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  1. That sucks, my only other suggesting would be to try getting in touch with them via their discord server https://t.co/YFsIZXFPBD
  2. Ya there are so many cool things they could have incorporated into the game but sadly will never happen. I even suggested a sandbox mode where you can have the counselors and Jason's do certain scenario's and have the in game items be used and be able to manipulate the camera so players can make cool fan made trailers and video's.
  3. A fine quote as well. Metallica got me into wanting to learn to play the guitar so many years ago
  4. The Lazerus experience was supposedly under the file name VC 3.0. So my guess is that it was going to be like the Virtual cabin but take place on the Lazerus from oart 8 and at the end it would have revealed a teaser for a part 8 map.
  5. I know there are many other threads on here discussing many various issues but as i have experienced an issues that i haven't seen or heard anyone else say they have experienced i figured i would start a thread for people to post about issues they have had that isn't one of the more noted ones. My issues started i believe around Dec 18 2017 when the virtual cabin update dropped. Ever since then every online multiplayer match i have played as Jason i no longer hear the other players talking over mic properly. Before that patch when i was Jason and near counselors who were talking over their mic's i could hear them normally however after that patch now they all sound like really sped p chipmunks and you can't make out what they are saying. I haven't seen anyone else mention they have this issue when they play as Jason and can still hear the counselor players clear when they are communicating over their mics in game. I have submitted this to the devs months and months ago and am hoping that at some point this does get fixed. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. Tough to say as to when the next patch will be here. The last one took 5 months to come. I would say at minimum to expect it to drop in 2-3 months. With the plethora of still existing bugs and glitches compounded by the new ones the last patch brought us along with all the other issues me and so many other players have submitted to be fixed i honestly think the online servers will be turned off before everything gets fixed to where the game would be considered in a good state. Just my thoughts though
  7. For anyone not aware but here is the "Official" Gun stance on Jason Teaming
  8. @mattshotcha Not sure if this is something that has been widely reported, but for a while now sometimes when i am conselor even with having the walkie talkie i hear counselors as sped up chipmunks to the point of not being able to make out what they are saying and it is 100% of the time like this when i am Jason. Several patches back i could hear counselors talking clear when i played as Jason but for the longest time now it is just really sped up chipmunks and is completely inaudible.
  9. As far as i am aware, hacking is not possible on the ps4. Which Jason was the person you suspect of hacking?
  10. You are correct, i have even posted video proof that it never existed at launch or even a while after launch here on the forums and yet there are still some people who think it did exist then.
  11. I can 100% confirm that using an exploit to get to and stop another exploiter is safe from punishment. I have done it in the past and had the video evidence to prove my case in the event someone else sent a video in complaining. I did however also give my video to the dev's anyway and explained why i did it and guess what, no consequences. There is a huge difference in glitching/exploiting to just plain cheat and it is another to do it to prevent/stop the cheater.
  12. While i posted the Jarvis/Vacation house exploit video as for the forum members to look out for to avoid unknowingly aid a troll in exploiting the pocket knife trick which get's them in said exploit spot, i did also state that initially when i uploaded it, it was unlisted and reported to Jasonkills bugs, i can post an image of the date the video was published as well as a screenshot of the email confirmation that it was reported. However i fail to understand why my posting of that video was removed however this one still is up? This shows where to exploit on packanack through the wall.
  13. I was playing a match and saw a guy exploit a spot on the Jarvis map i hadn't seen done or mentioned anywhere else prior to and so i wanted to see if i could bait him to tell me how he did it and he showed me and i recorded it and sent it to Jasonkillsbugs. I uploaded it 3 weeks ago and i had it unlisted first to see if they saw it and it showed it was viewed by them, so i can only hope that it does get patched sometime in the near future. Thought i would share it for those that aren't aware of this one. [Video removed by moderator. Please do not post tutorials for exploits on the forums]
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