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  1. Right, things appear to be getting personal in here. Knock it off with the bickering; consider this a verbal warning to those involved.
  2. Alright, don't overdo it. Getting dangerously close to being too much; antagonizing a group of people over their opinion is not a way to promote constructive discussion.
  3. I'm not a fan of lock on either, but I think it would work a lot better if flicking the thumb stick left or right changed the target you're locked on to.
  4. As Risinggrave stated and linked to, there's a topic available for this
  5. They're not meant to be there, just a placeholder for kills that didn't make it into the game.
  6. As already said, there won't be any more content and there's a big suggestions and feedback section to post ideas Locking this topic.
  7. No need to get so personal. Your opinion isn't the only 'right' one.
  8. Stop the back and forth bickering between all involved and get back on topic please.
  9. We have to answer this so many times, and the answer is always the same. Regardless of if anything changes with the lawsuit, nothing will change with the game. Gun has explicitly stated this numerous times. Read the 'End of content' announcement for more details.
  10. Not everybody thinks this way; there are actually a lot of us who love the new patch. I personally like it a lot more. Now, feedback and criticisms about the game are welcome, but criticisms about Wes or any particular individuals isn't. If you want to criticise Gun then do so, civilly, but don't criticise individuals. Your feedback has been noted and this thread will now be locked. This isn't a place to assault people's personalities or character.
  11. I meant other abilities shouldn't trigger the effect whilst stalk is active So use stalk, video effect triggers, other abilities then don't trigger the effect until stalk is no longer active.
  12. When Gun announced there was no more content coming, they meant it. You'll have to read the announcement about the end of content that Wes posted.
  13. This thread is degenerating into back and forth bickering now, so I'm locking it.
  14. Stop posting these baby pictures to antagonize other members and stick to the topic.
  15. Right, this thread is getting out of control in places. If anyone has received any warnings, I strongly suggest you read what the point is for. I will remind everyone that multi-posting or double posting is NOT allowed. Quoting excessively long quotes is also not allowed. If you intend to quote something massive, then add your responses to what you're quoting in a different text color like some of the other members do. We don't want to see huge quotes just because you wanted to get the attention of the original poster; just chop out all the content and put in 'A large quote' instead. For any new members to the forum, read the rules before you post. There are a lot of new members joining the forums after this recent patch, and if you want to be a part of this community, you need to read the rules and not just quickly skim over them. Read them once thoroughly so you know the do's and don't's. I've got my eye on this thread, seeing as it's a hot topic currently. Rule infringements start and end with you, so just don't do it.
  16. It was fun for a little while perhaps but this one will stay dead Too much time has passed since its creation.
  17. I've had to merge a lot of multi posts in here. If everyone could stop it, that'd be great. Also a few users are borderline hostile, so calm down a bit if you're getting heated in your posts. Lastly, it's a rule to not quote excessively long posts. Either address the points in the post in your quote, or edit the quote and shorten it.
  18. @x OLd ScRatCh x I don't mean cheap as in trashy, I mean it gets to be cheap when it's done over and over again. If Jason was chasing Vanessa for example or Tommy who have very high stamina and speed and they just kept doing the same thing for every door Jason goes to, then it's a bit cheap. Granted that experienced Jasons will see it coming but with this rage buff, it's one less of the large variety of tricks counselors can pull to endlessly keep Jason at bay. There comes a point where you can't keep doing it over and over and there'd be little use for raging through doors as Jason if he just got stunned every time. He should be protected whilst using it, otherwise what's the point in ever doing so?
  19. The thing is with this new rage change, you get all the time in the game up until that point to escape and you still get time to escape afterwards as well. What it means is that if you've failed to escape by the time Jason gets rage or you're the final person alive, your chances are much slimmer. Think about it. You're left at Crystal Lake with no assistance and no way out and you're up against a horror movie killer who's literally immortal. You can only run for so long, and you only get so many chances to stun him and save yourself whilst running for your life. The final chase can go on for a certain amount of time, but it shouldn't be a guaranteed counselor kiting victory. If it's just you against Jason and he's enraged, how long realistically do you expect to live for? What do you expect to do against an immortal, supernatural killer? Knives, traps, a shotgun or a demasking will still buy you some time, but you're not expected to dodge Jason endlessly. There comes a point where he'll run you down because he doesn't tire and your character does. It's human vs inhuman. Some people seem to be keen on the idea of that final chase, but I'd ask users to see it from Gun's standpoint. As someone previously mentioned, this is an asymmetrical horror game - it isn't even; it's 7v1 or 1v7 (however you choose to look at it). When they were creating this game, do you think they envisioned this game with a 'keep jumping through windows until you run out of stamina or Jason gets bored' victory condition? I don't think so; I think that if you're the last person alive, you're kind of supposed to die. It should be a miracle at that point that keeps you alive, there was ample opportunity to get out before that point. It will be all the more satisfying and memorable when you actually manage to escape against seemingly impossible odds. I think Gun created the game with those "oh shit I better fucking run or I'm screwed" moments in mind, and rage has brought that tension and fear back with a Jason who is extremely difficult (but not 100% impossible) to stop. It just means cheap, overused tactics are less likely to work, an example being when you hide behind a door for him to rage through so you can bat stun him. For players like me, that wouldn't work anyway because I combat stance block around blind corners indoors and used to chop doors down when I knew someone was behind them instead of raging through them. Now you need a trap, a gun or a knife which are 3 things that would realistically slow him down. Not impossible, just harder.
  20. Not sure how that adds to this conversation in any way, but alright.
  21. I agree with this. The major change is post-rage, nothing pre-rage has been changed besides his weapon swing arc now hitting multiple counselors, so SirMang's post is valid.
  22. @KenshiroHNK, please avoid multi-posting. I keep having to merge multiple posts. As for everyone else, let's keep the discussion civil and on topic and not wander too far into obscurities or circumstance. If you want to discuss the changes then by all means please do, but we're not here to discuss who is/isn't a troll, or who is/isn't a 'tryhard', etc. I don't mind people posting reasoning questioning other's opinions, I just want people to realize that unless people are deliberately nasty, a lot of 'point for point' discussions (e.g.: making a valid statement or presenting your opinion as a counter point to someone else's) are not intended to insult users. Remember that when posting and you won't take anyone's posts the wrong way; I know a lot of users can misunderstand people's intent with their wording on the internet but we mods are here to weed out the nasty posts and leave the sensible ones.
  23. Jen901, I've told you 3 times now to read the rules. Copy and pasting the same post 3 times in different threads doesn't mean I'll let it stay because it's somewhere it wasn't originally. @x OLd ScRatCh x I see, and that's fair enough. Patches won't cater to everyone's tastes, it just means you'll have to find a shotgun, knife or trap or knock his mask off for a temporary stun if you like the final chase.
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