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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Been waiting years for that game to come out
  2. Oh yeah

    Welcome to the forums. im currently watching a will ferrel movie right now and that movie is anchorman
  3. Hi

    Welcome to the forums
  4. I believe season 3 not out till october 2018 so better be before then lol
  5. Yo Wassup

    welcome to the forums
  6. Yes I have and don’t know how that kind of porn could be a turn on
  7. Who jerks off looking at animated characters weirdo
  8. Finally reached 500 posts.

    500 posts is quite the achievement well done. i mean u could spam to get the posts but that will just get u banned before u even reach 500
  9. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    They were my only pc games before I got into steam and started collecting games there. So many hours spent on wow and Diablo series
  10. hey hey

    Welcome to the forums
  11. Hostel 2 quite disturbing when the chick has a bath in blood of another woman she kills hanging above her.
  12. Mrdaggert

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  13. Hi, I’m ShiftySamurai.

    Welcome to the forums ive seen u around here before didnt realise u havent made an intro post though
  14. Ello everyone

    Welcome to the forums