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  1. Here's some feedback from me, bearing in mind the current restrictions imposed on the game due to the copyright issues and court cases. I've been a player for about 2 years now, since the pre-2017 beta was first available. I've seen and experienced every change that has been made to Jason and along the way, some things have changed whilst others have remained consistent. Main concern - Jason's ability to deal with multiple counselors This is for me the primary concern when playing Jason. The issue with multiple counselors attacking Jason is his inability to damage multiple players at once. I am aware that he can hurt people who are standing very close together with melee attacks, but smart counselors will simply surround him and bait him into missing his swings so they can get some free stuns or damage. His grab isn't useful in engagements with several counselors as all it takes is one hit for him to drop whomever he's holding. This limits Jason to doing 1 of 3 things: stand toe to toe with his aggressors, retreat or use throwing knives. Typically I would use stalk and shift grab someone who's further out than the others, or stalk and shift stab and retreat to whittle down their HP. For newer players who aren't as familiar with playing Jason, this isn't an easy tactic to utilize and consequently, they tend to waste knives on poorly aimed throws and get ganged up on quickly. It definitely adds to the sensation of Jason feeling weak. So, without rambling on into too much unnecessary detail, here are my conclusions: Jason needs to be able to deal with groups of counselors and they need additional reasons to stay away from him. Fear is of little consequence to several or more players who are sticking very close to eachother with weapons because they can easily free eachother if they get grabbed, and throwing knives are finite. Plus, double heal med sprays are common choices for these 'Jason kill groups'. My suggestion would be to increase Jason's health and his resistance to stuns and damage all round, and add harsher penalties to the double first aid spray perk. I'm not sure if it's easy to integrate specifics like 'can't be stunned by X weapon for Y seconds after Z occurrences', but another suggestion would be to make it so counselors can't be freed from Jason's grip when he has rage: they either escape by knife or button mashing. Increasing the penalties from extreme fear could also be worth looking in to.
  2. @DeadDuck don't ask for information on how to exploit. It's been reported by many users so there's no reason to know it other than if you intend to use it. Requesting of and sharing information about how to break the game with exploits isn't something we'll allow here. We want the game to get better, not worse.
  3. Take it from me and listen when I tell you that I know for a fact they will ban players that are cheating. I've seen it myself multiple times. Just because they haven't got round to it yet, it doesn't mean they won't.
  4. I played for the first time in a few months a few days ago. I quit playing on PC because of the hackers and now I exclusively play it on Xbox. What I found was everyone seems to be new or not know how to play. I had one good Jason as a foe in about 15 games, the rest were easy escapes. Still great fun to play but as it stands on Xbox, everyone is really easy in quick play.
  5. There are dedicated servers, I'm actually in a lobby for one right now. You'll know if you're in one because it'll say the server name under the map choice box. Usually it's "F13 Official EU" or US. If you're not searching for dedicated servers when you press the quick play button and you're on Xbox, it sounds like you have a problem to me. Maybe someone else knows more.
  6. Please read the rule on double/multi-posting; I've merged your posts into one.
  7. Afraid I'll be locking this. TKing has been discussed in other threads and it's a feature the majority were glad to see the end of. Play private matches instead, I think TKing is an option you can select.
  8. Right. I've reviewed this topic and I've had to hide many posts that are just back and forth arguing. If they contained information relative to the thread then we can read it, but we won't allow this arguing to continue. Usually I'd be handing out warnings to all those involved right now, but seeing as we're 2 days from Christmas I'm going to say this instead: the arguing stops here at this message. I don't want to have to close the thread permanently but if people want to fight, you won't leave me much of a choice. No more bickering. Whoever casts the first stone after this gets the first warning, so consider this message an ideal opportunity to get back on topic. Discussing the availability of Savini Jason and who 'should' or 'shouldn't' have him also doesn't have a place in this topic. Gun has said so many times now that he's never being released to the public; he was a backer's option from the beginning and that's the way it's always going to be. Also @Dynamic skills7, just use a different font colour. Slasher has used dark purple in his responses for ages if I remember correctly, it's easier to just pick a different one. It's not a rule so I won't enforce it, but I will politely request it just so Matt and whomever else reads it has an easier time knowing who's posting what. Thread's open again now. If anyone has issues with other people's responses and they break the rules, use the report button and don't become part of the argument. We will deal with users who are being uncivil; you don't want to be one of them by being part of the argument and consequently, the problem with this thread.
  9. @Dynamic skills7 and @Slasher_Clone, let's keep it on topic please gents.
  10. Unfortunately, it's no longer a bannable offense in-game. Too circumstantial to reliably hand out fair bans. Best I can recommend is to block the players involved and avoid them in future games.
  11. We're still here, don't worry. Things are a bit quieter but we're still around. @OutOfNames, if you don't want to post here then kindly show yourself out. "This place sucks and so does Friday the 13th game", well how come you've come here to post then if it sucks so much?
  12. I'll handle this one. The short answer is unfortunately no, you won't be banned. You used to be able to get banned for helping Jason, but unfortunately the developers have since revoked that punishment. You can find a list of things here that you can be banned for: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/8280-specific-bannable-offenses-and-in-game-guidelines/ It is one of those things that can be incredibly difficult to prove, as it is all based on circumstance. I'm assuming that's why they stopped banning players for it. Let it also be known that you can be banned for doing anything that violates the EULA (end user license agreement). Every single player who downloads and plays the game agrees to abide by the EULA, it's the same with every video game you get. You won't be banned for helping Jason, but I'll tell you straight up that it's likely players will hate you for it. I've heard some seriously pissed off players through the Xbox headset because of these kinds of players, and there will come a point where you will make a name for yourself. Once you've made a name for yourself as Jason helper, you will be teamkilled a lot, people will refuse to play with you, people will all come together and beat the crap out of you if you're Jason, you'll get abuse by messages and voice chat and whatever else people can do to let you know how pissed off they are that you're playing like a knob. TLDR: can't be banned for helping Jason, but you will be hated by players for it.
  13. Yes, I can say without a doubt that you will be banned for hacking the game. That's what that file is; it is an illegitimate method of obtaining access to something you're not normally meant to have. Do yourself a favour and don't do anything with it, lest you decide to actually risk the ban. I've seen people banned for using it.
  14. Been topics on this before. Search before making a new thread please.
  15. Alright, sorry guys but this is getting locked now. Too many of these threads already; we've literally had over a year of them and the developers have amicably stuck to their word about not putting him back up for sale.
  16. I've tried to find the terms and conditions that come with using the Savini Jason character. Haven't been able to find anything specific, so I'll go by what the EULA says for F13: The Game. Bear in mind everyone who plays agrees to this when they use the software. Early on, it states that you are granted a license to download the software. By extension this would include Savini Jason if you had purchased him. Each license is granted on an individual basis and I don't see anything about households and family, so whomever bought the game is the person who the license to download it was granted to. It technically doesn't include anyone else by extension, which would include family that play on your console. You're not meant to do it really, but realistically there's no way to tell who is really using your console or PC. As for sharing it to your friends, I would imagine there's some way of detecting that for Microsoft, Steam, Sony, Gun or whoever; someone would be able to see if it were downloaded at different places surely. I don't work at any of them so I'm just speculating on that one. My point is don't come on the official forums and paint a target on yourself by saying you've either game shared it, received it from someone else or are letting other people use your console with their profiles to access the DLC. All 3 would violate the EULA for the game and consequently, gives grounds for termination if they deemed it necessary.
  17. Whether this works or not I don't know, but I can say that if it does work, it's not meant to. If you want to chance getting Savini Jason this way, don't be surprised if your account ends up banned.
  18. It would be, yes. Therefore, not going to happen. You can discuss the idea of it if you want, but it won't happen I'm afraid.
  19. I have indeed noticed this a lot on Xbox too. After returning to F13 after a break (usually how it goes - play it til I'm bored, break, fancy playing again), I changed my preference to counsellor to get a feel for the player pool on Xbox. Didn't take me long to realize that most play like noobs on there, and I was the only one fixing anything. When I swapped back to Jason, it was just too easy. I've stopped playing now for a while. Not for any particular reason, but because I've put in a lot of time over 2 platforms. I rarely ever put over 1000 hours into any game and I think I've got like 700 or so. I play now and again when I fancy it. Jason needs a buff - and a big one at that - and I'm glad the developers are looking at it currently.
  20. This is an English speaking forum; please stick to one language everyone understands
  21. Lots of threads and various responses from Gun stating the same thing, which is nothing has changed. Sorry.
  22. There's only 4 mods and if wasn't me you're referring to, it wouldn't likely be any of the others so it must be an admin.
  23. @Alien_Number_Six, does this person you're referring to have a white name or red name? I think I know who you mean, but that would be an admin rather than a mod. Two separate teams.
  24. By some, that means me. There's nobody else on the mod team who's as blunt as I am. I'm not hostile, but I do get tired of repeating myself dozens of times and each time, less sugar coating comes on my responses. People paint me to look hostile by talking when I'm not around, like they're doing on Reddit. Think I'm toxic or hostile? Go see what they decided to say about me there and tell me I'm the bad guy. I'll just say it straight. Some people got too pissed off for their own good with the no more content announcement and that's when the forums started going down hill. Just because of that announcement, certain users thought the rules no longer applies to them. Then it escalated until they got themselves banned. To reiterate once more: I'm not hostile, but I'm blunt and straight up about things. Sorry if you think I'm mean or nasty, but I'm not. When we used to play on Xbox, nobody had anything bad to say about me. Now that we've been made to look the bad guys, nobody is interested in playing anymore and half of them I haven't even said anything to. I'll let you judge on what's fair here, people should judge me based on their own opinion and not base it on what some other people are insisting I am. By the way, I used to spend hours making free animated signatures for forum users. If I were mean or hostile, I wouldn't have made a single one. (Not aimed for you personally @Slasher_Clone, this is just a general statement to whomever reads it)
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