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  1. Thought I'd share big hush American mask looks cool. Would of been cool if gun would do something like this for special occasions dlc. he got alot of cool mask on his YouTube channel.
  2. To solve this there should be a random pop up to escape after Jason grab. I play PS4 so popup would be triangle square circle x r2 l2. And if you guess wrong Jason goes into kill animation. So the rapid tap would go away and replace with the guess buttons.
  3. Make half the map a ship and the other half a camp map.They had a part in the movie where they simulated 1984 camp Crystal lake. This is so the water and police escape still work. And they wouldn't have to reanimate the escapes.
  4. I use Skullcandy but I also use them with with Nvidia shield when streaming movies. And listen to music from phone. There good for using with different things. And I think the sound is good and ain't had no complain about mic quality.
  5. Mine doing it about once an hour PS4. Didn't crash once before update.
  6. There will be none they don't own the rights to that movie.
  7. Here an idea for map say there opening a Friday the 13th museum. And in it would be locations like the store, restaurant, hospital. And other opening and one off kill locations.
  8. Why does everyone want to make Jason a pussy. Might as well put him in a pink ballerina costume. And you can kill everyone with a sparkling wand.
  9. And if all car parts spawn by car all counselor would be gone time Jason took 30 second walk there. Morphe is a random pick by someone playing Jason
  10. Jason is fine he is a supernatural serial killer he supposed to be op. If you watch movie Jason is always there no matter how hard they run. If you nerf him might as well call it Friday the 13th day care.
  11. Jason is fine people will get better over time and learn counter. And once people learn perk combo the game will balance itself out
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