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  1. Weapon looks cool, but I'm worried about the stunning. All the stunning.
  2. On steam, I'm not getting any new content. No update starting when I start teh game, no Shelly in my counselor pool, etc.
  3. While disappointed about the delay to Single Player, I am super pumped about this timeline guide. It shows what we're getting, in a sequence. For Gun Media to reveal that, after being so tight lipped about everything, is a welcome shock. Also I am very excited about offline bots. I really want to practice Jason play--knife throwing accuracy, shift-grabbing accuracy, and just look at maps, and doing so without needing to find people would be great. Plus, I see three maps, three Jasons and a new game mode. Hopefully one of those will be the Lazarus or Manhattan. Thanks guys, for giving us so much info!
  4. I downloaded the patch on Steam but nothing is showing up as new.
  5. Like we dont' see Choke CHoke Choke CHoke Choke Choke all the time.
  6. I think the last survivor should get some sort of bonus, simply because they're the "last one". Boost to damage, stamina, something that makes them a little stronger.
  7. I am a poor Jason player, so right now I am playing to win for the sake of improvement. Y'can't play with your food if you can't catch it, and such. That said, it depends on how the counselors are acting. My default is silent stalker, but if the cousnelors are constantly stunning me/mocking or trolling, I get frustrated. If they're being chatty or casual, I'm playful and friendly. I will compliment a good maneuver. Last night one counselor started begging "no no please no no" and I just had to ask "Has that ever worked, in the history of ever?" Another game, I was chatting with the last player as I chased, because the game had been so buggy--they called Tommy and he ddin't show up, the car crashed and got stuck and they couldn't even get back in it, etc. That, and the player was less than happy about me putting 3 traps on the phone.
  8. If you want efficiency, use Part3 Jason and weapon attack them to death. Not everything is about the most optimum choicel. That's why Eric and Chad exist.
  9. This should vary. Accidents happen because of friendly fire. How many of us have killed a counselor with the shotgun when shooting at Jason? I was also hit by the car because I was running to get in and the driver swerved at the wrong time.
  10. That's not bad. Because usually if you go around trapping the windows, they stun you and go out a door. Or, they jump out a window on teh side of the cabin you haven't reached yet.
  11. I'm never quite sure the exact place to place the trap with the phone. I know that, for instance, trapping on the driver's side of the car, there are angles that a player can go to bypass it. One method is using all your traps around one objective--all over the car for instance. Remove it from play, or make them waste a lot of knives to deal with it. That way 1) when a trap goes off, you know where they are, and 2) you can now focus on the other objectives. Another location I've found useful to trap is Packanack Lodge. The windows are too high to climb in, so the stairs in the front and back become a bottleneck.. I've played multiple games where the phone+car are right next to eachother, or at the very least the car is there. Because objectives typically spawn in the back, it's a good place to catch people running away or trying to loop you. Finally, one strategy to deal with "gang of counselors stunlocking Jason"--drop a trap or three around your feet, and fight around them.
  12. COunselors dive through the center of the window, where the glass collapses inwards rather than clings to the edges like jagged hooks. Jason throws them as close to the rim as possible,s o theglass slices them open.
  13. First link gets "You are not the editor of this channel". Anyways, was looking for video of 2-3 counselors vs. Jason keeping him down.
  14. Could you give some links to those long, long fight scenes? There are some threads I've been asked to show evidence of Jason getting dominated by counselors.
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