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  1. Disagree all you want, but you need to understand the choice to not make (finish - since it is almost done anyways) the new content has NOTHING to do with Horror INC. This is ALL now on Gun. The content Gun WOULD release has nothing to do with the first movie and is as far from as they could get. Gun has strictly and very plainly stated they will NOT finish nor release the final or any content due to it not being a smart business choice. It comes down to money: to put a project on hold is like putting a faucet on a bucket of water, on a slow drip; the water (money) is slowly dripped out due to paying employees, bills, housing files for production etc, but the bucket only holds so much water. What Gun has done is projected the likelihood of the lawsuit ending in a financially viable amount of time for there to be enough water remaining in the bucket to turn on the faucet full blast to pay larger amounts for active development. Gun's projections looked grim, so they decided to just take what water was in the bucket to another project. The F13 bucket is still there, but trickle-down-economics from the new project (bucket) is what pays for the current game and server maintenance. I honestly do not know how much of what I just stated is accurate but it is my best guess and would explain it. Again, Horror INC. isn't halting anything, and neither is the lawsuit. The content cutoff is all Gun.
  2. Hey all. I have seen some people in Twitter saying there might be hope for new content now that the ruling is over and/or that the suit ONLY dealt with the first movie. But I can tell you, as much as I would LOVE for us to at least get Jason X, we won't. As Wes has stated, this game has been out of production for too long for it to be financially viable to start up production again. This isn't a matter of legality; it is a matter of business. Honestly it was bad business to prioritize an engine upgrade over new content.
  3. Perhaps "meant to" but fortunately wasn't. I hold on to that distinction which I feel allows me to root for or like the original Freddy.
  4. Old Freddy wasn't a pedo. Just the new shitty Freddy was. Old Freddy just tortured and killed the kids. The new Freddy loved to diddle the kids too. Hence the many reason the reboot sucked.
  5. It sucks that this game has a worse rating THAN Dead by Daylight. The ONLY issue F13 has are it's bugs. I have noticed that with these bugs being fixed, specially recently, I have noticed more new players. I wonder the reason. (That last sentence was sarcasm)
  6. I'm a Jason-Preference Part VII-Only and I have to say the boat is still JUST as viable as it was before. If the counselor has an inkling of skill and strategy, they can escape via the boat just fine. Honestly, counselors have escaped via the boat on my "watch" maybe three times, that we before the patch. All three times I was stupid and wasted a teleport. So, human error. After the patch, I expect the ratio to stay the same. If you play counselor, here's an idea (not being facetious), start the boat take it down the water a bit TOWARDS the exit. If you are worried Jason will come after you take the boat to shore real quick (unless Jason disables the boat you will have a running boat when you get back), avoid Jason for a little bit then get back in the boat and drive off. If you did it right, he would have no teleport nor Shift. That's what I would do. That's what I've done and that works.
  7. AH! Okay. As far as I know, Roy's Shift is still "neutral." But Jason VII (my favorite and preferred) is now +Shift. I hope that answers your question.
  8. I don't mind but I don't understand the question about Roy's Shift ability.
  9. Hey, just want to give a shout out and praise for the newest patch. I no longer have to recreate groups over and over just to play with my Steam "friends." The boat sound does balance things I feel as it makes it easier to know when the boat is being used just like the cars. And YES, people STILL get away on the boat, just like the cars. There is still an interaction glitch sometimes but you'll get to it... eventually. I really like the direction you all are taking this game with the limits you are allowed. It is a shame we'll never get Jason X or any new content BUT these patches are making that easier to deal with. Keep up the good work. And ignore the sissies on Steam that are bitching about the new boat noise or that you all ruined that game somehow. They're just idiots and morons that are never truly satisfied.
  10. Yes, ShiftySamurai shouldn't have to "annoy" people to bring us information. First, let me just say I appreciate Shifty even talking to us as actively as he is right now. It is FAR better than the silence we are used to. Shifty, I would like to suggest a "weekly update" form of communication. Continue to post actively like you are right now, but maybe at the end of the week, post a little status report. Of course we cannot ask for a timeframe but just a reminder of what is, even if it is copy and pasted until an actual update occurs. Just an idea.
  11. Whenever I kill someone as Part VII. Specially whenever I kill a loud-mouth or mic-spammer as Part VII. They get real quiet in the lobby afterwards.
  12. Yes, GUN did say that. They DID blame Sony... and later Microsoft. Does the word "Patsy" mean anything to you? Sony and Microsoft hasn't commented on it because they don't care enough to rebuke minor, false accusations that have no ill effect on them what-so-ever. If ANY major corporation responded to EVERY little false claim and accusation they'd spend their entire budget on PR. Sony and Microsoft made their share off of "accidental" Savini sales and seeing as there were no refunds and take backs issued (an actual problem for any business), Sony and Microsoft had no issue with saying nothing. Here is both our logics: Mine: "People are pissed they didn't preorder to get Savini. If we put it up on an online store for a bit and later blame the store, enough people should acquire Savini for the mass of complainers to lose their momentum. But there are still more complaining on a whole different console; so let's wait a few weeks and put it up on another store and just blame the other store." Yours: "We are an online digital purchase and hosting site. Our budget is tied to maintaining servers, advertising to potential new clients and paying our hard working IT staff. We are hosting the files for Savini Jason but it is just the raw files. Let's divert some of our limited budget to have someone type up a product descriptor, someone else to add visual art to represent the product and reserve some VALUABLE server store space to put up and advertise for a product our client didn't ask us to. The item cost (staff, new content, server space, PR debacle if there was going to be one) will be a net loss for us, but who cares? We're a company, profit and loss mean nothing to us." "We are ANOTHER online digital purchase and hosting site. We heard about the debacle with our client having unauthorized items put up for sale, but we won't let the same mistake happen with us. I mean, we don't even have an item description, let alone product art. There are too many steps involved to make the same mistake they did, too many checks and balances. "Boy-howdy do we have a brilliant idea. Let's make the same mistake our competitor did. Profit margins be damned." You mention conspiracy theories at the end of your last response, and one of the famous ones is the JFK "magic bullet." It supposedly proves there was more than one gunman. Let's use your logic and call it, "magic item descriptors and art." Of course it was Sony and Microsoft's fault. Savini Jason "magically" came up with item descriptors and art to accompany an online retail purchase on it's own. TWICE! As for me "bashing" Shifty's opinion... yes I did, his opinion was wrong. I thought this was a forum in which to converse and critique. How does it relate to conspiracy theories and not surprising you? Is that an underhanded way of saying "if you don't take Gun at their word you're an idiot?" If that is your thinking, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
  13. The PlayStation Store AND the Microsoft Store BOTH "accidently" released them? One after the other? I don't understand, are you agreeing with me but in a snarky way? If not: PlayStation and Microsoft stores don't create content, they host it. They don't create screen shots to use as signage. So, someone (at Gun) had to create the signage and description that was used when Savini was "accidently" released twice on two different store fronts on two separate occasions weeks apart. It wasn't PlayStation (Sony) and it wasn't Microsoft. It was someone at Gun. On that same note, Steam doesn't create store pages for your game should you try to sell a game you made. Steam just provides tools and templates to advertise and gives you a POS (Point of Sale). If you are disagreeing with me, the above is how you are wrong.
  14. They "accidently" released a dev build? Is this like the time they "accidently" made Savini purchasable on the MSN store and didn't take back and refund those that bought it, or when they "accidently" made Savini purchasable on the PSN store and didn't take back and refund those that bought it? Gun seems to have a LOT of "accidents" in their office. It's like talking about how a Mafioso would kill another person, "it was an 'accident.'" What's the saying: "...twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern?"
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