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  1. I have played since launch and only have 715 hours
  2. Aside from the Artbooks, has any backers received a physical version of the soundtrack yet?
  3. Official_Adam_W

    Winter Maps

    Here is a quick pass at what a kill would look like in the snow
  4. Official_Adam_W

    Winter Maps

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. I literally wanted to figure out how to add snow to a picture that had none and figured the Screenshots i took from in game would be perfect to do so. Plus it gives an idea on how cool snow would have been in game.
  5. Official_Adam_W

    This Track never made the cut?!

    True fans? What makes you or anyone else more of a true fan than anyone else? I have been around for the game for the same amount of time, however my love for the franchise started 33 years ago when i was 3. I am beyond a die hard fan of the franchise and i am one of those who spoke their opinions and displeasure on here and even took a break from the forums for many reason. Just because you were a backer and weren't affected by the bugs and stuck it out on the forums does not make you a True fan" over anyone else.
  6. That would be nice for sure but highly unlikely and with Crhistmas holidays just around the corner i would say you won't hear anything until sometime 2019
  7. ok, i was wondering because i was just going off of this post back on Nov 13
  8. Well it has almost been 2 weeks since the post of the artbooks and soundtracks being sent out, i wonder if anyone has received theirs yet and if not, i wonder if anyone will get them before 2019.
  9. Most likely not since Sony has stated that it will only support games published from April 2018 going forward.
  10. Here is a link to the tweet by Larry Zerner https://twitter.com/Zernerlaw/status/1052980995450753024
  11. Official_Adam_W

    Can't hear the boat?

    I can state with 100% certainty that there never was a boat alert noise. I have been playing since launch and unless you were near the boat you wouldn't hear it or get alerted to it. I posted the video from June 3rd 2017 a week after launch that shows a Jason not near the boat and he was never alerted to it being started. I have looked and looked through all my Jason gameplay and there was never an alert and everyone else's gameplay also shows there was never an alert. Proof has been shown that there never was one plain and simple.
  12. Official_Adam_W

    Can't hear the boat?

    Actually it is new, it was never in the game, proof is in this video of a match in which if you see at 9:24 you will see Jason Jason just killed a counselor and got the alert that the cops were called and looks at his map and the boat is stationary at it's spawn location at the boat house. He then morphs to the phone house He goes after that counselor and then at 10:05 he looks at his map and you see the boat is still stationary at it's spawn location. After killing the counselor he walks around a bit and at 10:33 he looks at his map and at this point the boat has already moved a good distance and at no point was there a boat alert sound. Facts are facts and as you can see, there was no boat alert and this video was from June 3rd 2017 which was a week after launch.
  13. Official_Adam_W

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Well video proof has been shown to prove there was no boat alert noise so i would just like to hear why we were told it was when it never was. As for counting as new content it does certainly fall under the same category as adding a rock or a tree which as we were told they could not do.