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  1. @Jax00, please read the forum rules. You are required to make an introduction before you start posting elsewhere.
  2. I think people might be missing my point here. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing exploiters getting their asses kicked as much as anybody else does and I like seeing Jason getting on the roof to smack some sense into them. However, it is by technical definition an exploit; a feature in the game that's not in there by design. What matters right now is what the developers and publishers think about it, it's not up to us to decide whether or not it should or shouldn't be fixed. It's about what they want to do about it. As for 'try to avoid using it', I said that to keep yourselves safe. If someone sends in video footage of you messing about on a part of the map you're not meant to access, what do you think the person analysing it will think? Whether or not we players agree on if it's an acceptable use of an exploit to benefit everyone in the game is irrelevant, it would be classified as exploiting and any form of exploiting would be liable to a potential ban. Just think about these things and be wary. Video footage means you can be banned if they decide it is appropriate, and it's something you won't be able to argue about. Again just to reiterate, I'm not saying anyone will be banned for sure for getting on the roof as Jason, I'm just saying that it's an exploit like counselors getting on the roof is. Perhaps @mattshotcha can share his thoughts on the matter.
  3. I wouldn't either. Like I said earlier on, I don't see any particular negatives associated with Jason being on the roof, but ultimately it isn't what we think that will decide if it gets fixed or not; it's about whether it's an intended feature in the game.
  4. You're missing the point mate. My point is it's not an intended feature. Getting on the roof by any means isn't an intended feature and people getting up there is considered an exploit. It is irrelevant if Jason did it in the movies, if the devs wanted Jason or the counselors to get on the roof then there would be stairs or a ladder. Do you or do you not have to perform a specific set of steps to get on the roof? Are you or are you not supposed to be up there? Is it an intended feature of the game, or is it not? The answers add up to 'performing a specific, questionable action to access part of the geometry that is not normally accessible, nor is it designed to be accessible'. Getting up there is an exploit, and developers and publishers don't want exploits in their games. Bad and game breaking or otherwise, it will be fixed at some point. Telling me it's not an exploit is like saying Packanack lodge is painted yellow and red outside. It's just not true.
  5. Nope, best to not post too much about it. If you save the details of how people are doing it for jasonkillsbugs.com, it'll go to the right people. You can discuss glitches, just not how to do them, nor any naming and shaming of gamer tags and such for anyone you've seen using them
  6. I'm guessing you missed my implication of 'magical healing properties' in my previous post Lol. Won't find them being so effective at treating severe wounds in real life
  7. Lol 80% ethyl alcohol? Apparently an antiseptic spray fixes torn muscle, lacerations, puncture wounds and fractures. Where can I get me some "80% ethyl alcohol"?
  8. It's not often I respond to party invites or game invites on Xbox from people I don't really know (although I'm likely to respond to messages if you say who you are), but if you spot 'Capt Crackbeard' in any lobbies, you've found me
  9. I've decided to reopen this thread for a bit, as @NightmareFuel wanted to get some tags of people currently playing. He rightly pointed out that a lot of the people who posted tags listed in the specified area may not be playing, so if you are an active player and want to join @NightmareFuel, mention it here
  10. @Somethin Cool, don't confuse 'whining' with simply bringing attention to something. Regardless of how the 'get Jason on the roof' exploit works, it is still an exploit all the same; it is not meant to happen and the developers are going to want to fix it. That's just the way it is. 'Advanced gameplay' was once used as an excuse by a couple of less than stellar community members to attempt to justify their actions for using exploits. I'm not personally bothered if Jason getting on the roof is patched or not, but from a development standpoint, it doesn't make the game look good if people are able to do things like this. If I were on the development or publisher teams, I would want it gone. Who willingly wants exploits of any kind to remain in their game?
  11. Thing with that idea is that it's changing the map. With the current restrictions, would the devs/pubs be able to actually modify the map to include this new kill zone? How would it look on the change log do you think? *Added killboxes to prevent access to exploitable areas. Key word being 'added'. If I remember correctly, Wes previously stated they can't even add a new tree to the game. I don't think it'd be doable personally, and to quote Star Wars it'd be a case of "yousa in big doo doo this time" if it infringed on any agreements.
  12. @HaHaTrumpWon I know, and even though it's like I said and Jason going up there isn't seemingly a bad thing, by technical classification it is use of an exploit in the game's geometry, and consequently subject to any conditions associated with the use of exploits. What I'm saying is it's not likely to get you banned, but it is technically an exploit like the counsellors getting up there is; it's not meant to happen.
  13. See the 3 pinned threads at the top of this section: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/12-player-run-challenges/ Tags go in there
  14. Sadly, hackers/cheaters on Steam are why I abandoned my level 150 account and moved back to Xbox. They always find a way in any game to spoil it.
  15. I've seen people getting on to the roof as Jason, and I've found several clips 'explaining' how to do it, though they're rather vague. Even though it's still technically considered exploiting, Jason getting on the roof is of no benefit to anyone, unlike counselors being able to survive rounds up there. Jason goes up there and nothing changes; he either stays up there and gets no kills or gets off the roof and starts killing again. He can always hide in the water if he wants to be untouchable. If anyone knows the detailed method of getting on the roof as Jason, please PM it to me. I'd like to test it in offline play to get reproducible results which could be sent in for patching along with the regular counselor roof cheat, and it would be quite beneficial incase I have the displeasure of actively encountering a roof cheater Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. Appears to be that 1 thing is required for both Jason and Counselors to pull this off. Going to talk to the team about it.
  16. Thanks for that I'm sure it'll be useful, and the vigilance of community members here is always nice to see.
  17. Sure, here: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/67065555 Same as all other Jasons
  18. It's both a shame and quite glorious at the same time. It's a shame I don't get to hear it that often because I can't hear it when I'm playing SJ, and there aren't that many around anymore (besides the odd eBay Jasons, which are easy to spot because their achievement dates don't back up the dates for owning him), and also somewhat glorious because it's rare and when it does come on, it retains its spooky qualities more-so than songs I've heard a lot before.
  19. Savini Jason's music is my favorite. It sounds very menacing
  20. It's been discussed before but this won't happen. There's already threads on it if you want information on what people think and there may be a post from a staff member in there somewhere.
  21. Haven't had any 150's rage explicitly at me that I can remember, but a 150 rage quit the moment I got past him with a car full of 4 right at the exit. It was a Savini Jason too, and he left the lobby a split second after I drove us all past him. Encountered a troll on Xbox as well who tried his best to pose as a girl, right down to the name he chose for his gamer tag, choice of picture for said gamer tag and how he talked down the microphone. I heard him speaking in the lobby as a 'girl' but I generally don't talk to randoms, so I just played the game as normal. He encountered me in the game and tried to team kill me with a weapon, then followed me round incessantly until Jason got him. He then said to his friend in his real teenager voice 'he (referring to me) got me killed' when he came back as Tommy, and I replied 'you got yourself killed you idiot'. He then tried to troll me by continuously saying my name wrong and talking to his friend about how I was X and Y. I ignored him completely until he and his friend left. His friend didn't seem to be like him, but did have some knowledge of what was going on so I thought 'guilty by association'. I then encountered them both again last night, and I waited a couple of minutes before he noticed I was in his lobby. "OH IT'S CRACKBING, HEY CRACKBING". I didn't respond because trolls get furious when you ignore them most of the time and they try their hardest to get a reaction out of you. "He's probably not gonna talk man, come back to party chat" says his friend. They already knew I wasn't a putz who'd respond to their nonsense so they didn't even try this time. Anyway, the game starts as normal. First game and I escape by police; the troll and his friend both die. Next game in the same lobby on Crystal Lake small, I manage to fix the four seater. I immediately spot the troll's friend who was playing as Tiffany, trying to grab a seat from the other players. Jason then turns up and chases him off, and I return to the car shortly after with the keys and get it started. I pick up 2 other players out of the 3 left alive (excluding me) and ignore the troll's friend. Funnily enough, he thinks he can get one of the remaining seats and then runs out into the road as I'm driving up. Usually I'd not bother teamkilling, but I had a good laugh as I plowed straight through him and drove off with the rest of the players The next game I escape by police again, and we're up to round 4. I was hoping each time I would get to play Jason so I could destroy the pair of them with ease, but unfortunately didn't get the chance. At the end of round 3, I notice that they both died yet again and I escaped again. I sent one message to the 'girl' troll, saying "Dead yet again? You guys aren't very good at this are you lol". He replies with something along the lines of "haha you're getting communications banned", and I sent one reply and one reply only: "Not without profanity I won't, try harder". Idiot then proceeds to send 3 more messages trying to get a rise out of me. He failed because I didn't respond after mocking him, and in the 4th and final round on Crystal Lake again, I got the four seater running as usual. I spotted him crouched in the corner near the tool shed, responding to the 'not without profanity' message I sent him. Just as I start the car, he finishes his message and gets up and comes running towards the car. I drove forward a bit to make sure he didn't get a seat, then full on reversed straight into him. It was a really satisfying clunk as I ran his ass over. I let two other non-troll players get in and there's a third nearby who seemed a bit hesitant, given that I'd just deliberately TK'd someone and was sat there honking at him. He doesn't bother getting in and Jason morphs over shortly after, so I just floored it straight out whilst giggling to myself about how rubbish the troll was at trolling. After that, they both quit. Found them once more in a later game but they both immediately quit out lol.
  22. Please post your thoughts on Jason's current state in this thread instead: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25448-jason-is-weak/?page=34
  23. @KFC Lachappa, you need to read these rules properly and avoid multi-posting: Please Post with Purpose: Be advised, we do offer areas to blow off steam and generally horse around, but in areas that are meant to be serious, we wish for you to post with intent, rather than simply 'up' your post count. This helps weed out spam, keep discussions on topic and gets information out there quicker. This includes "bump" posts. Double/Multiple Posts: Please be mindful of double posting. If you have more thoughts on your initial post, please hit the 'edit' button, rather than publishing multiple posts in the same topic in quick succession. You can post if someone else posts after you. Found here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/3-friday-the-13th-the-game-forum-rules/
  24. @KFC Lachappa and @DEVILS_REJECTS7, I said earlier in the topic that there will be no more arguing here; it'd be wise to heed my very fair previous warning. This is a fairly productive topic and it needs to stay like that.
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