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  1. There are like 4-5 topics about it on here. Some on steam, some on reddit as well. It is what it is.
  2. Yeah its all pretty bad at this point. Combine that with the teamers, trolls and russian servers with 30 players on Packacrap Small who hack people's accounts client side and its all one pretty big mess on PC anyway. As usual, all we get from the powers that be is the tried and traditional... 1. Go to Jason Kills Bugs Or 2. Total silence Why anyone would blind buy their next title regardless if its Halloween, TCM or anything else is just crazy talk at this point. The lawsuit isn't valid here either because these were things well documented over the course of the game's existence from the start. Nothing to do with content.
  3. I used to, but stopped unless I feel like wasting one as Part 2. Time could be better spent morphing to the correct generator for Tommy.
  4. The general unstable nature of p2p lobbies and laggy hosts that make the game unplayable.
  5. Two things. 1. We all know they won't be around because holidays. 2. Its a new year coming, they have a new game to hype and get people excited with that see nothing wrong here or look the other way and if the track record is any indication...these issues we see here with hackers seemingly able to alter the game at will is something we will see again in the next game.
  6. Yeah me and another person posted about this in the recent patch thread. Seems to be getting crazier and crazier. My only guess is they don't believe Gun will do anything about it.
  7. Ran into this server a couple days back. Took a while before I could find another lobby due to this lobby having the high cap. Must be some twisted xmas gift from the hacking community that allegedly keeps talking about how they are moving on from the game when people push them to release their content to the public, but they never end up leaving the game behind.
  8. Eh, this type of thing happens in every game and there will always be an argument over what is an exploit and what is skill that separates player x or player z. In a shooter, its always going to be the gun with less spread or highest clip count. I remember Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear all the way back in 98 or 99. All the comp and troll players did was spam the MP5-PDW due to its lack of recoil and consistent tight spread and the one pistol whose name I forget that had the 15 round clip. Also the same maps over and over. Mostly the smallest maps for fastest games. Flash forward to Super Smash Bros. All people did in that game after awhile is spam Kirby as a fighter. In the first sequel, it was Fox and the final destination map if I recall due to its flat surface. In the third game, it was Meta Night. In this game, its Part 3 with the controller 'tech' or 'exploits' or Vanessa from the other side along with counselor 'tech' or 'exploits'. Also spam the shit out of Packacrap Small. See a pattern here? I think its a fine line in any game between determining skill and what is simply the easiest way to win.
  9. All the more reason why removing Sense toggle among things like manip of skill checks should've happened long ago. Either they wanted to hand hold the playerbase or were completely oblivious to how such things made good repair less crucial and Sense as a strength or weakness even matter.
  10. I think we have different definitions of what balance is. You cite Part 3 as the most balanced?... He has no weaknesses that matter. No mobility weaknesses or objective control or mask hp. When people talk about Part 3, its most often cited that they prefer him BECAUSE he has no weakness that matter. That's not balance, that's just what's easiest to get by with. Same with those Vanessa fools. She can keep Jason at a distance with jogging, can waste his time, has decent luck, can be the sweater girl and can repair with proper manip of skill checks. No weaknesses. Who cares if Jason finds her. She has more than enough tools to bait him unless he's a master of knives (and has enough to burn her 4-6 sprays) and tech and she's just a noob or average troll Vanessa. To me, balanced means both actual strengths and weaknesses. The 3 I mentioned don't mean I think they are the best Jasons in the game. It means you can clearly see the balanced design behind them. 2 has objective control but is bad up close. 4 is great up close but has terrible objective control and mobility. 6 has range and up close mobility but bad at a distance. You can clearly see both sides of the coin with them. Course, if more of the powers in this game had actual depth and design, rather than just being placeholders. The game could've had more balanced Jasons rather than lopsided or bad ones. We can agree to disagree. I don't care how good you are or aren't and/or how that makes your opinion more valid or not. I've stated my reasons, I'll move along.
  11. Wish I could be excited, but given what happened here. Its hard to be. I could see the same thing playing out if its Halloween. 1. Big kickstarter 2. Game comes out in 2023 3. Robot Android from Halloween 3 as kickstarter exclusive with all the best powers...hence he's called pay to win...course, this is discovered post launch 4. Kickstarter clothing pack 5. Christmas 2022 Beta featuring Halloween 1 Myers, Halloween 2 Myers and Rob Zombie's H1 Myers as playable as well as 4 or 5 babysitters 6. Game gets delayed until a summer release 7. Game starts off with a sluggish launch but does well to pay homage to the Halloween franchise 8. Casuals and trolls start complaining about Myers being too strong, hence he's intentionally and unintentionally nerfed all throughout 2023, making the playerbase leave in droves 9. Many bugs and glitches never get patched over the fall of 2023 10. Casuals and trolls complain about the size of the maps, hence they release Haddonfield Small, Hospital Small and Silver Shamrock Small over the fall as 'DLC' 11. Halloween 4 Myers and an aged up Jamie Lloyd as DLC combined with a Halloween 4 themed map for Xmas 2023 12. Laurie is the hero character, but hackers datamine the game to discover that Loomis will be a new hero character in a future DLC map planned for 2024 13. Halloween 2018 Myers and a Haddonfield 2018 map for DLC come out in spring 2024 along with a Laurie 2018 skin alternate for the hero character 14. Playerbase in 2024 starts to dwindle very low due to lack of bugfixing and playtesting, Gun decides to pull the plug on the game citing cost, but without saying the reason which we all know...the playerbase leaving Poof, Halloween the game dies around a year after its release, no different than F13.
  12. 2, 4 and 6 are the most balanced, well thought out Jason's in the game. They have actual strengths and actual weaknesses, but because 3,5, 8 and Savini have very little weakness and we tend to gravitate towards the easiest path of victory. Most lobbies will contain a lot of 3, 5, 8 and Savini. Same thing with counselors, although in both cases. Its just because the meta of this game became so apparent and so stale basically a year in. That's what we ended up with. Hell, in the final days of the Xmas 2016 beta, we basically got a preview of what the meta would be 3 years later. A whole lot of Part 3 spam versus a whole lot of Vanessa spam. Not much has changed in 3 years. Blame goes on Illfonic/Gun for scrambling with the game since day one knowing they had the lawsuit looming to shut everything down and of course the community for never daring to be different 3 years later. I mean you can't force people to play with the lesser counselors/Jason's but by god, its like people don't even get bored and want to try something out of their comfort zone.
  13. Absolutely should be fixed. I could see this being a further death nail for the PC playerbase on top of peer to peer.
  14. I've been wanting this answer for years and it was always something I pondered in terms of rationalizing all the stops and starts and misfires throughout the first year of its life. Now that we know, it does make sense of the constant mishaps throughout 2017 and it kinda makes them look foolish for backing themselves into a corner with dedicated servers as a promise, then using them as a development black hole whereas more content could've been created and delivered, as it was really the only real strength of the team over the first year. Even singleplayer challenges look silly in hindsight. They were limited use modes and the trade off wasn't great.
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