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  1. If people refuse to listen to what Matt is telling them, this thread will be locked. Shit happens from time to time and this situation will be promptly rectified as Matt has stated. Playing 20 questions about why X, Y and Z can't happen isn't going to get you anywhere. The official standpoint is content cannot resume and that's the end of it. Matt and the team have had to say this so many times that it's surprising me that people still refuse to accept it.
  2. If you got banned for cheating then it's going to stay that way. Perhaps once before some players were unbanned after a period of time for roof glitching, but using cheat programs is a permanent ban as far as I'm aware.
  3. I've stalked inside the phone house quite a lot, usually if I don't get the person who tried to fix it the first time. A whole lot of people fall victim to it Just have to make sure you can't be seen at all, but can see others.
  4. People who do, please stop multi posting. It states clearly in the rules to not do it. Also seemingly a lot of talk unrelated to the patch and too much into what Gun is/should/have done. There's a feedback section for getting into things like that; we would prefer you leave patch feedback and discuss gameplay here, not talk about business practices and such.
  5. Nobody got to play Uber Jason, and I have no more information about him than anyone else does. This person posting on Reddit makes bold claims, but obviously you can't take it as proof until the source is proven reliable. For that reason, I wouldn't listen to what this person is saying. I will leave this thread open for the time being, but be aware that what's been claimed could be claimed by anyone.
  6. I consider overt hostility towards Gun and our community to be 'personal attacks'. You're insulting other members on this thread. Stop it. As for 'being raked over the coals for not doing their job', well you're in no position to make that call, are you? Don't try and rile up other members into that kind of thinking, it's toxic.
  7. Right, now you're just being nasty. This isn't the real world and you don't know what happens internally at Gun. Opinions and criticisms are fine but if you get to be too much or get personal, then I'll step in.
  8. Right, my attention has just been called here and I've been away for a little while. I see that Matt has reviewed a fair few posts in this thread himself. I'll pick up from this point, so everyone make sure you're checking what you type before you post it. If it doesn't fall within the rules, don't post it.
  9. Hard to say, because like it's already been said 'it's the person controlling Jason'. Part 9 I find to be a huge pain sometimes, but Savini Jason is the one that messes people up most often in my experience. Even in the hands of a silly eBay buyer he's hard to get away from.
  10. That's cheating. Whilst teaming with Jason might not get you banned, publicly going on a roof will. Don't risk it.
  11. Thanks everyone And I get what you mean @DontZzz34, I've been using stalk ever since day 1. We didnt have it in beta but I learned how fun it is to scare people with stalking in the right places. Also my favourite way of getting rid of one of those annoying jukey Vanessas. They jump in and out of windows to avoid me, then they jump back out of one and I'm stood in stalking on the other side
  12. Figured you guys might like them I put them all together in a video, let me know if you like it. I've found some funny glitches whilst playing so it's got a variety of them on it, plus some physics engine related bits and bobs.
  13. Yeah that's never going to happen. Locking this.
  14. Ahh, the joys of being a real backer I've seen my share of illegitimate Savini Jasons too, but I'm happy knowing these 2 things: first, if anything does happen and those who did get him illegitimately have him revoked, I'm content knowing that I bought a real one so I've always got him. Secondly, I've got an achievement and screenshot to prove that I've been here since day 1 with SJ, so if any daft kids claim I bought him on eBay, I just tell them to look at my first F13 unlocked achievement date (day 1 of release) and the screen shot of SJ I took on that same day. Hint: real backers from day 1 on Xbox know that SJ used to have the 'can run' stat and he looked different when selecting him. Ebayers likely wont.
  15. Please see this thread for anything related to the finding of tapes: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/11022-i-found-a-pamelajarvis-tape-post-any-comments-about-these-elusive-tapes-here/
  16. Don't ask publicly for methods on how to break the game. These kinds of threads are not allowed; we don't promote cheating or allow cheat methods to be shared here.
  17. Reformatted your thread title so it's not block capitals, merged a double post and moved to suggestions.
  18. Is the game dead? The answer may surprise you (probably not though). It's not. Thread closed
  19. Please read the forum rules, you've not yet done what's expected of you when you get here.
  20. I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
  21. Bump posts are classed as spam, so I've removed your post. I don't know if you can be outright muted, I think you'd most likely just be banned for infringing on the EULA agreement. I'd say it's likely a hardware or software problem.
  22. If you were told they never existed, then it's likely the completed kill never existed. Same thing as Jason X; he never existed as a completed part of content and instead existed only as fragmented parts of a complete package. If Savini Jason had some extra DLC kills that could have been part of an upcoming pack prior to the legal issues, then they were by no means complete. Leaked videos only ever show things that are work in progress or faked. People claimed Jason X was ready but they were people who've never developed a game in their life, so when the developers said he wasn't finished, they only looked at the footage they had and said "but he is ready though!" Locking this thread as this was likely planned content that would not have made it into the game. The animations you may have seen were likely a work in progress and as such, never existed in the game.
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