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  1. I'm not saying that they don't need to balance at all but people are saying nerf the athletic girl or buff the others stamina but this doesn't make much sense. An athletic girl shouldn't have just a little bit more stamina then a guy like eric. I think they just need to make sneaking more of a rewarding playstyle. I think this would be achieved by making crouched movement alot faster because it's just reaaaally slow right now so no one does it because it is boring. As for people being forced to play a certain councelor is not the case anymore with full release because there will be more then 7 councelor's to choose from. If they don't lock councelor choice I'm afraid there will always be a favorite no matter how many councelors they add. Also, the game should be in Jason's favor. If escaping becomes anywhere near easy the game will become repetitive.
  2. I think they should just make it so no one can be the same character. That will make balancing less important and makes the game more fun for Jason, because now he can prioritise who to take out first.
  3. Is there somewhere I can find the controls for the game? I want to know them before my first match tomorrow so I don't die because I don't know how to jump out of a window. Maybe someone in the f&f can type them here? Also do prefer keyboard&mouse or controller in this game?
  4. But what if they made like a hardcore mode where they remove those things. With 2 modes don't they appeal an even bigger audience?
  5. http://www.strawpoll.me/11897000 I'm personally not a fan of this, because I think this makes teamplay to easy. I would like to know how you guys feel.
  6. I would love to have one too, I am going to buy the game anyway but you can only pay with creditcard on their site. Since I don't have one I will buy the game on steam once that is possible but that probably means I won't get beta acces.
  7. I think its the girl next door and that they just finished her, because her clothes in the concept art are exactly the same. I do hope they make alternate outfits for everyone tho.
  8. -Stamina. Maybe they will also split up the different repairs. Like someone is specifically better at repairing boats and others at phones.
  9. Will it be the Tommy from part 4,5 or 6? And if it isn't known yet, what do you hope it'll be?
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