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  1. I wonder what Mitch's stats will be like!
  2. Gotta give love to the grandpa of slashers: Halloween. But Friday the 13th held my attention for way longer. Elm St. came last because it was more of a dark comedy than just slashing. So F13, Halloween, and Elm St. for me.
  3. It's been since April, yeah. My fiance looks nothing like Chad. It wouldn't work, sadly. Would be much scarier as Jason too.
  4. My post was just a joke. Ben is a bro. But this is the internet. Give anyone a voice, and you'll find a palette of different opinions. It is what it is. I enjoy the community for its variety of opinions -- some I find personally invalid, and some I find too optimistic or fantastical. It is what it is. That's why it's called a forum. You'll find the same on the Discord and the subreddit. Those who think the teams don't care about fixing the game are simply short-sighted. Gun and Illfonic can be as transparent as they can, and these people will still find a reality congruent to their beliefs. The reason you're seeing such a hive of negativity (and positivity; let's get real) is because Gun and Illfonic are pretty connected to the fanbase. Inarguably more transparent and connected than most other game dev companies. Players of the game know this, and so they yelp louder because there is incentive to voice their opinions. Picture baby birds in a nest and how they chirp louder when the mama bird is within range, except mama bird is always within range with Gun and Illfonic through Twitter, the forums, the Discord, the subreddit, et cetera and so on. Don't let that discourage you, @Trident77. Let people be people, and let yourself be yourself.
  5. I'm seriously going to try for a Jenny cosplay, since my fiance always goes as Jason. I've been scoping out some essentials.
  6. Welcome back!
  7. I'm not convinced. I think this is where Ben got rabies.
  8. Geezus, people. It's not the size that matters. It's how you use it.
  9. Oh no, you're in the heart of Voorhees territory! Welcome!
  10. To be honest, I'm not going to care which eye he's blind in while he hacks my face to bits.
  11. Okay, I voted for the movie version. *ducks tomatoes and other cannon fodder* But simply because it is true to the movie and all it involved. I suppose if you wanted to stay within the fiction, canon is a good option. If you wanted to pay homage to the movies and recreate that, then you'd want to keep the mistake. It's a really hard choice for me personally. Since the F13 Game world is primarily "within the fiction," I can see why they'd want to undo the mistake. Plus, I'm already exhausted by the thought of non-F13 fans chiding Gun Media for their "mistake." So maybe it IS best to undo the mistake. Blegh.
  12. I think adding a window-grab feature would be great! It would make the cabins psychologically smaller for counselors, as they'd have to avoid the windows. I mean, they already do (to avoid ax swings), but imagine snatching a counselor out of the window when they least expect it.
  13. It's a fair solution! Jason keeps his knowledge of the phone box, and counselors have to work a bit harder.
  14. I feel like the PAMELA voiceovers are perfect in the game, especially when he's staggered. They're pretty much seamless, and they make sense. I haven't heard them otherwise (aside from when someone steps into his lair), so I'm not sure what everyone else is on about.