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  1. I think the issue we're seeing here is with a small minority who appear to be Jason hunters. Two of the four possible victory conditions have gotten harder, but there are still 2 other ways out. If escaping and surviving isn't good enough for you, then I have to ask: what's your problem? Why is escaping not an option for you? What I think it is, is that the people who hunt Jason like to do so for bragging rights or self-appreciation. "I've defeated Jason X/Y/Z amount of times, therefore I am good". If you want to truly be a good player, then rescue everyone else and help them get some XP. Help the lower level players out by using your skills to fix a car and pick them up. If these players don't have fun doing that and only want to defeat Jason every round they play, then that's their problem and their selfishness should cause their demise if they screw up. Everyone else who's playing suffers because they refuse to assist in objectives.
  2. You're assuming that every game HAS to have a 'final chase' sequence. The game isn't a movie; it's not supposed to follow a specific pattern besides 'run for your life'. No counselor in the game is special except Tommy; they can all be the 'final girl' or 'final guy'. The chase when you're the last or one of the last ones alive is still there, it just means you can't try your luck with a poxy melee weapon. Find yourself a gun or a knife and use cabins and traps to your advantage. All you have to do is avoid him, nobody said anything about stopping him. Either that or just do yourself a favor and get out sooner. Can't get out sooner? Pick a counselor with higher stealth and repair skills and do it yourself like I do. @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, yes combat is indeed possible, but it's a supplementary tool in your arsenal. Your primary tool to escape is your mind and how you choose to play; brute force and a lucky stun in a desperate situation should be a last resort. Learning how to fight is a good skill to have for sure, but it's not going to get you a win on your own.
  3. I would argue that invincibility to most stuns isn't silly at all; choosing to fight Jason is the silly thing to do. As someone who tries to escape and save other players in the process, I don't see any issue with this. If an opportunity presents itself to defeat Jason then I'll be part of it, but I play the game how it was meant to be played and that is to play to survive by any means necessary. Friday the 13th: The Game wasn't designed to emphasize combat with Jason, and this patch makes it a less than smart idea to do so. I'm afraid that if defeating Jason is your only goal then the issue lies with you, not this patch. If you only choose to chase one single victory condition and ignore all the others, then that should be at your own peril. If you want the XP then there are a total of 4 ways to survive the night; playing solely JUST to defeat Jason shouldn't be easy and if you die, then it's just a case of better luck next time. You can still do it, but you won't be doing it as often and that's more in spirit with what the game is about.
  4. Alright, let's look at it this way then. The game takes place on a set date that's displayed at the start of every round. Any Jason can be selected whether he's out of his time or not. By this basis alone, we have to assume that Jason is a singular entity as this point. Whether or not he appears human in his appearance doesn't matter, every Jason possesses supernatural powers; they can all shift, they can all stalk, then can all sense, morph and rage. They all possess the same powers with some tweaks added for gameplay variation. By possessing these powers, it implies that all Jasons aren't human - they are all supernatural entities. If they weren't, how could a 'human' Jason teleport? So, for the game which should be the only thing in question, no Jason is human; not even part 5's Roy is human it seems. Not one of them will die after being shot. So, every Jason is indeed an unstoppable killing machine.
  5. @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, I don't think it's intended for him to be invincible during the Pamela sweater stun state, I think that's an unintended bug. Actually, if you use your stamina wisely, you'll still be able to run away for a long time. It's a case of not burning it all in one go and figuring out some kind of solid barrier to put between you and him when you're getting low. He's not always stunned by melee weapons. Check out part 6 when Sheriff Garris tries to fight Jason. He might be able to knock him over by throwing himself at Jason, but Jason in the F13 game is substantially bigger than his movie counterparts for quite a few of them. If trying to bash Jason's head in with a rock about 5 or 6 times and getting one's spine snapped in half doesn't stun him, what's a baseball bat going to do? Bear in mind that the rock Garris appears to use is a sedimentary rock, which - assuming it's a limestone rock - is approximately 2.5x - 3x as dense as the more common wood types likely used in baseball bats. Essentially, Sheriff Garris would've done a lot more damage with that rock in real life than he does in the film. Jason's mask would've likely broke into bits after some rather angry smashes, and if Jason STILL managed to casually fold him like a deck chair then how can one justify that Jason's going to be stunned by a melee weapon when he's angry?
  6. I'll move this into the feedback section as it's better suited there than off-topic. As for my personal feedback, I really like the changes to rage but there is still an inherent issue with counselors easily being able to jog just out of range of Jason and dodge all of his easily read shifts. I don't see this often in the majority of players but some of these players who are part of these (stupidly named) 'kill squads' can be a real headache. I don't mind counselors having high stamina but I still see players endlessly dodging, and some players can read the first VHS video effect as activating stalk, then dodge the second video effect because they know shift is coming. If the video disruption effect didn't occur when stalk was active, it would be more effective. For those of us who know when to expect it, it's still too easy to dodge Jason. One person alone can only survive so long - even a Vanessa jumping through windows with a total of 4 heals and 1 knife - but multiple players like this still make playing Jason a real nuisance sometimes. My suggestion would be to alter stalk so no video disruption effects occur whilst it's active, and to figure out something to prevent counselors from standing just out of range and dodging every shift and even stalk-shift you throw at them. Even morphing a bit away, toggling stalk on and shifting from a distance isn't much help because most of stalk will already be gone by the time you've got close enough for your shift to reach the target. It's usually enough time for them to spot Jason on their mini-map or hear his music, which instantly causes them to start zigzag sprinting, or you're slightly too close and your stalk-shift triggers the video disruption and causes the same thing. It's just a bloody nuisance more than anything.
  7. Going to lock this thread. These 2 kills are placeholders for potentially previously planned content that didn't make it to the game. There will be no further kills coming to the game I'm afraid.
  8. I'll just share my thoughts on this matter. Defeating Jason isn't the aim of the game; the aim is to survive however you can. If the opportunity is there to defeat Jason this round, then yes it's a valid way to achieve your victory condition. However, it is not meant to be the easiest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. If you're part of one of these 'Jason hunter' groups, then perhaps go and watch the most recent stream where Gun staff spoke about what they think of these 'kill groups' as they're sometimes dubbed. The creators of this game explicitly said that they never intended for Jason to be bullied by counselors, so if you piss him off then you better have what you need to stop him quickly or you better run. Being completely immune to all stuns except the shotgun and pocket knife when enraged is completely fair. It means you have 10 minutes to get the sweater, get a good Tommy into play, get Jason's mask off and get the weapons needed to defeat Jason if you intend to, or it'll get much harder after. Defeating Jason is not supposed to be easy; it is supposed to be the hardest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. You either escape by car/boat, with the police, defeat Jason or survive the night and surviving the night and defeating Jason are meant to be the 2 most unlikely scenarios. Remember when Gun once said that defeating Jason was supposed to be a "1 in 70 or so" occurrence? It was before the game came out; their vision when they made this game was that Jason is the one who's out to get you, not the other way around. Expecting them to cater to people's desires to make Jason an easy/easier kill is unfair and a fairly self-entitled viewpoint to hold. What do you think would happen if you got Jason mad? I don't recall any instances in the films where he's been full on furious, but if Savini Jason is capable of taking the Devil's Pitchfork from the Devil himself (non-canon I think but it implies his incredible strength and willpower) then what is a human counselor expected to do to him? Stun him with a baseball bat? Ridiculous. Angry Jason isn't going to be stopped by a makeshift weapon. This change to Jason is perfectly fair; just either play smarter if you want to kill him or try playing the game a different way. If you go out looking to kill him then you should expect to fail the majority of the time; defeating him should not be a majority occurrence in victory conditions.
  9. The change to rage is fair. If you're unable to defeat him in 10 or so minutes and you and others are actively trying to, then that's not a balance change problem; it's your problem.
  10. Had to clean up a lot of multi posts in here. I advise everyone to read the rule about it properly if you don't know.
  11. If you're using a controller, press X on Xbox to handbrake turn and square I assume on PS4. I think you can do it or nearly do it without speed demon or lead foot, but I always use lead foot on my escape characters
  12. Excellent patch by the sounds of it, I'll actually take a break from spamming RE2 to play it I'm wondering though, can counselors be freed from Jason's grab by attacks when he has rage mode after tomorrow's patch?
  13. Alright, a few comments here are on the border between being a bit too much and being acceptable. Keep the discussion civil without antagonizing each other.
  14. Well if you 'try it' and get caught, your account would be permabanned. Modification of and hacking the software is explicitly forbidden in the EULA for this game. Closing this topic; this isn't an open floor for 'yes I would hack the game' or 'how do I do it?' discussions.
  15. I don't think we'll ever see any changes to window kills, and I don't really view them as cheap. One could argue that grabbing someone next to any environmental kill and spamming A/X (doors in particular) is cheap, but I don't think it is. Jason decides how and when players die, it's your job as a counselor to try your best to avoid it.
  16. See the recommended posts in this thread: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25585-estimated-time-of-patch-changes/
  17. One of the funniest experiences for me is this gem: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/51624917
  18. Please don't '100% confirm' something that you can't confirm; the only people who can judge the use of exploits are the developers/publishers. We don't want users to start thinking it is acceptable to do questionable things. @NytmereZ, to be honest you wouldn't know if they got banned or not anyway. You can't expect to know everything that happens after sending in reports.
  19. I keep all mine prepared based on their stats. Tiffany is my parts runner, Deb is my stealth repair girl, Buggzy and Chad are Jason pests, etc. Mostly got it like that because of this current bug that sometimes sets you to random. If it happens, at least I've got the emotes, clothes and perks set up for everyone
  20. Some people will just complain about anything. I'm level 126 on Steam (quit playing a while ago due to all the hackers) and 142 on Xbox I think, so level 268 if they were combined. 396 hours on Steam and 349 hours on Xbox, 745 hours combined and 31 days total play time (quite a lot for me, I rarely play one game more than a few days playtime in total). I've had a few messages over the years since beta from players complaining about dying in X, Y or Z manner. I did get quite a funny one the other day. I crippled an idiot A.J. with Savini Jason using the machete, then grabbed him and killed him by slamming his head against a fence post. Here's a message I got afterwards: This person was level 54 I think. Didn't bother looking at my achievement dates to see how long I'd been playing, just instantly complained about being slashed then grab killed. For some players, you're not allowed to kill them because they don't like the way you're doing it. "WHAT?! You're actually using that weapon you're carrying?! NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE I SAY SO! THROWING KNIVES AND LET ME ESCAPE OR YOU'RE TRASH"
  21. @Jax00, please read the forum rules. You are required to make an introduction before you start posting elsewhere.
  22. I think people might be missing my point here. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing exploiters getting their asses kicked as much as anybody else does and I like seeing Jason getting on the roof to smack some sense into them. However, it is by technical definition an exploit; a feature in the game that's not in there by design. What matters right now is what the developers and publishers think about it, it's not up to us to decide whether or not it should or shouldn't be fixed. It's about what they want to do about it. As for 'try to avoid using it', I said that to keep yourselves safe. If someone sends in video footage of you messing about on a part of the map you're not meant to access, what do you think the person analysing it will think? Whether or not we players agree on if it's an acceptable use of an exploit to benefit everyone in the game is irrelevant, it would be classified as exploiting and any form of exploiting would be liable to a potential ban. Just think about these things and be wary. Video footage means you can be banned if they decide it is appropriate, and it's something you won't be able to argue about. Again just to reiterate, I'm not saying anyone will be banned for sure for getting on the roof as Jason, I'm just saying that it's an exploit like counselors getting on the roof is. Perhaps @mattshotcha can share his thoughts on the matter.
  23. I wouldn't either. Like I said earlier on, I don't see any particular negatives associated with Jason being on the roof, but ultimately it isn't what we think that will decide if it gets fixed or not; it's about whether it's an intended feature in the game.
  24. You're missing the point mate. My point is it's not an intended feature. Getting on the roof by any means isn't an intended feature and people getting up there is considered an exploit. It is irrelevant if Jason did it in the movies, if the devs wanted Jason or the counselors to get on the roof then there would be stairs or a ladder. Do you or do you not have to perform a specific set of steps to get on the roof? Are you or are you not supposed to be up there? Is it an intended feature of the game, or is it not? The answers add up to 'performing a specific, questionable action to access part of the geometry that is not normally accessible, nor is it designed to be accessible'. Getting up there is an exploit, and developers and publishers don't want exploits in their games. Bad and game breaking or otherwise, it will be fixed at some point. Telling me it's not an exploit is like saying Packanack lodge is painted yellow and red outside. It's just not true.
  25. Nope, best to not post too much about it. If you save the details of how people are doing it for jasonkillsbugs.com, it'll go to the right people. You can discuss glitches, just not how to do them, nor any naming and shaming of gamer tags and such for anyone you've seen using them
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