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    @KodiakHe has a HP weakness, but HP is not a measure of how much damage he can take before he dies. HP is the amount of punishment he takes before he falls flat on the ground and takes a while to get up.

    Okay, can someone break down all the aspects of Stunning/Damaging Jason, and how Stun Resistance, Low Defenses and Low HP interact?

    I mean, the Jason 9 has Stun resistance, so why is it he gets knocked down and can't get back up again easier? SHouldn't he be harder to stun to begin with?

    Can I get a reply on this?



  2. 48 minutes ago, IH8YH said:

    for once i dont mean this in a trollish way: maybe a set of glasses or at least new ones would help? maybe fiddle with the contrast settings of your tv?

    I have two sets, one for regular (what I use to play the game) and a pair of reading glasses. When I look at the mini-map, I can make out the bloops of counselors, cabins, and the road, but no more finer detail than that. Same with the bigger Map; gotta whip out the reading glasses if I need to, say, read the name of a camp sight. Or, as Jason, differentiate the phone symbol from the power box symbol.

  3. While I know that the devs want to capture a sense of confusion and panic, and make things harder by forcing you to find a map, but I have a suggestion. Place compass points on the exterior of the mini-map so you can identify which direction you are moving. At the very least, North.

    Even with the mini-map, I find myself constantly checking the actual map to determine which direction I'm going. It's verye asy for me to get turned around and go in circles.

    Worse, if you don't have an actual map, it's incredibly difficult to communicate directions to people. If a person has found a car part, you can tell them "The car is North East."

    I know you can set the mini-map to not rotate with you, but I think the map rotating with you is a better overall function, showing you waht's ahead of you.


  4. My main strategy right now: if someone calls the cops, I IMMEDIATELY make my way to one of the two exits, hide and wait. I have a 50/50 chance of picking the right one off the bat. If not, well, then I have to try and get there past Jason.

    IMO avoid the cabins immediately around the car. That is the first or second place Jason is going to go when the match starts, so if you spawn there, RUN.

    Pocket Knives are gold. They save you from when you're grabbed. Fire crackers are for when Jason is just about to grab you. If you have a med spray, then you can handle jumping through a broken window/second story window.

    Bugsy and Vanessa have uses. The main purpose is that they are LOUD but fast. So 1) Do not go around other people, because you are drawing Jason, and 2) run hunt the gas/battery, deliver it to the car, and run away, and 3) charge Jason if he's going after others. Bugsy (and hoenstly vanessa) have a good chance of stunning him. But the point is, you are a distraction and a part ferrier.

    When running from Jason, just get out of sight. If your fear is not up, then you might lose him.

    Hiding does have a use: it drops your fear. One thing I will do is if I am in a cabin with multiple counselors, I will hide. Jason stalks around, they run, the cabin looks empty or he has something to chase, I wait.

    Attacking Jason: the bat is the best weapon to stun him. You cannot damage/stun him until he has recovered from stun. If he has grabbed someone and has not began a kill animation, then a single hit will make him drop them.

    There are large signs around the main areas that have maps. Personally, I've been screwed too many times finding a battery/gas and having no map, no idea where to go, so I have a perk to start with a map.


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  5. Find a friend and go into a private match with, so you can practice moving around as Jason. Practice your Shift+Grab. Practice throwing knives.

    Kill the stealthy characters (AJ/Jenny/Deborah/Chad) first. They are going to be harder to kill later because you won't be able to find them.

    The map generally spawns people at the biggest house (Packanack, Higgens, etc); if you morph there first, you'll have at least 3 people in one spot. Granted, you're losing time to trap the phone/car, but this is a good way to get people to scatter, or to kill them early on. Also, those big houses have doors with a window int hem, and those doors die from one hit.

    Don't rush towards counselors who are trying to get you to come at them. They have a flare gun/shotgun/etc and want to stun you. Shift-grab them if possible. Or throwing knife them.

    In Rage mode, you can bust through a door by simply walking up to it and pressing INteract, like you were trying to unlock it.

    I double-trap the phone now, because people cna use pocket knives to disarm your traps. If they can get through that, well, that's two pocket knives you don't have to deal with.

    Personal preference, but I do not even load up the Choke kill. I am sick of seeing that kill, and so I intentionally do not use it.

  6. 33 minutes ago, jasonlore said:


    Oh, and I have no idea how to do the special kills once I have someone grabbed.

    When you start the game, go into Customize, then Jason. There, you can load and buy kills for your Jason, and set up Perks for your counselors.

    Then, once you have a counselor grabbed, you hit A/B/X/Y and it does the kill corresponding with that button. But bare in mind you have to have room to do the kill.

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