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  1. Less of that, no need to get personal.
  2. Questions for devs

    Someone didn't read the rules properly. @xllxENIGMAxllx, see this taken from the rules section: "Excessive Username Tagging: Please refrain from tagging developers/admins/mods excessively to gain their attention. A PM will suffice, and if they are unable to respond, please do allow time. We ask that you please be courteous when talking to the team as we receive a large quantity of messages each day."
  3. Creative Kills

    Actually, maybe Jason should grab the counselor, then roll them up into a giant joint and smoke them? 'This is your brain on drugs' just reminds me of Scary Movie
  4. Updated forum rules, finally.

    Actually, that IS how it works. This is the main rule you need to concern yourself with when it comes to us doing our thing: "Attempts to Circumvent Rules: Simply put, this forum is run by the administrative team with moderators placed to help as well. This team is trusted to perform their job, and will do so at their discretion, with administrative oversight. While we can give you a general idea of following the rules, every now and then something happens that simply is not accounted for. This team will follow guidelines to ensure as fair a user experience as possible is offered."
  5. Team killing was scrapped due to trolls abusing it and using it to spoil other people's games. Despite trolls thinking they were clever, the ability to TK was removed. There are other threads on team killing and I highly doubt it will be making a return.
  6. Jason's grab radius was widened, doesn't sound like a hack to me.
  7. F13 Furry fanart

    They look very similar
  8. F13 Furry fanart

    I don't remember Jason ever having a Taurus model 44 revolver
  9. Forum twitch channel LIVE!

    Just a heads up, this isn't an official forum Twitch channel.
  10. I don't really want it back to be honest. I remember it because I spammed the beta so hard I unlocked Tiffany before it ended, but if it takes the same amount of time to lock the door as it does to drop that big ass bar down, what's the point in locking it?
  11. Real life Pamela and Jarvis tapes.

    Don't go down that route again Kodiak always has an eye on you I see what everyone posts.
  12. Game sucks.

    Rather than dish out warnings and lock this thread, I'm going to say something and I want people to remember this. Yes, you're all entitled to your opinion - no problem with that - but be adults about it. Calling the developers 'shit bags' and similar names is childish. You can leave such phrases out of your personal 'reviews'; you can express your displeasure but don't throw your toys out of the pram about it. Put it across in a way that's constructive and useful to read. How is insulting the developers going to help better the game, and who would want to read your opinion if it's mostly angry insults? These are people you are talking about. People have feelings and emotions, and these people have been working hard for a long time for us. It's so easy to complain about little things and forget everything else. I don't want to see any more of these hate filled 'opinions' (mostly just anger fueled insults). Remember when you say 'the devs are <profanity>, <profanity> and <profanity>', they are people just as we are and the forum rules state no flaming or antagonising. Post sensibly and reasonably.
  13. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    Can't commit to a routine but if I'm on Xbox, just message me and I'll play
  14. Haha dude I was high most of the night too That and the dodgy crackly headset are why I hardly said a word; when I get high I go really quiet and get lost in what I'm doing lol. It was quite funny actually because after every 3-4 games, I was like 'right if I time it right so I die earliest in this round, I get some time to roll another one'. Obviously I either came back as Tommy or Jason didn't come for me. Couldn't quit to roll because I was the host, although I was surprised I still crashed twice... then again two crashes in like what, 4-5 hours isn't so bad. Maybe next time we should both play as Mitch, smoke the same amount and be the Super Stoner Brothers™.
  15. Haha to be honest you're one of the few people who actually got me that night; I was running across the bridge on Higgins to go and fix the car when you caught me (I had the last car part). From what I remember, at the beginning of the match after you spotted me you chased me for most of the match until I ran to other counselors. Then you chased me out of the phone house, encountered Tommy (?) and then chased me on the bridge again lol. I didn't have enough stamina to jog to the next house Nobody used stalk against me, I was expecting shift grabs out of nowhere 99% of the time.