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  1. The State of the Game...

    We understand you would vote for an OP Jason but we are just saying both Shift AND Morph are important to keep. One is for quick bursts of short distance while the other is for quick bursts for long distances. I forgot the increase amount of Shotguns. Unless this is a hunter's retreat I doubt we would find more than one, let alone at least one shotgun at a kids' camp. I am okay with one or two (with Tommy) but three or more and I question if Jason was actually killed when drowning to cover up the truth of what his "perfect" mind stumbled upon. If I witness a kids' camp as a front for gun smuggling, I'd be murdered too. And partially it is that the developers listen, but more accurately, they give in or acquiesce. This implies there is a pressure externally but an emotional surrender of sorts due to insecurities on the developers' part. These independent developers put a LOT into this game. After the big server SNAFU at the start maybe they are a little sensitive to further demands to help quell any negative reviews. The problem, that is a slippery hill. I too survived Jason's super length grab but not often - 1. Because I am not a very good counselor; 2. Because I shouldn't survive EVERY match.
  2. The State of the Game...

    Randy hosts Twitch events and I get invited sometimes. There is a backlog of all his events you can rewatch. I am keeping my Steam identity a secret but just look for the guy that ONLY play Part 7 and beats everyone. If you figure out it is I, I ask you not make it public as my Steam identity is fun to keep separate from my real self.
  3. The State of the Game...

    You get it! Good, very good and glad to meet you. Part 8 is nice, VERY in fact. Everything you said about him is not only correct but on the nose. The issue I have is, he just isn't "boney" enough. Let me stress that I think Jason from part 8 is da bomb, but he just isn't as dead-looking as Part 7. Honestly, I go off my personal experience. Whenever I would see the Part 7 Jason, just got chills. Once I started playing him, I got excited because he is supposed to be the most difficult to play. I thought, if I master this Jason, that tells myself I overcame an obstacle I can remember. Hence, when I kill everyone in a match with Randy Greenback, it adds to the fun. And don't get me started with the offline bots. Whenever I just want to kill something, without much effort, I go Offline. I haven't earned any new achievements (two mysterious kills away from that DAMN PhD) but it is still just a great stress reliever. But with that said, there is just something about actually online hunting people. I remember in the early days when I would hear people ACTUALLY begging me to take my Part 7 presence away. To hear them beg and whimper is an actual joy of mine. Glad to meet you and hope to see you more on this forum. In short, I disagree and here is the reason. We ALL learned something new that day about Jason and it was something we had to process - both as fans AND as strategy for playing the game. And most of the time, when something new disrupts our expectations we are not happy with that new information. Said "feelings" can translate into various forms of expression. When people were upset they didn't preorder to get the Savini Jason, their self-hatred and jealousy translated into accusations towards others instead of introspection and acceptance. When we all learned about Shift and Morph I can say at first all our minds were blown. But some came to not like those explanations. If you are suggesting people were unhappy with the game because his ability to Shift or (I only add Morph because it is supernatural too) Morph disrupted their views, I would say that is petty and small minded of those people. We are fans, and our ONLY position is to enjoy the franchise and watch as every twist and turn tells us something new. We may get to bask in the glory of a star at a convention, but they are not there for suggestions nor input. They are there as a service and an act of kindness towards the fans. That said, some fans may not like that Jason can Shift (or Morph) but it is canon now. God himself, creator of this universal lake we call Camp Crystal Lake, gave it his approval. Mr. Cunningham. I hope someday they make a movie that incorporates these new facts about Jason, but it has to be done right, tactfully. They already have done the Morph, now we just need to see Shift. But I harken to a time when Slashers are scary again. Much like our Jason in this game right now, no one is scared of him. That reboot (which took 20 F-U-C-K-I-N-G minutes to even get to the damn opening credits) sucked so, let's hope they can remake and improve; with the new Jason canon we have learned.
  4. The State of the Game...

    Official Adam W, this gif is for you. It also applies to us all here with common sense, what needs to happen to the whiners that ruin our game. Jason is played by our hero Al Bundy, while the role of Adam Palomino is played by one Kelley's many loser boyfriends
  5. The State of the Game...

    Ever since Jason was nerfed and they added the extra Pocket Knives and Med Sprays it has added to the amount of cheaters and exploiters. Whiners, when acquiesced feel emboldened. Like when a bratty child gets what he wants when it cries, and learns this kind of behavior is okay There is this s-h-I-t loser named Pappus. I have blatantly watched him exploit and cheat to win. He calls the Jasons he cheats to beat "minus" (a retarded word coming from a retard cheater). How is this dumb ass not banned yet? I reported him just recently so I hope they do something. "But Frumpy, he has informative videos." Hitler gave us the freeway, Fanta soda, air cooled engine, synthetic oil and don't forget he was a vegetarian; he was still Hitler. The issue is the cheaters ARE the whiners. It is a mind set. They cheat, feel all powerful, but when they don't get what they want they cry and complain the game they are cheating on is too hard or that Savini Jason is pay to win. They cry enough, and Gun Media "accidently" (TWICE on two SEPERATE stores) releases the Savini Jason and doesn't refund and take back their purchases, weakens Jason, and finally, adds MORE Pocket Knives AND Med Sprays. I want everyone to picture the movies with more Pocket Knives and Med Sprays. "Yes, Officer. I jumped out a window but just used one of my MANY health sprays. I carried my trusty pocket knife which allowed me to escape his grasp once, then I found 6 more pocket knives just laying around. Jason is tied up for you, Officer." Another thing that p-I-s-s-e-s me off is people that think "slashing" is a bad thing or poor sportsmanship. First of all, I only play Part 7 so I rarely even GET to slash with how short the weapon reach is. But when you counselors have multiple Pocket Knives and Health Sprays, melee attacking you is a smart choice. It also isn't cheating nor exploiting, it is an intended game mechanic. You only try to guilt the Jason as a defense mechanism because it is something you cheaters and exploiters can't really stop when it actually happens. No actually. It is that the whiners are taken seriously by the "politicians." In this case, the game developers. Unfortunately, a LOT of the game developer community in general is full of people who give in easily to demands, and don't know how to stand up to bullies. The whiners are the bullies. But the developers are adults now, they need to start acting like it and stop giving in to the whiners. They need to bring this game back to what it was (minus the extended reach of Jason) and they need to make it so you only find three Pocket Knives (including Tommy) and you only find three Med Sprays (including Tommy).
  6. Official F13 Discord?

    I play on PC and I don't know of that feature. Is that a feature because of XBOX?
  7. The State of the Game...

    Love your avatar; enough said. Without getting too political, that is a growing trend I am seeing. The whiners and sissies are ruining the world around us, one complaint at a time. In this case, they weakened Jason, buffed counselors. When people were crying at me for killing them because Jason was too powerful that is how it was supposed to be. The counselors that got away were either really lucky or just damn good. The latter earned their escape. Honestly, I actually escaped very little back then. That is how it was supposed to be. Let's not forget what the cry babies got, two chances at owning the Savini Jason after they shouldn't have. Remember, they "accidently" released him on both the Microsoft AND PS Store? Those were two separate occasions that happened at least a month apart. Those were not accidents. But in the end, this is what our world is coming to. If you cry enough (whether you are in the right or not) you get what you want. It hurts us all, gamers and none alike. Devs, if you want to start making this right, starting making things tough for the counselors again. Halve the knives and sprays, reincrease Jason's grab radius back to normal. Let's take steps in the RIGHT directions.
  8. The State of the Game...

    Currently, another issue that the developers introduced is increased amount of health sprays and pocket knives. Not to mention Tommy spawns with one of each. I am okay with Tommy spawning with one of each as it makes sense that a Jason Hunter (not seen again until part IX - All Hail Duke) would come prepared. But honestly, they need to halve the amount of pocket knives and sprays. Not only is Jason nerfed already, but he can be survived, by an abundance of sprays and pocket knives. What makes things worse - when the sprays are augmented by the Medic perk. If they halve the amount of sprays, that would make the medic perk even more valuable. And pocket knives are not even used for traps anymore. They just set off the trap on purpose and heal up... because of how many sprays they could easily find. They just save the pocket knives for Jason encounters. How about when they have one spray with two uses and two pocket knives. Practically (barring a mistake on their part because you WILL be out of throwing knives) unkillable. Or one pocket knife and two sprays... augmented by the Medic perk. That is four sprays and a free escape. Making jumping through windows with almost NO real risk. Again, developers, we love this video game. Speaking for myself this game STILL brings me joy but reminds me why I hate people (players that don't play but just screw around and "bully" Jason). Please, halve the amount of pocket knives and sprays on any map at least. I say "halve" understanding there are five or six pocket knives and sprays per map, not counting Tommy. If it were just two or 3 (maybe even including Tommy) per map, that would make a WORLD of difference for the better.
  9. Official F13 Discord?

    What do you mean you mute me the Jason player? I don't say anything AS Jason personally, nor do I find it entertaining, let alone funny, when others do and in an odd voice or phrases. It does hurt the Jason because you are able to coordinate with an entire group without speaking a word in the game itself. Part of the game mechanic is using the in game voice chat with the risk of Jason over hearing you. Even if you mute me, I can still hear you.
  10. I'm a dedicated Part 7 player and also preferred spawn Jason. "Just slashing" doesn't work for me. They can keep just out of my slash range easily AND they can easily stun me. I may be wrong, but I feel forced to make them burn through the knives and sprays. I feel forced to HAVE to go for grab kills. I personally believe killing them in ANY way is okay seeing as that is the goal - kill them. Unfortunately, Part 7 Jason is just so weak right now, specially with the OVER abundance of knives and sprays. Shot guns can be dodged but still there are too many of those too. If they are not going to fix Jason's grab by increasing the radius back to its original width, then they need to cut the TOTAL (including Tommy) number of knives and sprays in half. People these days are starting to say this game isn't scary or very difficult anymore. With six or eight health sprays and six knives (not including Tommy) I can agree. And as a dedicated Part 7 player I am the one that has to suffer.
  11. Official F13 Discord?

    I have an honest question about this. I was told recently that the developers support the use of Discord. Is this true? Also, how is using a third party VOIP program not cheating? I have been Jason several times, while the other team is using Discord or some other third party program. To me, part of the risk is using the in game voice chat, for realism and on the off chance Jason MIGHT overhear you. So if others use Team Speak or even Discord, I have no chance.
  12. The State of the Game...

    I am glad to see this.
  13. So, I really do enjoy playing this game. 100%. However, that doesn't mean there is no problem to be found. I am not talking about the bugs or glitches; instead I refer to the balance of the game. One of the things I enjoyed most about this game is that it wasn't Dead by Daylight. I have Alpha and Beta tested both games and F13 came out far ahead. One of the Dead by Daylights biggest shortcomings is that it is too balanced. When the killer becomes a joke and toyed with, you have a problem. This what is happening now with F13. This game's prime was when it first came out (again, ignoring bugs, glitches and overfull servers) and the threat that was Jason. People were complaining that Jason was too powerful. Good. He should be. So they nerfed him - too much. I hear reviews saying people play this to laugh, but play Dead by Daylight to get scared. Really? They put a damn trapdoor in the middle of a swamp. This is the issue I am having. Jason needs returned most of his "threat." I have been playing since Alpha testing and since they nerfed Jason this game hasn't been the same since. And too often am I seeing the developers acquiesce to the demands of the crowd. You think those Savini Jason releases on Xbox and PS stores were an accident? If it happened once I could understand and find it hard to believe, but twice? No, they did that on purpose. Next we see the issue with Jason being nerfed because he is "OP." He is supposed to be. I'll give you his grip REACH was too far, but his grip radius or field was just fine. People should NOT be able to dance around Jason. Now, my personal story is with Part 7. He is the best looking Jason and I play him just for that. Before they nerfed Jason, I would get 8/8 with Part 7 every match. Then they nerfed his grab. Terribly. Now, it is more than challenging but uncharacteristic of Jason to miss grabs like he does now. No, I don't play other Jason's because I don't like the way they look. Dead by Daylight should NOT be an example to the F13 developers. Jason need to be OP again. No, not his reach but his grip radius/field needs to be returned. And Part 7 needs some serious restating. Water Speed is great, Grip Strength is fantastic, but his is far too ineffective otherwise. What he needs is a Fear buff. So that while in his radius, your screen fades from fear must quicker... MUCH quicker. I am not a terrible Jason. I am a terrible camper but good Jason. I could be better and with that said, I know what I am talking about.