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  1. Heya folks. I forgot to make an introduction thread when I joined, so here's my belated introduction thread. So my forum username and Steam ID are both completely different; I use the name Kodiak on here I'm 27 and I'm from Wales in the UK. Been in university for quite a while (4 years) and obtained 2 degrees in forensics & forensic ballistics. Got a job working in a pharmaceutical company since then, not exactly what I had in mind but it'll suffice until I get the job I want I played the F13 beta and was completely glued to it the entire time. I don't think I've ever been as hyped about a game as I currently am with F13, and that's not easy to say after like 23-24+ years of gaming (yep, started as a little kid with a Sega Megadrive and Sonic the Hedgehog 2). Invested a lot of time into the beta and unlocked Tiffany by grinding; no easy feat! I'd consider myself a good F13 player, I was quite frequently one of the few players to escape in games and I think I escaped way more often than I died (A.J. and her stealth skills FTW). Pre-ordered the game a while ago - obviously with the Tom Savini Jason & counsellor clothing pack - and been reading the forums and social media every single day to try and get every little tiny bit of information I can. So yeah, hello everyone I'll be playing on Xbox One on release and probably Steam at some point too. When the game's out, perhaps some of us can play on it together!
  2. "...immensely powerful and..."
  3. Whilst the idea is quite cool, I personally think it'd cause unnecessary performance issues. The assets for cats and animals require their own scripts to determine their behaviour, not to mention all the server side processing to make sure they sync correctly to the client side. In short, it'd likely cause performance issues, which is one of the main reasons the developers haven't added dynamic weather.
  4. Don't explicitly get paid 'leisure time', but I can take up to 30 minutes break throughout the day to do whatever I want with So the story's up to: "Once, in a corporate pharmaceutical company in Crystal Lake, there was a sample of Jason's..." "...dark astral cocaine..." (you'll know what I mean if you remember Darrin Howard)
  5. Ah man I know how you feel, I've got an MSc in Forensic Ballistics and a BSc. Hons in Forensic Science and ended up working in a pharmaceutical company
  6. So right now, I'm sat at my desk bored as hell. Most days end up like this, so I come on here sneakily when nobody's looking to read and post Who else is bored in work? I've got something fun we could maybe do. How about the classic '3 word story' game, with an F13 game twist to it? Example: Person A posts with 'Once, in Crystal', person B then posts 'Lake, a crazy', person C decides to throw a funny twist to it and posts 'crackhead who liked', etc etc. Create one to kill some time, and add an F13 game twist to it Nothing too ludicrous, but a bit of humor and daftness should keep it fun! Things like 'the', 'a', 'and' etc all count towards the word count. So feel free to discuss anything 'bored in work' related, and participate in the 3 word story if you want to I work in a pharmaceutical company as a development tech, and most of my days recently have been bloody boring-ass paperwork. Coming online to read about F13 or other things keep my imagination going and make boredom a bit more tolerable. So, to start the 3 word story, I'll go first. 'Once, in a..'
  7. I had something like that raccoon trap in mind as well, or a rabbit snare like I mentioned in the first post I personally very much doubt that Jason will have the full size bear traps similar to the ones the counsellors get, I mean just going by the quantity alone and not taking factors like size into consideration. The amount of damage the bear traps did to counsellors in the beta was crazy. If you stepped in one of those and didn't have a first aid spray, you were pretty much screwed. When your counsellor couldn't run you had no chance I know Jason is meant to be OP but 5 full size bear traps could be a significant issue to balance. Who's to say Jason doesn't put down two in a row and instantly kill someone? Example: A counsellor runs into a house only to find a bear trap hidden behind the closed door. They step in the trap and lose a huge amount of health, and immediately after getting out of the trap, their characters animations place them directly on top of a second trap and as soon as the 'escape from bear trap' animation ends, they can't avoid the second one and instantly die. Jason then does the same to a second counsellor, and finally maims a third one. That's 2 counsellors instantly dead and one severely weakened.
  8. They're a bit big to be carrying around 5 of them though Counsellors can only carry one at a time and they pretty much reach the floor if held at waist height. Not to mention they instantly take you down to an injured state if you step in one I'm not against the idea, I just don't think they should inflict as much damage as they did in the beta if a counsellor stepped in one. Bare in mind as well that it took full size bear traps to stop Jason, will it take full size traps to stop a counsellor? Probably not, they're a lot smaller than he is
  9. So for those of you who follow the F13 Twitter/Facebook or read this forum, I'm sure you've seen that they announced Jason's final ability called 'stalk' last night. However, in the screenshots that were included, you can clearly see two new icons on the bottom right near the ability selection. Now we know that one of those is the amount of throwing weapons still available, but this new icon appears to be a bear trap. So, what're your guys thoughts on what these traps may be? Personally I doubt that they're going to be the full sized bear traps the counsellors have, that'd be really unfair. But what if it's something similar to a rabbit snare, or some kind of wire? Perhaps smaller bear traps? Discuss
  10. Two very good points, have to say. I personally imagine that the shift/morph sounds will still be the same, but without chase music you probably won't hear him unless he does it right next to you As for other Jasons getting it sooner, that's one of the few ideas that I actually agree with on this forum. A couple of Jasons would definitely benefit from getting it early, but I doubt that it'll happen So now that the final ability has been revealed, what moments can you imagine that will be made much more exciting by using stalk? Here's a few for me: #1 - Fixing the phone or car and getting grabbed without warning. #2 - Walking into a house as the last counsellor (or one of the last counsellors) only to find Jason's in there. #3 - Crashing the car, trying to start the engine and getting grabbed out the window with no warning. #4 - Walking through the graveyard trying to get the woodman's axe and first aid spray, only for Jason to come walking out of the trees. #5 - Going to the second floor of Higgin's house trying to find car keys, you open the door to one of the upstairs rooms, then get grabbed and launched out one of the second story windows. #6 - Being the last counsellor alive and getting close to the police exit, only to have Jason be silently waiting nearby.
  11. Gotta agree. Seen a dozen different posts about 'oh why isn't there nudity/drugs in the game' and every time all I've thought is 'distasteful'. Like you said, the game is already set when it begins, there's no need to include things that'd push the M rating. Sure, the films have nudity and drug use but when you're playing the game, every counsellor already knows Jason is chasing them, so why would drugs or nudity have any role in the game at that point?
  12. I concur. Some people might say 'oh well you're just assuming that it'll be considered a delay', but if there's no announcement for Friday then it will be impossible for the developers to say 'early 2017' anymore. Any later than April 30th and it will officially be Q2 rather than Q1, and most definitely not 'early'.
  13. For me, it's a tough choice Here were my impressions from the beta of each of the characters: A.J. Mason - My favourite character, her stealth skills were legendary. Not very good at escaping when being chased (unless you can lure Jason between houses and scamper off out a back window), but for getting stuff done she was brilliant. Tiffany - Played her at the end of the beta, took me ages to unlock her. She's good overall, her high stealth and speed made her really good for scouting places to find stuff to fix the car. Don't ask her to fix the car or phone though, she's crap at it lol. Kenny - Average overall, sadly didn't have anything special going for him. Always seemed to get owned by Jason. Vanessa - Good speed and stamina, but a proper Jason attracting magnet Jenny - Composure was good, luck didn't seem to help with anything, rest of her stats were sub-par. Chad - As mentioned above with Jenny, the luck stat didn't seem to help anything. Chad was basically there to die more than actually do anything of value lol. Deborah - Basically just a smarter, less stealthier version of A.J. She's pretty decent overall, but A.J. has superior stats and still fixes stuff in a very short time. So I've experienced most of the counsellors play-styles already, and I found A.J. to be the best for me. I still died my fair share, but honestly I escaped more than I died when I used A.J. So if her stats remain similar to what they were in the beta, I'll be playing as A.J. the most. The other counsellors seem cool, I'm thinking the Jock character will be a good team support type guy. Thinking the 'Edgy' guy will be a bit similar to A.J., except I bet he has higher composure and stamina, but less stealth. Not sure what kind of stats the nerdy fella will have, might be similar to Tiffany but higher strength and less stamina. TL;DR version: A.J. Mason.
  14. It's a tough choice, have to admit. Before I tell you what mine are, let me give you a bit of rationale as to why. So, part 2 Jason was really fun to play in the beta. His fast morph regen speed means I could be pretty much everywhere at once on the map. Very rarely did anyone manage to call the cops, fix the car or escape if they did manage to. Part 3 Jason wasn't bad, he was average all round and most people played at him during the beta. Cool, but definitely not my favourite. Part 7 Jason looked absolutely fantastic; I opted to play as him most of the time just because he looked so cool. He was a bit slow until they buffed his morph/shift near the end of the beta, and then he was excellent. So that means I've played 3 out of 7 available Jasons (Savini included). I can't say what the new ones will be like to play as, but here are the 2 I'm most likely going to play as, followed by the rest. Top choice: Savini's Jason Why: Looks amazing, pre-order only, will hopefully have some good strengths/weaknesses. Second choice: Part 7 Jason Why: Already got experience playing as him, and if he retains his late-beta buffs for the full release then he'll be great fun. #3: JGTH Jason (looks badass, will hopefully not be too slow) #4: Part 2 Jason (that morph regen speed... amazing) #5: Part 6 Jason (Part 6 was my favourite F13 film) #6: Part 8 Jason (if he has good stats he should be quite fun) #7: Part 3 Jason (played as him during the beta, he's cool but I didn't find anything particularly that amazing about him)
  15. Hah! See you Darrin, 'bout time you got banned for being an ignorant numpty.
  16. Well, realistically there's only 2 types of weapons to pick from: blunt or bladed. They could pick axes, bladed weapons (i.e.: machete, no swords though), clubs, improvised weapons (e.g.: rebar with a big piece of concrete at the end) or spears. There's room for more medieval weapons, but realistically what is Jason most likely to find? A spear makes sense to find on a boat or dock. Axes could be found around any wooded area. A machete would likely be found in a house, or somewhere where there is thick overgrowth that needs chopping. Improvised weapons could be found around anywhere where construction is ongoing, or previously was ongoing. It's a bit limited with the kinds of weapons Jason could actually obtain. Axes are probably the most likely weapons he would find after getting out of his grave.
  17. Even the two-bit axe the JGTH Jason has? I personally think it's the most badass looking weapon out of the lot, except for possibly the one the Savini Jason will have
  18. Another interesting idea, but if you watch some of the videos you'll see that when counselors in the water run out of stamina, they simply swim a lot slower and can't 'sprint' (for lack of a better word). On land, if they run out of stamina they're reduced to a slow jog, which suggests that they're not so drained they can't even move. Thinking logically, if they have no stamina in the water then it should reflect how they move on land - which would mean not completely drained to the point they can't move, they're just at the point where they can't physically exert themselves. The life jacket is a cool idea, but from a developer's standpoint it's obsolete when there's a boat you can use which there will be in the full game.
  19. Bare in mind that it's unlikely that a Jack-O-Lantern (which is pretty much just a hollowed out pumpkin with a candle in it) will actually set Jason on fire in the first place. If I hit you with a lit candle, do you think you'll catch fire? Doubtful, there needs to be sustained contact for ignition, and it's not like Jason is going to let you get a candle out of a pumpkin and set him on fire with it lol. From a gameplay perspective, fire is pretty much useless against Jason - all he has to do is morph near a lake and walk in and he'll be completely fine again.
  20. At this stage it's just a rumor I'm afraid. It may have been planned at some point earlier in development, as you can see on the XIII kill trailer that part 2 actually had a pitchfork instead of a pickaxe, which is what he wielded in the beta. There wasn't any option to change his weapons during the beta. I think weapon swapping has been discussed on a different topic (can't remember specifically which one).
  21. Indeed that's true, but it's what the devs thought would be best for their versions of Jason I'm assuming they felt that axes and generally large/long weapons had more of an intimidating appearance and better creative kill potential than repeated machetes or bladed weapons. Only the devs know why they chose the weapons they did, it's just speculation for the rest of us. I personally aren't fussed about whether or not Jason used any of his weapons in any of the movies. As long as the weapons aren't boring then I'm happy.
  22. Ooh sounds good, perhaps maybe the devs could also add carrots, so if you find a carrot patch on the map there's a chance of finding a 'super carrot', which is 5x bigger than a normal one. If you find this particular carrot, you can take it to Jason's mother's grave or shrine and infuse it with dark astral magic from a book of Voorhees family spells, which you can then use as a super weapon by making it into a death infused stew, which Jason can eat and will then consequently choke on the super carrot. Darrin's ideas are so daft, they're funny.
  23. See, the original posts in this thread were legitimate and made some sense. Now though with your dumbass capslocking, you've just instantly killed your own thread and made yourself look a right numpty. Capslock doesn't emphasize anything other than the fact that you're an incompetent typist. And like everyone else has said, 'in plain Redneck English' you've already been given the answers you want. Try reading responses properly.
  24. It's interesting that they gave him the two-bit axe, but so far every Jason has had their own unique weapon. Part 2 (beta): Pickaxe Part 3 (beta): Woodsman's axe Part 6: Spear Part 7: Machete Part 8: Fire axe Part 9: Two-bit axe Savini's Jason: Currently unknown, but none of the above. There's a recurring theme of axes. I think the devs didn't want to give every Jason a machete because there'd be no variation, and seeing as they already had two different two-handed axes (Woodsman's axe and fire axe) they weren't really left with that many other options that made sense. I couldn't see Jason wielding any medieval type axes, but a two-bit axe makes sense. Think of it like this: what kind of axe do you think Jason is likely to find in the woods? A two-bit axe is a big weapon, but there's a possibility that he could find one
  25. Uber Jason would be difficult to balance if he was included, but personally I would give him the following stats: + Weapon strength (naturally he'd be a hard hitter seeing as he was cybernetically augmented after getting rekt) + Grip strength (same as above; enhanced with machinery) + Not stun-able (Uber Jason is completely bulletproof, hell he was basically even laser proof. No weapons would have an effect on him) - Shift (slow ass cooldown and slow speed when shifted) - Can't run - Morph (he could morph, but I would expect it to have a slow cooldown) I'd expect rage to affect him in the normal way. There is currently no known way of defeating Jason (devs haven't said how to yet), so it wouldn't make sense for him to be indestructible - seeing as he already is. What would make sense is that he can't be stunned, hits hard, but his supernatural abilities take a bit of punishment to counteract his strength. He should be one of those types where if he gets near you, you're even more screwed than usual, but he's not everywhere at once like the part 2 one with his fast morph recharge.
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