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  1. Savini Jason is available at any player level to anyone who has him.
  2. Animated signatures

    Unfortunately my internet is broke right now and I'm limited to mobile data. Can't get Wi-Fi with my computer (only Ethernet enabled) so I can't download any of the assets I'd need to make signatures. Been offline for almost 2 weeks, my provider is absolutely awful for getting stuff like this resolved too. I'll post here when I'm able to make signatures again
  3. Locking this as there's already threads on it.
  4. Said this before, but no naming and shaming. Not going to happen so no more threads on it please.
  5. We try our best, it'd be nice to actually have some support from the forum members instead of complaints all the time.. Everyone has to be treated the same way, so there's no jumping through punishments straight to bans just because we don't like someone. Locking this thread before it becomes another flame war.
  6. Savini Jason

    A completely unnecessary post. Read the rules, "post constructively and with intent". As for this thread... for about the 900th time now, Savini Jason is NOT coming back for sale. Ever. Money ain't gonna talk it's way to a SJ re-release.
  7. Locking this topic as people keep spamming the report button. I'm quite unwell and can't concentrate very well so I'll leave this for review.
  8. And that is how you earn an immediate permaban. We don't tolerate racism at all. This thread is getting out of hand so I'm going to lock it.
  9. Already threads on this... seriously, use the search function Kayleb. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13922-unpopular-counselors/
  10. @Kayleb98 This is another duplicate thread. As other users have suggested, use the search function before you make new ones. Also, stop saying 'my parents are <this>' and using it as an excuse to insult Aldermach over and over. He apologized once for it so that is enough. If you keep bringing it up again and again then you're going to have some problems with us; you cannot use it as a shield to start an argument. Finally, stop multi posting. I've already told you once.
  11. It's 8:46am on Christmas morning and this is not the kind of stuff I want to be dealing with. This thread got way out of hand. #1 - As I've said a countless amount of times, read the forum rules before you post and use the search function to see if there are any similar threads before you make a new one. #2 - Everyone has to remember to post with intent and show courtesy to other users. I don't want to see flame wars and personal attacks from ANYONE. I don't show any favouritism when it comes to the forum rules so this applies to every single person in this thread. Lastly, don't multi-post.
  12. There are already threads on this. New information will be available when it's available, and yes the dedicated console servers are definitely coming.
  13. That's what you should have said in the first place; at least it offers some insight into what you're saying.
  14. The forum rules say post with intent. Post something useful that's part of the discussion instead of these kind of replies.
  15. I've removed the link and I'll remind you all again: 'Sliding' is cheating. I won't allow any links to external locations where you can find information on how to exploit the game and I won't allow those methods to be shared here either. If you want to cheat and exploit then break your game by yourself in offline play or private matches. I've said this before almost too many times and there's been dozens of threads locked in the past for the same reasons. Promoting and sharing cheats on the official forums is silly and you're just asking for trouble.