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  1. Dang you guys are on top of it.
  2. Whats going on forums? I thought i would make a post about something that might be annoying when the games comes out. This is pretty map specific or Any jason that can't run specific. I was watching this video of some beta game play and this happened to this guy. https://youtu.be/WNeDXw1IuyU?t=16m20s Its pretty annoying for someone to loop you like that forever or until he messes up and gets grabbed. Some ideas i came up with to counter that would just to make the fence destructible in some parts. Another idea was just using the throwing knives that jason has. Did this happen to any of you during the beta? Thanks for reading! ~Gobb
  3. Can you combo The teleport? Like can you activate stalk and then teleport to a camp site?
  4. Sup Forums! Had another idea and im gonna post it in a new thread to keep it all tidy. So i had an idea for a challenge system where you could earn extra cp and xp for doing stuff in game. Ex. "Set 20 bear traps" 300 xp kinda goes with the other thread i made where you can pick what you want when you want. Also, You can pick from a list of the challenges instead of being randomly assigned 3 that your stuck with untill you finish them. Maybe they have a time limit to complete them? Just throwing ideas out there. Have a awesome day! ~Gobb
  5. The idea i had is that you start with A certain amount of Cp at the start when you get the game. Then you can unlock whatever you want with that Cp in what ever order. An i should have clarified that i DO NOT want this to become micro-transactions. You can only get Cp when you level up. I had another idea that people can earn cp for doing stuff in game, kind of like challenges.
  6. The thing is is that with this system you can buy what ever you want, whenever you want. Say you want to have just one jason but make him supper badass, you can do that. Same goes for counselors. You can fully deck out the character you want and then get all the rest of the stuff later.
  7. Sup forums. So i had a couple of ideas to make the progression system better or more intuitive. So has anyone played COD: black ops 1? No? well let me explain. In black ops 1 your progression system was very different from other games. Instead of it being linear and grindy. You could buy anything you wanted. If you had the cash. not real cash. lol Say you wanted a gun but didn't want to play for 20 hours to get the necessary xp to unlock it. Well, you can just buy it instead with in game currency. now i know what your saying "MICRO-TRANSACTIONS EW. DISLIKED. THUMBS DOWN. GROSS. BAD IDEA" Hear me out. I think micro transactions are bad too, thats why this is not going to be pay to win. You use the Cp, or counselor points as they are, to unlock all the stuff. How do you get cp? Just by playing the game silly! Leveling up already rewarded cp but now instead of buying perks only, you can now buy jasons, and counselors. I feel this is more of a way to get people to pick things that they want at the start instead of having to grind for the thing they want. say you want to play as Part 8 jason but hes unlocked at level 20. Instead of grinding for 20 hours trying to get him, you can now buy him with cp! easy life! Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. As always have a awesome day ~Gobb EDIT: I see some comments about pay to win and i would like to clarify some things YOU CAN ONLY GET CP BY PLAYING THE GAME. No micro-transactions. You can pick whatever jason or counselor you want when you get the game is what im trying to get at. Instead of leveling and leveling for hours on end to get the one person you want you can buy the one you want and get the rest of them later.
  8. Eh, i don't really see what they could have done with the feature of counselor abilities. I had a few ideas in my head like the nerdy girl could have an "insta-repair" ability. bypassing the whole minigame. Or vanessa having a ability where she could refresh her stamina when depleted. but only once per game. or maybe have chad get some kinda re-roll on his items in his inventory to maybe get some better outcome. idk just throwing some ideas out there.
  9. Does this mean that stealth has been buffed in any kinda way? like, say for instance that your in his "net" and your crouched, does that stealth stat give you a chance to not get detected or will you always be detected when jason has his max range?
  10. This is a fantastic idea! different music queues for each jason kind of helps people know which jason is chasing them. If they missed the intro sequence that is. Im kinda thinking like left 4 dead style where it will give a different audio queue when he levels up and when he uses abilities. just my two cents on this idea.
  11. As a jason player i did find myself teleporting back and forth between the phone box quite a lot. A welcome change. Makes it so that i don't have to check it every 5 seconds.
  12. The amount of detail is astonishing. Hope my GTX 970 can handle this.
  13. Yeah! I enjoy watching their streams.
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