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  1. Strigoi, seriously. These suggestions you come up with will never work and you're not stopping to think about things before posting them. Also, put them in the suggestions section and not the general area.
  2. This is a forum for Friday the 13th: The Game, @Strigoi. It is not a forum for discussing 'strange conspiracies', religion or politics. There are other places you can go for that.
  3. If this goes on then I'm gonna have to make a GIF for every Strigoi suggestion thread that comes up like I did for Savini Jason request topics lol. Seriously though, you haven't considered in the slightest what your suggestions would mean gameplay wise. They just wouldn't ever work.
  4. Please post in English as this is an English speaking forum.
  5. There's threads about this already, and it's likely a change many wouldn't approve of. Jason is supposed to be overpowered, there are 7 other players against him.
  6. It's simple: don't necropost threads that are years old. Find something in the last 6 months and then make a thread if there isn't one. Also, please send us a message about this kind of stuff rather than making a topic about it. Smashing the create topic button for everything you think of doesn't help.
  7. I think that would be a bit restrictive We'll sort out the spam if it gets to be too much.
  8. Avoid bullying other users folks. Remember the rules, even if someone does post too many threads.
  9. Not happening. @Strigoi, seriously - when I tell you no new content is coming, I don't want to have to tell you that same thing 3 more times. No new content means no new content. You need to understand this.
  10. As always, I'd like to remind everyone that no new content means no new content.
  11. Alright folks, things are getting a bit personal in here. Take a step back, you're all familiar with the rules on insults and arguments.
  12. I won't be locking this thread as it doesn't really break any rules. I will however say that it's a suggestion that the community doesn't approve of, as evident in people's responses here. It will remain open, however I suggest you think more about your topic choices before you post, @Strigoi.
  13. If you did legitimately buy him, contact Gun support.
  14. I still like having SJ as a backer reward. I don't play much these days but when I do, people are often surprised to see him. It's that 'wow, cool!' factor and how infrequently you see him that makes him so special.
  15. This is yet another thread about content that is not going to be added. @Strigoi, seriously please stop it with these threads or it'll be considered spamming.
  16. @Strigoi you already know there will be no new content added. Thread closed.
  17. As usual, locking this thread and yes, you can be banned for getting SJ through illegitimate means. If you didn't get him when he was a backer reward, then everything else is considered obtaining him illegitimately.
  18. @IcrazyKid855, please read the forum rules about multi posting and excessively long quoting.
  19. To put it simply: yes, it is something you can be banned for. If you didn't buy SJ when you had the chance and Gun discovers you have him, then you will have obtained him illegitimately and consequently, you can be banned at their discretion. Don't do it. Closing this thread.
  20. I'm afraid that nothing is going to overturn the no content announcement Gun made a while back.
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