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  1. With regards to the whole use of Uber Jason and the Grendel, as it is now on each map the only way to kill jason is to get the sweater, have tommy and either kill him masked or demasked. Now with the grendel map this makes this option to kill him illogical. First off the only way to make it work is to have a hologram portion of a map to access the shack and to call tommy because again it would be really ridiculous for a phone to be on the grendel to call tommy, then you would have to be in the hologram portion in order for the kill to work because you cannot pull out the sweater from a hologram thus rendering that whole option impossible.So a whole other way to kill jason would have to be implemented for the grendel map itself. Now for all the other maps, putting Uber Jason on them is just dumb because all the weapons on those maps would not logically be able to impact him in any way.thus making it so the counselors really have no way to combat him at all, and the idea of the other Jasons on the Grendel would just be more ridiculous than retro jason on any map.
  2. It is not uber at crystal lake, Did you miss the Grendel map?
  3. Ya a lot of things don't make sense like Adult Tommy being on the current maps we have or having Jason's that don't correspond with the respective maps on them however i think with how the Grendel is and the narrow circular hallways won't work with 3rd person unless they modify the camera system, The whole hologram idea wouldn't work simply because you cannot pull out a holographic sweater out of a hologram, Let alone calling tommy, where is he going to come from? A whole new way will have to be made to kill Jason, Jason's abilities will have to be revamped to work within the ship setting etc.... There are too many factors that would indicate that it wouldn't work unless it is it's own seperate game mode and more than likely in 1st person like the virtual cabin. This is why i want @ShiftySamurai or @GunMedia_Ben to tell me if Illfonic is doing uber and grendel or if the odd gentlemen are handling it.
  4. Customized Bots

    Ya this isn't something high on the priority list. We have bigger issues that need attention aka Console dedicated servers, Jason getting fixed, item spawn decreases, repair parts spawning farther from the objectives etc..
  5. I agree with you 100%. I have been a fan of the franchise when i saw the first one when i was 3 years old back in 1985 and to see what has been done to Jason is just unacceptable. Leading up to the game's release and even a little while after the devs stance was always Jason is OP and that is how it is supposed to be, counselors have a minor chance at survival and it should be a challenge and a reward when you do. Since the Oct patch they have done nothing except cater to all the cry babies who can't handle losing a game Which says a lot about them individually as a person. The game is supposed to be hard, you are supposed to die a lot, that is just how it is not the other way around. Counselors shouldn't jump into a match with the objective of solely exploiting all the issues that plague Jason and teabag and dance all over him all the while never completing an actual objective. These along with many other issues is why i made a video regarding the state of the game and how it needs to be fixed. For anyone who hasn't seen it i will link it here. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben I hope you guys can check it out and know that all of this is coming from a die herd fan of this franchise who wants this game to be as successful as it can be and to have a long life span.
  6. Exactly, this is exactly my issue with uber/Grendel and why i think it has to be it's own game mode for it to work. If anyone here hasn't i recommend you to check out Slash N Casts video about this topic.They bring up a lot of great points in regard to this topic.
  7. The whole hologram concept for the game does not work. if you have to go to the hologram version of crystal lake or a hologram of the shack to get the sweater you can't bring a fake sweater out to kill him, and Jason isn't going to go in the hologram of the shack or hologram of crystal lake as it is the only place he can be killed.
  8. Logically there are a lot of things that point to this being it's own game mode such as, there can be no shack on the grendel, Tommy Jarvis cannot be the hero for it, The objectives will be completely different, Jason's abilities will have to be re-worked to work within the grendel setting etc...
  9. They are the devs who did the virtual cabin
  10. @ShiftySamurai Are you at liberty to say who is handling Uber Jason and the Grendel map Illfonic or The Odd Gentlemen also is it going to be it's own game mode?
  11. Well they did announce Paranoia mode several "Months" premature
  12. Ya i am not sure what those types of players goal is but if it is to just laugh that they knocked Jason over then why bother playing. However for those of us Jason players these are exactly the kind of players you have fun toying with lol