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  1. Yeah. I havent been a lawyer for long. But all of this sounds pretty legit. If the rights were never theirs. Everything they did was in association with horror inc. Once they loss the case it is up to victor miller for them to continue on with anything involving Friday the 13th. Victor miller has to give horror inc permission who can then in turn give it to gun media. So if the game was called just Jason and didnt have camp crystal lake or his pam voorhees mother. It wouldnt be so bad. But this entire game involves the original movie in some way. Like most things involving jason. So they cant add or alter it until horror inc and victor miller come to an understanding in writting. Horror inc has likely reached out about their own rights with F13 along with Gun's. But if you were victor miller and you just got out of being sued by these people (horror inc) two minutes ago. Wouldnt you be a little salty. Or at least be slow with the responses. I mean they gave you the hardest time about something you felt was yours to begin with. Im not saying it is his or he was right. Im just saying thats how he likely feels. F13 is not bad of a game. Im sure one day if you guys keep playing gun media can add more. But if you stop playing. Why would they. Dont give up. Keep playing. The more people who play the more likely new content will come.
  2. Haha. The next problem will be that when people lag out as jason or when someone rage quits. They will lose tickets and be upset. I like the way it was already. Random. Not like mapped out. Can someone tell me why they need this. I mean I know some players get jason multiple times in one session and sometimes others dont get jason at all. But that's the beauty of random. Its all by chance. Or at least dont inform us that you are doing that. I mean it's going to cause issues.. can't complain thought. You guys cant make everyone happy. Thanks for everything.
  3. How long does it take usually to get the code. Is there some sort of grace period? Like 2 days or so.
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