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  1. Please don't necropost threads older than a year old, especially to randomly call out another forum user for something.
  2. Just remember to not get any hopes too high, licensing for these things is a seriously difficult world.
  3. This isn't an introduction post. Please read the forum rules.
  4. Modifying the game is against the EULA so I'll be locking this.
  5. Please don't necropost; this topic is over 3 years old.
  6. Alrighty so I let this topic stay open so people could talk a bit about it, but now it's getting personal so I'll be locking this. Savini Jason and all the other Jasons will never be removed as they're part of the completed game.
  7. We can close topics as we see fit, and this thread just looks like another way for you to insult the game's developers. You say "do your job" like they don't try, and that's insulting.
  8. Stop insulting members and stop throwing your opinion around like it's fact.
  9. There's been threads like this one before I'm afraid. As much as some people hope for new stuff or servers to stay up longer, Gun has said that it's not happening.
  10. The last two posts have been hidden. Posting names or links to pornography isn't allowed and quite frankly is just distasteful to post out of the blue. You wouldn't bring it up at a dinner party in casual conversation, would you?
  11. Things change as do the times, and nothing lasts forever. Servers are expensive. The game is still playable and you're still getting what you paid for. Whether the host is up to hosting the game with decent latency is out of anyone's hands but theirs. Dedicated servers will not be returning.
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