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  1. There are a huge amount of these threads already. I'll be locking this thread and I will gently remind everyone... Use the search function before starting new threads
  2. That was actually quite an entertaining read Made all so better by the right spelling and grammar so it's not an eye sore, with the appropriate amount of drama and not overly long. I like these kind of stories.
  3. Stop being abusive.. You too @WashingtonJones
  4. This is getting locked. Most of you posting on this thread know better than to bicker like kids at eachother, and attempting to derail a thread you don't like to get it locked won't go unnoticed. Stop it please, it's irritating having to keep saying the same thing over and over.
  5. Not locking this, but I am renaming it and moving it to a more appropriate location
  6. There are so, so many threads on this. Use the search function.
  7. I've literally just come online and read through this thread. Anyone who reads it through will see I have omitted certain words. I will say this once: Using those kind of words will not be allowed on the forum. Regardless of if it's used as a term for contrast between two separate things, it will not be allowed. Next time I will issue warnings. As for this thread, it has been done to death. Use the search function. As for jokes threads in the general discussion area, generally we keep that area for discussion for the game. Off-topic you can post whatever joke threads you like in I think that's fair enough.
  8. Lol Caine Hooder made me laugh. Kane Hodder would probably say "who fucking spelled my name wrong?" lol
  9. There are literally dozens of threads with these exact same suggestions. Read the forum rules and search before making new threads.
  10. I'm 101 and am still undefeated as Jason as well; only a few have tried to kill me but they failed. Here's some tips: Combat stance. If there's more than 1 counsellor attacking you, use combat stance and block. Jason attacks faster than counsellors do and he can follow up with a faster counter attack if someone hits him with a weapon. You can also toggle combat stance on to keep facing your opponents and walk backwards whilst blocking. If they swing at you, you can block or sidestep it. Throwing knives. If gangs of counsellors are on you, use shift and get a bit of distance. They get confident when they're all grouped up together, so throw knives at them to whittle down health and spray reserves. Play sneaky. If you feel you're taking too many hits, get away from the counsellors and use stalk. Stalk is an excellent ability, and it will allow you to take out a few counsellors without any warning given to them. Basically (in-case you're unaware), stalk will remove chase music, footstep sounds and VHS video effects. Counsellors won't be able to tell you're shifting or are nearby unless they can actually see you. Bring in Tommy Jarvis. This one can be a little bit risky, but it can remove Tommy from the equation completely. Use tip #3 to kill 2 counsellors who are separated from the group. This will trigger Tommy to spawn if he has been called. As soon as you see he is in play, attempt to intercept him early. Make sure you still have your mask on if you go after Tommy rather than the sweater wearer. Remove the sweater wearer from the equation. Do anything you can; use up all your throwing knives, use traps and all your abilities and stop the sweater wearer early. When a counsellor enters the shack who doesn't have your mask in their inventory, you get an audio cue. It is Pamela saying "They're back Jason, don't let them find me!". That is your cue to morph back to your shack immediately, DON'T let the sweater wearer escape. Trap them using the environment if you can, but they mustn't get away with the sweater.
  11. Lecter, to be frank I'm getting bored of having to repeat myself over and over. Stop causing issues where there are none; we mods are volunteer members of the forum and we're not here so you can give us shit about the way we work. We've been given a job to do and we do it. I've asked you several times before to stop causing problems. I'm not going to keep repeating it; consider this the last verbal warning I'll give you.
  12. For players like me, grip strength is a useful strength. I kill players using environmental kills as often as I can, and a +grip strength Jason would make it hard for players to avoid. I use Savini Jason 100% of the time so I've not really tested how effective grip strength as a strength is, as opposed to having it as a weakness.
  13. It took a while but I've read through a lot of the thread and will now address the others. @bewareofbears you can have your opinion but if you know that posting it will potentially cause some frustration (i.e.: saying "I think this is really shit" to someone who really likes something), then please try and re-word it. You could have easily written "I personally don't like it" with regards to additional clothing, rather than "this is garbage and I don't play dress up". I am also going to remind everyone to avoid participating in flame wars. I feel like I get on well with quite a lot of people here and I don't like having to do things forcefully, but regardless of that I still have to perform my duties as a mod in a fair and unbiased way. That basically means that even if we get on well, I still have to do my job. Can't show favouritism towards any particular users.
  14. Best way to get me on XBL is to just invite me to a game or send me a message when I'm online I'll respond.