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  1. Nope, but if the last two people alive are fucking around, I'll just leave. Zero patience for it.
  2. They lost 4k players within 2 weeks of the steam sale. Probably any number of factors. Removing the double xp after 3 days probably being one of them. Cross platform could lift up the playercount, but given their track record. It would take years and years to achieve. By then, they would've already had the excuses to close the doors on the servers.
  3. I would never say Pappus was a clean player. But his point (and the point of the reviewer he sites in his video) feel all too real about wanting to keep the playerbase around...or lack there of. The decisions they make are baffling at times.
  4. 1. Game/DLC goes on sale for Steam 2. They offer a brief double xp 3. Then remove it... And just like that, the PC playerbase went from 5k down to 1k inside 2 weeks. Granted, this is not ALL because they removed the double xp. Some players probably got a first hand experience of all the bugs and toxicity and decided its not worth sticking around to try to level up with a frustrating Las Vegas style perk system. That said, I just don't get the strategy. Its almost like what Pappus said was true in his video. They have zero interest in player retention. In other words, doing things to intentionally drive players away. This is what they should've done. 1. Game/DLC goes on sale for steam 2. They offer double xp/tape drops for the ENTIRE Summer 3. Then remove it come fall Give new players incentive to want to stick around through all the bullshit and unlock counselors and Jasons, skins, colors, etc. Instead, they don't go that route. Some might say well maybe they are afraid the OG playerbase will throw a fit because they never got a double xp that long and they had to unlock the hard way or maybe its because they plan on launching another double xp when the Switch launch happens. Still, these feel like flimsy excuses. If they wanted to improve player retention. They would be more proactive in doing so.
  5. Add them to the new road map list. 2019 - Roof 2020 - Cars 2021 - Context Kills 2022 - Random Counselor/Jason 2023 - Flare Guns 2024 - Combat mechanics
  6. On PC I've noticed the dip in sale players already. I'm sure I'll come across some 150 level teamers again eventually. I just leave when I see it. They can't do it if they have nobody to do it with. Let them lobby hop. When the PC numbers get back down to 500 a day, they won't have many options. Wes himself shot down allowing team killing again in the recent beyond stream. Its never coming back as a countermeasure. That's honestly the only real practical way to counter it even if it gave trolls and teamers more ammo to use. The real answer is they have no real way to solve this issue, hence it will continue forever. This game was not meant to be played with friends, regardless if its teaming or waiting to kill your friend for last. Both scenarios ruin the game in varying degrees.
  7. Stalk is only useful for players actually playing to do anything besides troll or 'survive the night' via the time limit. If you're dealing with those types. Jason HAS to be on the offensive, they don't have to do anything besides hop and hide....and they will just chill in cabins and wait for you to come to them. Especially if they have 4 sprays and a pocket knife already. They literally don't have to move. Can't surprise when its obvious they know you have to go on the offensive to kill the lobby. Otherwise yeah, the meta of the game is bleh. I don't expect much to change though. If they had any nerve, they would've kept special abilities or flat out prevented certain merchanics working for certain counselors, completely changing the entire game.
  8. 3 Easy Steps 1. Reduce melee weapon spawns 2. Allow melee weapons to stun Jason in rage mode 3. However melee weapons break after one swing every single time, regardless of the perks, etc You still keep the stun values as well, so if you plan on playing a long, drawn out hopathon with pots and pans with no wrenches and bats around, good luck with that.
  9. Eh...eh... She can be fun I guess. If Jason tunnels her, she's doomed unless the Jason is absolutely horrible or you get lucky in the final minutes of a time out win or he's distracted by others in the lobby. I'd rather roll Fox or Adam on random. Both can repair with skill check manipulation, both can fight Jason, both can demask easily, etc. Most reliable... 1. Adam 2. Fox Fun/Challenging 3. AJ 4. Kenny 5. Jenny 6.Eric 7. Deb 8. Mitch 9. Vicky Too easy/Not Fun 10. Vanessa 11. Chad 12. Tiff 13. Bugsy Just Not Fun 14. Shelly - They messed up this film icon What his stats should've been... Speed - 7/10 - He was fast in the film with that weird run of his, but he should have weak stamina Stamina - 3/10 Repair - 3/10 Strength - 8/10 Luck - 4/10 - He didn't get Vera, but he did scare the shit out of people with the fake death Composure - 5/10 -Wasn't afraid to go looking around alone
  10. Him being there is just more proof he should've been released as a skin for the undead Jasons like NES was for Part 3. Also him being there in the files still instead of not being there continues to give people hope (despite allegedly being none) that he will be eventually released in 2040.
  11. 1. Disable all the genarators to start, making the Tommy call harder 2. Add a recolored fuse, forcing the Tommy radio to require an additional part to be called 3. Force 'kill squads' aka any lobby these days to actually escape rather than suicide or fake die in order to get Tommy. If nobody escapes with a vehicle/boat or a police escape, nobody gets Tommy Tommy should be earned, not a given 10 seconds into match start. They aren't going to give Jason the location of his generator on match start. Something else should be added.
  12. That's the problem isn't it? If stealth and composure meant anything. Higher speed characters would have a harder time surviving if Jason was around them often (speed and stamina would only help them get away initially and punish them if they stayed close) and others would be more manageable late game. Instead, its ass backwards with a random Vanessa or Tiff just trying to hold onto their precious pocket knives and spray for 20 minutes while the others die off first. Bad game design on BOTH sides. Fun, but bad.
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