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  1. I have indeed noticed this a lot on Xbox too. After returning to F13 after a break (usually how it goes - play it til I'm bored, break, fancy playing again), I changed my preference to counsellor to get a feel for the player pool on Xbox. Didn't take me long to realize that most play like noobs on there, and I was the only one fixing anything. When I swapped back to Jason, it was just too easy. I've stopped playing now for a while. Not for any particular reason, but because I've put in a lot of time over 2 platforms. I rarely ever put over 1000 hours into any game and I think I've got like 700 or so. I play now and again when I fancy it. Jason needs a buff - and a big one at that - and I'm glad the developers are looking at it currently.
  2. Kodiak

    O processo já acabou certo?

    This is an English speaking forum; please stick to one language everyone understands
  3. Lots of threads and various responses from Gun stating the same thing, which is nothing has changed. Sorry.
  4. Kodiak


    There's only 4 mods and if wasn't me you're referring to, it wouldn't likely be any of the others so it must be an admin.
  5. Kodiak


    @Alien_Number_Six, does this person you're referring to have a white name or red name? I think I know who you mean, but that would be an admin rather than a mod. Two separate teams.
  6. Kodiak


    By some, that means me. There's nobody else on the mod team who's as blunt as I am. I'm not hostile, but I do get tired of repeating myself dozens of times and each time, less sugar coating comes on my responses. People paint me to look hostile by talking when I'm not around, like they're doing on Reddit. Think I'm toxic or hostile? Go see what they decided to say about me there and tell me I'm the bad guy. I'll just say it straight. Some people got too pissed off for their own good with the no more content announcement and that's when the forums started going down hill. Just because of that announcement, certain users thought the rules no longer applies to them. Then it escalated until they got themselves banned. To reiterate once more: I'm not hostile, but I'm blunt and straight up about things. Sorry if you think I'm mean or nasty, but I'm not. When we used to play on Xbox, nobody had anything bad to say about me. Now that we've been made to look the bad guys, nobody is interested in playing anymore and half of them I haven't even said anything to. I'll let you judge on what's fair here, people should judge me based on their own opinion and not base it on what some other people are insisting I am. By the way, I used to spend hours making free animated signatures for forum users. If I were mean or hostile, I wouldn't have made a single one. (Not aimed for you personally @Slasher_Clone, this is just a general statement to whomever reads it)
  7. This is just speculation really. He goes on about having an email to Victor Miller but he's not considering the fact that this is between Sean and Victor. Nothing any of us say is relevant in their case, they're going to resolve it between themselves. How many people honestly think either of these guys will let us get in the way of what they want? The final verdict ultimately still stands. Speculation about matters people have no direct involvement in can only create theories with key points of information missing; none of us are in the know about what they're doing. All we know is what a bunch of websites have said about it. If it's content you want then the only words you should be looking for are words from Gun themselves. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, they're not the creators of the game.
  8. Kodiak

    Update on Content

    Guys, please stop making threads like these. Gun has said no more content and they wouldn't announce that lightly. They've probably thought of loads of possible solutions and each leads back to the no content announcement. It's ultimately out of our hands and I'd really encourage people to focus on the game itself. Remember how close the Grendel was? Was meant to be mid July. It was really close to being finished, so imagine if you had created a game and had the same thing happen to you. There aren't any other options. Sorry but gotta lock this, these discussions are giving people false hope.
  9. Kodiak

    Victor miller won law suit

    Yes, there won't be any more future DLC. Already a topic on this in the general discussion area of the forum.
  10. I don't think it's fair to allow a topic like this to stay open. This is not what the forum is for. If you have criticisms then there's a feedback section, but making a topic asking should they sell their own game? What purpose does that serve? A lot of time went into the creation of this game and I'm not seeing respect for that in this thread. If you can't accept the fact that DLC has ceased then I'm afraid that is a personal problem you will have to deal with one way or another. Suggesting the creators give up everything they've done and are continuing to do on the game just because you want the potential for future DLC is a very unreasonable ask. There is no more DLC coming. We can only keep repeating ourselves until you accept it, different publishers or not.
  11. Already a thread open on this.
  12. Don't hold your breath everyone. I'm not sure if anything will change but to be honest, I don't think it will anytime soon.
  13. Kodiak

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Oh not arguing, I don't mind being corrected on a mistake I must've missed Wes' post (I don't have Twitter). Guess that there will be a statement coming after all!
  14. Kodiak

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Hasn't come from anywhere. Just a rumour.