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  1. Kodiak

    We're Still Here

    Had to clean up this thread again. Keep it on topic.
  2. Gonna be locking this I'm afraid. It doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere good and there's other similar threads.
  3. There's feedback threads for providing feedback on the newest patches. This didn't need it's own thread.
  4. Kodiak

    Last Leg?

    Didn't need a separate thread making for this. Post in one of the others please.
  5. @RadikalGamer and @Slasher_Clone, you guys need to stop. We already talked about this.
  6. I think you might need a new record player. That one's broke and keeps repeating the same thing over and over. This topic's locked. There are feedback threads for the newest patches and we don't need another thread about it.
  7. Kodiak


    This has been suggested many, many times. Use the search function before making new threads.
  8. Kodiak

    Counselor ''nicknames''

    Quite correct. In the US, it's spelled with 1 L which is why my stupid spell check keeps telling me it's spelled wrong. Outside the US, it has two 2 L's.
  9. Kodiak

    Optimistic Prediction

    Post in appropriate threads, we don't need new ones every two minutes @Ralph_E_Fresh.
  10. There are other threads where you can discuss this.
  11. Posting in block capital letters isn't appropriate. Had to remove another post on here.
  12. 'Did somebody call ma name?' The post in question didn't come across as rational. When someone feels the need to use block capitals and multiple exclamation marks along with some underhand, subtle insults to try and get a point across, they generally post something that is more anger fueled than constructive. @BrokenFattHardy, that is why your post was removed. If you want to post your opinion then you can, but you wrote it in such a way that it seems like you're just subtly flaming the developers and publishers.