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  1. Wrong section, this is for F13 discussion. There's a thread already about this in the 'other games' section. Please use the search function in future.
  2. I still stand by this. Yeah I know about glitches and such, but it'd be an exaggeration to say 'the game is so completely broken the only thing I can do is dance!'. That's just someone getting frustrated and deciding to not play the game properly because of it.
  3. Then you guys must be playing a different game to me. I don't get many bugs that stop me playing a full match.
  4. The game isn't so broken you can't play it and have fun. If you think dance parties are the only thing to do then that's your problem really. People won't like you very much if you just dance in quick play and don't act like a team player. I personally would feel like running someone over with the car on the way out if all they'd been doing was dancing all match.
  5. Kodiak

    Honest Prediction

    This thread is indeed pretty stupid. Do you ever have anything good to say or is it always a glass half full kinda situation? These kind of threads don't help so stop making them.
  6. Not true. You can't just look at Steam players and ignore everyone who plays on consoles.
  7. Locking this. Thread's been derailed, no need to start getting personal with each other.
  8. Not on here you won't. Consider this a verbal warning rather than a warning point; if it's been removed once it'll be removed every other time.
  9. Kodiak

    Still Undefeated

    I've had 321 games as Jason out of a total of 1199 games across Steam and Xbox. Only ever really play public matches and I've been up against a variety of people. Fought against some of the forum members on Xbox (albeit with 180 ping, hard to Jason with anything over 120ms ping), had Jason hunting teams try to kill me on Steam, had a few people try on Xbox but not as many. Still undefeated since beta. I'm not hugely fussed about if I get defeated as Jason, all I'm fussed about is if I'm a good team player or not. I'm undefeated for over a year and 1 kill on me each year or less would still be impressive. I like to think I'm a good team player because I try hard to keep other counselors alive (except the trolls) and most of the time, I'm the one driving a full 4 seater out the camp because I went around rescuing people That's more important to me than being defeated as Jason. I've been demasked fairly infrequently but it does happen, but usually by that time I've slain most of the girls or Tommy. The thing is, it becomes somewhat of a routine. I can tell which teams in public lobbies are out to kill Jason because they'll have at least 1 or 2 strong characters. I always kill the smart characters first and preferably the girls so there's not much chance of getting sweatered, the rest are just distractions. It's a case of ignoring the stronger and dumber characters and going for the ones who are capable of fixing objectives first. Keep them in the camp, it doesn't matter how long the match takes as long as you keep them all there. I usually stock up on like 10 throwing knives before I try to fight anyone who poses any kind of threat to Jason, then I make them come close to try and fight me and I stick them with half a dozen quick knife throws. It's much easier to instantly stab them with the knife up close as it's literally just pre-aiming, then tapping LB and it's extremely hard to react to in time. If it's just one person by themselves though then sneaky use of the combat stance as the host makes those fights very one sided in my favor Combat stance actually seems to be quite responsive on Xbox as the host nowadays, still kinda shit if you're a normal player though. It's the difference between instantly getting your block on and having to press the right thumbstick a couple of times before getting your block on, and it's the difference between getting biffed with a machete and not getting biffed with a machete
  10. I also don't agree that we need a previous version of the game bringing back. I disagree with all of these points, personally. It's not so dark that you can't see without your flashlight, which is why it's in the game. Jason's grab is fine, just learn to use it and stalk better. The number of sprays is fine, they're just in different locations now. The bat stun chance is fine; if you want a 100% guaranteed stun then get a flare gun or shotgun. Lastly, the car handles a lot better now and you can actually powerslide with it. Definitely don't want it going back to how it was.
  11. Kodiak


    Already a thread on this. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20763-will-you-buy-the-collectors-edition-in-september/
  12. Just lower the difficulty if you're having problems.
  13. Doesn't mean nobody is going to buy it.
  14. Why not? The game is great fun and has sold very well, why wouldn't anyone buy the collector's edition? There's still quite a market out there of players who don't yet own the game.
  15. It seems like the general consensus here is that lots of us already own the game and the main reason we're not getting the collector's edish is because we already have a copy/multiple copies. The poll is probably going to be quite one sided for that reason, but I can imagine a lot of us agree that the collector's edition certainly looks nice and we'd like to own it