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  1. Please see this thread for anything related to the finding of tapes: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/11022-i-found-a-pamelajarvis-tape-post-any-comments-about-these-elusive-tapes-here/
  2. Don't ask publicly for methods on how to break the game. These kinds of threads are not allowed; we don't promote cheating or allow cheat methods to be shared here.
  3. Reformatted your thread title so it's not block capitals, merged a double post and moved to suggestions.
  4. Is the game dead? The answer may surprise you (probably not though). It's not. Thread closed
  5. Please read the forum rules, you've not yet done what's expected of you when you get here.
  6. I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
  7. Bump posts are classed as spam, so I've removed your post. I don't know if you can be outright muted, I think you'd most likely just be banned for infringing on the EULA agreement. I'd say it's likely a hardware or software problem.
  8. If you were told they never existed, then it's likely the completed kill never existed. Same thing as Jason X; he never existed as a completed part of content and instead existed only as fragmented parts of a complete package. If Savini Jason had some extra DLC kills that could have been part of an upcoming pack prior to the legal issues, then they were by no means complete. Leaked videos only ever show things that are work in progress or faked. People claimed Jason X was ready but they were people who've never developed a game in their life, so when the developers said he wasn't finished, they only looked at the footage they had and said "but he is ready though!" Locking this thread as this was likely planned content that would not have made it into the game. The animations you may have seen were likely a work in progress and as such, never existed in the game.
  9. No more of this 'toxic' stuff people keep implying and going on about, and no more double posting please.
  10. Been said too many times to count, SJ isn't coming back. Thread's locked and please read the forum rules before making any more posts.
  11. And we have bans for people who don't play properly.
  12. Please read the forum rules thoroughly before posting.
  13. This is an area for introductions, and this isn't an introduction.
  14. If you backed the game, then get in direct contact with Gun Media and talk to them about it. That's the only way you'll be able to maybe get a code if there's none in your email. You'll require your backer proof of purchase/receipt email.
  15. @pilospc, the game is still currently selling quite well, hence why they're putting money into developing and publishing it on Switch. It is inevitable that servers will go down one day, but that day isn't any time soon
  16. Please read the forum rules @nerdslayer, specifically the parts about multi posting and what's expected of new forum members.
  17. All of what you just said was wrong except for the hearsay comments about Cunningham/Miller's views; that could be correct but I dont know. The rest of what you said is incorrect.
  18. If you could use the report button if you do it accidentally, we'll quickly sort it for you as long as it's not too often
  19. I don't hate anything in the game, but I'm going to say I like Vanessa the least. It's not because she's a bad or poorly designed character, it's because of the players who choose to play her. Nearly every time I see Vanessa in-game, she's just running around trying to scrounge up loot. A lot of players choose her for her stamina and speed and when used by a good player who's helpful with parts, she's great. The problem is that the players never seem to help with anything, they just empty all the drawers and then follow people around, go for the sweater, run around doing nothing or go off to whack Jason with melee weapons. She's also the biggest nuisance when playing Jason because she just runs off everywhere, tries to slap you or just steps in all the traps. I don't feel like I have to worry about Vanessa escaping when I'm Jason, I just know she's running around being a useless derp. In short, it's the people who play her who I don't like rather than Vanessa herself.
  20. Be careful when posting to not antagonize other people in this thread. Some posts are coming very close to being uncivil, so step back from it. As for 'Jason was never meant to be difficult to kill', that wasn't how the game was designed. It was originally supposed to be really hard. I haven't played F13 in a while now and it's the irritating kill squads that're the reason. I don't fear them, I honestly have never been killed to this day and I've never hid in the lake when in danger (always knives and lots of distance until Tommy or sweater wearer are dead), but the game is no longer about surviving for a lot of people - to them, it's about either helping Jason or getting a group of goons to hunt him down every single match. I don't feel strong as Jason even after the rage buff. Personally, I think the rage buff was a step in the right direction but the biggest issue is that Jason's mask still comes off far too soon. I've literally had like 2 Buggzy's, a Vanessa and someone else all swinging bladed weapons at me and even though I blocked every single hit and broke nearly every weapon, my fucking mask still came off. Quite frankly can't be doing with the same shit nearly every game and it's usually a bunch of Vanessas.
  21. I'm moving this thread to off-topic, seeing as this doesn't affect anything with the game. The developers have stated a countless amount of times that content will not resume, no matter how many times people ask. It's the same thing that it was with Savini Jason and non-backers; they're sticking to their word. You guys can discuss any implications this may have on the future of the Friday the 13th franchise, but content will not resume and as a result, this thread is not suited to the F13 Game General Discussion area.
  22. It's why I quit playing on Steam and moved to Xbox. I'm never playing it on Steam again.
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