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  1. Hi guys. A lot of threads have been cropping up recently where people have found Pamela tapes. Please post anything to do with Pamela tapes in this thread Edit: Updated to include Jarvis tapes.
  2. Kane in Costume

    Oh wow, that's going to be really cool I can't wait to see how the Savini Jason costume turns out. Moving this to off-topic.
  3. @NytmereZ everyone is entitled to post their opinion, don't be nasty to other people.
  4. What's seen more often?

    Lol haha, Zodiac. I can edit that to a K if you prefer. Yeah of course I have a sense of humor But I try to be fair and level when it comes to moderating.
  5. April 13th

    They've always said they'll share information when they can. If it's not confirmed yet then you'll just have to wait and see, things may change but at this moment it's not confirmed for April 13th, so don't get your hopes up.
  6. I'm going to lock this thread; it is a prime example of how NOT to treat someone asking for information. Either answer the question amicably or don't post.
  7. Already a thread on this. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16490-tea-baging/
  8. People go missing around here, they’re gone for good.

    Afraid I've had to remove your avatar, @Voorhees Residence 13. Identical to Damon's.
  9. Locking this thread. Check for existing threads on a topic before making a new one next time.
  10. Not everyone is a grand master the second they pick up the game. Show some understanding towards the newer players because it's their game too.
  11. Grendel / Jason X

    This is not appropriate for an introduction.
  12. https://youtu.be/m9kaQ3ZKPE0?t=123
  13. Not a screenshot, but something I made that might get a few laughs The original thread is real quiet down in off-topic, lol.
  14. I've reformatted your post to something more appropriate. Too many colors makes things difficult to read; see the rule here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/286-notice-of-signatures-and-font-use-on-forums/ Secondly, I've edited out the final paragraph of your post. Again, read the forum rules; 'suck my fucking dick' is not appropriate to post. Thirdly, no multi-posting please; I've merged your posts into one. Multi-posting is where you make more than 1 post in a row without someone else posting something. You can edit previous content, but wait until someone else has made a post before you make a new one after.
  15. @Xbox Prisoner no multi-posting please. Multi-posting is where you post more than 1 time without someone else posting in-between. You can edit your previous content whilst waiting for someone else to make a post, after which you can make another.
  16. Jason Selection Update

    Simple, just don't 'fake any excitement'. There is content coming and from what I gather, it's been rolled out fairly consistently since launch. There's always something new being changed or added. You're entitled to your opinion like everyone else is, but 'this is a fucking joke' is not a necessary comment to post. You could easily rephrase it to 'I'm not happy about this'.
  17. F13th Memes

    Reviving this old ass thread so I can throw in this GIF I made
  18. Alright if people are going to post then stop picking on people. It's obvious that Dorian has very little good to say about the game, but making him the subject of animosity because his opinion differs isn't being very fair. Everyone can post their opinion on here as long as it's in a constructive manner. One thing though @DorianRo. Making threads specifically to complain is borderline spam. You need to offer grounds for discussion rather than saying 'I don't like this because of X reason'. That is an appropriate response but not an appropriate first post in a thread and for that reason, I am locking this.
  19. If it's in an old thread and you're waiting for a response, then make a second post. I personally don't mind an old thread being brought back if it means a duplicate isn't opened in it's stead, just do us a favor and report your own post so we can merge doubles. If it's a dead topic even after that though, then leave it and don't revive it multiple times because simply put, nobody wants to talk about it. What this doesn't mean though is that it's acceptable to bump topics. Bringing back an old thread to avoid a duplicate is fine, but double-posting to bump something that's fallen back a page or so isn't acceptable.
  20. About double posting: Ben hasn't written it down in the rules, but we enforce 'no multi-posting' all the same. Same thing for spam, and it's left to us to decide what is spam. We judge fairly based on the merits of the post; if it's a shit-post/low effort post that contributes nothing then we consider it spam.
  21. Devs are undoubtedly aware that people want part 7 changing. There's already threads on this and you even put 'probably get closed' as a tag, so I'm wondering why did you make a thread you'd know would get closed?
  22. Hi guys. I recently decided to create myself an animated signature for the forums using some of the footage I'd captured from playing the game. I quite enjoy making things like this so if anyone wants an animated signature, send me a message. Here's the rules: I cannot guarantee a specific time frame when your signature will get done. 1 signature per forum member. Members must have been an active community member for a while. Anyone who has 200+ posts can request a signature, but priority may be given to those forum members who have been with us for longer. Each signature must be unique enough to be distinguishable from other signatures. I'd prefer to make signatures that don't look too similar. I will not create excessively complex signatures. They take a fair amount of time to do normally, and even though I am able to create complex pieces of artwork in Photoshop, I don't have the time available to invest hours and hours into individual signatures. I will not create anything that is in poor taste or contains content which is against the rules. The file size cannot exceed 4.5mb, so no long clips. The signature canvas has a maximum of 450x150 pixels to work with. I reserve the right to revoke access to any signatures or art I have created. Each signature created by me is my own intellectual property, and any signatures created will permanently remain as such. When I create a signature for you, I am giving you access to it and allowing you to display it and I reserve the right to revoke access at any time. These signatures are fan made by me and are non-profit. Let me know if you're interested! Here's a gallery of my work. Signatures @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @JPops - non-animated @TheHansonGoons @NoOneK9503 @Alkavian @Rexfellis @Trident77 @Cokeyskunk Profile banners Kodiak - Non-animated Waiting list - animated signatures #1 - @The Tommy #2 - @stoney #3 - @PrestonDelRey (waiting for single player challenges first)
  23. J.J's whammy/tremolo bar

    It doesn't. That trem bar isn't even connected to the trem itself so I can't see how it could have any influence on any of the string tones. There's usually a switch there to toggle active pickups on/off, or to swap between bridge, neck and middle pickups. Well spotted though and the flying V style guitars are always cool.