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  1. The "slowly crush head against wall" (ala the shower kill in part 4), fireplace, head stomp, and part 8's weapon kills.
  2. That's really cool. This was one of my concerns--leaving with objects. I was in a game where someone couldn't figure out how to drop the gas and went for an escape. Also I wonder what happens to items when you are drowned.
  3. There's two reasons why I think you should be able to enter a private match by yourself. 1) Practice. Get a handle on movement controls and item usage--like, where is a firecracker going to fall when you click the button? What are their duration? 2) Explore/appreciating the map. Look at all the details in the graveyard, Jason's shack, and other areas. You should be able to do these without needing a buddy to come in with you.
  4. So, the flashlight is going to help, but the amount of fear it reduces may be less than the amount of fear you're getting, so bare that in mind. For instance, being in a dark cabin may produce more fear than the flashlight is going to alleviate. Same with say, being out in the middle of the woods alone. What I do in these situations is get right up against a wall/rock/bla and turn the flashlight on. The counselor's body blocks the light on the object, but I'm still getting the fear reduction effect.
  5. What kind of joke is "hey guys I am really, really not good at this, isn't it so funny I can't handle 2-3 counselors attacking, haha"? And to keep insisting it? Why would anyone do that for "a joke"?
  6. I didn't mean you in particular, just the "general" you; I haven't been keeping track of who is and isn't. But I'll go ahead and apologize to you. Will have to look into how to actually record games, and then post them. I would benefit from the coaching, if nothing else.
  7. Do I need to record a video of a session to show that I simply cannot deal with this situation? I'm glad that some of you are so good at Jason that this isn't a problem for you, but for some of us it is. So please stop asking if it's a joke, or otherwise acting smug and superior. Is it funny that some people are having a hard time?
  8. I tried that in another game. They stayed on opposite sides of me so that if I tried attacking one, my back was to the other. Block doesn't protect your back.
  9. It's not just "letting counselors get fully equipped". You have to take into account perks. Double-use of a medspray, reducing damage, full healing from a spray, extend stun duration, extend weapon durability. starting the match with weapons/srpay/fireworks (that perk also enlarges the area of effect). Any time Brandon has hit me, I've wound up stunned 2x longer. Here, here's video of it happening to very competent players who've been playing since Beta. They manage to keep Jason down for minutes.
  10. Do you think I don't know this? Do you think I am not trying my hardest to kill every one of them as fast as I can? I am not a good Jason, period. Even when I don't get ganged up on, I do not manage to kill a lot of people. I need to accept that my level of ability just is not high enough to deal with a crowd, and the next time it happens, I get out of there and look for single targets. Just write the losses off. .
  11. When you're surrounded by counselors they usually do know you're there. I went to check on the phone and morphed about a dozen yards in front of a crowd of 3-4 who were running to the phone. I attempted to throw a knife and ate a flare.
  12. So, Jason drowned in Camp Crystal Lake--except he didn't? He was living in the woods the entire time, given parts 2-4. Why is it Jason never came out of the woods between his "drowning" and part 2? In fact, in part 2 they say Jason saw his mother beheaded--if that's the case, why didn't he run to her aid? Why didn't he try to get her attention, because hey, that's his mom!
  13. Will have to go through what I've read, but the first thing that jumped to the top in my mind was Nick Cutter's "The Deep", and David Dunwoody's "The Harvest Cycle". Also short stories by Stephen King (particularly "N")
  14. There's quite a lot mentioned here I am a fan of, came here to mention "The Frighteners" but I see I was beaten. So here, let me add one: Haven't seen it since I was a kid, but I remember loving the concept. Also, Stephen King's "Silver Bullet". Something more modern: Ghost Ship.
  15. After playing the game long enough, I felt in the mood to watch Jason Lives. It really holds up, and is quite dynamic. There's a lot more going on than the usual "everybody at a camp, gettin' killed, final girl does the corpse run". A lot of varied victims, with lots of adults. Not to mention so much of the game you can see in the movie. A lot of Tommy's lines (obviously), the throwing knives, the shotgun stun, and some of the kills directly from it. 7 is my favorite, but 6 I think is right behind it, holding a spear.
  16. I can definitely show you 2. This here shows the spawn locations of the phone, car, boat, Jason's Shack, and potential cabin locations for each map.
  17. And they weren't aware that Jason was going around killing people. In the movies, any time anyone finds a body, they immediately get killed--unless they're the Final Girl. So nearly all kills take place when people are unaware of Jason. To put it in perspective, the gameplay represents the last 20 minutes of a movie when the final girl+one other character are trying to escape.
  18. "OMG our friend just get axed! QUick, find the gasoline for the car!" "No, I need to find the beer first." Totally makes sense.
  19. I tried this tonight. The response was to act like wolves with an elk. They fanned out and only attacked my back, while I was attacking another counselor. Combat stance does nothing when you're hit in the back--and you can also get stunned from being shot from behind with a flare. Any damage I did was med-sprayed away.
  20. I did absolutely everything everyone said to do, and I still was kept on the ground. I did nothing but swing, I used combat stance/block, knives, I shifted and came at them from different angles, nothing worked. One while only two engaged, staying on opposite sides of me so that if I turned to attack one, the other hit me in the back. Combat stance did nothing to that. When one got injured, they'd back out, medspray, while one of the waiting ones came in. The rest scattered to fix the phone I was defending/get more supplies. And did you know you can get stunned by a flare to the back? It's also rather hard to practice when I've played 12-15 games today alone and was Jason only once.
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