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  1. Physical Copy

    Salt, salt everywhere...
  2. Where can we see his strengths/weaknesses?
  3. they at one point couldn't do Retro Jason because of the same rights issues. im not trying to give you a blow off answer but its quite literally that things change and deals get made. While they can't do 2009 now, they could potentially make a deal in the future.
  4. Confused timeline map

    i love how bringing a message of "not being shitty to people" makes me a "Dev Ass Licker". whatever, continue on with your "i can do what i like" juvenile 7th grade attitude. I'm choosing never to deal with you again.
  5. Your definition of "unplayable" and mine are very different. while the occasional disconnecting bitch is annoying its not game breaking.
  6. Confused timeline map

    JERK ALERT!!! between now and halloween is not "Vague and annoying", its a pretty detailed list of release goals. And Comments like "While dates are tentative, this should give you all an idea of what is currently in the works/on the docket for Friday the 13th: The Game at this time." explain why you don't have hard dates, a little legwork can get you the answers Exactly like AldermachXI said without you being rude to people.

    and this topic is locked in 3... 2...
  8. i think my favorite part of this shitty review is when he's going on and on about ranged weapons being the only useful defense and melee combat will get you killed... at the exact moment someone bops him in the face with a wrench and puts him on his ass. that... is shitty editing at it shittiest.
  9. but that is what he looked like... http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26500000/Jason-Lives-jason-voorhees-26521454-1366-768.jpg and i disagree with the direction of the thread. these videos don't "prove" anything. its some random guy saying the mask is off because he's "seen a lot of replicas..." that proves jack and shit.
  10. strength of 7? the strongest person in the game is the super athlete football player at 10? 7 is more than DOUBLE the strength of Chad...Ronda Rousey isn't twice as strong as the Douche Canoe Camper... i think you're confusing Fox with She Hulk. p.s.- and yes, i know tommy is a ten... but he's a "Hero" character with maxed stats because of who he is and not what he is.
  11. this has actually been on my mind for a while. Whenever i watch gameplay on youtube, more often than not its the PC build. Those Jasons for sure have Different chase music... yet whenever i play on my Ps4 its always the same shared soundtrack between all Jasons. up until recently the misfits were also the ONLY non score music that would play for me. turn on the radio? misfits. Drive the car? Misfits. i take it I'm not the only one who has a limited soundtrack on the Ps4?
  12. not terribly interested in this. Seeing these movies i love come to life is one of the many reasons i prefer this game to the competition. Removing that aspect waters down this games chief strength. its no different than create a wrestler in the WWE games. While cool, the appeal of those games then becomes watching the hamburgler fight Adolf Hitler and the wrestling portion takes a backseat.
  13. that would be awfully helpful, no? Especially if new car batteries would just appear in my garage as needed. and wouldn't that create all new problems? problems of the "this door is locked, and all the drawers are open... guess this cabin is empty and i should move on" variety?
  14. i could be mistaken, but wasn't this touched on in the last backer e mail? I've since deleted mine, but i 100% remember them talking about this in one of the last e mails received.
  15. If there's such a thing as a sure bet forest green is it. You can even see forest green concept art on the loading screens.