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  1. The right perks definitely are trouble too. I've been hit by Bugsy and the stun lasts twice if not three times as long. I've been thinking about this, and I think I found a reasonable strategy. It shows up here. If you have traps, put them down when you get ganged up on, and weave around the traps. Also the "aim grabbed counselors at attacking counselors" is a good idea, but honestly I hate grabbing counselors in the gang situation, because they are likely going to have pocket knives too.
  2. I've tried that. Usually you get 1-2 hits in before Stun + Medspray. And before you say "J3 with his weapon strength", my answer is "J3 with his weak stun resistane". Eventually they run out of medsprays, but by then they've fixed the car/got the phone working.
  3. If a character, say, escapes via the car while carrying the fuse, could the fuse please respawn roughly where it would normally be found? Troll players can easily screw everyone else in the game if they escape with necessary objective pieces. Or players who aren't so savvy. I was in a game where a counselor carrying a battery couldn't figure out how to drop it, and climbed in the fixed boat and escaped. (Related to the above, what happens to objects characters are holding when they are drowned? Can the objects be picked up in the water, or are they lost completely? Because losing objective items like this would again screw everyone.)
  4. I recommend getting it--after waiting. The game is good, but right now there are a lot of problems, especially for console players. Even with the issues being fixed every day, it's better to wait and play the game with no issues than to pay and then get a poor experience while you wait. In addition, they'll be adding content. Single-player sometime this summer, plus free maps, etc. So if you wait, you'll be starting with more content than what's there now. Personally I find there to be enough content, and the game to be a lot more complex than say, Dead by Daylight. My only issue is that unless you're playing Private matches and can control who plays Jason, you play him very infrequently, and right now there's no easy way to practice playing him. Single Player will take care of that, but gotta wait.
  5. Different people own the rights to different things. It's the same reason why Sony has the movie rights to Spider Man but 20th century Fox has the rights to the X-men, while Marvel studios has the rights to the various Avengers characters, and a hell of a lot of jockeying had to happen for Marvel Studios to get access to SPiderman. The owners of the 1-9 movies were involved with the game creation, yes, but they didn't make FvJ and the 2009 remake. Wes has said point blank on Slash 'n Cast that they do not have access to the 2009 remake rights, period; another studio currently has the rights to that movie. In fact, here's the exact quote: "We can't get the reboot, like we know that for a fact, that was taken off the table. So that'll never happen in the game. At least is what we were told." He says it could change, but Gun Media was not working with Paramount when they made the game.
  6. I would actually like to see some adult characters. Various non-teenagers have been killed in the films.
  7. Seen everything except "goes to Hell", seen them multiple times.
  8. Look, they're only talking about future DLCs because people are hounding them for new info. The podcast said that they are working every day for the last month, 10-14 hours trying to straighten all the problems out.
  9. They do not have the rights to the 2009 remake. I also think they don't have the FvJ rights either.
  10. The devs have said that they do not plan to add a fear meter, that you are supposed to look at what your character is doing. There are four stages to determine your current fear: Normal: Your character is fine. Nervous: Your character is looking around. Scared: Your character is hunched over, looking around, making the Chad Face. Terrified: Your mini-map disappears and everything is in black and white.
  11. Knock out generators (the lightning bolt symbol on Jason's map). That will cut the power to cabins, and spike fear in any counselors inside. If you bust down a door, and there's a trap there or a counselor is waiting with a flare/gun, move to the side of the door and then shift in after them. Particularly later in the game, hit counselors with your weapon a few times before grabbing them. Even if they escape yoru grasp, a wounded counselor is going to have a harder time running away, and injured counselors have higher fear.
  12. So far the only "ability" we have is using Pamela's sweater. When a counselor gets that, they use Y to activate it.
  13. Don't listen to naysayers. It's not confirmed until a dev personally comes in and promises it. Then it's just vaporwear until they deliver, because it's not out fast enough. When it comes out, it's shit because it's not perfect. And the second the new content is out, they're asking about the next piece of new content.
  14. This. It's player skill. I fully acknowledge that I am a horrible Jason player, but I've been in games where Jason7 flies through the game in a quick murder spree. Jason isn't OP or UP. The counselors are playing better, end of story. I know the Jason strategy--immediately morph to the phone/car, trap it up, kill generators, hunt people down, shift+grab. And yet I'm still getting 1-2 kills a match. I get better by endless hours of practice. It took me days to be a decent counselor, but it's easy to get into a game as a counselor. Even set as "Preferred Jason", I might get to play him twice in a day? So fewer opportunities to practice, and it's hard to get better when you are being repeatedly teabagged. It's to the point I don't even want to play until Single Player comes out, so I can practice against AI bots until I'm competent at knife throwing and shift-grab.
  15. If they're not afraid of Jason, they're not going to run away/scatter. They took turns looking for more weapons while I was down.
  16. Okay, this is something. Will this work against attacks from behind?
  17. I am asking, what strategy deals with an armed group. As I said int he OP, I tried knives, and wind up eating a gun/flare or just flat out miss.
  18. I addressed this in the OP: I ht one person--and then someone else gets me down. Someone drops a med spray and heals the person I injured. I idid nothing but swing for 3 "rounds" fo stuns and it got me nowhere.
  19. The last three games of Jason I've played, I get stuck where a pack of 3-4 players just surround me and keep me down. As soon as I unlock, I start swinging, I ht one person--and then someone else gets me down. Someone drops a med spray and heals the person I injured. Grabbing is not going to work either. I make space, try to use throwing knives, and either I miss or I eat a flare gun. The last game had inordinately long stuns, so they must've been armed wtih serious perks. How the hell do you fight a group of counselors who are coordinated, well equipped and know what they're doing? One game, players had dropped all their unused items at the police exit before leaving, so there was a pile of flare guns, med sprays and weapons, and the group just kept me down and taunted me. This game I tried using Jason 3, because of his high weapon damage and ability to run, but J3 also has weak stun resistance, so I was really taking it the entire session. It's goddamn humiliating and I have no idea how to deal with this.
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