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    Luck affects the following:

    o Decreases the amount of Stamina consumed when performing a dodge while in Combat Stance.
    o Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after landing an attack on Jason.
    o Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after breaking free from Jason's grab.
    o Slightly reduces the amount of stamina you lose when blocking one of Jason's attacks.
    o Slightly reduces the amount that you stumble when fear is high.
    o Slightly reduces the amount of noise you make.
    o More swings before weapon breaks. (weapon durability)
    o Chance to not take damage while climbing out broken window.
    o If you have low luck, the opposite of all the above is true.


    Thanks for the list!


    Wait. "Slightly reduces the amount of stamina you lose when blocking one of Jason's attacks."


    You can BLOCK Jason's attacks?

  2. So I found a really helpful youtube video discussing how to survive as counselors, as well as each counselor's effective role.


    In one part, he notes that the three counselors with the highest Luck (Chad, Jenny and Kenny) make the best ally defenders. Luck helps knock Jason out and avoids weapon breakage.


    However, Chad has a Composure of 1. His fear is going to go through the roof when he encounters Jason. Does your Fear at all effect being able to attack Jason?


    There's already a thread here on the boards talking about how the Jock has a low composure even though he has a high strength; his job is to attack Jason, but his Composure is low too.


    Followup question: how does strength play into attacking Jason? If Luck is relating to stunning him, what's the benefit of Strength?

  3. Hiding could be useful because when your hiding in a cabin under a bed or in a cabinet the house isn't illuminated red anymore unless they changed that from some of the videos I've seen. But also the characters with higher composure stats will be more valuable in the gameplay because they make less noise so making hiding more useful in some situations and I thing I remember hearing the packanack lodge will be a more hide emphasized map so if there are a crap ton of hiding place sin one place and your hide Jason might just start hacking wherever and if you time it right when his weapon gets stuck run



    My issue though is, if the counselor can't tell where Jason is while hiding, then they have no idea where their window is to jump out and run. The only broken element of hiding is someone hiding the entire game.


    Maybe a way to fix this is that Jason's Sense ability can pick out hiding targets in the late game. The way it now works, the Sense ability grows wider as the game progresses, so that late-game Jason can Sense across the whole map. So already they've built in a progression system. Hiding reduces your Fear, so normally Jason's sense ability won't spot someone. Fiddle with the Sense ability so that the later in the match, and the longer someone has hidden, the more obvious they are to the Sense ability, so that by the time Jason's Sense is at it's peak, hiding is moot. And the longer they've been hiding, the more obvious they are.

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  4. Watching many Beta videos, hiding seems to be a death sentence.


    It makes some kind of sense if you're in a cabin room with multiple hiding places. Jason picks the wrong hiding place, he attacks it/has to free his weapon, giving you time to bolt. But the important thing here is that all the hiding places are within view of yours; if you're under the bed, you can see Jason go to a different part of the room.


    Other hiding places outside aren't so great. Like hiding in an outhouse, or in a tent, the available view doesn't have that benefit; I saw one person hide in the outhouse and they could only see what was in front of the outhouse--literally nothing useful.

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  5. Questions for the beta players.


    I watched a lot of Youtube gameplay vids and it seemed like Jason killed a lot of people by choking them. I understand the Choke was the default, and that if the kill window timed out while Jason held a victim, he just automatically choked them out.


    Question 1: What were the controls to select a kill? I noticed you had 4 set kills displayed in the lower right hand corner--choke, and then other kills depending on Jason/weapon. Also there were environmental kills.


    So how did you select which kill to use? How did you select one of your default kills? Was it hard to select them, thus people accidentally choked victims due to timing out?


    Question 2: Could you change your default kill setup? I know that it varied based on Jason, Weapon, and any special leveling stuff you picked up, but I'm wondering if you could for instance, swap out the Choke for something else.

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  6. I really liked this. For the most part I was far more confused as to what x item did or what y symbol on the map was. It seemed like the guys were on voice chat separate from the Walkie Talkies.


    Idle thoughts:


    The darkness is a little too much to me. Mainly because you can't see where you're going/in your immediate periphery. It may enhance the fear factor, but it's also a game--I'm going to feel stupid, not scared, if I end up stuck because I end up stuck on the scenery or can't find the stairs. Anyone remember the original Resident Evil? The controls were intentionally clunky to heighten the fear, and all it did was become frustrating.


    I wonder what the noise makers and flare gun DO, gameplay wise. What is their significance?


    Why didn't they move towards the cops? The cops were safety! They could've spent all that time looking for the car parts/gas by making their way there.


    You have to actually drive the car, and you can wreck? Oh that will get me killed. I am absolutely awful at driving vehicles in games. I did love that Jason appeared to the side of the road just as they were driving by, very movie-like.


    Given the darkness, if you manage your fear you can probably lurk/move slow in the woods and stay safe.


    It looks like coordination by counselors is very important--these guys were very coordinated and still wound up with 5 out of 7 dead. I have the feeling that almost all people in pub games are going to go it alone.


    I, personally, would have liked a larger map image to make out the details a little better.


    Curious what Tommy being on the map does.

  7. I'm actually kind of thinking that perhaps you have so many characters who are great in 1 stat, and then a few characters who are good in two stats.


    For instance the Bookish Girl is great at stealth, but the Flirty Girl has apparently good stealth and stamina.

    The Jock has good Strength and Stamina, but I'm willing to bet the Athletic Girl has more Stamina than the Jock.


    And if the Head Counselor is awesome at Composure, then we'll probably have someone who has good composure and good.... (something).

  8. First, it's really nice you have a feedback/suggestion forum. Thanks for that.


    I've spent perhaps the last hour looking for information on the individual counselor abilities (i.e. Flirty Girl has high stealth/low composure). I first looked for a Wiki (one exists but it's empty), then, checked the website, that led me to the forum, no dice. I go to the Facebook, that took me to the Kickstarter... And all of the updates are organized based on when they were posted, rather than content.


    Info is spread on Youtube, Facebook, here, Kickstarter--it's not very helpful. A single place with all released game info that can be searched for would be useful. A wiki perhaps.

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