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  1. Locking this thread. It started off fine and has now just become an uncivil argument. Several people need to go back and read the rule about multi posting as well.
  2. Initially people would complain but there really does need to be a change with the frequency Jason gets killed these days. It's a drastic change but I don't think it'd be a bad one. People can still kill Jason, it's just sometimes the sweater won't be there. It'd encourage people to play objectives more.
  3. I agree, thought the same since launch. Jason is indeed too easy to kill. I remember when it was supposed to be something like 1 in 75 games, but that's not the case these days. Smart Jasons are tougher to take out but new players can't do much to protect themselves from it. To be honest, I'd be happy with the sweater being on a random spawn chance so it's not going to always be there.
  4. I concur. It's not too far off 2 years since the very first time I got to play F13. I've definitely noticed throughout my entire playtime that Jason is not effective enough at dealing with groups. He just isn't, there's no two ways about it. I play a strong Jason (don't mean to toot my own horn too loudly there) and haven't been defeated once, despite being rather ruthless when I play. It's not often groups get the opportunity to gang up on me, but when they do it's far more work than it should be to disperse the crowd. Balance can be a bit tough to gauge in this instance. Jason is perfect for fighting individual counsellors, it's just groups. Catching people who run all game isn't an issue because knives and stalk make short work of them. So, we have to think "how can we make Jason stronger against groups without making him a nightmare for single players". We can't buff knife or melee damage because everyone would be getting crippled every two minutes. We can't give him any more traps because they're already balanced between each playable Jason. We just need to balance it against groups. So that narrows down what things can be changed; powers and charge times, animations, item spawns/durability, max Jason health (before demask) and damage/stuns inflicted by counsellors. Based on that, my suggestions would be either one of or multiple of the following: #1 - Add a function that lets you flick the thumb stick/click the mouse whilst in combat stance to change your target lock on. Maybe even a little hockey mask icon above them so you can see who you're targeting. Make holding R2 perform the standard weapon attack (one you do when not in combat stance) and make tapping R2 perform the move you usually do in combat stance. Make it so that knives can be thrown whilst in combat stance and decrease all damage taken whilst in combat stance, even when not blocking. Good thing about this is that counsellors can still run or still try and surprise him with sneaky attacks, but it will dissuade people from wanting to attack him when he knows you're coming because he'll move slower but be harder to demask in combat stance. These changes let Jason fight more effectively in groups and shouldn't cause any issues for the copyright suit that's on going. Just change some values and reuse the hockey mask icon from the private lobby when someone is picked as Jason before the match starts. #2 - Remove the ability to chain stun (it seriously needs to go anyway) and add diminishing returns on stuns. This has been suggested before and seems like a good idea to me. Simply give Jason 3 seconds of immunity when he stands up and for every time he's stunned again within a short time frame after (say 1 minute), he's on the ground for a shorter period of time with an extra second added on to his stun immunity when standing. After a few minutes of no stuns, his resistance returns to normal. #3 - Increase the amount of stamina needed to attack Jason whilst at full fear. When grouped up, counsellor fear levels tend to reach maximum fairly quickly in a long fight with Jason due to being around him. To dissuade people from ganging up and relentlessly beating you, make melee attacks cost more stamina as your fear rises, and maybe make them less effective at higher fear too. This dissuades people from being around Jason because their stamina will run out very quick if they try to fight him, but they can still run just as effectively. Players will have a higher chance of demasking him when they're not standing around trying to bash him, which should dissuade gangs from looking for you. A good thing about this suggestion is that it will stop counsellors taking lots of swings and will reduce the effectiveness of groups. Say there's 5 people attacking Jason. After a minute or two, they're all at full fear. Say it takes 75% stamina to swing your weapon in this state. You get 1 good swing and probably 5-10 seconds after, you get another. If you miss, you still have a little bit of stamina to try and run away. This stops loads of attacks being made at Jason and will encourage players to manage their fear before fighting him. Make it so that when you're at full fear, your combat effectiveness goes way down. You get a good few moments to stand toe to toe with him in the beginning but at full fear, running away is a better option. It'll reduce group effectiveness without overpowering or underpowering individual counsellors. #4 - Last but not least, make Jason more fearsome during rage. Keep everything the same but double/triple his mask health, slightly increase his melee and knife damage and make him take only tiny, tiny amounts of damage whilst blocking. This makes it so that Jason can go about his business until he gets rage, and then he when he does he'll kick a group's ass, but won't be too overpowered for any single players to deal with. They can still run away, but players need to be very heavily dissuaded from attacking him when he has rage. When he gets rage, people should be genuinely afraid to fight him. These are a few of my suggestions that could be added without causing issues with the copyright lawsuit. No new assets require making and only some parameters need changing. I had considered other things like an area attack for Jason, but that would mean a new animation would have to be added, and that can't be done.
  5. It's nice to see the community dealing with this nonsense for once instead of me having to come in and set things straight lol. Good on you guys. @Pappus was right, first off, you haven't even sent me any such message. Secondly, saying 'censorship! Censorship!' Is quite frankly a huge load of rubbish. There is no censorship on here, but there have been posts of yours I've had to hide simply because they were so incredibly distasteful and rant filled. You came on here to bash Gun Media and we will not tolerate that kind of nonsense. If you can't offer something worth reading then any feedback you could potentially have to improve the game will be ignored. You failed to read the forum rules properly and instead posted with ignorance. It's insulting you say 'censorship' because you act inappropriately and get yourself a warning, then blame us for 'censoring' you. Lastly, with a name like 'Pappus was right', we have a hard time taking anything you say seriously. Picking a name that demonstrates your supposed following of a known cheater then coming on here and posting rants about Gun has won you no favours with anyone. We don't delete accounts without special reason; it's not something you just request. Simply log off and don't log back in, you don't need to cause drama on the way out the door. Thread locked. Perhaps Reddit has less of this 'censorship' (???) you claim to be experiencing.
  6. I assume you still get salt, but it won't be as much as if you were hosting a server. I'm thinking potentially that the quitting as host salt points are gone now that dedicated servers are here.
  7. That sounds more like an issue with the buttons you're pressing rather than the game. Are you slowing down and stopping moving before you open a window? Even a tiny little sprint and one press of the button will make you dive through a window. You need to lay off the movement thumb stick to climb through Or are you saying that's what you're doing and you're diving through a window anyway? As for Pamela's laugh, likely just a minor audio glitch. Not enough to ruin your day; it should be back.
  8. Haven't experienced any instances like this since I started playing yesterday. If you do, may as well just window suicide and find a new game. It's not a big deal, the easy and simple solution is to just find a new lobby. One match wont spoil your day.
  9. On Xbox, pitchfork because I'm like 20 levels off weapon swapping. On Steam, haven't played since weapon swapping came out but it would've been the machete
  10. To answer the OP's original question, here's what makes me unique as Jason: #1 - I play a scary Jason. Unlike a lot of players I've seen, I use stalk very frequently and I've grown quite adept at using it like in the films. Example: waiting for a counsellor to go into a cabin, popping shift and stalk and waiting until they open the door or hop out the window before I appear seemingly out of nowhere and get them. #2 - I'm very perceptive and notice every audio cue. Any time anyone fails a repair or triggers something to alert me, I'm there immediately. It's incredibly important to not ignore these. #3 - I don't play with the intent to end the game as quick as possible. My plan is always to keep everyone at the lake and deal with them when appropriate. To me, it's always more important to keep everyone there than it is to attempt to kill them as quick as possible. I get 20 minutes to get an 8/8 game, better to make use of the full 20 minutes and get everyone than to attempt to end them in under 20 and let maybe one or two escape. #4 - Lastly, I aim to play a dynamic and reactive Jason. I make use of everything available to me, even hiding in the water if appropriate. I pay close attention to players who use their microphones and often use stalk to eavesdrop on people's plans. I also change my tactics based on the player. If they're a sprinting Vanessa, I may stalk and attempt shift grabs or use more knives than usual. Chad with a bat? Combat stance and make him break it, and if he's trying to jog just out of range then I'll stick him with a bunch of knives (or morph away, stalk and shift grab him whilst he's looking around). Bunch of people ganging up? Keep some distance, gather a bunch of knives and whittle them down and disperse the crowd. I very rarely engage in direct combat with more than 3 people at once unless I intend to break their stun weapons; it's much easier and less risky to hurt them with knives or hit and run moves like stalk-shift-stab-morph-repeat. Many people just opt for relentless pursuit, stabbing/grabbing and shifting to chase. It doesn't work against someone decent, they'll just run you through half a dozen cabins before you finally wear their stamina down... and then they have a pocket knife to do it all over again. Playing smart and knowing what's going on around you is a lot more effective.
  11. I've only ever played Savini Jason since beta, I adore him. Played different Jasons in single player but for multi, never anyone but SJ for me.
  12. Why are you still on the forums if you don't like the game then?
  13. Not going to happen I'm afraid.
  14. Kodiak


    It doesn't bother me. I generally don't teabag Jason unless he's absolutely terrible and has been chasing me for 5+ minutes, but if I get knocked down and teabagged as Jason I'm not bothered. Way I see it is if they're doing it to annoy me, I'm not going to be quite so annoyed after I've kicked their head off lol.