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  1. I like the patch personally because I don't expect to survive every single game. I want a hard opponent, I want those narrow escapes and 'shit, I'm screwed now' moments. I want to be tested against Jason so I can bring out my best way to play; it's more fun when your bag of tricks is running low and nothing has worked. Escapes aren't guaranteed and shouldn't be. I haven't any interest in defeating Jason either; the only time I participate in it is when I see a group with the right bits for it. The best way to adapt to Jason's new rage buff is quite simply stop trying to kill him or run him around until the clock runs out, and actually go and fix an objective and help other players.
  2. What is your gamer tag me and my friends need people to play with. 

  3. Right, I've tidied this thread up and it will be reopened. The multi posts have been cleaned up. New users: if some of our older members tell you that you're rule breaking, you should really go and read the rules properly. You don't want one of us to have to come and tell you instead. Also quoting excessively long posts is also against the rules, there is literally a rule for it in the rules section. If you want to quote something big, then you either address the person's points in the actual quote itself with a different font colour to show your responses, or you cut the quote out or shorten it. If your posts contain too many words for us to merge, they will be deleted. Multi posts won't stay simply because they're too big to merge.
  4. If this thread is to continue to remain open then there needs to be less antagonizing between users. Granted that some users have presented their opinions of the newest patch in more of a ranty manner than a constructive one, it still doesn't require attacking someone else. If you disagree so strongly then just outright ignore them; don't make our forums an unpleasant place to be with underhand stabs at other users. Moving this to the feedback section.
  5. Alright this is getting to be too much. Antagonising a group of players for their age isn't cool, even if they are under age to be playing it.
  6. Is a change in the game mechanics considered a new content ?

    1. F134Ever86


      Not unless it adds assets to the game.

    2. KenshiroHNK


      Thanks :)

      I think that the Fear Mechanics should be revised then.

  7. Don't get your hopes up people, this wouldn't change anything. Wes and Gun have stated no more content and they meant it. If it changes then an announcement will be made, but until that day, these topics will continue to be closed.
  8. Remember, no videos of naming and shaming. Several posts have been removed.
  9. It's the car for me. People tell me I'm a good driver https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/69010589
  10. Right, things appear to be getting personal in here. Knock it off with the bickering; consider this a verbal warning to those involved.
  11. Alright, don't overdo it. Getting dangerously close to being too much; antagonizing a group of people over their opinion is not a way to promote constructive discussion.
  12. I'm not a fan of lock on either, but I think it would work a lot better if flicking the thumb stick left or right changed the target you're locked on to.
  13. As Risinggrave stated and linked to, there's a topic available for this
  14. They're not meant to be there, just a placeholder for kills that didn't make it into the game.
  15. As already said, there won't be any more content and there's a big suggestions and feedback section to post ideas Locking this topic.
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