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  1. gun doesnt care about the backers and kickstarters they said that in many ways. like letting all the non backers keep their ghost rider jasons. plus their rich now so they dont really care about what we think look at the mini maps over new maps.
  2. Friday sept 22 is the last day of summer. All of us backers/kickstarters knew it would be last min or delayed single player and bots. So here we are sept 12 with only 10 days away from end of summer and it looks like we will be disappointed again by these guys i hope not. let the count down start 10
  3. Its not new maps its the same 3 just smaller. its just another way for them to stay rich from all the fans and not have to do the right thing and finish the game. like missing part 4 map and jason, part 6 map, 7, 8, 9 and missing x jason and map. They should think about pulling some of that money from their pockets and hiring people to finish the game right.
  4. this whole nes jason is just a cheap joke to us. Its just color skin for part 3 and looks bad. i feel adding these nes and savini cartoon jason is just an insult to the guys who made the movies and put real work into make jason look good. the other updates are great, but who wants to be chased by barney for 20 mins
  5. please not make anymore cartoon style jasons. keep true to the movies. its getting insulting to true fan with all these cartoonish jasons like nes and savani

  6. jason was suppose to be able to pic up different weapon he finds then in oct/nov 2016 they cut that out and then said each jason can start the match with one weapon but be able to choose between 2 different weapons. then when the game is release we find out he only has 1 weapon and im guessing they where so far behind they had to cut it along with many other thing. hope we get updates/patches/dlc that fix this.
  7. dude its just the whole point their was a deadline to get it. it was told to us by the devs that it wouldnt never be for sale again no matter what. Its just they should make things right and stick to their word.
  8. Your the main non backer crying about dont take my jason away even though we had 2 years to spend 6$. If they dont remove it from the non backers it will just be a big kick in the balls for all the people who funded the game in the first place.
  9. You can be upset but if you really wanted it you had 2 years to order it. this was promised, the anyone who missed the dead line wouldnt be able to get it. They must fix it and remove it from all the people who bought it yesterday. Other wise they might lose any future backers for future projects. I havent played the game but twice since this happen. because every room i enter is full of non backers running their mouth about how the didnt have to back the game and still get this jason. Im going to hold off on playing until this is fixed.
  10. they have been bringing in tons of cash with just the release of the game. their also going to be bringing more dlc for everyone. this problem should be fixed. also i guess alot of people dont read the topic name. its a talk for backers/kickstarters only
  11. I feel they should talk to sony about it and have it removed from the people that bought it on the ps store. it can be done. We dont need another fan made cartoon style jason. Its as simple as that. they can run a patch that will disable the use of toms skin with each account that bought it from the ps store. Im also sure sony can remove content from an account. So to be far and stick to their word it would be best if they just removed it from the non backers and let that be it. I want to see more content but only true to the f13 movies
  12. I agree with you on this as im sure at least 99% of the backers feel like this. I dont know how their going to fix it but i want to here from the devs soon.
  13. Its a backer only item and should remain that way. It has always been a backer only item.
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