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  1. Hmmm he tried to be polite and get things on track and you respond rudely? That is uncalled for.
  2. If you go by the track record from launch to now, it is clear that issues have arisen with every patch. Now i am not going to say that they didn't test their patches but whomever did needs to be replaced because that person isn't working out.
  3. Do you have a video of this since the July patch? I haven't seen anyone be able to get on the roof since the patch.
  4. The first time it happened was in the video above and i was like what the hell, but now i just laugh everytime it happens lol
  5. Here is something i have had happen a lot since the July patch. When running to a window to dive out and when you press X(Ps4) your knees buckle and you fall and bend in half.
  6. Is the patch still currently on track to drop today? I haven't seen anything yet aside from Matt saying on Tues that it was targeted for today.
  7. I do hope that with the upcoming patch that it does correct the sense/shift situation as well as the window cancelling however since every patch from launch there has always been new surprises to be found, so now i look at every patch as an event to see what people find. So bring your pop corn and let's hope for the best but be excited for the surprises.
  8. I can name one right off the top of my head, No Way Out. Me and the wife played through it twice and had zero bugs or glitches during our playthroughs. I don't know if anyone else experienced any but we didn't at all. However the issue isn't naming on game that is 100% bug free, the issue is as i sated in my post above that after 2 years and numerous patches, this game should not be in the state it is in and each patch should not introduce more bugs/glitches than it fixes. Nevermind the fact that the game has been out for 2 years and almost 3 months. Name a game to me where after that amount of time after release that has this amount of issues and had patches consistently breaking things.
  9. Everyone is open to criticism as long as it is justified and in the case of the game and it's 2 year and almost 3 months life cycle, we can clearly see there is valid room for criticism. As a business you should strive for the highest excellence possible as it not only pertains to your reputation in the field but also determines what your consumers think of you and the products and or service you provide. Now since launch the game has had non stop issues ranging from Database login errors, car rubber banding, excess of weapons and items for counselors, kill cam's that shake like they are having a seizure, kills that bug out, floating counselor and Jason bugs, spectator bug, people who exploited through walls and onto roofs, interaction lock issues, hit detection issues, combat stance issues, blocking issues, weapons not connecting at all, flare guns not registering hits, items floating off the ground, dead counselors disappearing into the ground, cars being destroyed by throwing knives, the new window hopping bug, Jason getting shift and sense at the same time, shift cooldown's being minimal etc...etc... i could keep going. Now any other company putting out a product or service that had this many issues consistently for 2+ years would be criticized heavily and it would be warranted. I love the game don't get me wrong, but we have to call a spade a spade and this is beyond unacceptable. There is absolutely no excuse for the game to be in the shape it is in after this long, let alone every patch always brings new problems instead of just getting rid of them. For those on here who defend the game and go against what all of us who call out everything on, how will you feel when the day comes (and i am sure it isn't too far off in the future) when they can no longer maintain dedicated servers and support for the game and it is left in a broken, buggy glitchy state like it is in now. Will you still defend it then?
  10. A final hoorah in making some more game sales and revenue on the game
  11. Here is a video i put together of a few things from the newest patch, i put 7 clips of different gameplay into one. I detailed each clip in the description of the video.
  12. Reading through this i looked at things that have been seen or heard from various sources. We know Jason X was already in development and was near done, there were kill packs done and seen via different video's such as the first trailer for the Ultimate Slasher Edition that was then edited and had them removed, as well as the data mined kills. Pre-uber was mentioned by Ronnie that he was a possibility, whether he was in development or not is unknown to my knowledge. We know there was Sandbox mode, the Lazerus Experience was filenamed VC 3.0 so that is very clear as to what it was going to be. Now one of the other things with regards to the lawsuit they could only release things that were already in development or done. An example of this was the part 2 kill pack which released after they announced no more content and was done as a silent drop. Now with that being said as i stated above that we saw part 3 kills that haven't been released in the first trailer for the Ultimate Slasher Edition trailer that were clearly done but still were never released. Also if you listened to Ronnie Hobbs interview on The Movie Crypt podcast he states that they were aware of the lawsuit and the time frame they had long before they ever mentioned it publicly to the community when the no more content announcement was made. I am not going to say that everything in the reddit post is true but if you take all the examples of what we do know and was can be proven it does lend credence to the post and the things mentioned.
  13. In this scenario if you yelled at a cashier for your order being messed up 3-4 times i would say that others around hearing exactly what the issue was would probably understand and sympathize as anyone in that situation would be frustrated. Now i am not saying blowing up at a cashier is the answer but being angry and frustrated is acceptable. If you pay for a product and or service there is an expectation and if it is not met and messed up multiple times then the people responsible should be held accountable. I myself would not worry about what people around me are going to think, at the end of a day we pay for products and services, There are standards to be upheld in every business and they should be met and if they are not then people have the right to state why and give proof/details to show that they are justified in calling out these issues. In the case of the game, it has been out for over 2 years, now since day one there has always been issues, with every patch something may be fixed but multiple more issues would arise and this has been a consistent track record. Whether you are a backer or not, we all paid for the game and in doing so we have the expectation that it does work. Sure every game has it's bumps usually at the start of it's cycle however this game is in over 2 years and there is no excuse for it to be in the state it is in. In regards to the change in dev team, yes Illfonic had issues correcting the issues that were present from day 1 until their departure, now we have black tower studio who seem to be in the same position (going by the patches that they have done so far). Now in any business an employee is required to provide a standard of performance, if that is not met they get warnings depending on the nature of their performance and behaviours. After a certain point if there isn't solid consistent improvement with less to no errors, that employee will be terminated and the employer will state why. This is exactly where the community is in regards to the game, the state it is in and how things have been handled. The game is 2 years+ in and there is no excuse for why the game is in the state it is in and every paying customer/backer has the right to voice their opinions and reasons for their dissatisfaction without fear of being told they are being toxic or attacking people especially if there isn't direct personal verbal assaults going on.
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