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  1. Please see this thread for anything related to the finding of tapes: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/11022-i-found-a-pamelajarvis-tape-post-any-comments-about-these-elusive-tapes-here/
  2. Don't ask publicly for methods on how to break the game. These kinds of threads are not allowed; we don't promote cheating or allow cheat methods to be shared here.
  3. Reformatted your thread title so it's not block capitals, merged a double post and moved to suggestions.
  4. Is the game dead? The answer may surprise you (probably not though). It's not. Thread closed
  5. Please read the forum rules, you've not yet done what's expected of you when you get here.
  6. I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
  7. You delete the post I made about thanking you for your service to the forums?  It wasn't just about you I was thanking all the other mods as well.  If so why?  It was listed in the off topic section. 

    1. RadikalGamer


      Do we need to ask permission before we off topic thank people from now on mods etc?  My post was legit.

    2. RadikalGamer


      Great to see ya!  🤪

  8. Bump posts are classed as spam, so I've removed your post. I don't know if you can be outright muted, I think you'd most likely just be banned for infringing on the EULA agreement. I'd say it's likely a hardware or software problem.
  9. If you were told they never existed, then it's likely the completed kill never existed. Same thing as Jason X; he never existed as a completed part of content and instead existed only as fragmented parts of a complete package. If Savini Jason had some extra DLC kills that could have been part of an upcoming pack prior to the legal issues, then they were by no means complete. Leaked videos only ever show things that are work in progress or faked. People claimed Jason X was ready but they were people who've never developed a game in their life, so when the developers said he wasn't finished, they only looked at the footage they had and said "but he is ready though!" Locking this thread as this was likely planned content that would not have made it into the game. The animations you may have seen were likely a work in progress and as such, never existed in the game.
  10. No more of this 'toxic' stuff people keep implying and going on about, and no more double posting please.
  11. Been said too many times to count, SJ isn't coming back. Thread's locked and please read the forum rules before making any more posts.
  12. And we have bans for people who don't play properly.
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