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  1. Frumpy The Clown

    Where are the patches!?

    Yes, ShiftySamurai shouldn't have to "annoy" people to bring us information. First, let me just say I appreciate Shifty even talking to us as actively as he is right now. It is FAR better than the silence we are used to. Shifty, I would like to suggest a "weekly update" form of communication. Continue to post actively like you are right now, but maybe at the end of the week, post a little status report. Of course we cannot ask for a timeframe but just a reminder of what is, even if it is copy and pasted until an actual update occurs. Just an idea.
  2. Whenever I kill someone as Part VII. Specially whenever I kill a loud-mouth or mic-spammer as Part VII. They get real quiet in the lobby afterwards.
  3. Yes, GUN did say that. They DID blame Sony... and later Microsoft. Does the word "Patsy" mean anything to you? Sony and Microsoft hasn't commented on it because they don't care enough to rebuke minor, false accusations that have no ill effect on them what-so-ever. If ANY major corporation responded to EVERY little false claim and accusation they'd spend their entire budget on PR. Sony and Microsoft made their share off of "accidental" Savini sales and seeing as there were no refunds and take backs issued (an actual problem for any business), Sony and Microsoft had no issue with saying nothing. Here is both our logics: Mine: "People are pissed they didn't preorder to get Savini. If we put it up on an online store for a bit and later blame the store, enough people should acquire Savini for the mass of complainers to lose their momentum. But there are still more complaining on a whole different console; so let's wait a few weeks and put it up on another store and just blame the other store." Yours: "We are an online digital purchase and hosting site. Our budget is tied to maintaining servers, advertising to potential new clients and paying our hard working IT staff. We are hosting the files for Savini Jason but it is just the raw files. Let's divert some of our limited budget to have someone type up a product descriptor, someone else to add visual art to represent the product and reserve some VALUABLE server store space to put up and advertise for a product our client didn't ask us to. The item cost (staff, new content, server space, PR debacle if there was going to be one) will be a net loss for us, but who cares? We're a company, profit and loss mean nothing to us." "We are ANOTHER online digital purchase and hosting site. We heard about the debacle with our client having unauthorized items put up for sale, but we won't let the same mistake happen with us. I mean, we don't even have an item description, let alone product art. There are too many steps involved to make the same mistake they did, too many checks and balances. "Boy-howdy do we have a brilliant idea. Let's make the same mistake our competitor did. Profit margins be damned." You mention conspiracy theories at the end of your last response, and one of the famous ones is the JFK "magic bullet." It supposedly proves there was more than one gunman. Let's use your logic and call it, "magic item descriptors and art." Of course it was Sony and Microsoft's fault. Savini Jason "magically" came up with item descriptors and art to accompany an online retail purchase on it's own. TWICE! As for me "bashing" Shifty's opinion... yes I did, his opinion was wrong. I thought this was a forum in which to converse and critique. How does it relate to conspiracy theories and not surprising you? Is that an underhanded way of saying "if you don't take Gun at their word you're an idiot?" If that is your thinking, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
  4. The PlayStation Store AND the Microsoft Store BOTH "accidently" released them? One after the other? I don't understand, are you agreeing with me but in a snarky way? If not: PlayStation and Microsoft stores don't create content, they host it. They don't create screen shots to use as signage. So, someone (at Gun) had to create the signage and description that was used when Savini was "accidently" released twice on two different store fronts on two separate occasions weeks apart. It wasn't PlayStation (Sony) and it wasn't Microsoft. It was someone at Gun. On that same note, Steam doesn't create store pages for your game should you try to sell a game you made. Steam just provides tools and templates to advertise and gives you a POS (Point of Sale). If you are disagreeing with me, the above is how you are wrong.
  5. They "accidently" released a dev build? Is this like the time they "accidently" made Savini purchasable on the MSN store and didn't take back and refund those that bought it, or when they "accidently" made Savini purchasable on the PSN store and didn't take back and refund those that bought it? Gun seems to have a LOT of "accidents" in their office. It's like talking about how a Mafioso would kill another person, "it was an 'accident.'" What's the saying: "...twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern?"
  6. And that is a good thing. Opinions can be wrong too. But we differ on opinions. That is fine. On a side note, THIS, you talking with us is what we need. Just popping in to say hi and respond more often is what this community needs. I understand that you can't post any official updates unless you have the FACTS but just say hi and even an obligator "they're still hard at work" goes a long way FORWARD instead of just crickets
  7. I disagree. If you get killed and just have to watch can be annoying, but at least you are still in your group in the lobby. Spectator issue is not NEARLY as bad as not being about to join a lobby as a group. Spectator bug takes far less time to get around compared to grouping, leaving to regroup because someone didn't get in, but then having to leave again and repeat... unless other random people join the lobby and take up your friend's slot. You are just wrong. Grouping issues should take priority over Spectator bug.
  8. Slow and not well. I'm starting with C. I know a lot of people say I don't need or shouldn't learn C. But I'm the kind of person that wants to learn more of the older languages so the newer ones I will have a better appreciation for. Plus C is teaching me good habits. My main issue is a Working Memory issue with my brain and lack of confidence. I've started over several times already but I keep getting back on that horse. <printf> Hello World.;
  9. What this guy said. As a coder in training (self learning via books) I know that coding CAN be tough, with that said I'd call it "sloppy" rather than bad. Just an opinion, so don't jump me with a counter. However, I CANNOT stress enough the importance of communication. There is ZERO reason someone can't just hop into the forums and say something along the lines of "still here" or "working on X issue." Something like that doesn't take a half hour even if just copy and pasting a list of issues. Communication is KEY. How is it they have at least two different internet forums (this one being the "most watched" by them) and yet nothing is said?
  10. I'm on PC and still LOVE to play this game. "Dead" means no one plays it. 300-something people isn't "dead." Once they iron out more bugs people will return. Not everyone, but the majority of people that were turned off because this game is so damn buggy. I love this game but it has a serious bug issue still. Those that don't return because they think Jason is too powerful... they can stay gone. DBD-mentality is not welcome here.
  11. Frumpy The Clown

    I have a question in regards to bloody Savini on PC

    Sorry, I'm dense. Just to be clear. I have to not only bought the Savini Jason from their Backer are but ALSO have bought a physical copy from the same site?
  12. Frumpy The Clown

    I have a question in regards to bloody Savini on PC

    Wait, are you saying that Steam DOES have a Bloody Savini skin and that it is only available to those that backed the game, or ONLY available to those that backed the game by buying the physical copy? Because I backed the game digitally only and got Savini but don't have a Bloody version.
  13. Frumpy The Clown

    An Idea...

    Wrong, I did get what I wanted but was denied a crucial piece. Like everyone. Not because Gun just decided to stop working on it, but because they were FORCED to. The issue I have with Gun is that they are communicating they have given up. They claim to have such passion and love for the franchise but just seem to have given up. Once the legal battle is OVER, what reason would they not have to FIND A WAY to finish Jason X? Don't answer with a sarcastic remark along the lines of "they got our money, what do they care" or "this was their plan all along to take our money and run." Let me rebuke anyone right now that still believes that, you're ignorant of the subject and upset. I'm upset too, but I don't throw accusations of malice around to justify my feelings. It doesn't help anyone nor get us anywhere. I am not being an overt dick but am honestly questioning "what are you asking" when I look at your second line with the question. Are you asking "what would be the production cost to finish Jason X for release?" or are you asking - by looking at the dollar amounts you listed - the default donation amounts? To the later, I don't know that is up to Gun. To the former my GUESS as to the production cost (and this is an uneducated guess) to finish Jason X for release equates to somewhere at $100,000. Give or take a few K. This is something that would release across multiple platforms, so if 5000 people donated $20 dollars each, we'd reach my uneducated goal. 10,000 at $10. Hell, even 100,000 people donating $1. I am meeting new people all the time in lobbies and showing them the ropes. They all LOVE this game, admitting there are bugs and glitches that NEED attention but otherwise LOVE this game. Across multiple platforms, there are more than enough to meet my uneducated guess-goal. They are focusing on the bugs now. That is all they legally CAN do. They DO love this franchise and DO have a passion for it, so don't think they have abandoned the game for any reason. This is what adults have to do, work within the confines of the law, regardless of their "passion." If they can't add, Gun is just fixing. But there is more. Gun is now releasing an "Ultimate" edition. As shown here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FM9NL8Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531762131&sr=8-2&keywords=Friday+the+13th+collector's+edition This is a physical copy of the game that includes collectibles and the like. It will include all DLC's with no mention of Savini (I love my Savini). Perhaps we don't need a Kickstarter and this is their plan. Or perhaps it is just a way to milk the game one last time to get funding for their next project. That is a shame but still a good business idea. But if it is just a milking then my idea still stands. There is a problem with your line of thinking. To start a Kickstarter, you DON'T need a working prototype. Not only do I know someone that successfully funded his project without such, but Gun did the same. All they had were some sketches and prerendered footage to showcase their idea. The final fault in your thinking is ACTUALLY believing they would run away with the money donated. Not trying to be mean, but people like you REALLY need to go on some kind of medication. There are bad people out there, however Gun nor IllFonic are them. This is a LEGAL issue that legally ties the hands of the developers. Throwing around accusations of malice really is petty and doesn't help your case but only further discredits you. Maybe you don't actually believe they would take the money donated but merely are putting it in there to be facetious or flippant - either way you're wasting your time and making yourselves look bad. Let me close this response by restating: "YES, the developers have stated there will never be new content. Due to the cost of keeping the lights on with the project while waiting, is just NOT smart financially. I accept this. Which is the reason that if the problem is money, my idea is a way for them to come up with the funds to utilize AFTER the legal battle is over. While I accept the stated fate of the game, I at least can wash my hands of it knowing I contributed to a solution rather than complaining about the problem."
  14. Frumpy The Clown

    An Idea...

    Not to sound high and mighty, but I feel that response from you was respectful yet in disagreement. Thank you. I am not trying to put you down however after reading your first post I read it as a passive aggressive comment directed at those like myself. And I just want to express my respect and appreciation for your most recent response. But back to this thread. And the reason they can't is money. They are just too small a company to be able to wait. EVERYTHING they do is tied to a budget. And I can sympathize with them. In my humble opinion the fact that they state they have such love for the franchise but have yet to indicate a desire to fight back to me sounds counter to their professed love. The fact that the legality behind the lawsuit ties their hands makes sense. The fact that while people are waiting for the results is costing them money makes sense. To me, if it REALLY was that important to them, they'd communicate in someway that they would find a way. That while shelved for now, if the funds were available they would complete and release the final Jason. My goal is simply to give them an option. A way. I always come back to this comparison. Dave Filoni of Star Wars: The Clone Wars claimed a love for the franchise. When his show was prematurely canceled (Crazy Kathleen Kennedy), there was a sixth season that was relatively near completion. It was fully voiced but hadn't gotten past the animatics. So, Dave actually fought and got Crazy Kathleen Kennedy to approve production of the sixth and to be final season of The Clone Wars. Yes, LucasFilm probably has more financial slack to allow it, but even if not that show WOULD have been left incomplete if not for Dave Filoni fighting for it. Hell, there WAS a Seventh Season also in the works but Dave picked his battles. In other words, Jason X is damn near completion. We don't NEED Paranoia but Jason X we do. Dave communicated that. Gun has not. Gun has communicated they are giving up. Gun claimed to care passionately (and it DOES show in the detail of the game itself) but they don't even communicate a desire to find a way to at least give us Jason X, after the legal stuff is done (ONCE they obtain funding for it). My issue is with what I perceive to be a defeatist attitude. Instead of just bashing them or throwing critiques at them, I thought instead to give them a helping hand with an idea. If you truly love something, fight for it. Obviously they can't while the legal battle is happening; but once it is over, if they truly have a passion for the franchise, holding another Kickstarter would make at least Jason X possible. Just an idea. Instead of throwing insults on social media (also I don't have ANY social media accounts) as some may, I offer hope. Now here is another way to look at this from my perspective. Because of the situation, instead of just accepting the end, I at least can say that I contributed to a solution. Yes, new content most likely will never happen. I DO accept that. But if there was a chance of a solution, I at least did my best.