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  1. Not a fan of rain storms in a slasher movie based game either. Makes me angry. Rain storms and that hockey masked killer have ruined the game for me. I was dancing for 15 mins last night on an island and I couldn't see myself dance clearly. My experience was completely ruined when that hockey masked guy killed me and ended my game. I want an option so you can turn off horror movie weather and the horror movie killer so you can dance in peace without interruption. I backed this game so I could dance, and the horror elements of this horror game are ruining it for me.
  2. There's an echo from a year ago in this forum chamber ?? This is going to be on forum member's headstones. Wes will probably lay a glitch ridden wreath on our graves.
  3. If you're retarded enough to take a fan YouTube video as official confirmation on a release date you should probably dunk your head into a bucket of sulphuric acid and be done with yourself anyway
  4. I feel for you. I had severe bouts of vomiting when I joined a game in October and was surrounded by silly Halloween costumes and a Purple Jason. Yep, I support a push for something good all the way. I'm just cynical enough now to keep my expectations extremely low.
  5. This very sensible idea has been floated around for a few years now, yellow and red rain jackets (from the first film) as well. I really don't think it will be happening now - would've surely happened by now. It's a far too logical and sensible for the developers to adhere to. I think people need to suggest things like a bee fancy dress outfit, pink alligator outfit, and NASA 1960's spacesuit outfit and cowboy outfit and then people may start to see some traction on a new clothing pack.
  6. The last rule of Fight Club is to please empty all the bins, pack the tables and chairs neatly away and to make sure all the lights are turned off.
  7. BREAKING: Dedicated servers will launch when the Titanic reaches New York Harbour.
  8. I just think we need to move away from this stupid dancing phenomena. Jimmy dances for a few seconds in an early sequel and it suddenly takes massive precedence as a reward system for completing player challenges? It's fucking ridiculous. It's a survival horror game based on a slasher movie series. You would expect new kills to unlock??? New weapons to unlock? New characters to kill??? Etc. Etc. New fucking dance moves??? What is this... "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - The Game"?
  9. They'll be a giant Jason hockey mask disco ball in the sky with multiple Pamela Voorhees backing dancers. They're slowly ramping it up with the emote "reward"(!) system for beating single player challenges... It's a bit like saying - "You see that alligator over there, go and poke it in the eye with this stick - and if you manage to dodge it's lunges at you...I'll give you this mouldy carrot I just found in this dumpster as a reward".
  10. No worries buddy. You're entitled to your opinion just as much as anyone else is! All the best man.
  11. The alpha had a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge dancefloor right in the middle of the map for dance off contests between counselors. The Jason player originally judged the dancers on poise, style and technique as part of a set of judges sitting at the dancefloor edge. The winning dancer would take part in a "Dirty Dancing" inspired partner dance with Jason in the lake in the final round. The developers scrapped this idea when it was realised people wanted a survival horror game on release - but they've been trying to slowly but surely incorporate this back into the game slnce.
  12. Women seem to love erotic fiction and I think it's been scientifically proven from research that women are more emotionally sexually stimulated and men more visually sexually stimulated. It's why erotic fiction has always sold modestly well for the female demographic and on the flipside - the porn industry is one of the most watched and biggest industries on the entire planet.
  13. It's been a downwards spiral since the a lot of rubbish was implemented that you now want back in the game. They need to rebuild an upwards trajectory to how the game used to play. Whereas your suggestions are a bit like throwing a toaster into a bath to stop someone from drowning.
  14. The game was doing perfectly fine and was highly respected until they started incorporating the kind of crap you want back in the game. There's only one brainless fool and that's you mate.
  15. Because people started leaving when Jason became a joke and it became a haven for trolls - with emote Troll DLC etc etc. It's all been said before - I'm not going to lay it all out again. The easy-ride, counselor party time sandbox you wish for in what's supposed to be a multiplayer survival horror game would be the stake through the heart for good.
  16. The Zucker Brother are geniuses. Single-handedly created a whole comedy sub-genre really. There was nothing like it before Airplane and Police Squad...an incredible brand of comedy.
  17. Yeah let's carve up an ever dwindling player base into smaller pieces to pacify moaners. If that happened you'd be on here two days later starting a thread complaining there aren't enough players to play with. You'll moan, whinge and stamp your feet about anything.
  18. I disagree. Though there may be differences between the community on the emotes issue I think we can all handle this situation maturely just like the responsible adults that we are.
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