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  1. Gun have already said that it's the end of development for F13, and Sumo are working on TCSM. F13 is done, I'm afraid you'll just have to accept that.
  2. Actually that's the whole point I'm making: SJ wasn't supposed to be available to anyone but backers. If you didn't buy him, you probably aren't getting him back. Locking this thread as it's all been addressed on the forums before.
  3. It's irrelevant to what you're asking specifically. You're asking how to get SJ back if you didn't back the game on Xbox. I don't know what the deal is with PlayStation, but I know 1 thing for sure and that's that if you didn't obtain SJ through backing, then you've obtained him illegitimately. Gun isn't going to help with that. Free or paid is an issue with Microsoft and Sony, not Gun. You'd have to speak with customer support for them; SJ was never meant to appear on their marketplaces in the first place. "When Gun sold codes on eBay", this is a dumb fiasco that's been addressed by Gun staff before and as far as I remember, is just speculation from people who don't know. There's a 60+ page thread with basically everything you can think of regarding SJ on it.
  4. That's not what you're asking about and is a bit off-topic. I can't say what happened to people who bought him when he was accidentally posted.
  5. Sorry but downloading it off Xbox when it was erroneously posted doesn't mean you obtained Savini Jason legitimately. If you didn't obtain him legitimately by backing the game then you can't really expect Gun's help.
  6. Did you back the game? If yes, get in touch with Gun support. If not, then you won't be able to get SJ back.
  7. I wouldn't say that's the case personally. The other voluntary staff and I haven't had any issues with moderating the forum. I think though that because Matt has done such a good job on the TCSM Reddit, it won't warrant the need for a forum and the Gun Discord and TCSM Reddit will probably be the main channels. Wait and see 🙂
  8. Nobody's reported anything, but Gun doesn't owe an explanation to anyone of why they're doing TCSM and not Halloween. There was never any indication that this project was going to be Halloween, it's only ever been speculation. If you feel let down, it's just because you hyped yourself up believing something.
  9. What's the purpose of this thread exactly? Seems like a thread just saying "game's dead". It's not.
  10. Complaining is fine, but when people are getting personal with eachother and arguing then it's not acceptable. Everyone should keep their posts within the rules and there won't be an issue, but I won't accept arguments or attacks disguised as criticisms.
  11. It's not a case of shutting down complaints, it's a case of shutting down rule breaking and abuse. People getting overly personal and aggressive are causing problems. It's a case of people joined Gun's forum and they will abide by the rules, regardless of if they try to spin it as censorship or not. There's no 2 ways around it and for the people saying my posts/closing the thread makes no sense, that's irrelevant. I'll still enforce the rules the same way regardless of how people feel. Nobody gets free passes, everyone's treated the same.
  12. I said before to stop bickering and I can see it's still continuing. If you want this thread to remain open, stop the back and forth arguing. The forum may be coming to the end of its days but the rules still apply. Fair warning that this thread will be locked if the rules aren't adhered to.
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