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  1. Been here since before it was released. Just because it sucks now doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to cancel my account and quit the board. I'm still holding out hope there's some improvement yet to come. But as is, it's gonna take a hell of a lot of improvement to make this game any good. At least for me. The novelty has long since worn off and I don't get a whole lot of enjoyment out of it. There's just not a lot of substance and the stuff we do have is extremely humdrum. Thankfully though I haven't put even one cent toward this game. I can't imagine how people who donated AND bought it must feel. Yikes, I'd have been PISSED. That being said, I still enjoy discussing the game with people who do love it, hearing all the great ideas that are being thrown around, and generally keeping an eye on things to see what improvements and upgrades are coming. As far as this thread goes, this game should have been postponed another 6 months, at least, to iron out all of the kinks, bugs, glitches, server issues, terrible graphics, robotic gameplay, etc. At the end of the day I want this game to succeed so other franchises will get a chance to have a game too. Because if this game fails, the odds aren't likely we'll get another movie slasher icon based game any time soon.
  2. I agree with TS. Even today, the game is still extremely shoddy, lackluster, and ridiculously bare bones. It's basically hide & seek while having to open and close lots and lots of doors and drawers. That, plus an absurd amount of waiting (especially after getting killed). Frankly, the game sucks.
  3. No love for Spiderman? This game looks awesome. It looks like it could be as good as Spiderman 2 for the PS2.
  4. Really cool idea but they don't have the rights to Freddy.
  5. Whoever is playing Jason should be able to see the game clock.
  6. Nice. It worked out well in the Arkham series so hopefully it works out well here too.
  7. That's pretty damn funny, but I still wish they didn't allow doubles of counselors in the same game. It should be totally random who you play as and when. Sort of like a "work with what you've got" situation.
  8. A hospital setting with a maze of hallways and rooms would be phenomenal and probably the spookiest map possible, but something tells me it'd be 10 times harder to create and build than a simple forest map.
  9. If they do a Part V map, it should be set during the day. We gotta have at least one daytime map.
  10. Really? Every time I picked someone up with the grab, another counselor would come up and hit me so I'd drop the first counselor. It was totally lame.
  11. Doesn't work because the smart ones always stay together making it super difficult to kill them.
  12. He probably just meant it was the first posted video of a legit killing. What do you mean using discord?
  13. To be completely honest, with what we've got, I feel like as of right now, this is a $9.99-$14.99 game. If it had no bugs or glitches..... $29.99. If it had no bugs or glitches and added a few more maps and a couple more Jasons with new abilities, and a few new counselors, and improved the graphics and brought them into this era......$59.99.
  14. Yeah, I remember that thread. I think it was in the "suggestions" forum. But I agree, an end of match newspaper showing black & white pics of the aftermath with a little text that read something like "5 people killed, 2 escaped.....killer still on the loose" etc (depending on how many people died vs survived). Then if Jason gets killed it can read something different like "3 survivors able to outsmart killer. Jason Voorhees dead." etc. Would be a nice little touch. But before they add anything they need to fix the innumerable number of glitches and bugs. (Totally ridiculous that there's this many)
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