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  1. Official_Adam_W

    End Of The Line

    Well it has been a long interesting journey but every train must reach the end of the line and my train just pulled up to the last stop. I have been following the game since it's inception as Summer Camp Vol 1 and backed the game as well as bought 2 Savini Jason's (one for me and one for a giveaway) and the counselor clothing pack. I have dumped over 1000 hours into the game and met a lot of great people along the way. I joined the forums back in Oct 2016 and have met a lot of cool people and had some great times. However over the course of the last little while, so many things have changed and not for the better. I really wish things didn't go the route they did but it seems that it wasn't in the cards. I don't want to drag this out into a long post so i just want to thank a bunch of people who made my stay here a fun and enjoyable one and gave lots of tips for the game and tons of great conversations. A true group of people who do not show Pusillanimous in anything that they do. @AldermachXI@bewareofbears@Brigadius@Alkavian@BrokenFattHardy@AdmiralJT@Ghostboy20 aka Goatboy @TheHansonGoons @2moar I am sure i am missing a few and to those i apologize. Thank you all for the fun times and discussions. I bid everyone a farewell.
  2. Maybe Wolf is vying for a position?
  3. That is why a lot of players complain openly on mic that they hate Jarvis and pinehurst because they are too big and harder to escape on. Sad that people can't take a challenge in trying to survive
  4. I agree that having the option would be a good thing however much like a lot of things, it won't happen because it would be considered NEW CONTENT
  5. Official_Adam_W

    Next Update and Dedicated Servers.

    Exactly, i have never said they have had to give his in-depth and heavily detailed information, but i don't see how we can't be given even minor information just to keep us up to date on things. Months of silence is something we have become accustomed to but it shouldn't be something we get used to. It is something that we shouldn't come to expect. As of now, a huge chunk of people that used to populate these forums have all gone for various reasons and at no point has this affected how the devs have come to communicate to what is left of the community. I am one who does love the game, bugs and all and i really wish things turned out different on all fronts, however i do think that since we the community funded this game we should have deserved better treatment in terms of how we discussed and offered constructive criticism and ideas to make the whole experience better as well as how we have been communicated to since the launch of the game. However it seems that everything is just going to continue on the path it is on and playerbase is just going to continue to drop. I would love to think things are going to change and maybe even get better as much as it possibly can but history tells us that isn't the case and with how the future of the game is going it also suggests the same.
  6. Last patch we got was the July 3rd patch, it is now Aug 6th and the last thing we had heard about anything to do with the next patch was via the F13game twitter account back on the 23rd. Last post about Update Outside of that Shifty did state here on the forums a couple of big ticket items they were focusing on. Outside of that we have had no other information as to what other issues could be worked on for the patch or even if there will be a patch this month. I know they cannot give us dates but i think that at least some form of updates with any info no matter how small would be appreciated so we know what is happening. Lastly and most heated subject is dedicated servers. We have heard nothing about them since we were told that they needed to upgrade the engine in order to implement them. Much like the next patch it would be nice to hear something other than the once in a blue moon statement "We are working on them" I think that with the storied history of the whole process of the decision to go the route of dedicated servers and when we were originally looking to get them without any mention at all of requiring an engine upgrade to now months later after said upgrade and no new info or info at all regarding what is going on with them. I would like to think that considering the current state of the game and having the Ultimate Slasher Editions coming out next month that it would make sense be communicating as much as possible on these subjects to give the remaining playerbase something as well as info for any potential new people looking to pick up the game.
  7. I hear you on that, but it comes down to if Gun wants the game to continue, and going by their current stance on the game i would say no. Once the lawsuit is done, they will all have moved on and the servers will be off. They won't come back to this game and i don't see them trying to give it to another developer no matter if it is a AAA studio or an indie, i just see the game stopping and that is it.
  8. That would be nice but according to Ronnie when he was on Adam Green and Joe Lynch's podcast The Movie Crypt, he said that they showed the game to all the big developers like Ea, Activision, etc.... and none of them were interested in it.
  9. Official_Adam_W

    Too bad we cant get events like this

    Lmao good point
  10. Official_Adam_W

    Too bad we cant get events like this

    Ya i am not sue the exact date the website launched but i know that those events were listed on the site the day it launched, which i think has been at least a year ago now. I do think though that seeing as how they have said there is no content coming ever again, they should remove that from the website especially since it still says coming soon, as it can be considered false advertising to any newcomers to the game/site. Either that or they are going for the world record for something to be "Coming Soon"
  11. Official_Adam_W

    Too bad we cant get events like this

    Ya that sound like the more likely scenario, but in the end they were advertised since the sites launch and never came to be and yet are still up on the site as coming soon, which if a new person came to the site considering buying the new editions could get excited about those challenge events only to find out they are never coming and were advertised for a year
  12. Official_Adam_W

    The future of the game

    I think it is very clear there is NO future for this game. There is not going to be anymore content, Patches seem to be breaking more than they fix and we haven't heard much lately on the next patch and the biggest of issues outside of no content is console dedicated servers which was promised by Oct of last year then we were told out of nowhere they needed to upgrade the engine for them to add them. Now months later and still nothing and no word. I would say the game is just going to continue to drop it's player count until either they shut the servers down or there just aren't enough players to fill lobbies. Look at steam charts to get an idea as to where their play population is and is going.
  13. Official_Adam_W

    Too bad we cant get events like this

    I doubt there would have been a reward, they were probably something they would have done for people to have bragging rights or something
  14. Official_Adam_W

    Too bad we cant get events like this

    Or how about these.. If we actually got these that were listed on the site since it's launch they may have added a little extra something for the community to do.
  15. Official_Adam_W

    Dance Hall Massacre - part 2!!

    Can't make a new topic regarding the video i shared. Anytime someone has tried to share it, a mod/admin removes it.