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  1. Official_Adam_W

    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    Not sure if others on here have had this happen before the patch or after it was implemented but it is the first i have encountered this. I have reported it to JasonKillsBugs but thought i would share it on here. I also added a small clip of a song over it as it makes it funny.
  2. Here is a video i did to show what legendary perks i have and you can see the stats.
  3. If you think that people should be able to buy their way to level 150 without putting in the time and feel that is ok but can't grasp similar examples to other things like i have mentioned, shows me that you don't understand why people are against the idea of having the option to buy your way to max level. People need to stop feeling like they are entitled to whatever they want or feel like they shouldn't have to put in the time and effort to achieve something. Spoiled ass generation
  4. Would you also view things in a job situation too? Someone with long time seniority can lose their seniority position by someone who pays to be more important in the workplace, because hey, nobody cares how many years you have worked here, i paid money and so i should have higher seniority
  5. Clearly you missed the underlying point, but that's ok if you could you would pay to have gotten that too
  6. That is just about the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Try applying this thought to something else in life, i am a musician and if i instead of taking the time to sit down and write and record a song i paid some dude to just give me a song and it becomes a hit, any other musician would consider that lazy and uncreative but by your thought process who cares because all your doing is moving your fingers on an instrument for hours at a time why put in time to earn something when you can just pay to have it handed to you
  7. Official_Adam_W

    Crazy Lixx tabs

    Ya i have also been looking for a tab/guitar pro tab for Killer but no luck
  8. Official_Adam_W

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Wes stated that that is an issue that will be fixed when dedicated servers are in place. It is an issue tied to the current host connection system
  9. Official_Adam_W

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    They are referring to the speed exploit that some counselor players use to move at light speed
  10. Good thing i grinded and have been lvl 150 for months lol. Thanks for everything you do Shifty
  11. Not sure what you are looking for or why call Shifty incompetent. The patch notes giving full details will come soon relax
  12. I can confirm as per a discussion with Wes, the rubberband issue is something that will get fixed with dedicated servers.
  13. Official_Adam_W

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    I just got confirmation from Shifty that Emotes are the only unlockables in SP challenges
  14. Official_Adam_W

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    They are Mia Wallace and Vincent's dances from Pulp Fiction
  15. Official_Adam_W

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Happy to finally get the middle finger flip off emote