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  1. For anyone not aware but here is the "Official" Gun stance on Jason Teaming
  2. @mattshotcha Not sure if this is something that has been widely reported, but for a while now sometimes when i am conselor even with having the walkie talkie i hear counselors as sped up chipmunks to the point of not being able to make out what they are saying and it is 100% of the time like this when i am Jason. Several patches back i could hear counselors talking clear when i played as Jason but for the longest time now it is just really sped up chipmunks and is completely inaudible.
  3. As far as i am aware, hacking is not possible on the ps4. Which Jason was the person you suspect of hacking?
  4. You are correct, i have even posted video proof that it never existed at launch or even a while after launch here on the forums and yet there are still some people who think it did exist then.
  5. I can 100% confirm that using an exploit to get to and stop another exploiter is safe from punishment. I have done it in the past and had the video evidence to prove my case in the event someone else sent a video in complaining. I did however also give my video to the dev's anyway and explained why i did it and guess what, no consequences. There is a huge difference in glitching/exploiting to just plain cheat and it is another to do it to prevent/stop the cheater.
  6. While i posted the Jarvis/Vacation house exploit video as for the forum members to look out for to avoid unknowingly aid a troll in exploiting the pocket knife trick which get's them in said exploit spot, i did also state that initially when i uploaded it, it was unlisted and reported to Jasonkills bugs, i can post an image of the date the video was published as well as a screenshot of the email confirmation that it was reported. However i fail to understand why my posting of that video was removed however this one still is up? This shows where to exploit on packanack through the wall.
  7. I was playing a match and saw a guy exploit a spot on the Jarvis map i hadn't seen done or mentioned anywhere else prior to and so i wanted to see if i could bait him to tell me how he did it and he showed me and i recorded it and sent it to Jasonkillsbugs. I uploaded it 3 weeks ago and i had it unlisted first to see if they saw it and it showed it was viewed by them, so i can only hope that it does get patched sometime in the near future. Thought i would share it for those that aren't aware of this one. [Video removed by moderator. Please do not post tutorials for exploits on the forums]
  8. I too have reported several exploiters over the course of the games run and especially recently after the last patch. The main ones i know of are the Packanack Roof exploit, The Higgins Haven Roof exploit, the Vacation house roof exploit, and the single closed off shed like spots that don't have door openings that can be glitched into. I have reported every single one of these several times and shortly after reporting them the video's had gotten a view, so i am sure they are looking at them. As to when they get around to dealing with the cheaters and fixing the exploit spots is up in the air.
  9. @TheHansonGoons I too was looking forward to the weekly challenges/community events, really sucks that they have never happened. However if they were to be, you are correct that the majority of us who have played either from launch or shortly after have already maxed out our levels and gotten all the tapes, dlc and perk rolled to death lol. In-game rewards would definitely be a difficult line to walk as they would be limited as to what they could do. Due to the lawsuit their only options are Xp/Cp, tape drops and offering dlc for those who may not have it yet. One thing i would love in regards to the events as an in game re-ward would be a special badge or identifier that shows you did it. I am all for outside rewards such as Funko/Neca figures, t-shirts, signed posters and other other possible swag. My only issue with these types of prizes is the likelyhood of anyone outside of the U.S. being not able to participate due to shipping limitations. This happened with their big giveaway they were doing over twitter not that long ago. Even being in Canada and right next to the U.S. i couldn't enter to try to win some of those cool prizes. So if they were to let's say offer similar prizes that were to be shipped to winners, it would need to be open to everyone not just one country. That is just my thoughts though
  10. Well done @Alien_Number_Six Always good to see a Jason player who when the streak runs out takes it like a pro. I hate the Jason's who see that they are in the crosshairs of being killed and run off to hide in the water until the end of the match. Props to you for taking the loss and moving along. I too had the streak for over a year before my first loss. As of to date from the launch of the game i have only died twice as Jason in about 800 total Jason matches played. There is no shame in dying as Jason and people need to understand that. Sad fact is that majority of the players who say they are the best Jason's and cannot be beaten are the ones who run and hide for the water when they are about to take the fall lol
  11. For those that have received that art book, does it mainly consist of images we have seen from all the panels they did as well as game renders or captures of assets from the unreal engine program? Outside of that was there any unseen images of things like the unreleased collectibles that were going to be put into the game if the lawsuit didn't halt it or any other stuff?
  12. @mattshotcha Welcome aboard Just have a couple questions for you if you are able to asnwer them. 1. Do you have any updated info on how the new perk rolling system is coming along and a guesstimation on when we might see it roll out? 2. Is there any chance that ps4 can get stat tracking for the game? 3. Do you know if there is any chance of some tweaking can be done to Jason's sense so that if he is nearby and a counselor hides inside a cluster of bushes like behind Higgins main house that Jason can't just easily spot them? I know this is tricky but i think in terms of balance but i think that if Jason is in the vicinity of a counselor and they have not been seen by him that they can hide in such a place and not just be automatically visible through sense. This kind of negates the idea of hiding in spots outside of cabins as a strategy to try to evade getting killed and continue on with getting objectives done.
  13. Aside from the Artbooks, has any backers received a physical version of the soundtrack yet?
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