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  1. We get that people want to rant sometimes but these threads clutter up the forum and offer little grounds for discussion, instead focusing on complaining.
  2. Right, that's it. I said previously that if the bickering started back up, this thread gets closed. @Thunder, you may have been on many forums, but that doesn't exempt you from the rules we have in place on ours. If you dont read the rules and then break them, then you get warnings. As for message first and warn later, after clearing up double digit multi posts, it was too much to ignore. Also, please dont make the mistake of thinking that I'm ignoring everyone else's responses. I've taken note of anyone who's been abusive or 'less than civil', and if anything comes as a result of it, then you're not going to find out publicly.
  3. If it were changed back, people would just complain that it's too difficult to dodge, just like they used to.
  4. @Thunder, quite frankly that huge wall of text is very unappealing to look at, never mind read. You received a strike for spamming, and saying 'well I didn't know' simply means 'I didn't read the rules'. As for 'I thought you were a worthy foe', this isn't a rap battle forum, there are no 'foes' or opponents here. I don't intend to pick on you and ignore everyone else, but I'm using your post as an example to demonstrate text walls are usually ignored because people just dont want to read that much. Users don't score brownie points for articulate posts or post counts, and some people should also know that their forum age is also irrelevant. Now this goes for everyone: any more daft comments not related to the game will cause this thread to be closed. I won't allow this public bickering to continue.
  5. Please read the forum rules thoroughly @flosik; as a new member to our forums, I can see you haven't read them as you've not done something all new members are required to do. Savini J is also not going to be for sale again, ever. He was available to those of us who backed the game since the early days as a thank you, and Gun have been adamant about sticking to it (which we're grateful for).
  6. Bumping topics is against the forum rules, and seeing as you're new here I'm going to go and ask you read them once through thoroughly @Cry.
  7. This topic is now locked. Wes has stated on an episode of Beyond that they won't be changing the CB radio to show on the map, so that's the answer people will have to accept. Also, there's too much abuse going on from certain members and that's not the kind of environment we allow here.
  8. As previously stated, you have already asked how to do this once before @pieeater and the responses you got should have been indicative on the community's thoughts on the matter. We don't allow users to share methods that spoil other people's game experiences, so this thread will now be locked just like the last one was. In future, don't ask for such stupid things.
  9. I've removed your media as it contains the PSN names of those you are accusing; what you should've done was omitted the alleged cheater's names instead. Naming and shaming is against our policy here as it can promote witch hunting through other platforms. Also, Jason teaming is sadly no longer a bannable offense as it became too difficult to prove the circumstances surrounding those actions.
  10. You sound the exact kind of player I hope to see in any match Ever since day 1, my main goal has always been to escape. Hardly anyone I've seen who plays Tiffany uses her to run parts, and that has always irritated me endlessly because she's so incredibly useful for finding and moving objective items. I play Deborah 90% of the time and my goal is always to fix the phone or a car and save as many people as I can on the way out. As for how have I adapted? It's pretty straight forward for me; I just keep running and hope he goes after someone else. I use hiding spots more effectively when I'm able to but as someone who always put survival and the team above everything else, I haven't had to adapt much at all because I was never part of one of these annoying Jason hunter groups. I can see people here claiming certain characters are now useless. Why are they? Yeah you don't want to be endlessly stunning Jason as Chad or Jenny, but what's to stop you running parts, protecting other players or being a distraction without endlessly bashing him? Characters aren't one dimensional; they can fill other roles with various degrees of effectiveness. Chad and Jenny can really help repair characters by stunning Jason and letting a nearby weaker character hide where Jason cant see or hear it. Then Jenny or Chad can run away, effectively saving the hiding player's life. Buggzy however is a bit different. He's kinda average at stuns, but he is without a doubt the best combat character besides Tommy. He is still great for running parts, but he'll make Jason angry quick at the cost of taking his mask in the process. The bottom line is that characters aren't just 1 dimensional and they can be used in other ways besides how their stats dictate. It depends on how clever and tactical you are in how you use them.
  11. You can ask Wes personally if he makes another appearance on the Beyond show that Gun do. Go in the chat whilst live and ask; Wes isn't here on the forums often. Also, it would be announced through their social media pages.
  12. I like the patch personally because I don't expect to survive every single game. I want a hard opponent, I want those narrow escapes and 'shit, I'm screwed now' moments. I want to be tested against Jason so I can bring out my best way to play; it's more fun when your bag of tricks is running low and nothing has worked. Escapes aren't guaranteed and shouldn't be. I haven't any interest in defeating Jason either; the only time I participate in it is when I see a group with the right bits for it. The best way to adapt to Jason's new rage buff is quite simply stop trying to kill him or run him around until the clock runs out, and actually go and fix an objective and help other players.
  13. Right, I've tidied this thread up and it will be reopened. The multi posts have been cleaned up. New users: if some of our older members tell you that you're rule breaking, you should really go and read the rules properly. You don't want one of us to have to come and tell you instead. Also quoting excessively long posts is also against the rules, there is literally a rule for it in the rules section. If you want to quote something big, then you either address the person's points in the actual quote itself with a different font colour to show your responses, or you cut the quote out or shorten it. If your posts contain too many words for us to merge, they will be deleted. Multi posts won't stay simply because they're too big to merge.
  14. If this thread is to continue to remain open then there needs to be less antagonizing between users. Granted that some users have presented their opinions of the newest patch in more of a ranty manner than a constructive one, it still doesn't require attacking someone else. If you disagree so strongly then just outright ignore them; don't make our forums an unpleasant place to be with underhand stabs at other users. Moving this to the feedback section.
  15. Alright this is getting to be too much. Antagonising a group of players for their age isn't cool, even if they are under age to be playing it.
  16. Don't get your hopes up people, this wouldn't change anything. Wes and Gun have stated no more content and they meant it. If it changes then an announcement will be made, but until that day, these topics will continue to be closed.
  17. Remember, no videos of naming and shaming. Several posts have been removed.
  18. It's the car for me. People tell me I'm a good driver https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/69010589
  19. Right, things appear to be getting personal in here. Knock it off with the bickering; consider this a verbal warning to those involved.
  20. Alright, don't overdo it. Getting dangerously close to being too much; antagonizing a group of people over their opinion is not a way to promote constructive discussion.
  21. I'm not a fan of lock on either, but I think it would work a lot better if flicking the thumb stick left or right changed the target you're locked on to.
  22. As Risinggrave stated and linked to, there's a topic available for this
  23. They're not meant to be there, just a placeholder for kills that didn't make it into the game.
  24. As already said, there won't be any more content and there's a big suggestions and feedback section to post ideas Locking this topic.
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