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  1. Agree with everything. Who cares about a measly three month delay when the end product is going to be bigger and better? Who cares about a measly three month delay when people have been waiting for this game for thirty years? The scientific explanation about some of the comments on social media, is that in any facet of life - whether at work, in play, in family, in friends, in love or indeed in social media...is that 25% of all people are c**ts. C**ts are everywhere and they have no prejudice of nationality either. It's a very human genetic, which is worldwide and spans every country on Earth. This 25% are often delusional, overly-entitled, short sighted, poorly articulated and talk loudly. On social media many of their comments lack basic thought and could be akin to "rubbing your face up and down the keyboard and then hitting "enter". This 25% will often manifest themselves in other comments sections of other pages on social media. On the other hand, 75% of all people are generally reasonable, diplomatic and realistic - they see the bigger picture. I've supported this game right from the start. The developers have been nothing but honest, passionate and warm to the fanbase. They've gone out on a limb to interact with backers/fans and deserve the utmost respect. It's painfully obvious to anyone with even the most rudimentary thought capacities that these people are fans of the slasher genre and the movies as well. It's easy to see between the lines if you're in the 75% demographic.
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