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  1. I just typed up all the parts, look through the pictures and thought that "Jason Goes To Hell" looks the most menacing and dangerous, I really want that skin in the game, so I'm voting for it everyday until March 11th. As long as that one makes it I'll be content with whatever other Jason's are chosen.
  2. Well I voted for four, I had my dad help me since he's seen all the movies, I think the Jason goes to hell one looks the most menacing, but that's just an opinion from someone who's looked at pictures.
  3. Yeah, I love the idea of unlocking it like if I were to be playing an older game, unlocking is way more fun than shelling out real cash for it
  4. So, is there going to be some pre-made animations for when you spawn in, like in the video Sessler said that maybe you'll go into the game right after some of them had sex, so you'd see them getting clothes on, or maybe you see some people just drinking and hanging out before the game starts. Will we see little in game cut scenes like that?
  5. Remember how they said there would be a fear system? Imagine seeing a propped up or just dead body and that affecting the fear system, that would work and it wouldn't be completely useless to move and throw bodies, fear fear fear!
  6. I have faith my child, you should too, you know how long it's been since a good Friday the 13th game? Never, people will want this, and since more people know about this, they will most likely back this up, along with the rest of us who would want to pour some extra money in for extra rewards.
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