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  1. Yep. Disappointed how this was handled. A simple voucher code could have let the hardcore supporters/completionists have everything. Instead, it splits the base. Guess it could open the way for a Deluxe Ultimate Edition down the road with all the content to make folks triple dip.
  2. I'm loving the new update. The new smaller maps are great and am thankful for some bugs and exploits getting fixed. i also like the way team killing was handled. So great job all around! I have four minor things to suggest and mention: - Suggestion: Options for "Random-Small maps" and "Random normal maps" alongside the Random option for all maps. Right now I'm assuming the Random option is a catch all and will cycle all 6 maps but sometimes you're in different moods for one type or another only. -Suggestion: A timer displayed during Private games. Unless I have been missing something, as far back as I can remember there is only a timer displayed in Public and not Private matches. -Suggestion: Move the "Welcome message" back down near the menu where it used to be. The placement looks awkward now and covers the nice Jason model on the main menu. -Bug: While in a Private game and playing as a counselor I entered Jason's shack and my character stumbled back when she saw Jason's Mother like she usually does but there was not the typical music or crash that occurs when she sees it. Instead, it just went silent. It should be noted that Jason's music was softly playing, as he was somewhat near. Thanks and nice job again on the new update. Looking forward to many fun matches with the new maps and fixes in place.
  3. I was utterly shocked to see it on the store earlier with their statement and all but I fully believe Gun Ben's comment they did everything on their part to make it exclusive. A new skin, map, etc is a lot to ask for for compensation. The theme would fair considering backers missed out on that. I still want that thing and not sure where to find it. Maybe when the counselors clothes go live they will be truly exclusive. And hey we all play counselors the most anyway, right?
  4. I don't see them a current current gen version of Manhunt ever. So instead, I'd love a fan-favorite PS2 release on the PS4, up-rendered to 1080p, and trophy support like they did with the Dark Cloud games, Twisted Metal Black, and some other PS2 games. Sadly, I don''t think Manhunt was a mainstream fan favorite but more of a niche audience type game. I'd pay 10-$15 for that and could finally put away the PS2 disc.
  5. Besides Allison Road, another way to get your PT/Silent Hills fix could be through Visage, a good looking horror game on KickStarter. PT is an admitted inspiration for this. It's nearly halfway funded, console release is the first stretch goal, and still 35 days left. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1058493022/visage-horror-game ^^Stay around til the 6:30 mark at least ( Photos courtesy of KickStarter page
  6. Layers of Fear looks incredible and is impressing everyone. I have to try this. Due out Feb 16th on PS4 Gameplay:
  7. IGN put a piece out yesterday entitled Upcoming Games of 2016: Horror. Friday the 13th is featured alongside 12 other games including Last Year. http://in.ign.com/friday-the-13th-mobile/85435/feature/upcoming-games-of-2016-horror
  8. Just heard about this game, sounds awesome. Thanks for the heads up. As a kid I always dreamed of making a fighting game with all the big horror icons in it. Even though my reflexes aren't what they used to be and I suck at fighting games these days, I'm definitely going to check out Terrordrome.
  9. Great job man! Love them all. While I'm not really sure how these work (don't you put your name inside somehow?), i appreciate the work you put in to these for everyone else's gain.
  10. Out in January (next month!), Dead Secret Down the road, it definitely has to be No Man's Sky
  11. Gremlins with a dash of Puppet Master actually sounds fun! Am thinking about going to see this Monday but also want to see In the Heart of the Sea. Havent heard people's opinions on it yet as I too try to stay away from outside sources before seeing a film but good to hear your take.
  12. Just the standard fare, a bunch of kids movies with the little one. The Gruffalo, Flushed Away, Wallace and Gromit, Room on the Broom lol. Anyone seen Krampus? Going to the theater Monday for a me-day to watch In the heart of the Sea but thought about going to Krampus instead.
  13. Haha same. I watched Trick r Treat every year. This was first year I mixed it up with It Follows instead and shouldn't have. There is talks of a Trick r Treat sequel right now. Better late than never? Maybe we'll know maybe not My two nominations are The Descent and The Funhouse. The former knocked my socks off and it's prob in my top 10 horror movies all time.
  14. Oh yea. The Friday the 13th gang sticking together and getting it done haha. First F13 then Blacksea Odyssey now this with yall. Good company.
  15. Awesome man! So happy and is my pleasure sharing.That looks to be a fun tier you have. Hopefully the project will get popular soon
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