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  1. because most people in the world wait for others to do all the work and then reap the rewards of other peoples work. Its society sadly
  2. I always wanna play as Jason but 1 out of 20 matches is ridiculous
  3. how is that even possible? Looks like a hell of a hack job to me
  4. stop crying for gods sake! its a mechanic deal with it!
  5. its against terms of service to sell content , good way to get IP banned
  6. man some people need to get hobbies
  7. because they have a real passion for this project!!
  8. not legal to sell content
  9. Can not wait till this friday people!

  10. Hey guys just like it sounds, I found out I have like the weekend off and no better way to spend it then by playing f13 until my eyes bleed, But I really need some adult gammers to jam out with . Sorry teenagers and kids . I am going to be on steam mostly but as well ps4. Please feel free to leave a game tag for either so we can get a solid group together to really enjoy this masterpiece! headset with mics preferred
  11. I wonder if we will get swim suits or pajamas
  12. Why no release date

    They have updated a lot of pictures on the steam web site page.
  13. 4/20

    what was the offense?