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  1. I like the shirt, but I like Tommy too much to walk around with a shirt of a pitchfork stuck through his head lol.
  2. Looks like it was great fun As for 'ignore my ugly mug', I just see a normal dude. Has Tom or Kane whacked out the Savini Jason costume yet? I'm dying to see it.
  3. Kodiak

    The real reason he's called Uber Jason

    Whoops I actually meant to tag @Slasher_Clone, my bad
  4. I think that the dudes at Gun will be at that Mad Monster Party thing this weekend. Double XP could be a thing but who knows.
  5. Well, what actually happened is I called for an Uber and an Uber Uber Jason turned up, in an Uber Uber. On the way to the Salt Mines, Uber Uber Jason crashed into another Uber Uber and then proceeded to get quite aggressive. The other Uber Uber drove off with a dinged front end, and the Uber I was in with Uber Uber Jason went to the Virtual Cabin instead. So myself and Uber Uber Jason hung out with Uber Jason.
  6. Or Uber Jasons driving Uber Ubers delivering PJ's with Uber Jason's printed on them.
  7. I'll give myself a warning point Lol Also guys, I wouldn't expect Uber Jason so please don't get your hopes up on that. It's extremely unlikely that he's going to ever be seen in the game as stated by Wes before so keep that in mind. It'd be a super cool surprise if somehow they'd figured it out, but it's very unlikely.
  8. "PJ's delivered in an Uber". What about PJ's delivered in an Uber, by Uber Jason? I'll stop posting this now, it's still at the 'I wonder how many people like it, I hope they look and find it funny' stage lol.
  9. Kodiak

    We should be happy

    Lol haha I did indeed, I wasn't sure how I could make him Uber Uber Jason inside an Uber Uber though 'cause I couldn't shrink the Uber logo down enough and have it still visible
  10. Even I like the sound of this and I'm usually against these kinds of 'honor' games because there's always cheats.
  11. Kodiak

    The real reason he's called Uber Jason

    Thought I'd plonk it down here in off-topic, and it's one I made myself I don't know if we've got any suitable Jason/F13 meme type threads. Don't wanna necropost something from years ago.
  12. Kodiak

    We should be happy

    I bet some people are thinking 'why is one an Uber and the other is an Uber Uber', well I think 'cause some of them have the Uber logo on and other ones don't Also @badassgixxer05, it's your birthday today? Happy birthday dude/dudette (I assume dude but I'm never totally sure until I'm told )
  13. Kodiak

    We should be happy

    I couldn't resist Had to slap this together. Granted it may not be quite as funny as the 'Far Farquaad' one or the 'Black Jack Black playing Blackjack' one, but hopefully it'll get a laugh out of a few people lol. (Yes, I made this)