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  1. Actually havent been on these forums for quite sometime good to hear i affected someone in a positive way though. Its too bad no more new content will be made now, might have to get back to playing the game sometime before servers are shutdown for good. I dont know how long they can keep servers running if they arnt earning any money from extra content.
  2. Not much of an intro but welcome to the forums anyway
  3. Think thats the box set i have had to buy part 9 and x separately even thought they aint that good i like to have the whole collection
  4. Davidt


    Welcome to the forums
  5. Davidt


    Welcome to the forums
  6. I believe season 3 not out till october 2018 so better be before then lol
  7. Yes I have and don’t know how that kind of porn could be a turn on
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