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  1. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Jenny's hair issues don't impact the overall gameplay, all the things i have mentioned does, and it hasn't been confirmed if those things are going to be fixed in this update.
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    I am not saying that Jenny's hair doesn't need fixed because it does, but on the scale of things that really need fixing, it is on the lower end of the list. There are far more important things like car rubberbanding, counselor's hitting Jason through solid doors, weapons clipping through solid objects, hit box detection, combat mechanics etc.....
  3. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Actually it isn't lol. The fact that you think that is really sad.
  4. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Of all the things to nitpick about in regards to issues with the game and you pick Jenny's hair as a top issue? I would like to think car rubberbanding and body parts/weapons clipping through solid objects and people being able to hit Jason through solid doors would be far higher on the priority list than Jenny's hair
  5. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Something we agree on Shifty
  6. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    This was exactly the same thing i was thinking
  7. New Friday the 13th fan film

    i have been making posters for the film to support/help promote it via twitter and facebook. Really looking forward to it
  8. New Friday the 13th fan film

    Hey everyone Not sure how many know but the guys at Slash N Cast have a kickstarter to fund a new Friday the 13th fan film. They have already reached the goal and any extra money raised goes toward making the film even bigger and better. If you are a fan of Slash N Cast or a fan of Friday the 13th, check out the kickstarter and if you can donate any amount is great and if you cannot, even sharing the kickstarter around can help to raise more and bring more awareness to the film. Here is the link to the kickstarter
  9. Thanks man, ya usually i get those quick draw throws but i was off when i went to hit the Shelly. Just gotta keep practicing till i can do it on command lol
  10. Ya i am pretty effective with TK's Check out the first kill i did in this video.
  11. I don't care if the emote dances are there, just give me the part 6 sheriff back break kill as an option when i am on the ground as jason so i can make those people regret their choice to dance/teabag lol
  12. Something i have been saying for a while that would help with teabaggers and dancers is give Jason the back break kill from Jason Lives that he does to Sheriff Garris. When your down and if a counselor is close enough you can execute the kill. This would make all the trolls think twice about going anywhere near Jason when he is down.
  13. Full Length Match Videos

    This was a fun match and the opening first kill was a beauty.
  14. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    The host of this match will definitely be enjoying some time in the mines.
  15. Very true in most cases however, when it comes to objectives it isn't about fighting Jason to get them done, if you play it right, you can get them done without any fight at all. I have many gameplay video's of getting objectives done without even having to deal with Jason