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  1. When the game came out, counselors couldn't shoot through open/broken windows at Jason. Flares would bounce off, shotguns would be useless. I was wondering, has that been changed in a patch?
  2. No. If you go into Customize > Jason, you can mouse over each of the weaknesses and strengths and it describes things. Ddefense relates to Lower HP and Block chance. Low HP are just Low HP in general. Stun Resistance relates to stun chance and duration. You hit Jason with a baseball bat, it has a 70% stun chance and does little damage. You hit him with a machete which has say a 20% stun chance and high damage. The damage it's doing is HP, and once his HP hits 0, he falls on his ass. Jason 2 and 6 have weak Defense, Jason 9 has strong stun resistance but low HP, and Jason 3 has weak stun resistance. So the way this works out, as much as I can tell is: Jason 3 is stunned easier/longer. Jason 2 and 6 are easier to put on their back. Jason 9 is going to be stunned less often and for a shorter duration, BUT he's the easiest to knock on his back.
  3. Not going to happen. I'd like to remind everyone there's actually a forum dedicated to suggestions.
  4. Thanks. Looking at the various things in the "Customize" screen: Stun resistance is chance and duration of stun. Defense relates to block chance and lower HP, and Low HP just means low HP. So it breaks down to: Jason 3 is easiest to stun, Jason 2 and 6 are easier to knock over, Jason 9 is easiest to knock down (but less likely to stun). Also, this link is quite relevant; it has the likely spawn locations for objectives, Jason's shack, etc.
  5. You should put this in the Bug forum: http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/forum/23-friday-the-13th-the-game-bug-reporting/
  6. I've seen this bug play out two or three times--usually as a spectator--that Jason will grab a counselor, and then be unable to kill them. The counselor is unable to escape. The only way I've seen it fixed is Jason walking into the water.
  7. But that wouldn't be Pamela. Also, the effort is to emulate the F13 movies. If it isn't in the movies, there's a high chance it won't show up. Exception being Savini skin, as that was intentionally a backer thing.
  8. Over on the F13 reddit, a guy posted a location guide where all the objective spawn locations. Check it out. I know I'm always "Where is the phone?!" and "Where is the map stand?!" so memorizing this will be helpful to me.
  9. They can't, legally, because they do not own the rights to Pamela Vorhees's appearance. Thta's because rights to one's appearance belongs to the actress, and the actress is dead. They also do not have the rights to Freddy v. Jason or the 2009 remake.
  10. This would definitely be good. And, given that the game explanation is that the counselors have a physical map, they should be able to mark on the map where it was. Or even mark on others' maps.
  11. Nah you're fine. I'm just trying to help adjust expectations. Anyways, my point is that they know, and they are doing things deliberately. Before the game came out, they were very tight-lipped about everything, deciding when to tell us what.
  12. Strategy: Morph to phone, put two traps. Walk to the nearest generator or house that's lit up while waiting for morph to get back so I can go to the blue car, put down two traps there. Knock out a generator. The problems I have are 1) Finding people, period--I spend most of the match wandering around not seeing anyone, 2) getting them once I find them. I am not good with shift/morph, at all. And by the time I manage to get on top of them for a grab, it's pocket knife/flare/gun city. I never manage the "They're in a cabin, I'm outside" game well. I start hacking the doors, they jump out a window, I can't catch up because my shift/morph game is not good. I go around busting/trapping windows, they go out the other side while I'm still working on one side of the cabin. I've never managed to stop the car once--I morph to the exit, wind up on one side of the road, and the car passes me by the time I untangle myself from the fence beside the road. It took me a lot of games to get decent at being a counselor. If I could practice a lot more as Jason it would be better. It would also be better if players didn't taunt you. I grab the two knives first. I really want to get better at throwing knives--I can only seem to land one per match.
  13. II've only played Jason 6 times, and the kills per match I've gotten have been: 2, 2, 4, 2, 1, 2. I even started a thread asking if anyone else sucks as bad as I do; some manage to get zero kills. I was in a game last night where a guy got 0 kills. There's no easy way to practice Jason, and the more you play, the higher level you get, the better the players are.
  14. So, the white circles you're referring to are sounds. Those are made by characters who aren't stealthy. Stealthy characters like Deborah doesn't make those even when sprinting, but a character like Vanessa makes them even when crouching. So removing Sense would mean Jason could not find stealth characters at all. Jason's sense ability triggers off Fear. If your fear is high, you show up on Jason's Sense, and if your character isn't scared, you don't. Your character's Composure dictates how susceptible they are to fear. Things that generate fear: Seeing Jason Being in a Cabin when the power goes out/being in the dark cabin Seeing a Dead Body Being in the dark, out in the woods. Being alone. Being in a cabin with an open/broken door. Being unarmed. Being injured. Things that reduce fear Being in the light (be it in a lit cabin or a light oitside) Using your flash light Being armed Hanging around other counselors. Using paths and roads Being in a cabin with a barred door. Hiding in a hiding place (under bed/cabinet) I've had sessions as Jason where I can't find anyone, and that's because they aren't afraid. And characters with high composure are hard as hell to find.
  15. Hell no. I've seen players spawn in the Phone house, and the first drawer they pull is the fuse. I've seen players have the car fixed and ready to go in wthe first minute or two. When everything is random, someone is inevitably going to get screwed, be you counselor or Jason. Jason killing you within the first minute isn't because you suck, it's bad luck. You spawned in the wrong place and he morphed to the right one. I've been killed my fair share of early times, and it's no one's fault. Personally, I have a hard time as Jason. I am averaging 2 kills a match. I really do not want the counselors to have it even easier.
  16. This is what happens when folks weren't following the game prior to launch. This happened just this year. The devs said the release date would be announced "Early 2017". And by that, they were divind the year into three "Early (January-Apruil)-Mid (May-August), Late (Sept-December)". And people lost their damn minds because they assumed Early = January-February, and there was no announcement by February. They also originally said there would be Two new Jasons. Savini, and a Teenage Jason. At the time, they were looking at Jason prior to Part 2--he would have been wearing his mother's sweater as a mask. Well, they just could not get that to look menacing, so they abandoned it. Meanwhile, people saw them say "teenage Jason" and lost their damn mind because they were assuming like, a 15 year old Jason running around killing people. So the more specific, the more fans overreact or get entitled and demanding. You got to understand that the devs who made this game are about 20 people. They are not an AAA company. And that things take time. For instance, people are chanting "More kills!" Well, kills require about $50,000 to pay Kane Hodder and some actors, in LA, to do motion capture to record the kills, the coders have to translate that into game, and then the animators have to animate it, the sound guy has to put in the music and so on. The same idea with maps, that has to be designed, playtested, textured, etc. I see the fan base of other games getting disgruntled when game companies don't move at lightning speed. I'm coming from Overwatch, and there quite a number of fans were disgruntled at the speed of new content. They were like "We should be getting new heroes, new maps every month." Well, Overwatch has a team of 100 employees behind it, and it takes them 6 months to make a map, because it's a long process with multiple steps, and at each step it has to be tested. I'd also argue that the game has been out a week, and the devs are busy trying to fix server issues, glitches, bugs, work with Playstation/Xbox to get those patches through, AND communicate all of that to us. So, they're probably busy putting out fires rather than making new content righ tnow. But I can tell you up front, they said well before the game came out, that Single PLayer (Jason vs. AI Bots) is coming this summer. And I can say that, the makers of the game got a ton of money from this, more money than they thought they ever would. And they are going ot milk that gravy train. It would not surprise me that, the support the game has garnered will renew talks of a new movie, because this game is breathing life back into the franchise. The designers are huge fans--this was a labor of love, and the backers (Savini, Hodder, et al) support this, so everyone wants to see this thing go the distance.
  17. A throwing knife kill--similar to Jason 8's fireaxe throw--would be cool. Instead of using the fridge door/car hood like the front door kill, here's what I'd prefer: Jason pins the counselor tot he ground and tips hte fridge over onto their head/lifts the front of the car up enough to drop the tire on their skull. Also instead of the 360 headspin, I'd prefer just a 180 headspin, from Freddy vs. Jason. I like OP's double-axe kill
  18. Bare in mind that adding more kills to the game is very expensive. It costs about $50,000 for the motion capture (hiring Kane Hodder + male and female actors to act them out). Then the animation to translate the mocap into Jason and Counselor e tal.
  19. Honestly, the music and the whoosh seems to be unrelated to Jason, as it's often different from the "Jason is Close By" music. I think it just... gets intense sometimes. Because I've been in a cbain where the Jason mchase music is going and then--it stops, because he's clearly morphed away.
  20. So when you are playing Jason, and you use your sense, and see no one--the only option you have to make cousnelors light up is to start knocking over power boxes, right?
  21. I have two minor tweak suggestions to Jason's controls. 1. Have Jason's run/fast walk as default, and press button to have him walk slower. Jason should always be moving at his fastest. So it's just adding one extra step in the process to make him move fast. Also the fact that he reverts to slow movement by default whenever he does something (grab, throw knife, use ability) is tedious. Making his move-faster option the default won't effect balance much, but it will improve handling. 2. Allow Morph to activate while Jason is looking at the Map. If you are looking at the Map via the map button, and you want to morph, you have to cancel out of the map, then press activate>Morph--which takes you back to the map. It's an extra step that really shouldn't be there. I sometimes get the two buttons confused and have to juggle between them.
  22. Some players being able to rock J7 doesn't discount that on the whole 7's abilities are weak.
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