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  1. Uber Jason would be difficult to balance if he was included, but personally I would give him the following stats: + Weapon strength (naturally he'd be a hard hitter seeing as he was cybernetically augmented after getting rekt) + Grip strength (same as above; enhanced with machinery) + Not stun-able (Uber Jason is completely bulletproof, hell he was basically even laser proof. No weapons would have an effect on him) - Shift (slow ass cooldown and slow speed when shifted) - Can't run - Morph (he could morph, but I would expect it to have a slow cooldown) I'd expect rage to affect him in the normal way. There is currently no known way of defeating Jason (devs haven't said how to yet), so it wouldn't make sense for him to be indestructible - seeing as he already is. What would make sense is that he can't be stunned, hits hard, but his supernatural abilities take a bit of punishment to counteract his strength. He should be one of those types where if he gets near you, you're even more screwed than usual, but he's not everywhere at once like the part 2 one with his fast morph recharge.
  2. An interesting idea for sure, but personally I think that getting electrocuted would simply spoil the game experience for some. I think having your progress reset is a sufficient trade-off for failing to fix the phone; I'm not sure if you played the beta but if you ever attempted to fix the phone with a counselor who had crap intelligence, you'll know that it took a long time. Fixing stuff was the speciality of high intellect counsellors, and seeing as most of their other stats suffer for it, if they fail then their progress isn't set back much. If someone with crap intellect fails the skill check, then it's a big kick in the nuts when they get knocked back a bar. I remember unlocking Tiffany towards the end of the beta, and she had terrible intelligence. It took literal minutes just to gas the car up, where-as AJ Mason (who didn't even have 10 intelligence) managed to sort it in about 15-20 seconds. Same thing with the phone. During that period, whoever's trying to fix the phone is an incredibly easy target for Jason. Electrocution would just cut some people's games short without giving them much of a chance to escape. It's a bit different if someone jumps out of a window at the top of Higgin's House or something, at least their wounds are self inflicted rather than chance inflicted
  3. To be honest, I'd rather have gameplay and game stability than flashy graphics any day. Less crashes, less framerate drops and less random disconnects enhance the experience a lot more than a bit of ambient fog and lighting
  4. Interesting ideas but I doubt they'll ever make it into the game I'm afraid. Jason is already OP enough, I don't think perks would really benefit him in any way. When you can teleport across the map instantaneously, vanish and chase people, sense people across the map, insta-kill people if you manage to grab them and are an invincible badass, do you really require any more buffing? Like I said the ideas are interesting, but from a gameplay perspective I personally feel that they are too much work for too little benefit
  5. Small pistols don't seem like a bad idea at all. Hell, even a medium/large pistol like the 1911 would still be sufficient. I spent ages during the first day of the beta looking for handguns in drawers, not knowing they weren't in the game. From a gameplay perspective, a small handgun could definitely make sense. If a .45 didn't stop Jason, then I doubt anything short of a .500 S&W or .50AE would make much of a difference. As stated above, the weapon itself wouldn't be enough to floor Jason, just temporarily stun him - kind of like the effect that the new flare gun has. One thing that would be important to bare in mind though is the frequency of the weapon spawns. One handgun at most I think would be sufficient. It makes sense for a shotgun to knock Jason over seeing as most shotguns pack a fair bit of punch (those with buckshot rather than birdshot even more so), but judging how he's reacted to being shot throughout the films, any handgun would only be enough to temporarily stall him at best. In terms of what models would be used, I would expect to see a .45ACP 1911 or a .41 rimfire Derringer (tiny handbag gun) ideally, possibly even a .38 snub-nose revolver or a Webley service revolver. Maximum of 7 cartridges in the 1911 (not including 1 in the chamber), 2 in the Derringer, or 6 for a revolver. Ideally though, only 1 of the above No more.
  6. I concur. When I was playing Jason, I mostly walked straight into their guns. Only times I didn't was when they were guarding police escape points, at which point I retreated and attempted to morph right behind them Unless circumstances call for it, I personally don't find any point to zigzagging. As far as we know, Jason can't be killed by basic weapons so getting them to use their best one is an advantage to the Jason player. Get that shiz out of play as quick as you can, lest they save it for a more important time
  7. Was there a +Rage stat in the beta? I only remember these stats: Strengths/Weaknesses +/- Weapon strength (melee damage basically) +/- Grip strength (self explanatory; harder to escape when grabbed) +/- Can or can't run +/- Water speed +/- Shift (reduced/increased cooldown and possibly increased/decreased shift movement speed) +/- Morph (reduced/increased cooldown) +/- Sense (reduced/increased sense cooldown and possibly increased sense range) +/- Stun resistance (reduced/increased resistance to being stunned when attacked) +/- Defense (Thought this would do the same thing as stun resistance, but I'm going to guess that defense reduces his time to get up after getting knocked down and might take more hits to stun) It's possible that there may be extra strengths/weaknesses for the new Jasons, but personally here's what I think the last 4 will have: Part 6 + Shift + Increased amount of throwing weapons (this one has a belt with a bunch of throwables in it) or if that's not a stat, + Defense + Sense - Can't run - Water speed - Morph Part 8 + Water speed + Grip strength + Stun resistance (remember when he was getting smashed in the face by Julius?) - Can't run - Morph - Weapon strength Part 9 + Weapon strength (this one wields a massive two bit axe) + Morph + Stun resistance or defense - Can't run - Water speed - Shift Savini's Jason + Weapon strength (has some kind of gnarly unique weapon we haven't seen yet) + Shift + Stun resistance - Can't run - Water speed - Sense Again all just speculation, it's really difficult to choose stats for these last ones I agree that undead Jasons probably won't be able to run, but it's possible that the Savini one might. That one is very difficult to pick stats for. I think the Savini one will be more of a 'supernatural chaser' type character, i.e.: fast shift, a more damaging weapon and difficult to stun or knock down. Part 9 will definitely be one of the physically strongest ones, but probably quite slow and will be awful underwater. Part 8 will probably be quicker under water seeing as he boarded the boat from the bottom of the lake, but probably won't hit that hard or have any particularly strong abilities (morph, shift). Part 6, well unless there's a stat in the end game for an increased number of throwing weapons, I'm going to assume that he's probably difficult to hide from but probably doesn't morph around the map very fast.
  8. During the beta, what I saw most wasn't Jason's running away from shotguns, it was them walking/running towards the counselor wielding it and zig-zagging left and right to avoid the shot. I never saw any Jason's run away from me when I was wielding a shotgun, they just tried their best to throw my aim off
  9. Thinking sensibly, I think that realistically just adding some Halloween decor to existing maps would be sufficient. Whacking a Jack-O-Lantern over Jason's head, probably not, but it could be swung like a (very weak) normal weapon I guess. Everything else would be a bit of a stretch for just Halloween
  10. I wouldn't be against this idea, in fact it's one of the most sensible posts you've made Darrin. But as stated above, the devs apparently haven't got dynamic weather planned anytime soon.
  11. The function of the sweater is currently unknown The only thing that we're going on so far is the actual file name. Until we view the code for that file and the files associated with it (most likely viewable in the actual Unreal Engine editor), we're just speculating. Bare in mind that it's a .uasset file, which is likely the model and texture for the sweater itself. Other people have done some data mining too and found other similar file names, but nobody has figured it out yet.
  12. Gotta agree. The sweater sounds like an interesting idea and it would make sense for Jason to be a little bit dumbfounded by it, but I personally think that Pamela's sweater already has some kind of other use. I went digging through the files in the beta, and I found a few various bits of script and some .uasset files (Unreal Engine asset). Pamela's sweater is explicitly mentioned in one of the file names as something like 'pamela_sweater_stun.uasset', so it's believed by quite a few people that the sweater serves some kind of currently unknown purpose. Once the full game comes out, I intend to open the .uasset files in the Unreal Engine and see what it is they do
  13. Actually here's a good one. Picture this: Jason in his JCB skin. What if the counselors were workmen and Jason was the foreman, and whilst counselors use JCB's they have a chance of digging up dark astral currents or an unexploded WW2 bomb? The counselors then take it back to the gang hideout and can infuse it with Voodoo magic and the power of the God of Shi-Tai-Deeas, to finally banish Jason back to the cement pit he started digging but never finished. Then maybe Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers and Josef Fritzl will all have a party with Jason whilst the counselors plot their escape in the Mystery Machine. Maybe you can pull Jason's mask off and finally reveal he was actually Old Man Appleseed all along?
  14. Darrin Howard, I'm just gonna say it straight up: your idea is shite, quite like a lot of the others you've suggested on other threads. You have an odd obsession with the occult, and an even odder obsession with trying to get a bunch of shite ideas put into the game. I'm pretty sure you've been warned on other threads about it but you still persist. You need to understand that so many of your ideas make absolutely no sense from a lore standpoint or a gameplay standpoint. Why not just have Jason die and possess a nearby steamroller, so he can roll through on his 'dark astral current' and flatten the map? Maybe Jason players can conduct voodoo rituals, or perhaps he could ring up Lucifer on his cell phone and ask him to come and help? This is exactly how your ideas sound to everyone on this forum; stupid and a load of gibberish.
  15. To be honest, the ideas make sense, it's just from a gameplay perspective they don't. I'm not sure if there will be any/many other match beginning cinematics (i.e.: chadface), but generally when you assume control of Jason or the counselors, someone is already dead. If you listen to the way that the counselors talk to themselves at the start of matches, you can tell they're shitting themselves. Under those circumstances, I think that sex and drugs would be the last thing they'd think about. Alcohol could possibly make sense as a way to calm the nerves, I mean I could see reason for a counselor to take a swig of whiskey or something when they're not actively being chased. Drugs like weed (which is the only drug I remember seeing characters using in the films), I can't see someone stopping to roll and smoke when they're being pursued by a killer. I smoke daily, and I would definitely not stop to smoke in those circumstances In terms of doing it before the game starts... to be honest I think that it would be a bit pointless. If the game started with the counselors returning from doing said activities, then fair enough, but we're not playing F13 to smoke/drink/shag. I think those aspects should be subtly suggested and the rest left to the imagination, so as to maintain the feeling of dread when playing. Anything else would just be an unnecessary distraction from a gameplay standpoint (all of this is of course my own, humble opinion).
  16. I guess some people are just less informed than the rest of us
  17. I've been raving as much as anyone else about the F13 game, I was glued to the beta for the entire time it was out and the only times I stopped playing was to tend to basic needs lol. I'm extremely excited and I also have already pre-ordered the game with the Savini skin and counselor clothing pack. Even though I'm extremely excited and I've waited patiently, I have to admit that I too am a little bored with the cryptic comments at this point. They can take as long as they need to make the best game they can, I have no issue with that, it's just interest eventually teeters out and then before you know it, you're not interested anymore. I'm not complaining, but I imagine many people feel the same way. Some are not as patient as a lot of us and get frustrated. Judging by the description for the upcoming PAX panel next week, I think that Friday March 10th will give us all the information we've been wanting. Whether or not they'll show the completed Crystal Lake map, the completed Tom Savini Skin, JGTH skin and other counselors, they're going to give us something we need to know. I'm sure that at this point they realize that the 'early 2017' release window is quickly running out, and they've been adamant that it is definitely coming early 17, so I'm thinking that we'll finally have the release date we all need If not, back to people venting their frustrations on the Facebook comments and this forum lol.
  18. Well well well, that seems rather interesting. The question that everyone has to ask first though when it comes to things like this is: could this 'evidence' be doctored? Possibly, although those icons look like some of the points on the map in-game, which suggests that they may be legitimate achievement icons. Regarding the rest of the image, it would be easy to falsify everything but those icons with Photoshop; I mean I could do it in about 5 minutes. If someone has gone through the elaborate process of designing fake Steam icons for achievements, then they've done a good job. In my personal opinion, I think it's possible. The way that they're reminding us to buy the Tom skin, the way they've been quite quiet recently, the way they keep saying 'early 2017' even now. Bare in mind though that what's pictured is a PC version of the game; there's no word yet of console certification to say they've gone gold so who knows where they're really up to
  19. I agree with Nothingface's post; I guess some people will make whatever they can from the pieces but I don't think there's ever been a 100% confirmation. I was just under the impression (and going by what the characters in FvJ say) that Jason drowned in the lake and was brought back by a curse. Other people say Necronomicon, some say he didn't die, but there's no true answer. What's 100% certain though is there are supernatural elements present, which make Savini's burning face/mask skin completely plausible
  20. Well technically Jason was never a man, he died as a child and was brought back from what's most likely a curse. Jason even being alive suggests that the supernatural exists in the Friday the 13th franchise, so it's not completely unrealistic to say that for this skin, Jason has been changed by something more than just the curse that kept him alive.
  21. Gotta pre-order it separately You can get it on the Backer Kit (found here). The counselor clothing pack costs more than it and it's only $6 anyway, so get it whilst you can if you want it.
  22. Ralph is right; personally, I'm also pretty sure that there won't be any witches or anything relating to them involved at any point in the franchise's near future. As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been any 'official' explanation to Jason's powers; the closest thing I remember reading was something to do with Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, and in the comic it was implied that the Necronomicon was involved. That's about as black magic as Friday the 13th will get, in my humble opinion of course. I pre-ordered the game, counselor clothing pack and the Savini skin a while back, and after seeing the teaser reveal yesterday I just had to say "wow" out loud. I can imagine that Tom's custom skin will be one that is loosely based on what would happen after part 9. Jason progressed throughout the films from a more deformed, human appearance into a supernatural being; part 6 being the turning point. Judging mainly by the flames than anything else, personally I would say that Tom's Jason is his own vision of what Jason would be like if he continued progressing into the realm of the supernatural. I would really like the flames to be part of the skin. I wouldn't complain if it was present from the beginning of a round to the end, but it would be really cool if it was either manually triggered like an on/off effect, or if it was triggered by certain conditions (i.e.: the mid-way point in a game when Jason gets the rage ability), or even just when he uses sense! Either way, I personally am very pleased with what I've seen so far
  23. Indeed, they are quite generic but the AAA gaming industry these days is on a downward spiral of microtransaction ridden games just out to rip your money out your pocket, and I'd really hate to see F13 end up like that. IronKnight and ResolutionBlaze have made me aware of a few things I was unaware of, and am relieved to hear With Payday 2 however I forgot to mention that I was referring specifically to the console edition of Payday 2. The PC release got a lot of love, where-as the console buyers got well and truly boned. The game was unplayable for a year due to broken matchmaking which they never truly fixed, and had no additional content whatsoever until they decided to release the new 'Big Score' version of the game for full price a year later. And indeed Ralph, you're quite right when you say that we haven't a lot to worry about as they're not even through beta, but I just wanted to offer feedback on where potential pitfalls may linger in the future I'm sure that the devs are aware of all of the concerns I've raised and are probably doing things to prevent said issues from occurring, but seeing as I am part of the community and this is the feedback section, I wanted to make myself useful and try to offer my perspective on things. This is the only time in my entire gaming career (for lack of a more fitting word) that I've actually wanted to go on a game's forums and offer feedback, that's how much I'm hyped for the game.
  24. Hi folks, this thread expresses my humble, personal opinion on what I think about F13 based on what I've seen so far Correct me if I'm wrong on anything. Before I start, let me just say that I've been a gamer for a very long time; I'm currently 26 and I remember playing since even before Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive. Why is this relevant? Well, I've been around to see various changes in the games industry, and I'm hugely hyped about F13 and I wanted to offer my personal opinion to the devs in hopes that they recognise where the game could possibly falter. I really, really want to see F13: The Game succeed, so this is my unbiased critical analysis of what I've seen so far. The Good stuff I'll try and keep this list bullet pointed to make things quick and to the point. From what I've seen so far, the artistic elements in this game are fantastically designed and thought out. I've been watching the panels on YouTube about F13 and reading about it wherever I can, and the development staff are definitely on point with the aesthetics of the game. Everything looks brilliant, so I really can't complain there. The same goes for the animations. The first time I heard about F13 was when Illfonic and Gun Media brought their pre/early-alpha gameplay video to E3, and I was made aware afterwards that most of the animations from that particular video were placeholders. The XIII video shows some of the more recent work and just as with the aesthetics, a lot of attention has been directed towards making the animations fluid and brutal. Can't complain, it all looks excellent The core gameplay I can't really complain about either; F13: The Game's gameplay appears to be a very original idea. It'll be interesting to see how things go as more footage and gameplay become viewable. The soundtrack is awesome. I hadn't heard of Crazy Lixx prior to F13: The Game, but as a musician myself and a rocker/metalhead I have to say that the music definitely fits the game's theme. So to summarise, the game itself is looking excellent. Next I wanted to share the things that I personally think could bring the game down a bit. Possible pitfalls Let me just quickly mention that I'm not posting this with the intent to tell Gun Media/Illfonic how to do their jobs, I just want to express what I think could be detrimental. DLC. From what I've gathered so far, there's things in the works in terms of DLC. That's great, but DLC can sometimes be a fly in the ointment so to speak. Maps are always good, and skins are too, but what I personally enjoy most in DLC packs is things that change the gameplay a bit. What I don't want is to see an overly expensive season pass with just the same stuff, like Call of Duty with an overpriced season pass for 4-5 maps. Maps are cool, but DLC needs to be engaging to be worth it. Microtransactions. I personally can't see a game like F13: The Game having microtransactions, as microtransactions are usually for things like consumable items, but in the event that they're being planned they could at least be for a set item instead of the commonly known 'RNG' system, i.e.: a loot crate that contains a bunch of random items, with only a chance of getting something you want out of it. Replayability. F13: The Game looks like it has awesome gameplay mechanics, but the main reason that I could see people losing interest in it over time is if there isn't enough reason to replay the game or multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, it looks great fun to play but even I get bored of playing the same thing over and over if there is little variation to it. The main thing that keeps me playing multiplayer games is unlocks. Skins, different items, anything that I can unlock that I can use in the game, and ideally things that will take more than 1 weekend to unlock everything. Nobody likes unlocking everything extremely quickly and then being bored afterwards with no goal to aim for. Lag and disconnecting players. There is one thing that really kills the pacing of a multiplayer game for me, and that's when it either starts lagging badly or when players disconnect. If bots take over then it's not as bad, but it's still more engaging knowing you're playing with someone who can think for themselves. I really hope that there is something in-game that will punish players who disconnect mid game, in hopes that they won't repeat it. Game breaking bugs. Odd graphical glitches and clipping aside, there are some bugs that sometimes make me want to just put my controller down and say 'screw this, I'll wait until it's fixed'. Things like crashes in the middle of a multiplayer game, glitches where you get permanently stuck in geometry, or anything similar. I know that these bugs can be difficult to spot and fix, but I trust in the developers to iron out most of them before the game launches. Lack of content or support after the game is released. Overkill Software - the creators of PayDay 2 - are particularly guilty of this. An awesome game gets released, but shortly after they make their money, they stop caring. No more content updates, no more patches, hardly anything even posted on Twitter. That's currently all I can think of. To be honest I don't really have many criticisms right now, these are more like pointers of what I don't want the game to become, and I'm pretty sure I speak for a lot of players who would agree with what I've posted. As mentioned at the start of the thread, everything I've expressed in this post is just my humble, personal opinion
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