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  1. Yes, I also thought this should be one of the kills in game. The throat cut is a signature F13 kill, so I was definitely surprised it was not included. What would be great is if each Jason had the option to sort through different weapons to use, where each weapon had different kill functions. Alternatively, similar to the throwing knives, Jason could pick up different weapons located around the map. Once a new weapon was collected, it would then become useable.
  2. I wasn't being "cut off at the knees" and I was a backer. So therefore, you don't speak for every backer. Why did you even post in this thread, because it certainly wasn't in any way to help on the issue. It sounds more like you leaving me another snarky comment casting doubt on the fact I was a backer in the first place, solely because I made that petition, which if so, is really ridiculous.
  3. Risinggrave, I know you obviously had a problem with the petition I had started for the hundreds of fans that missed out on the limited items, but despite what you may think, no, I purchased the Savini Jason DLC early on. I didn't get bamboozled, I didn't get a bad code, and I'm not out of cash. Wrong on all counts. I have all the proof I need that I bought it.
  4. Hello. I never received the Savini Jason DLC Code I purchased. I've sent quite a few messages to Gun Media about this but have not heard anything, other than to check the Backerkit website. A link was sent to me claiming the DLC code was available, but when I visited the link to get it, it only led to the exact same code for just the digital copy of the game. Hopefully someone from Gun will see this message this time and decide to help. Thank you.
  5. Hello all. Just sending out another link for the petition about the dlc limitation. Please sign if you're at all open to the idea. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc
  6. Hello pufnstuf. I knew other fans such as yourself would be left out in the cold on the DLC; I've already seen on the forum quite a few posts of others who missed out. If you'd like to try to change the outcome please sign the following petition to bring back the DLC. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc All the best!
  7. The Packanack lodge for sure! Part II is probably my favourite Friday film, so I'm definitely anticipating how the digital recreation will fully look. It's a shame the real lodge is no longer around. I'm so glad Packanack is included in the game.
  8. That's unfortunate; Do you have anyway to get to a bigger centre to see it? I've read part of the marketing will be to release the original Alien in some theatres before Covenant is released. It would certainly be nice to see the original like that!
  9. Is anyone else excited for Alien: Covenant? It's being released on May 19th, 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svnAD0TApb8 The preview for it looks great. It will be nice to see the Alien on the big screen again! Along with the Friday series, the Alien franchise was one I enjoyed a great deal. Perhaps it will answer some open ended questions from the Prometheus film.
  10. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc Thanks for your support!
  11. Certainly the Jarvis house location, and a Manhattan themed map would be cool! Like mentioned previously, it would be great if the map you chose to play had added ways to dispatch counsellors and Jason. In a Final Chapter/Jarvis House Map: Jason could utilize more of the throwing players through windows (or have a further range to do it) like he did with Tina & Rob, or have the ability to nail a dead counsellor to an exit door. For the counsellor, I'd like to see the player be able to grab a computer monitor and smash it over Jason's head much like Trish did. In a Part VIII map: A Jason kill could be using those alleyway sludge barrels to drown a counsellor. For the counsellor, they could perform a task that allows the toxic waste to flow from the sewers and either kill or affect Jason badly, like when he begins stumbling around after that little bit splashed in his face by Rennie.
  12. The 3D environment of these locations has been really good. I've enjoyed exploring the areas of those buildings that we as an audience never got to see. I'm looking forward to the 3D Packanack Lodge area of Part II. Perhaps we'll see touches like the spear with Ted's mask next to the entrance, or get to traverse the steps where Mark's wheelchair tumbled down.
  13. I'm guessing you're speaking of Dead by Daylight? If so, yes, the way the players can constantly loop, evade and circle around, and around, and around is tiresome in that game. It makes me feel sick playing it once that begins to happen.
  14. The more I play Dead by Daylight the more I really despise it. To me it seems like the game is unbalanced, tedious, and at times down right aggravating. I feel it has a defective, fragmented gameplay style. The community I've encountered in DbD also doesn't help; Players are very quick to fight with one another and harass. I hate that. I cross my fingers in the hopes that the F13 game will be far removed, and far better than anything DbD could come close to.
  15. I'm sure the simplest explanation in Part 8, not story wise, is that the filmmakers wanted to misdirect the audience as to where Jason could be. That's why they played with the idea of him appearing, reappearing. Especially in that dance floor sequence. It creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that Jason could be anywhere, and the characters are never safe. He can then pop up for the jump scare! Same goes for Mr.McCulloch running away from him and then being launched out the building window; To misdirect. I did think it was quite amazing though that Jason is able to beat him to the building before he even enters it, haha! It's like Jason knew where McCulloch was going to be beforehand. Maybe theorizing from a story aspect, Jason can teleport. He's already at the height of his supernatural abilities in Part 8, why not?
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