the health of the game in 2020 with no lawsuit versus with the lawsuit. Chances are, the game likely would've stopped receiving content early last year as Grendel/Uber/Pajamas all likely would've release throughout mid/late 2018. So Virtual Cabin 3.0 aka the Lazurus probably ends up the last bit of content mixed with pointless emotes and a couple kill packs in early 2019.
  5. Nah it just feels like they picked the stats out of the air and didn't rely on canon events in the film. Well...for some Jasons and not others. Why doesn't Part 8 have + Morph but Part 2 does is the greatest example of that. Part 2 should've been something like... + Stalk + Traps + Can Run - Defense - Water Speed - Hit Points Part 8 something like... + Morph + Water Speed + Destruction - Grip Strength - Stun Resistance - Sense Part 4 should've been one of these. + Can Run + Shift + Water Speed - Traps - Stun Resistance - Hit Points Or + Can Run + Shift + Destruction - Traps - Hit points - Stun Resistance
  6. I'd just like to point out that L4D2 is getting brand new content nearly 10 years later. I know I know...license vs no license but still. The idea that all games lifespan is super quick (1-3 years) doesn't apply all the time. Also Valve worked with the community on this one as noted at the end.
  7. Small maps were one of the first signs of them caving to the community demands. The emotes weren't far behind. The game is too boring, lets put dumb ass emotes so counselors have something to do besides crouching all over Jason after a stun. And to think the launch maps were actually designed to be even bigger. I would've loved to see how much bigger they were. I still prefer the launch maps. The Small maps and DLC maps are just bleh one way or the other. The iconic locations are fine, but everything surrounding them isn't.
  8. If they can't fix the maps to prevent people from standing on god spots without solution, then the Salt Mines are absolutely a bad idea. They were a bad idea before too with a low playerbase. Jason nor legit Counselors who have died or escaped and want to finish a map aren't going to be willing to watch someone stand on a rock for 20 minutes. If they leave, they get punished, not the troll who stands there for 20 minutes. See the problem?
  9. Truth be told, the whole additional custom matches in private match was probably the best update they've had in almost 2 years and what do you know?...it was content related. Like I've said before, it was probably their biggest strength in terms of updates. The content related updates. The bug fixes/maintenance weren't. What does that mean? We are constantly told about a totem pole or priority of things they have. Somewhere before the end, more options for offline bots, maybe even quick play should be something they consider as it will actually add more life to the game beyond bug fixes when the servers go away. Options that can be done within the confines of the restrictions. If they can create entirely new options for private match, they can add more options to offline bots or even quick play. I'm not saying everything, but sensible ones. Fact is, I always knew people were going to avoid private match during the game's lifespan, because the game was never going to be meant to be played with friends and the teamers/friends aspect shows it in quick match. Games are more often played straight with a lobby of 8 complete strangers than combinations of friends mixed in. Not only that, lots of people were going to avoid private match because of the custom match settings. Lots of purists who hates mods and would view any perceived changes to Jason or Counselor as too extreme by the host (more traps, rage right away, Tommy immune, etc). With the playerbase likely to be in dire condition once the servers go away for good. I'd be willing to take the trade off with more options in quick play and obviously more options for offline bots.
  10. I feel like the hackers have won this thing, one way or another as of right now. The game being nearly unplayable for not yet but almost a month is a big thing. More over, with the game not even being at the peer to peer stage yet. It really puts the pressure on them to come up with a fix that's not only going to be serviceable now, but serviceable when the game goes P2P down the line. There is a lot more at stake here.
  11. Back in the old days, you had godframes and meat shielding. Two tools that helped with crowds. They were removed, intentionally or unintentionally.
  12. I would've traded all the tricks for stuff of actual substance that we never ended up getting. - Jason locking doors/closing doors/hiding in hiding spots/wiping out furniture, picking up the mask, etc - Counselor special abilities, counselors swimming under water, using paddle boats, etc Oh well
  13. Something naturally should be done about host quitters when it comes to peer to peer. I'm just not so sure they have the courage to 'punish' what will be left of the playerbase by then. I'm not talking about Salt Mines either. Something along the lines of a tracking system for hosts and when a host leaves x amount of times, they are not allowed to host anymore (permanently or x amount of games) and someone else inside the lobby is assigned automatically. Eventually this could weed out teamers/trolls/kill squad eqo types who host quit if Jason can't be killed, etc. If by some chance everyone in said lobby is some kind of scumbag, then it would randomly assign a host. Chances are, that doesn't come but I've seen the same types of players with the same names over and over in PC lobbies, so it might not work even then. Salt Mines shouldn't be a thing though. It'll punish the leavers for leaving bad host games more than it will punish bad host games. They sit on a rock for 20 minutes where Jason can't knife them, they get to stay out of the mines while everyone else leaves and gets punished for it. Not good.
  14. Peer to peer with the dumpster fire teamers and toxic types who will quit as host if they are killed as Jason/Counselor or part of a teaming/kill squad will only accelerate without the servers. However, it could be a preview of things to come and let people decide whether they want to stick around for a game that's only going to get 2 patches a year at most the rest of the way, with or without servers. Its a no good situation.
  15. I agree with a lot of what's been said, but Pappus said it best in his 'death of the game' documentary. Return of investment was always going to kill this game one way or another. Lawsuit or not. The lawsuit just allowed them to push it on the playerbase sooner rather than later that the game was not going to have a bright future in either case. Part of that is casual players moving onto the next shiny thing, part of that is disgruntled players unhappy with the direction of the game (stuff like Halloween outfits in a F13 game instead of camp counselor outfits, etc no new modes or gameplay mechanics, troll emotes, etc), part of that is players being unhappy with so many exploits and balance problems. Is this a serious game or a comedic troll game you know? Truth be told, the best thing they did was the content. In terms of actually maintaining the game and fixing it was proven well before the lawsuit to be their greatest weakness. Even if they had gotten to finish the last bit of content, we'd still be here in 2020 on here and reddit talking about... - Why the new Jason kill scenario is still bugged on Grendel? - Why counselors can still get on top of the spaceship on Grendel and dance? - Why do Jason's knives still blow up the space shuttles? - Why the counselors have Halloween outfits, Pajamas and Space outfits but no actual camp counselor outfits? - Why its still taking six months between patches that still don't fix everything they say they fix? Whether Illfonic stuck around or whether its Black Tower I might add. - Why the game has 200 emotes but no new game mode or gameplay mechanics added to the actual base game (the push mechanic and item locator ended up being all we got)? - Why don't we have more troll maps like Pinehurst Small, Jarvis Small, Grendel Small, etc? So even if that content managed to get out in 2018, the game would theoretically still be in the same shape in its now, give or take swap out what I mentioned above for other things. All that said, a lot of people will still give them a pass because the game can still be fun, but I think in the larger scope of things. Whatever reputation they had was hit pretty bad with all the starts and stops, scandals, inattention, etc. If the lawsuit ended within the next year or so, they could probably recoup some of that lost reputation with a farewell dlc of sorts, but they aren't going to do that, because of return of investment (also the contract) and because such a last project would require them to inevitably fix more things they add into the game and at that point, its proven to be their biggest weakness. So I guess its just enjoy the game while it still has dedicated servers, despite half of what's left of the playerbase being toxic types, because when the game goes full peer to peer. What's left of the playerbase will be at the mercy of the host and his/her goons.
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