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  1. Moved to the relevant section.
  2. What's the purpose of this thread exactly? Seems like a thread just saying "game's dead". It's not.
  3. Complaining is fine, but when people are getting personal with eachother and arguing then it's not acceptable. Everyone should keep their posts within the rules and there won't be an issue, but I won't accept arguments or attacks disguised as criticisms.
  4. It's not a case of shutting down complaints, it's a case of shutting down rule breaking and abuse. People getting overly personal and aggressive are causing problems. It's a case of people joined Gun's forum and they will abide by the rules, regardless of if they try to spin it as censorship or not. There's no 2 ways around it and for the people saying my posts/closing the thread makes no sense, that's irrelevant. I'll still enforce the rules the same way regardless of how people feel. Nobody gets free passes, everyone's treated the same.
  5. I said before to stop bickering and I can see it's still continuing. If you want this thread to remain open, stop the back and forth arguing. The forum may be coming to the end of its days but the rules still apply. Fair warning that this thread will be locked if the rules aren't adhered to.
  6. We don't need another thread for this. Please keep your ideas to one thread.
  7. If Gun's next game is based on a licensed franchise with a limited licensing agreement, there will be things they're allowed to do and things they're not allowed to do. Most games based on licensed franchises I've seen aren't open to mods. Take Star Wars: Battlefront II for example. That game doesn't support mods and if you read the EULA, you'll probably find something in there similar to what's in Gun's EULA regarding mods. These restrictions are in place to prevent various things from happening, like I don't think LucasArts (basically Disney now) would be too happy to see Darth Vader in a bright neon armor set with a foam sword instead of a lightsaber. The creators of Friday the 13th wouldn't be happy if someone modded F13: The Game to have Jason murdering kids instead of counsellors. The restrictions on modding are in place to maintain a strict image and vision for these games. For a cosmetic shop, that's something that's potentially more likely. Bear in mind though that only certain things are actually allowed to be created with the limited license that game developers are granted and they have to be true to what they're based on. If you're referring to something where players can upload their creations, that's very unlikely as it won't be supported.
  8. These ideas would be asking for an enormous amount. People in theatre, music and acting aren't easy to get into games and it would be a ton of work for each and every individual to be modelled, recorded and be given their character's personality. You may see some characters appearing as guests like Rambo in Call of Duty, but it's not like there's an entire action movie heroes pack. Licensing for characters extends beyond the people who portray them. I'm really not sure what most of your ideas have to do with what the Halloween film franchise is about. You're also talking DLC for a game that currently doesn't exist and as far as I'm aware, there's been no indication that the next game Gun is doing is Halloween. It's like you've skipped ahead a bunch of chapters straight to the end and not put much thought into the beginning.
  9. We're not going to keep making threads about (as you keep putting it) "Gun media's next HUUUUUUUUGE big franchised horror game with Kane Hodder", there's already one for that.
  10. I'm not really one for internet goodbyes, but I've been on these forums for a long time and it'll be odd not being on them anymore. There's some good community members here and it'd be nice to see you guys again in Gun's Discord channel. I'll be there, continuing as a mod as I have been here. See you there, or maybe in Gun's next game! Goodbye folks.
  11. What people must seriously understand is this is a licensed IP. I'm assuming the team was given strict rules on what they could and could not do, and this is quite likely why mods were not allowed. Streamers that decide to showcase these mods that have recently surfaced and may have been penalised would have been rightly actioned; it states clearly in the EULA that modding is not allowed. Streamers don't get special treatment for such blatant disregard, they've essentially painted targets on themselves saying "I broke the EULA and I'm using a mod I shouldn't be!" To assume Gun is doing anything other than what they are legally entitled and likely required to do is foolish. You don't publicly broadcast your breaking of the EULA and expect to be treated differently because you think your name carries some kind of weight. If people are unfamiliar with the EULA, it's essentially a legal document granting each user a license to use Gun's software (the software in question is the game). I suggest each person at least take a look at it so they can understand why the things that may have transpired have done so. I'm not privvy to any special information so that's why I'm saying "may have happened". I'm going to close this thread as it's seemingly founded on a lack of understanding; people are assuming Gun just want to shut people down because they want to. Try to understand the legality associated with what's happening here because you're painting a wrong image of them.
  12. Yep, it got locked. This "definitive" edition is an illegally modified version of the game. It wasn't authorised by the staff at Gun, as they've said previously. I wouldn't recommend getting involved as you don't know what you're really getting.
  13. Please don't necropost threads older than a year old, especially to randomly call out another forum user for something.
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