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  1. If this sort of stuff basically helps to keep up servers, add more content in the future, more maps, help with patches, pay for employees... I support your and the teams decision. It is not your fault people are impatient, but I can wait for the game to release when it releases, I am in no rush. Thank you very much for making this game a reality and making a game of the year deserving title. Cannot wait to see what's in stored for us in the future!!!
  2. Helper

    Savini Clothes

    Would it be wrong to ask where would be the best place to buy the Kick Starter savini's outfits since it has been removed? Would ebay or here be a good place?
  3. Physical effects would be even cooler.. when your running you can actually slip in the mud, jason can stuff the campers faces in the mud, wet spots (mud) slows down both jason and campers and so on..!
  4. Helper

    Skins Help

    I wouldn't waste my money on it as there will be more skins and I doubt your BF will stay with the savini skin his entire life playing the game. I say just let it be, there will be cooler skins in the future.
  5. I looked at previous threads too so by "plans" i believe later down the road if not on initial release.
  6. Helper

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I have it and its worth the money, main story is epic and addicting! Sadly i finished the main story, but its still so much fun
  7. Yea I emailed the Devs.. So yea even if I ordered it for PS4 i'll still get beta access for the PC beta.. Thanks every and Thank you Jpops for clearing it up as well!
  8. Ok and would it be possible for me to have preordered the game on PS4 but be able to play the beta on PC?
  9. I didn't really see a place to post question and to offer support from the staff etc.. So maybe have a place where people can post Questions in and have other members help out and answer for them or staff to answer the questions? I have a few questions that I might as well ask here just incase: In this upcoming beta do the "BackerKit" preorders get access to the beta? Since it still kinda is a Backer but not on KS. Will the beta be for PS4, Steam, and Xbox One?
  10. Well let people do what they want to do, F13 is already in the works and is almost complete! It's their lose
  11. Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in-game or on here!
  12. Do you prefer a good game? or a YT video like COD or BF lol... Honestly why care? They are busy making the game, not mandatory on here to keep us up-to-date 24/7. Let them make the game and once it's out, you can update your YT page with their game!
  13. I backed/preordered so hopefully I get my Beta code access! Wonder when they start giving them out, and if those who preordered via the backerkit still count as backers..
  14. Eh I never liked dead by daylight, it got boring and had that certain feel missing to it.
  15. I only heard f13 from my friend who was a PS MVP and i checked out the KS but didnt have the money to donate sadly.. Im a huge slasher fan myself! Well anything bloody, gruesome, violent i love lol.. Which is why i love f13!
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