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  1. 11 hours ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    You want to win right? Kill the first few counselors with axe chops first. When you narrow it down to 4 then go crazy with the grab kills. If you just wanna win win win then only do axe chops.

    Honestly, the first few kills don't seem to give trouble. Counselors don't seem to have pocket knives/stun equipment till later in the game. If anything, the late game kills need to be chops.

  2. Once I've added perks/kills to my characters in Customization, and go to exit, it asks to Confirm. When this is done, it says "Saving Profile Data".. an never completes. I have to restart the game, and the abilities aren't saved.

    If I try to do this in a lobby, the "Saving profile data" continues well into the match. I haven't played a Jason since this problem emerged, and I'm very hesitant to do so because I might end up a Jason with no kills loaded.

    This is the PC version.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Ban_All_Music said:

    If you are on the opposite end of the map, be grateful cause Jason will be where the people are grouped up.

    It's more that I'm trying to 1) get to get to the escape option (I've died multiple times trying to get gas/battery TO the car), or 2) am Tommy Jarvis, and thus am running to help protect people. But the bigger issue is that at the furthest edge of the spawn, there are few cabins, meaning few items. I seem to spawn at the archery range a LOT.

  4. 27 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    Here's everything you need to know if you want to play to win rather than play for fun.

    1. Focus on Part 3 Jason until you get Part 2 Jason. Part 3 kills counselors in 3 axe swings. Part 2 can morph very often and has plenty of traps.

    2. Immediately place traps around the phone box and cars. Grab a kill or two along the way if you happen to get lucky.[/quote]

    I have been trying to use part6 Jason. He has more Sense and Shift than part 3. I also don't like using weapon attacks for killing--killing a counselor with weapon attacks is lame. Wounding them so they can't run, yes.

    Now, your second point I always do.

    27 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    3. Destroy power boxes, it raises fear level. Especially if it's later in the match and you can't find someone. You could have sense active, someone in a cabin right next to you, and if they have high enough stealth and/or the right perks you won't see them.

    4. Don't underestimate Stalk. Use it correctly. The most potent use is to be out of range of a counselor(where they can't hear your music), activate Stalk and then morph to their location. Heck, even a blind guess with Stalk active to destroy a power box let me find a pesky A.J.

     Now I do try to destroy power boxes.  But either I end up on the wrong side of the cabin, and have to slowly wander around the building to find it, or I get sidetracked spotting a counselor.

    Gauging where they are and morphing on top of them is not easy.

    27 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    6. Use Shift to get ahead of counselors and snatch them. Don't exit shift behind a counselor, exit in front of them.

    I seem to lose them if I try that; or I try to turn around fast enough, and get hit. Really, I would like to get more chances to use Shift, but it's just not easy to practice; the only time to practice is in the middle of a match, and that's flat out frustrating.

    27 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:



  5. I'm a horrible Jason. I can manage to kill 2 people, and that's about it. Most of the time is spent going "Where Are they?" because my sense isn't picking them up, and when I get close to people, I eat a flare/attack/etc. But what really discourages me are the players who taunt me as I struggle to get them. At this point I' dprefer to Not play Jason, but even set as "Counselor preference" and lobby hopping, I still wind up playing him.

    As a counselor, I keep spawning at the very furthest end of the map, which is often barren except for a cabin or two. As I make my way towards everyone else, I always get killed. Or, I'm the first one. Still I've managed to escape a few times, when the car's been fixed.

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  6. I figured I'd start a general thread on questions like this.

    Question 1: How do you stop when using Shift? I've overshot my desired location every time I use it.

    Question 2: Is there a way to not throw a knife once you've pressed 'Aim throwing knife'? It seems to throw as soon as you stop pressing Aim.

  7. Devs, please implement something like a practice range: single room where you can interact with objects, get a handle on using items, and otherwise get a feel for controls before dumping people into a game. Both for counselors and for Jason, so that people can start the game with some degree of familiarity with how to move.

    The first time i played I was completely thrown off by the look sensitivity. When I adjusted it for mys econd game, I went the wrong direction. And died on my third attempt because I hadn't been coordinated enough to select small items and using them--I ended up dropping the firecrackers and my axe.

    At this point, I'm afraid of playing Jason because I know I'll be quite slow to get a handle on using his abilities.

    Edit: And my 4th game, I'm Jason. I managed to kill two nearly by accident. Using Jason's abilities wasn't easy; it took me a bit to realize you had to HOLD DOWN the enable button. Also there's no way to disengage a throwing knife--you aim, and as soon as you release the button, you throw.


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  8. 7 hours ago, MelonWizard said:


    J2 with pitchfork: 1:1

    J3 with pitchfork: 1:24

    J3 with a poker:1:38


    Notice the J3 pitchfork is in the barn. I think that's an environmental weapon. Also, the J2 pitchfork kill looks like the kill we saw of the Savini Jason, so it would not surprise me if they actually were showing that off without revealing the Savini Jason.

    Also the poker is not a poker. That's a marshmallow stick; it's an environmental kill beside campfires.

  9. 7 minutes ago, ShankerOne said:

    People keep seizing on this when I asked about the hitpoints. I was not asking about it to learn some trick to killing him. I was asking about it because it's front and center as a stat. I had thoughts about it like someone pointed out earlier, maybe it deals with how much damage he can take before a stun fall, loss of the mask, or any other number of things. I couldn't care less about killing him. But that seems to be what everyone thinks.

    I legitimately, simply wanted to know what that stat does. I am assuming since they won't talk about it it must be related to that sacred sought after killing event. So I'm done.

    Their silence doesn't necessarily mean that. They're not telling us how stamina pool vs. stamina regen is figured. It could be as simple as "Wait and see". Maybe they plan on explaining that next week, or in a video, or just want people to buy the game first.

    Hell, look how people reacted to the mention of HP on Jason in this thread, before they've even played the game. Maybe the devs just don't want to deal with the response until people actually have the game in their hands and can see for themselves.

  10. Destruction looks fun.

    I'm not thrilled that 6 is the only one that starts with throwing knives. Those are what prevent looping/constant running, and if you have to scavenge for them by default that's going to be a pain.

    While the "can't run" issue doesn't bother me as much, I dislike that 7 can't run AND has a slow Shift cooldown.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, Babalonkie said:

    If he has a main HP bar.. the game just became "how to kill Jason" which wont take long to find and then everyone will be doing it... Of which i voiced as a concern in January with the tons of weapons councilors were getting.

    I can also see them not giving out early copies now lol

    Gun Media had said that in their personal playtesting, Jason was killed 1 out of every 64-70 games. And these guys know the ins and outs of the system.

    It's not going to be easy.

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