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  1. BREAKING: Ugly scenes outside of Gun Media HQ today as in-fighting and blaming amongst the development team broke out - due to the recent spate of previously banned users escaping from the their imprisonment and returning to the forums to reek havoc upon innocent forum dwellers.
  2. Respect to you for detecting my English humour. I was speaking of the subject and no one was supposed to get the hidden meaning. I hereby declare you an honourary Knight of the British Empire, good American Sir. Sir Hanson. The British Empire shall always stand forth with you.
  3. A lot of these questions have been answered many, many times already. So I'm gonna do my best as a long time member to address them from what I understand or from my opinion. Would The Developers Agree to do a Live Question and awnsers For Forum Members? Won't be happening. It's not something any developer is ever going to do. Randy did a Friday podcast where he would occasionally address questions with answers. But I don't think it's fair on them to pigeon themselves with answers to anything that isn't in the public domain yet. Questions i would ask are Is an Exploration Mode Still in The Works. This was something that was said was maybe possible that would take into consideration before release. We haven't heard anything since, so I think it's best not to push it. In a way the Virtual Cabin 2.0 was a good exploration mode about the logistics of the game. What is Happening with Paranoia Mode. They said it just wasn't shaping up to what they thought it would be and that all focus is going into the dedicated servers for now. We don't have dedicated servers yet...so it's unrealistic to expect an update on it yet. Can we Talk about Maps From The Movies that are not in The Game. Of course...that's what the suggestions forum is for. How Well is the Game Selling. Yeah it would be nice to know the recent figures...but they're under no obligation to tell us - so it's pointless repeating this question time and time again. Does Game Sales Expect to Rise This Holiday season. That's none of our business. That's something that is discussed in meetings for the company only. We're not shareholders and Gun Media isn't a Public Limited Company so they don't have to - and I would never expect them to divulge that information to the internet. How Far does Illfonic and Gunmedia plan to expand onto this game into 2019. We'd all like to know, but it's silly to expect that kind of response on a forum until there is concrete information on it. They don't just roll a couple of dice and then estimate a month in which they plan to "extend" the game. Could be 2018, could be 2022. Who knows? Please Shifty and Illfonic guys consider doing a special questions and awnsers Podcast For Forum Members only. But it wouldn't be for us only would it? It's the internet...and as soon as any information is in the public domain it's international. It's everywhere. What are they going to do? Make us all swear an oaf that all few thousand members here will never speak a word about any future updates? It's completely unrealistic. Why Not This coming Friday the 13th or July Friday the 13th 2018. I don't think they've said nothing will be happening this F13? It will possibly be a XP weekend or something like that. July?? Are you serious? No one releases information that early. Asking the same questions over and over - some of which are completely unrealistic...isn't going to get you your answer.
  4. 100 percent. Sure, by all means taunt Jason (that happened in the movies a couple of times) but yes, there should most definitely be a risk element involved. Otherwise they're just stupidly tacked on game emotes that are external to the gameplay world itself.
  5. “We were going to see if we could shoot an elephant with a crossbow. But things changed when one of the elephants broke off from the pack and came right at us. He looked like he was going to run right over us. But at the last second, our professional hunter got his rifle and shot it at 10 yards. That was about the scariest situation I have ever run into.” Source: http://www.pwmania.com/shawn-michaels-misses-ring-rock-localized-promo-kevin-nash It's all over the web in other sources also. I don't mean to sound disrespectful or dismissive of your opinion of Michaels at all. I was a fan too. I just think he's a piece of s**t. I lost all respect for him when I saw the news coverage of it. A lot of people in the industry seem to have real issues with the guy. People like him seem to "find religion" when they've pissed off everyone around them and exhausted all outlets of their behaviour.
  6. I've been at Gun Media HQ today and as of yet there is nothing new to report about the ongoing investigation. Security has been stepped up on the entrance doors though as this CCTV footage from last night proves. The security and investigation team appointed by Gun Media are some of the very best on the planet, they strictly abide by the Gun Media corporate code and they're determined to get to the bottom of this.
  7. It's just a shame he's an elephant hunting/killing fuckwit.
  8. The map needs to retain the isolation feel though. It's a step too far to expect the dev's to program hundreds/thousands of a.i. Npc characters to accurately represent Time Square. You're expecting something on the level of a GTA digitised city, which will never be happening.
  9. I respect your opinion. The Manhattan map only has be backstreets, sewers and rooftops. If you cast your mind back to Jason takes Manhattan, the only characters the Lazarus survivors met were an Irish Cop and two gang bangers. The alleyways of Manhattan being completely deserted, is completely viable in regards to the movie. The Lazarus would make an incredible, claustrophobic map. They seem to have found a way to make the game work in that kind of environment with the Grendel. They can obviously do the same with the Lazarus. I suspect the Lazarus is on the cards. I think it was a nudge, wink in the virtual cabin that the map is in the pipeline.
  10. I remember that. Was so cringe. Possibly the worst reason for a ban I've ever seen. ?
  11. Fairplay. Appreciate the clarification. Nice one Shifty. ^This guy knows what he's doing!^ Nails it.
  12. I think Shifty meant (to paraphrase) "giving specific details about maps that we haven't even talked about will not be happening". As in "if we haven't actually discussed a map in the public domain yet - we're not gonna be giving details about it". At least that's how I read it. I don't think he meant "if we haven't discussed it, the map won't be happening at all". By your logic, that would mean the only map that is ever going to be released is the Grendel, as they haven't mentioned/discussed any others. Clarification @ShiftySamurai?
  13. I wouldn't go that far, I just think now (almost a year on from release) would be the perfect time to start shaking things up a little. Would really give the game a freshen up.
  14. Wouldn't you prefer a Lazarus boat or Manhattan backstreets map? I think the reason the maps are getting a bit stale is that they are all camp grounds. It's the same old things over and over.
  15. @TADAARAIS agree man. As many locations derived from the classic films as possible for me.
  16. I think they did a great job recreating the location...but yeah, it's selection is a bit "too much" and I do get sick and tired of the map. It's become very predictable how everything pans out.
  17. Haircuts would work best as a perk. I'd also like to see masseuse and fingernail manicure perks implemented into the perk system. It would relieve some of the counselors stresses and fear levels whilst being hunted by an undead killer.
  18. Would like to add that the original post from @ShiftySamurai is a refreshing take on how they came "in-house" to the conclusion of adding the new coveralls. Again, fairplay to them. They've "digested" the feedback...discussed the feedback and then executed that feedback. What more can you ask for? 10/10 for me. This American Ninja is listening.
  19. Really gotta take my hats off to them again. They do listen...and they prove it - time and time again. The coveralls thing could've been swept underneath the carpet and ignored. It wasn't. Fairplay to them, and thanks.
  20. Your thread "hype" is ridiculous. ? Always moaning about something. Kind of bloke that would win 5,000,000 on the lottery and be absolutely furious and have their life changing, jackpot day completely ruined because an administration error payed out out only 4,999,999 by accident. ?
  21. Pointless campaigning for this on the forums. "Campaign" Wes on his Twitter account directly. That's how the annoying Purple Jason came to fruition. I'm willing to bet if you just one hundred of you got a campaign going for a pink elephant doodle monster character...you'd get it in the game.
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